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  1. devilman275

    Recommended GZ Changes

    GZ need a complete rework in my opinion increase plane health, right now GZ get deplaned by CONTINIOUS AA, no mather if you dont get hit by a single flak, your plane die to heart attack dive bomber are absolutely aweful, the reticule is a lie, you need to make it pase to have a good pen on your bomb the new bomb drop of german cv would do nicely with the speed. torp need a speed buff, and aiming time buff attack plane are .... why bother with them, AP bomber are less RNG and thats saying alot.
  2. with that many citadels i think your issue is not enough raw Hp on the map
  3. devilman275

    Please rework Graf Zeppelin

    i've tried Loewenhardt and yes her dive bomber are a charm, also, i think now that the GZ needs high altitude drop, it helps the aiming and actually let you take the time to drop with proper pen, insteand with the low high dive we are driven to drop early at the cost of aim for potential pen power
  4. devilman275

    Please rework Graf Zeppelin

    it is no secret that GZ is in a poor state with the new rocket plane reticule Gz has a second attack group that is unreliable after so much fiddling with GZ i say, WG needs to look at it again, it is the worse performing CV at tier 8, the main issue is dive bomber are highly unreliable, the reticule and rng allows for far too many drop where 90% of the ship is in the reticule and somehow the 2 bomb just sideway off to the small part of water in it for its trouble the DB damage have been highly cut down from 7000 to 5400 with a marginal improvement in aim speed, which doesn't mather since the RNG dont care if you dont win the drop lottery TB are the only reliable damage and they are not that great either, they are fine just, they cant just pick up the slack from DB with the new rocket plane reticule, they are acting more like the dive bomber on the reliable departement. i dont know what can be done to help this cv without making it Enterprise 2.0, it needs to be more reliable and at least on part with the competition
  5. going back and forth in my comment will do that to the grammar. and english isnt my native language as for perception, i have to disagree, the ship handles pretty bad, it will over turn, it will take its time to reach some speed, it will take even more time to slow down, it handles like a concrete ship (yes germany had some concrete barge, dont ask me why they tought it was fine idk), i placed the screenshot to show how much degree the #4th turret doesnt take advantage of, sure there is the floatplane rail, but the guns alreally pass over it, its no iowa in design but there is as much degagement for #4 to go meet #3 in degree, and that would help. also, wrong, acceleration time is not static. it's different for every ship,there is a limit for when the ships engine gain it full horsepower, exemple in video: venezia struggle to get to half speed, then full engine power kicks in and overmatch Henry 4 by a large margin, we can also see Republic kinda keeping up with georgia, while both speed are pretty far appart. we dont see engine boost for the baguette ship but it doesnt mather, engine power is limited until its not. And thats what i mean by sluggish, a ship that has full engine power at 25knts and struggle to keep that speed when maneuvering means it will not face 30knts in combat situation as easely as another ship qho has it a 15 (the is-7 in WoT as 70km/h but wont reach over on it own 50, thats the bridge im refering) for RNGesus, it will bless and it will [edited] up, thats the name of the game, FDG is pretty reliant of RNG with its low barrel count and no special gimmick for SAP, no bow in will not save you since 32mm section is pretty large, so yea. can try to bait a belt shot, but why would it when ''Herr Vocks Plaza'' is on the ship for cruiser AP. man, im talking super ap, stalingrad, riga, petrodollar ect, everyone know demoines is a dps monster, but the ap actually bounce even with the normalisation is has, fdg's turret accentuate the problem of those super ap angle to a point where it not even funny how BB will bounce over and over and those ship will simply laugh at your armor and pen anyway i personnally like german bb, tirpitz is my most played ship, FDG stock grind is literally a detriment to the team at this point, and not many ship are like that, and thats a shame. good night o7
  6. 1: boy do you need to learn jokes, and if you think this barn doesnt try to turn and bleed all its speed the second somebody think about it, yea no, moot point 2: shooting a someone trying to back back into an island, while you, yourself are stationnary so no momentum on the shot, aim at the back of the ship so the shell lands middlish, and the whole volley lands 500m in front of the ship, yea no thats inaccurate, even more when the second time you aim at the exact same place onder the same circonstance, and it falls where you aimed, the ship has an accuracy issue, lets not even talk about precision. 3: ship covered in 60- 145mm plating should bounce alot more than it does at those angles, kremlin with 150mm side plating bounce alot more, and yes, with the introduction of SAP and super soviet cruiser AP, angling doesnt mean anything, your going to eat 10-15k damage everytime even bown on. 4: 2 knts faster when you bleed all the speed the second you turn is not faster, izumo has to give the samish angle to unveal the 3rd turret, you could take musashi or yamato and those do respond better than FDG so yea. not faster, think like IS-7, can go 70km/h, wont go 50/kmh by itself, unless you want to be predictable with that 1km turn circle so far most of my game have been with stock hull, just researched the B one and there is improvement. still the ship is intensionnally poorly balanced. the gun angle are intensionnally poor by WG's design, #4 turret could use more degree to help, #4 should have the same angle as #3, making angling less of a pain. then after that look at maing the gun accurate, no need to be precise,just accurate, to improve shell tendency to actually land where it aims. finally the engine should show alot more power for the stats it has, this again as another hidden stats (how much time the ship takes to full power) actually. izumo as better turret angle, making the meh 32mm plating act as better armor than the [edited] 145mm, FDG could use the the superstructure not arming BB caliber shell so much too that be nice for those nose in i guess. for engine power, FDG lose for 30knts to 23knts just unveiling the turret, izumo lose for 28kns to 23 for a sharper turret unveiling turn (and regain it faster) also lol, not the greatest angle, just a snapshot i took at 12km, annnnd citadel, mind you its not full breadside 90 degree, its about heeeh. 65-70 degree ? 300mm belt, + 150mm turtleback + 45 mm citadel and still found it
  7. im at this ship and ho god, the engine is pretty unexistant, cant accelerate, cant slow down, cant turn is this thing made out of concrete instead of krupp steel ? the guns are really inaccurate, shoot at the back of a kronshtadt, shells land in front of it, if it hits it does a measely 1270 dmg overpen if it does not just bounce or shatter armor, what armor ? at a 45 degree angle, a pretty decent angle for the king of armor the thing is showing, everything do pen damage, at this tier, everything as better pens angle so 45 degree become worthless its ridiculus. for me the maneuverability is the killer, i can deal with everything else, but the fact that the 135000hp engine of Izumo makesthe izumo experience so much better compared to the 165000hp engine of the FDG is staggering
  8. the drop rate on those limited crates looks to be damn aweful
  9. devilman275

