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  1. Palespyder

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    I have been playing less than 6 months, this set of directives was never meant for me. Moving on. As a sidenote WG, I would say that your player retention and new player acquisition problem may or may not lie in the fact that this is one of the least new player friendly games I have ever played. And things like this "event" only further that divide between you and new players. Just some food for thought with light salt. Have a great night!
  2. Palespyder

    Too much!

    I actually gave up last night. I work 55-60 hours a week at my real job, not going to stress myself out trying to get pixel boats. GG WG, you broke me into not giving a damn about your events anymore. Congrats.
  3. My guess from the beginning was the better part of a $100 bill. I would guess they are going to bundle it with some other garbage (special flags, possibly a commander) and the PEF for $75-$90
  4. It feels like someone had some bad games in their DD and their remedy for the situation was a DD buff/Bb Nerf because the size, speed, smoke, ability to set fires, walls of skill, and general game-deciding ability was just not enough. How dare a BB be able to occasionally delete it's counter for them playing poorly.