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  1. Swampyton

    Chat bans are now triggering without talking

    We all know the chat system in this game is wacko. There’s no chat filter and they ban players for taking like they do in other games. Just stick to the Reddit to talk to the real players instead of the fanboys. Thirty minutes of research perusing other games forums would convince anyone that something with WoWS is way off (meaning there not daily/weekly posts of chat ban confusion)
  2. Swampyton

    Is this a chat ban

    Yea exactly. Why do some people get so defensive about this games chat? The bottom line is: people are pointing out how different this game is compared to others. Also guess what? Those games have wildly more players and success.
  3. Swampyton

    I'm Out...

    Man some people see things in a weird way. What I see in the OP is someone who, like me, has spent a lot of money on the game and isn't happy with the direction it has been going. You implying that he isn't entitled to an opinion, especially after the amount of money he's spent, is very short sighting and obvious fan boy defending antics. There's a ton of games out there that would love to have the OP as a dedicated player.
  4. So basically those that got sub rental the first few days enjoyed a normal que. I won't get to play subs until tomorrow and I'll get the very que WG's logic tried to avoid with the RNG/Gambling of sub rollout. #wallet closed forever
  5. Swampyton

    Is this a chat ban

    Bans do just happen in this game. Its confusing for players when certain chat behavior is acceptable in almost all games then without warning a chat ban imposed in this game. You're defending a game that's borderline ridiculous with allowed words (compared to other games), has no chat filter nor a warning system. Players will feel slighted when a ban comes out of left field for simply chatting like they do in other games. Boggles the mind how WG wants a rated G war game in the first place, let alone no chat filter to protect the kiddies. I've seen player names more offensive than what is allowed chat.
  6. Swampyton

    Is this a chat ban

    Wow lol that’s crazy. Why not just chat filter the words since they so strict? Never mind, their track record of making sense lately is not good.
  7. Swampyton

    Is this a chat ban

    Stop it angry person. The OP nor myself played the victim card. You said the same thing in my post yesterday before it was deleted. Work on reading comprehension then reread the posts.
  8. Swampyton

    Is this a chat ban

    Yea man it’s true. I posted the csr ticket response yesterday. It was deleted about 30 minutes later. The ticket clearly stated those two words as the reason. I had never received any type of warning or ban prior to that either which makes it super sketchy.
  9. Swampyton

    Is this a chat ban

    3 day ban, was told only thing worse is perma ban. And I agree about the swearing but you gotta take the bad with the good. The good is high tension high adrenaline fueled war game getting people excited. Do overly excited gamers say crazy things sure they do, that’s why there’s an option in most games for chat filter if it bothers you.
  10. Swampyton

    Horrible marketing

    There’s been a minor flame war about it recently. Bottom line: doesn’t trust players enough to decide for themselves how long to sit in que
  11. Swampyton

    Submarines has nothing common to realism

    This^ Try the war game made by gaijen naval battles, you can choose arcade mode (like wows), realistic or sim modes. ..... and wow it auto edits the name of that game, rofl
  12. Swampyton

    Is this a chat ban

    Probably. This game is waaaaay over the top on what’s allowed. I was told it’s because they want to be family friendly. IMO there would be more players if they’d lighten up and actually, you know, be a war game..... instead of worrying about a chat that can’t hurt anyone. I was chat banned recently for using the R word and “mongol” (which was a players name)... although the R word referred to how they unrolling subs. Talked to mongol coordinating caps.
  13. Think you just explained why this mode should still be on PTS. Staggered RNG/Gambling release in a game is what mobile sketchy game companies do. Geez this game would be super popular if the devs didn't constantly do things to anger the player base.
  14. Sorry Hapa I'm not buying it. The highly anticipated CV rework didn't have gambling "dice rolls" attached to whether you could play one on day one. Players are smart, they can determine for themselves if they want to wait 5-10 minutes to play a sub or load up ASW and try that instead. These decisions (including the PR) are exactly why wows has half the number of players it should. Official responses saying things like "without spending a dime" makes me wish I hadn't opened my wallet to WG. I rarely get involved with game politics and have been around this game a long time, trust me when I say this has created animosity in the players.
  15. The point is most players wanted to try subs the day they are implemented. Making it a gambling RNG on who gets subs the day of release is just going to create animosity with your players. Won't you have the exact same que problem in a week when all have subs? The only sense what you did makes is to get more data, isn't that why you have a PTS?