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Odin has the same problem destroyer has, if there is a CV you cant do anything about it and it makes you a easy target, it need a super heal with fast reaload if they are going to let the HP at that level Odin cant dish out, and cant take a beating
  10. devilman275

    Clan Brawl 10

    thats nice, but i mean the quantities and time where we can try to earn them is extremely restricted might as well not pay attention to it if the top possition is barely anything more than a supercontainer and a half worth, that you then have to split between who ever you think deserves a part of it if that kind of quantities was available to grab every single weekend, for the clan treasury, by a long shot your clan would have a decent hold that then could be spend to help clan member finish/purchase a coal ship for CW the top 50 clan get 5000 coal or more for the whole clan, its not even worth the efforts
  11. devilman275

    Clan Brawl 10

    yet again treasury is irrelevant. had pass, no thank you wg this is worthless.
  12. devilman275

    CV's in clan Battles

    played cv for the night, (Audacious), cv is strong, if your getting down to the wire the cv make or break the victory, the hability to deliver the damage to key targets is the power move, i've seen BB getting bogged down and isolated mind you i didnt play hakuryu so i dont know the power of it, lost most game against a decent haku player. havent seen a single midway or audacious only haku tonight my average damage was about 70k and 70k spotting, not that much, but i could dislodge a moskva/stalingrad that would just tank trillions of damage bows on in my opinion, CV ­> BB just for the versatility but i think we should allow both CV and BB
  13. devilman275

    IFHE All Night Long

    completely get the teeth off destroyer/most secondaries with that new 26mm pen with ifhe seeing alot more FPE build around so we've gone from an extreme to the other. i personnaly really dont like the change, they should have let the peentration high and make it a no fire/barely no fire trade off instead of playing with penetration and armor plating
  14. devilman275

    IFHE change and secondary builds

    completely destroyed destroyer/secondary gun viability, good work WG .......