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  1. Hey Ramedog71, Thanks for hitting us up and sorry your current clan isn't working out for you. We certainly do have a conduct policy and it's found on our Discord server for current members. We frown upon toxic attitudes towards one another (as well as publicly airing them) but don't mind hearing about our mistakes -- constructive criticism is one way people learn and improve their skill set, after all. Check your PMs for a Discord invite.
  2. ANKER is currently at Typhoon II in Clan Wars and the door is still open for qualified candidates who wish to actively be part of a top 20 competitive clan, not just in it. Only two weeks remain in season four -- that's eight more sessions. If your clan is stale or doesn't make the cut for you, come join us while there's still time and get your share of freshly served hot steel!
  3. Nine vacancies remain and the door remains open for qualified active players wishing to join us on the path to Hurricane in Clan Wars. We have no problems fielding a division and are now looking to have two consistently up and running.
  4. Spots are still available. If you’re interested, qualified and your clan happens to be stale or doesn't compete at a high enough Clan Wars level for your liking/skills, feel free to check us out and drop us a line.
  5. Every once in a while we all get caught up in that mode, but it's the itchy-biatchy nature of ranked. See ya out there!
  6. D'oh! Feel free to hit us up on our Discord server if you ever want to div up. Guests are always welcome.
  7. ANKER {on-ker} - German for anchor - is looking for high caliber, mature and communicative (Discord) talent with a proven track record to actively engage in clan wars, divisions and operations. Our track record: Top 20 NA clan (out of 11,250+) Clan Wars, Season 1: Typhoon league Clan Wars, Season 2: Hurricane league Clan Wars, Season 3: Typhoon (Alpha) Clan Wars, Season 4: Typhoon (Alpha) What we bring to the table: Consistent stability and sustainability -- never stale. Hurricane league Clan Wars caliber experience. Fully researched facilities in port. Game-changing and high impact divisions that make a difference in a match, win or lose. Free virtual coffee and beer. What you bring to the table: 20 match minimum in Clan Wars. We are a competitive clan. That means your involvement in clan wars. Out of mutual respect for all members, take care of the clan and the clan will take care of you. WR: 58%+ (Negotiable at 57%+ pending other factors) Avg. Damage: 55K+ (Negotiable at 52K+ pending other factors) PR: 1900+ (Negotiable at 1800+ pending other factors) Willingness to communicate on Discord. No 'lone wolves' Other: Current roster Discord access upon request from leadership If you qualify or are within the negotiating range, consider ANKER to be a good fit for you and are ready to hit the ground running, feel free to drop us a line with a link to your statistics from WoWs Stats & Numbers. From there the next simple steps will be discussed. NOTE: Applications will be automatically disqualified without a link to stats. All current members not meeting the requirements have been grandfathered in as of 06.01.2017. Come on board and hold down WoWs with us. Thank you for considering ANKER your home!
  8. Ten more high caliber players have been added to the roster within the last two weeks and we've got more in the pipeline. As of now, we have 16 remaining spots. Be it your current clan is stale, maybe isn't aiming high enough for your expectations in Clan Wars, or if you're simply clan-less, be sure to check in with us if you're interested. Currently in Clan Wars, we've already reached Storm League, Group I within only 37 battles, a 73% win rate -- 14th place overall -- and are well on our way to Hurricane once again. If you want a consistent, stable and sustainable clan with a proven track record, we can help you earn those Stalingrad flags, coal and steel if you meet the basic entrance requirements listed above. BYOB if you'd like... Budscheiße not accepted.