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  1. I too have a new monkey on my back! Love opening these things and am rationalizing a couple more for this weekend. Monday Afternoon: Bought another pack of 20 $3 crates ( you only live once): Numerous flags 4K dubs Warsprite Graf Spree Gallant Lenningrad I want so much to get one more go before this event ends.
  2. Initial Santa Crate results

    Birthday gift to myself: 20x$3 bundle: 15 Ouroboros 15 Frosty 15 Ouroboros 15 Hydra 1000 dubs 15 Frosty 1000 dubs 15 Frosty 15 Red Dragon 1000 dubs Scharnhorst (Yesssss!) 15 Frosty 15 Wyvern 15 Dragon Prinz Eugen 15 Frosty 15 Ouroboros 15 Dragon 15 Frosty 1000 dubs $48 spent $98 value not including flags.
  3. Bundle of 20 $1 boxes as a pre-birthday gift to myself (rationalization much?): 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Papa Papa 10,000 Free XP Belfast 5 Frosty 50 Zulu 50 Papa Papa 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu 5 Frosty 10,000 Free XP 50 Zulu Hotel 50 Zulu Hotel 10,000 Free XP 300 dubs 5 Frosty 300 dubs Value of Belfast and dubs comes out to $40 so I think I got some good value. Needed the free xp on my march up the US cruiser line before the split.
  4. Couple of month ago bought an AcerE5-575G-57D4 laptop. Has a Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2GB vid card built in! Runs WOWS, WOWP, and WOT on high settings easily. Lit keyboard, long battery life. Loving it. Highly recommended.
  5. Need a ship or two

    Thanks for your service. US Army vet here. What ships do you have now brother? Inquiring minds need to know.
  6. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Perfect clan for me since my schedule is not regular, but I do try for at least two crates each weeknight and three on weekends. Just started active play in December. Still learning. I applied for WOLF2 in-game but feel free to place me in any group where you need people. Tag: Confucious
  7. Not just for new players. Just went through the process and now have a few new planes, premium days, and silver in my hangar. There were about 8500 or so keys left.
  8. I did my third and final pack of $3 boxes last night. I got one ship, the OKT Rev, 6k dubs, and a bunch of flags. Broke even on value. I noticed that value seems to decrease as you open additional bundles of twenty. I would suspect that if I were to get a fourth I would be in the red on value. I shall resist.
  9. Thanks for this guide. Won the Kii yesterday in a Santa crate so will enjoy learning this ship.
  10. Signal flags worthless?

    Value is always a perception and unique to each individual. A dollar per game cost seems awfully high. In four years I have played 25,000 battles in WOT console alone and am just getting started in WOWS and WOWP. That averages out to 17 WOT console battles a day. Say for example that I spend $2000 bucks over that four years. My wife also plays so this is entertainment for the both of us. My per game cost would be $0.8 or $1.36 a day. That doesn't include the games my wife plays. I haven't spent $2000 on my gaming over those years so my per game cost is probably a lot less, but say I did. $1.36 a day to do something I get great pleasure from is good value for me. I work. I pay my bills. I don't consider spending on a hobby as " burning money." You say that people are free to spend their money on what they want to spend their money on, but you imply that their choices are foolish if those aren't the choices you would make. Seems like shaming to me.
  11. One 20 pack of mega crates: No ships (sad panda) 6000 dubs 120 flags 240 frosty camos 45 Type 59 camos I wanted so bad to try again, but will go back to $3 packs if I get anymore.
  12. Signal flags worthless?

    Agreed! I purchased two $3 twenty packs and one $5 dollar twenty pack. First $3 pack: Dubs, ships, and premium time valued at $145 so the 135 flags I also got cost me $0. Second $3 pack: Dubs, ships, and premium time valued at $105 so the 135 flags I also got cost me $0. Twenty $5 crates: No ships (sad panda), 6000 Dubs, 45 Type 59 camo valued at $50 so I lost $25. 120 flags for $25 would compute to 28 cents a flag. None of the 390 frosty camos were included in this calculation. If you include their value overall then all flags and camo would have been at no cost.
  13. Bought 2 twenty packs of $3 boxes this morning: 1st 20: 5k dubs 90 days of premium Okhotnik w/10 pt captain Perth w/10 point captain Kii w/10 point captain 30 hydra, 15 wyvern, 45 red dragon, 30 dragon, 15 ouoboros, 30 frosty, Calculated a $145 value not counting camo, flags or 10 point captains. Pretty good return. 2nd 20: 3k dubs 180 days of premium De Grasse w/10 point captain Anshan w/10 point captain 30 dragon, 15 red dragon, 30 hydra, 15 ouoboros, 75 frosty, 15 wyvern Calculated a $105 value not counting flags, camo or 10 point captains. Descent return. 3rd set of 20 (mega boxes): 6k dubloons NO SHIPS 45 Type 59, 60 hydra, 30 red dragon, 60 dragon, and 270 frosty camos...yea....I got hit with the frosty bat hard on those megas! Valuing the Type 59 at $125 gold (to make myself feel better lol) this set had a value of $50 so a loss of $25 not counting value of other flags and camo. I am going to use the gold to get a couple American premiums from the tech tree sale, maybe even an Alabama (since the mega crates were not kind to me). Total amount spent: $171 and a value of $300 returned. I was happy with that. With the premium time I got out of WOWP boxes I now stand at 362 days of premium I can use in WOWS, WOWP, and WOT. Total spent this holiday season on these three games came out to $362 dollars. I set a limit of about a dollar a day for entertainment since my only hobby is gaming. I am satisfied with the results. I will have a fun 2018 learning how to use my new premium ships and planes. If I were to do this again I would have gone with another $3 twenty pack instead of the mega and bought the dubs I need from the premium shop.
  14. I really enjoyed this thread. I took a different route and purchases two WOWP $35 (25 packs) and got premium time (103 days), nine planes, over 500,000 free xp (can be use in WOT as well, as can the premium time for WOWP and WOWS), and 20,000 gold (gold does not apply to WOWS, but does to WOT and WOWP). Had a few misc. boxes in between for a total of about $100 spent for a value of $249. Not bad in my books. If I play one of these three games once a day for an hour that breaks down to about .27 a day for entertainment, and I will certainly play for more than an hour each day. Good value in my book. Now I am contemplating some WOWS boxes. Another $100 bucks would bring me to a half a buck a day.....when you look at it that way....