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  1. AureIius

    Group of Players Looking for a New Clan

    Sorry guys. Faethor_VonDoom is apparently resurrecting any old posts he can find and failed to realize how old they were -- and others who are replying aren't paying attention, either. They have a new home now. Just an FYI. 😎 ⚓
  2. AureIius

    Looking for a Clan (2 Players)

    "You've got mail!" ⚓
  3. ANKER, our competitive branch, went 10-5 last night... bringing our weekend record to a total 22-8 and earning us a spot at Storm I (Alpha) and having Typhoon III now easily in reach. All this was achieved despite starting a week late. There's still five weeks remaining in the season, so if your clan is struggling to even form a division this season or just isn't up to your standards, come and check us out. All details of joining ANKER and ANK-G are found in the first post. ⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡
  4. And now a word from our screenshot sponsors on how our Clan Wars guys roll. ⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡ ⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡⚓⚡ We have three spots open in ANKER for competitive candidates seeking Hurricane. ANK-G also has space available if you're more of the social type, or would like to learn/improve and div with battle tested vets from our competitive branch.
  5. 46 spots are now taken up. We'll be at 48 within days as soon as two new members will be joining us. Come hit us up if you want that Clan Wars steel! ⚓ ⚓ ⚓ ⚓ ⚓ ⚓ ⚓
  6. Heya eilaw! It sure is. ANKER is taking all the attention from it right now due to clan battles, though, so I have to admit the timing of its introduction wasn't the best lol Feel free to PM me if you're interested.
  7. 44 members total reached... with another two likely inbound in the next few days. We're also climbing up the clan wars ladder quickly with a current 62% win rate. Get your spots while they're hot! ⚓
  8. We'll be at 44/50 members in ANKER, our competitive clan, within days. If your current clan is a stagnant, not up to your clan wars standard or a barren wasteland on Discord, check in with us. We've got enough clan warriors for two divs on the weekdays as well, yet aren't stingy with sharing the steel. We're destined for a purple clan tag for the third time in five seasons, so hit us up before available space is gone! Or, if you're more of the social type and proactively engage with others often for divisions, ANK-G is for you. If you qualify and are within a negotiable range (recent stats also taken into consideration) for either clan, just let one of our recruiters know which one you'd like to be apart of and we'll guide you through the next simple steps. Come hold down WoWs with ANKER!
  9. AureIius

    Group of Players Looking for a New Clan

    "You've got mail!"
  10. Season five of clan wars is upon us, so come get your freshly hot served steel with ANKER if you're interested! Recent stats are also taken into consideration so dont be shy! Feel free to reply here, message me in the forum or an officer in-game for further details!
  11. Hallo itsshadow_1,

    ich habe gerade deinen Post auf den NA Forum gelesen. Ich bin Ami, aber kann ich auch Deutsch.

    Ich führe ein Top 20 Clan besondere für Clankriege. Es heißt zufälligerweise ANKER.

    Suchen wir immer nach Leute, aber die Statistiche mussen immer passen. Wenn du nichts ernst haben willst, kann ich dir immer unsere easy going Clan anbieten. Est heißt ANK-G (Anker Grapnel). Eine "Social Clan" wird dass bei uns genannt.

    Kannst du bei mir melden, wenn du willst. Ich gehe aber im Urlaub vom 25.03 - 15.04.




  12. Season five of clan battles is just around the corner and we still have room for people who want to be involved with our competitive clan, ANKER. If season five features cross server play, we can accommodate those looking to play in the Asia, EU or CIS servers easily. Also, ANK-G is now officially open for those who want a more chill environment. See requirements above and let us know which one you'd like to join!
  13. ANKER is now expanding and opening up a new clan, ANK-G, for those who are interested in a clan focused on the social aspect more than the competitive one. Feel free to drop us a line!
  14. AureIius

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I can confirm that dispersion is a joke now and has been for at least 3 or 4 updates. Plus the amount of overpens are just ridiculous. You're losing players and killing your game at a fast pace, WG.
  15. At a time when big name clans are collapsing and disappearing off the map, ANKER still has room for qualified candidates. We've been around since clans were able to be formed and have withstood the test of time. Come join us if you're in search of a stable, competitive clan.