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  1. Spank_Me_Senpai

    Constant Disconnects after Match

    Exact same here. Seems to be about 1/4 of the battles (either after finishing them, or loading the battle), I will be kicked to the login screen. Waiting for Authorization takes forever. Never kicked during the battle, just trying to get in or just before results screen. When in the match, pings are normal and stable.
  2. I have opened three of them..... all of them resulting in Baltimore.
  3. Spank_Me_Senpai

    Weekly Combat Missions: Canada Day

    These Canada Day camo's are absolutely beautiful. I would buy crates of them if I could.
  4. Spank_Me_Senpai

    Is there an issue with aiming?

    Last day or two I've noticed the same thing. What I was sure was going to be a juicy hit, all shells fell short. Few teammates in the div had same problem, and watching some live streams you could see it happening as well. Seemed to be random, as other volleys landed as expected, but can't duplicate it on demand. Definitely not just RNG dispersion problems.
  5. Spank_Me_Senpai

    where's the coupon?

    Go to the online store, find an item that isn't discounted, click buy and the coupon should appear. Make sure to click the checkbox on the coupon to activate it then select payment type.
  6. I'm the Kidd in @Halonut24's match. I permanently run AA build even though most matches are without CV. But when you get that odd CV match, boy do things get fun and exciting. In his defense, I think the first 14 planes I took down was when I was mid, no other ships around, and he never spotted me. I had popped smoke and then DFAA with MFC as he approached. Never had a chance, wasn't expecting me there. I can't play CV's for this reason, just trying to remember all the different AA build possibilities for ships and knowing what to avoid or go after is a steep learning curve, more than any other ship I've come across.