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  1. To All Those Who Served...

    Thank you and the same to all my brothers and sisters who stood on the wall.
  2. Laptop that can run WoWs decently?

    Aspire E15 E5-575G-57D4 runs all wargaming titles on high.
  3. Friday night down?

    Same here.
  4. Thank You Wargaming!

    Thank you OP for mentioning this. I somehow missed the announcement. Much appreciated.
  5. Thinking of upgrading my laptop

    I have just gotten an Aspire E 15 (Model E5-575G-57D4) and it runs all wargaming titles at high just fine. I have gotten a laptop cooling unit ($16 bucks on Amazon). This computer has a dedicated graphics card. I am very happy with it. Mine is the i5 versions with SSD. https://www.amazon.com/Acer-E5-575G-57D4-15-6-Inches-Notebook-i5-7200U/dp/B01LD4MGY4?th=1 I am not sure if they have them in stock. Mine was under $600 bucks.
  6. I play that too my friend. Four years on the console and just starting on PC.
  7. 4 years US Army. Drove a tank, not a ship.
  8. I too have a new monkey on my back! Love opening these things and am rationalizing a couple more for this weekend. Monday Afternoon: Bought another pack of 20 $3 crates ( you only live once): Numerous flags 4K dubs Warsprite Graf Spree Gallant Lenningrad I want so much to get one more go before this event ends.
  9. Initial Santa Crate results

    Birthday gift to myself: 20x$3 bundle: 15 Ouroboros 15 Frosty 15 Ouroboros 15 Hydra 1000 dubs 15 Frosty 1000 dubs 15 Frosty 15 Red Dragon 1000 dubs Scharnhorst (Yesssss!) 15 Frosty 15 Wyvern 15 Dragon Prinz Eugen 15 Frosty 15 Ouroboros 15 Dragon 15 Frosty 1000 dubs $48 spent $98 value not including flags.
  10. Bundle of 20 $1 boxes as a pre-birthday gift to myself (rationalization much?): 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Papa Papa 10,000 Free XP Belfast 5 Frosty 50 Zulu 50 Papa Papa 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu 5 Frosty 10,000 Free XP 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu Hotel 10,000 Free XP 300 dubs 5 Frosty 300 dubs Value of Belfast and dubs comes out to $40 so I think I got some good value. Needed the free xp on my march up the US cruiser line before the split.
  11. Couple of month ago bought an AcerE5-575G-57D4 laptop. Has a Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2GB vid card built in! Runs WOWS, WOWP, and WOT on high settings easily. Lit keyboard, long battery life. Loving it. Highly recommended.
  12. Need a ship or two

    Thanks for your service. US Army vet here. What ships do you have now brother? Inquiring minds need to know.
  13. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Perfect clan for me since my schedule is not regular, but I do try for at least two crates each weeknight and three on weekends. Just started active play in December. Still learning. I applied for WOLF2 in-game but feel free to place me in any group where you need people. Tag: Confucious