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  1. devilman275

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    once again, why play with armor ? ship are based on their historical drawing. IFHE is mendatory, because you released a whole line of small super structure battleship that has armor that can withstand any HE but supercruiser HE, you're straight up nerfing SC and not those lines the cut off just makes the lake between T7 and T8 that much larger... you realised they will face eachother.... ? this is overly complicated and unnessessary, if you want to nerf IFHE nerf IFHE, dont go around and change everything around because you realise you're taking the only teeth cruiser and DD has left. those changes makes Kremlin the supreme battleship. nerf pretty much all other BB with the armor upgrade on cruiser and nerf secondary to the ground if they used them good Job ..... you could work in the worst direction possible for this after those supposed changes, why would anyone take anything but basic tank build ? then its going to be basic tank build nerf hammer here an idea, scrap all this, increase IFHE pen bonus by a bit, remove ALL fire chance if IFHE is taken voila. a more straight forward way to balance IFHE
  2. devilman275


    shima's gun are insane in dd fight, just kyte and watch salvo of 3-4k every 5 sec the only buff shima need is a better spread pattern on her torp. we can fit whole Kremlin in between those torps.... & haru has a very different role,
  3. if you press M you can adjust the auto pilot from the squadron autopilot canm be good if you're real stuck on an island. it somehow knows what to do
  4. devilman275

    British 114 mm Secondary Batteries

    yea the british are quite fancy with their caliber .... 114 for dds 113 for cv secs 133 for bb secs...... logistic guy must feel japanese
  5. devilman275

    British 114 mm Secondary Batteries

    short answer : no long answer : Noooooooooooooooooooooooo even the 133mm are aweful on carrier the 113mm are simply not fast firing enough to scare moskitoes away, seriously, 5 sec reload for those awful innacurate/lowcount gun is like watching paint dry
  6. devilman275

    Armada: Indomitable

    but... whats the point of this cv ? no TB and bomb/rocket look incredibly limited ... oh well. Ark Royal is really a better boat than this. wait wait wait.... on the selling picture WG didnt put the right plane, low effort photoshop ?
  7. devilman275

    Thoughts and Suggestions on Bajie and Wukong

    ok i laught at the isreali bismarck, but it does point out the absurdity & i agree! more novelty would do a long way, we dont have a single homemade chinese ship depite having ''pan-asian'' where they could dump many Veribus unitis- like ships, single off interesting ships
  8. frustrate player into spending absurd ammount of dubloons(24000/100$) isnt anything wargaming get out of it ? almost as if there was a massive riot over the events absurdity for some reason... dont remember why
  9. devilman275

    maybe a fix to PR garbage?

    i'd go for a tim horton coffee with it too, actually less than a santa crate
  10. devilman275

    Does the Kleber take full AP pens from BBs?

    against kremlin she sure feel like she does, seen them and stalingrad do 20k damage on nose in salvo it should not be more than 12ish-K for kremlin but somehow she does way more with er insane accuracy
  11. devilman275

    Dry Dock: Thunderer

    need this furious as a tier 4 with 13.0km secondaries 18''' and 80% secondaries precision built in
  12. Roma is quite jealous of the russian high velocity gun not overpenetrating as much as her too
  13. i see you're ignoring everyone who bring the superstructure size up, hell lets look at Kremlin or ANY russian BB, they all rock the smallest superstructure of all, making their stronger than 50mm deck armor MORE valuable than anything the german can come up citadel and turtle back, 430mm armor belt + 70mm citadel behind against 380mm +150+45 which translate to more shell likely to damage GK and not Kremlin passing through the first layer damaging the ship, some damage is better than no damage a citadel does alot of damage, anyone who angle 430mm armor will get ricochet no mather what is shooting it, no build-in weakness like yamato's cheek either, Kremlin is state of the art protection for anyone able to understand AP shell mecanic anything that doesnt have a flat shell tragectory and super high penetration will bounce where they will pen GK and there is even a shot trap so even if you get on her side, you need to aim at the tiniest of citadel or else you'll only get pen, like some other nation ... hmh..., not that you'll find any kremlin side when they are all siting in the back nose in anyway GK hold up better to HE spam than 32mm coated BB ... yes, those can run away from such treath even when heavily focused with better speed and maneuverability than any other. Kremlin burn down well, yes, but also no, she's got her flavor without having to spec you captain in a certain way, so, she can rock a full endurance build, and guess what, she's steathly for her size, more so than Montana wow. Accuracy, she's bad at range, well no, she's far from the worse with 279m based dispersion, she outclass Bourgogne, Conquerer, republique, montana who doesnt have access to the better at closer range gimmick. she doesnt more very well that's true, she can push, and she does at 29,5knts based, thats is good. look at her armor, look at her gun caliber and sheer size, she should not in any form be able to reach those speed, let alone have enough space to sport a 280 000 HP powerplant when everyone of her counterpart be it paper or real, struggle to get near the 180 000 HP in practice Kremlin or any R BB are extremely tougher and deadlier than germans no wonder high ranking clan where rocking Vladivostock and next to nothing else they are out performing anything else by a large margin
  14. devilman275

    Kremlin is stupid strong.

    i see your point, Bourgogne has indeed strong stats compared to the others lets see what bourgogne works with second best in class number of guns, same as montana, GK, 16'' conquerer worst in class gun caliber with '' only'' 15'' guns wrorst in class armor scheme *32mm all around best in class speed second best in class concealement good penetration for caliber third in class secondaries *heavily limited arc of fire, fragile, République has a much better secondaries due to layout worst in class dispersion worst in class HP pool *74 700 good torpedo belt worst turret survivability in class third in class torpedo belt now the reason people think its OP, Consumable has Reload booster for mainguns, allows it to pump shell with 10 sec reload for 3 salvo up to 4 time/112sec with correct skill and premium speed boost allows the ship to go a couple knots faster now for the price point of this ship, and the limited 50 000 games on servers, the ship is heavily limited to seasoned clan player and purple clans, the stats reflect that on a individual ship power, it is strong, however it cant carry, it HP pool, armor layout leave it extremely vulnerable to focus fire from HE compare that to Kremlin, how is this ship any better ? Kremlin will be a must have in the next T10 clanwars for it's sheer tankyness and ability to delete anything inside its somewhat shallow 20km range i may be biased since i've only played Bourgogne and not Kremlin but one is clearly better than the other has a individual ship