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  1. oldblackdog

    KoTS Final stage... they did it again.

    Yeah...this has happened more than once. A mission is announced that is supposed to be open to coop players, but then there is one little hitch. The usual response from WoWS is "Sorry, we'll be more careful next time". Then, next time comes and we get this...
  2. oldblackdog

    Server Back UP

    Just got in. Player count listed at about 3,000. Now i have to see if everything works...
  3. oldblackdog

    COOP Team Rosters

    For what it's worth... 17 games this morning between 900 am and noon ( US Eastern time ), all in a tier 9 DD. 12 had all live players, while the other 5 had the 2-7 combo. Nothing in between. Update: Another twenty games last night and this morning, most of them in tier 9 or 10 DD's. 15 games had full teams, the other 5 had two. Since I started counting , that's a total of 27 battles with full teams of real players, and 10 with two players and seven bots. Based om my limited sample ( and the comments of others here on the Forum ), it looks like something may have been changed in the MM programming for co-op battles. I'm not complaining...it just seems strange that we aren't seeing more variation in team composition.
  4. oldblackdog

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

  5. oldblackdog


    Servers were supposed to be down for an hour this morning. Should be back up soon.
  6. oldblackdog

    ST, Axis vs coalition

    Nice idea. Tier 6 would be better than Tier 8.
  7. oldblackdog


  8. oldblackdog


    For what it's worth, I had the same thing illustrated here. No notification when I got to my port.
  9. oldblackdog

    Anyone get

    Yup...I got it this morning.
  10. oldblackdog

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Battleship Dante Alighieri

    Possibly because Twitch Prime was acquired by Amazon Prime to become " Prime Gaming ". As I recall, this happened last year, around the same time that WoWS started the association with Twitch. I already had Amazon Prime, so it was fairly easy to link the accounts.
  11. oldblackdog

    PSA: Mysore in Premium Shop

    So far, it's been a bonus for each and every battle I've played, and the mission screen says this will go on for the next thirty days. A very nice little perk ( it will help with the missions for the dockyard and Lunar New Year ), especially considering that I bought the cheapest version of the Mysore that was for sale.
  12. < makes note to stick Yamamoto in the Mikasa for some coop fun >
  13. oldblackdog

    Which mid-tier coal ship to buy first (2021)?

    One more thing to consider is which tech tree lines you think you will be working on. Duke of York can serve as a training ship for British BB's. The same for Lazo and Russian cruisers. Anshan has normal torpedoes ( not the DWT found on most Pan-Asian DD's ) so its use as a trainer is a bit limited. The same is true for Aigle ( which has smoke ) and other French DD's ( which don't have smoke ). Be sure to think about how a ship is going to fit in with your future plans before you spend your hard-earned coal.
  14. oldblackdog

    Which mid-tier coal ship to buy first (2021)?

    Darn it, I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder. So, yeah...wait to see if you can win the Anshan for free, and keep saving your coal.
  15. oldblackdog

    Which mid-tier coal ship to buy first (2021)?

    +1 for the Anshan. Also, there is a good 10 pt Pan-Asian captain available for coal who has skills that are a good fit for the ship. I don't recall the exact cost ( I've had the ship & the captain for some time now ), but the captain is fairly cheap, so the total price should be well under 100k coal ( for both the ship and captain ).