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  1. so, for me it feels and play wrong that the stock cv has to go with 2 tier under planes for me the perfect grind item would be the cv itself, better rearming of plane, better AA/refilling of plane, speed, secondaries ect now what we have is maybe 1 hull upgrade and 3 planes upgrade so what do you do when you face tier 8 or tier 10 with planes 4 tier under ? tick damage is high and get you, and the planes are too slow to do anything about flak ( for the tier 4 against 8 at least ) for me this feels wrong, and could be improved oppon what do you thinkabout this grind choice ?
  2. devilman275

    Suggested Torpedo Fix for high tier IJN DDs

    with my shima i hit 2 torp on a gearing.... it survived.... it survived 20 967 x2 high damage is nothing when it takes into account area saturation lower damage top would mean shima needs to have it's gun buffed to 4 / 4.5 sec reload with stuff like Daring being a better torp destroyer with the custom and pretty insane gun vs dd seriously high damage torp is useless with the addition of torpedo buldge, area saturation, the massive gap between torp going from 2 desmoines side by side to a kurfust in lenght