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  1. Thanks for your work & effort. I'm still trying to figure out how all of this is going to work...
  2. oldblackdog

    Italian DD Part 2 Collection Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Hi Admiral. One thing I noticed was this line: Up to 7 containers for Community Tokens. I still can't find any place in the Armory to get containers in exchange for community tokens. Nothing in the premium shop, either. Any ideas?
  3. I'm having a similar problem. I can log in to most parts of the WoWS web site, but I can't log in to player support. Not an issue at the moment (I don't have any support problems to resolve), so I'll wait to see if anything changes.
  4. oldblackdog

    Down to the river to Pray

    One of my favorites. Thanks for posting.
  5. oldblackdog

    Twitch drops, delayed?

    No drops here...
  6. oldblackdog

    PSA: Opt In Mission

    I spotted this also. Not really a big deal, but it's worth noting that WG is up to their old tricks again.
  7. oldblackdog

    Low tier play needs resuscitation WG

    Yeah, I understand that the high tiers are popular. If people want to stick to the high tiers, then that's fine ( I would never try to tell anyone what ships to play ). However, I have to respectfully disagree with the idea that "most of the famous warships are all in the upper tiers". My port is filled with tier 9 & 10 ships that never fought a battle, or were never even built. Compare this with the time from the Sanish-American War to the end of World War 1, which is filled with famous ships, battles, admirals, and captains. This is an era of naval history that could be very popular with players, and ( potentially ) profitable for WoWS.
  8. oldblackdog

    Low tier play needs resuscitation WG

    A very good point, and very true. I can't argue that it would be simple to bring more low tier ships to the game. It will take some work, but so what? WoWS developers will stand on their heads to give us stuff like homing torpedoes, skip-bombing, and superships. A pre-dreadnought battleship or armored cruiser shouldn't be a difficult problem.
  9. oldblackdog

    Low tier play needs resuscitation WG

    I agree. WoWS seems to believe that only high tier ships can be profitable, but I think they're missing the potential of the low end of the market. I will never spend $100 for some tier 10 piece of fantasy, but a famous ship like Olympia or Schleswig-Holstein for ten bucks would be very desirable.
  10. oldblackdog

    Low tier play needs resuscitation WG

    +1 Just make low tier ships eligible for missions. If people are concerned about seal clubbing, then limit it to co-op.
  11. oldblackdog

    Email Bonus Codes

    One more... 22NYZ-4ZW6Z-C8KU5
  12. oldblackdog

    Who have you seen in game

    Gotta milk those first win bonuses while they're there, and early morning games have been pretty well populated lately. Good to see you, DJ...
  13. oldblackdog


    Yeah...no HE, no torps, mediocre speed. The ship has its share of limitations.
  14. oldblackdog


    I wonder if it was me... I had a coupon, and Soshi's comments made the ship sound interesting. I doubt if Tiger '59 will ever be popular with very many players, but I'm having some fun with it.