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  1. Same here. Twitch Prime page does not have it listed as loot.
  2. I guess I phrased that wrong. For "Sitka-Romeo" and "Take Me Home", as you earn experience do you need to finish SR before you can start earning experience for TMH or can you complete them simultaneously? Or, do you have to finish SR before you unlock TMH?
  3. Are these missions sequential or does your base xp accumulate concurrently?
  4. Does the base xp accumulate concurrently for each mission or are they chained? Also, the event page mentions that you have one week to complete each mission, such as the Take Me Home mission. Is that the case, or do you have until 05/31 to finish?
  5. Confucious

    What to do with 30% off coupon?

    Same boat here. 4 year anniversary. Thinking of dubs that can be used later during sales. Have over a year of premium so don't really need that.
  6. Confucious


    RIP victims of this unfortunate event.
  7. Confucious

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    When that baby is old enough strap her or him in a sling and play WOWS.....get that young 'un hooked early. LOL.
  8. Confucious


  9. Tried. Even though I believe I had played that day I was not eligible. But I am glad some people were able to benefit.
  10. Confucious

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Username: Confucious Region: NA Massachusettes primarily due to secondaries. It is teaching me how to use them because quite honestly, I never even knew about how to target them. Yea, I know, uninstall, but I am having too much fun to stop. Thank you for the knowledge you have imparted and we all hope you regain your health.
  11. Confucious

    2019 Secret Santa !

    @midcoffeepoop Merry Christmas! Enjoy.
  12. Nice discount! That is a 50% discount in fact. Was that with a coupon? I always get coupons for WOT but never an offer from WOWS.
  13. Missouri last year in my last batch of five crates towards the end of the event.
  14. Confucious

    Anybody else received this coupon?

    I never get coupons in WOWS. WOT, yes. So, all I got was a rock. LOL.
  15. Confucious

    2019 present opening thread.

    There is nothing, nothing I say, better than a good cup of coffee and your favorite creamer! Congrats on your haul. You sound like a hardworking guy on a late shift job and you deserved to treat yourself. My wife tells me the same. This is my first WOWS Christmas event as a retired person and I am looking carefully at what people are getting. It is very late here, but man, I want to make a pot of coffee!