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  1. oldblackdog

    Are there any good books on WW1 and WW2 comerse raiders?

  2. oldblackdog

    Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    Okay...now I see your point.
  3. oldblackdog

    Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    Your original question was about IJN unique commanders, so I mentioned Yamamoto. I didn't say he was identical to Halsey, or any of the other Americans, but he is a "unique commander". Perhaps I misunderstood the point of your question.
  4. oldblackdog

    Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    They have one, Yamamoto. Gotta grind through a campaign to get him.
  5. oldblackdog

    Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    Cool idea...
  6. oldblackdog

    RN DD's from crates: loaners, or yours to keep?

    You get these crates by completing the various missions and directives in the Royal Navy event. You can also purchase containers in the premium shop. Note that an RN DD mission isn't guaranteed whenever you open a Royal Navy crate.
  7. Just finished a coop battle and the game was working normally. Still no credit for previous battles that were completed when all of this started.
  8. I was in the same two games with Admiral Thunder. Same thing, and exiting the game & restarting didn't help. Taking a break to walk the dog...
  9. oldblackdog

    Who have you seen in game

    As I recall, that was a coop, correct? It was nice to see a friendly face...