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  1. Great post. Hope to see Roma in the game some day.
  2. Not a bad choice. The guns can get you citadel hits, the secondary battery will cause fires, and the torps are effective.
  3. It took a few tries, but I finally pulled it off by spamming HE and setting fires in coop with a flag-assisted Des Moines. So, my best advice is: 1) Use a ship that combines high damage potential with good chance of survival. 2) Make liberal use of signals for extra chances at flooding or fire damage. Use camouflage and damage repair signals (and consumables) to keep you in the fight as long as possible. 3) Do it in coop. The bots are predictable, and you won't get as many complaints from other players as you try to farm damage. If you see me in the game or in port, give my a shout and I'll be happy to help.
  4. Ahhh...okay, now I understand. I don't have very many German ships, so I hadn't noticed this detail (although I was aware of the absence of Nazi symbols on my Bismarck & Graf Spee). The attention given to the Russian flags is a little more obvious...my four Russian ships have one Imperial and two different Soviet-era flags. Perhaps, in the future, the powers-that-be in WoWS will give the Kaiser's navy accurate flags. And, just to extend the point, I hope they will do the same thing for ships of any navy that is included in the game.
  5. It's a bit more than that. Germany and other countries have legal restrictions on the use of WW2 symbols. WoWS has to keep these in mind or the game could attract the wrong kind of attention in different parts of the world.
  6. I, for one, am not claiming that I have been "shafted". I'm just expressing a bit of bemusement at all of these empty bunks. I could play this game for a hundred years and I would never have any use for so many extra reserve slots. If we could sell them (as we can do with other surplus items in the inventory), that would be great. Otherwise, they will just sit there unused, taking up memory space on the WoWS server.
  7. 58 vacant reserve slots. Can't use them, can't sell them, so they just sit there taking up space. I guess a dozen or so would be useful, but all the extra places in reserve are a bit silly...
  8. Odd...mine are still visible when I check the Arpeggio box.
  9. On the bottom right of your port screen, there is a little gear to check your settings. Click on that, and then make sure there is a check mark in the Arpeggio box.
  10. 33-34 games a day? Not likely...
  11. Nice mission, Citrusss
  12. Change HMS Monarch's name to HMS Thunder Child? Ummm...no, no way, and no how...
  13. Gonna work the line up to King George V, and then stop. This will be fun...