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  1. LittleJimmyJingles

    I rage quit a match today

    Best you take a break. There is no point in continuing playing a game if it gets you into a rage. If anger is a problem in other areas of your life you may want to seek counseling for your own wellbeing.
  2. LittleJimmyJingles

    What CC's are left on the NA? The sad state of affairs.

    Exactly. It is like polite conversation....you leave politics out.
  3. LittleJimmyJingles

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    When I taught public school I had what I would call an "bad" example character. His name was Little Jimmy Jingles and whenever we had to talk about behavior and character I would trot out a Little Jimmy Jingles stories to illustrate what bad decisions could lead to. Little Jimmy was not the best student, not a nice person, and a bad habit magnet. So the mantra was, "Don't be a Little Jimmy!" Kids relate to characters and their stories better than scolding and berating. When I retired from teaching a couple of years ago I thought I would bring a little of my career into my retirement hobby so I changed my player name to my bad example character....Little Jim my Jingles. Contrary to what some first believe, Little Jimmy Jingles existed prior to The Mighty Jingles (great guy-very much unlike Little Jimmy) and his last name was chosen because of alliteration and for no other reason.
  4. LittleJimmyJingles

    High School Fleet Returns to World of Warships!

    One chain requires the V HSF Hiei. I don't see that in the store? So only those who have earned it or purchased prior to event can complete that chain? Never mind. Found it in the armory.
  5. LittleJimmyJingles

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    That is exactly the first thing I looked for when they posted the event! I would buy a cat captain.
  6. LittleJimmyJingles

    What's up with Twitch drops?

    Gave up on them. Not worth the hours of watching or even having it run in background. But that is just me.
  7. LittleJimmyJingles

    why are high tier players so stupid.

    Hey you kids, get off my ocean!
  8. LittleJimmyJingles

    Merry Christmas Shipmates

    Merry Christmas.
  9. Sounds interesting. Competition is good. Speaking of competition, WoW lost out as far as my wallet is concerned. The WoW share of my holiday gaming dollars went to WOT, and the pickin's were good. Boxes yielded twice the "investment".
  10. WOT will be getting the money I saved throughout the year for holiday events across all three titles. WOWP haven't even taken to the field yet, WOWS-well, shennanigans above a tolerable level, so WOT gets the cash.
  11. LittleJimmyJingles

    Santa Crates

    Seems fair to me. Yea, having a sort of paywall on getting better ships sounds shady, but now people know that it can be much higher than in the past so they may not purchase crates at the rate they use to buy. WG may lose a bit of revenue but I bet it is not a big hit. Gamblers love the idea that they may just beat the odds so it won't change their behavior.
  12. LittleJimmyJingles

    Nice advent calendar!

    If you buy the "Are We There Yet" booster pack in the premium shop you can open the next day's calendar entry after yesterday.
  13. LittleJimmyJingles


    Speaking of the Armory. I have my 25% coupon, about 4k gold, and a 15% coupon that I plan on using to make up the difference in gold on an Armory ship for gold. As I figure it my cash outlay would range from about $6 for the tier V USS Hill to about $21 for a tier VIII Vanguard. I enjoy playing BB but dabble in destroyers and cruisers. From the list of tier 6-8 armory ships for gold which do you have the most fun with? Keep in mind, fun not competition. Not concerned with a particular tier, just what ships from the armory do you have and drive for relaxation fun. I appreciate the suggestions. Thank you.
  14. Same here. Twitch Prime page does not have it listed as loot.
  15. I guess I phrased that wrong. For "Sitka-Romeo" and "Take Me Home", as you earn experience do you need to finish SR before you can start earning experience for TMH or can you complete them simultaneously? Or, do you have to finish SR before you unlock TMH?