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  1. oldblackdog

    R.I.P. Centarina

    Sad news. Rest in peace, and prayers for his family and friends.
  2. oldblackdog

    If You Could Re-Tier Three Ships.....

    I agree, Admiral. Low speed, low hit points, 12" guns, and pathetic AA...this ship really shouldn't have to face Tier 7 opponents ( or Tier 6 carriers ). I don't think you would even have to nerf any of its stats. Just drop it to Tier 4 and it will be okay. And, while I'm here, I think Vampire could work at Tier 5. Might have to buff some of the soft stats a little ( ROF? Torp range? Whatever else seems suitable... ). The Vamp is a good ship that suffers from Tier 3 obscurity.
  3. oldblackdog


    In general, coal is available from resource containers and daily missions. Also, special events and campaigns will ( sometimes ) have coal rewards. Welcome to Wolf1 !
  4. oldblackdog

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Welcome! I would love to hear you sing. If you have any recordings or videos, perhaps you could post some links.
  5. oldblackdog

    CODE 3

    Thanks, Admiral!
  6. It's been a while, so I can't remember exactly when the ship & the captain became available. However, it's worth mentioning that one of the "Rong" captains is also available in the armory for 35k coal. His skills ( enhanced survivability & demolition expert ) are a good match for the Anshan. So, if you have 70-80 thousand coal on hand, you can get decent Tier 6 destroyer with a good 10-point captain. That's not bad.
  7. oldblackdog

    I'm convinced now Bots have been "improved". (PVE Thread)

    I agree, Admiral. Our friends from Skynet seem to be a little amped up these days. And I'm also not complaining...angry bots are amusing, and the games have been more fun.
  8. oldblackdog

    Looking For a Co Op Clan

    The Lone Wolf clans could be just the thing for you.
  9. oldblackdog

    Why Why Is This Ship Not In The Game

    I use mine once a week. Low-tier ships still qualify for the "Engagement" phase of Naval Battles, so I take them to coop and enjoy myself.
  10. oldblackdog

    Are there any....?

    Check out this thread... https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/137433-lone-wolves-recruting-solo-players/
  11. oldblackdog

    Looking for good predreadnought info

    Clash of Arms has published very detailed naval rules covering the pre-dreadnought era and WW1. They may be more complicated than you're looking for, but they're pretty comprehensive... https://www.clashofarms.com/feargod.html https://www.clashofarms.com/rjw.html For basic reference on warships, I recommend Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships. The volumes covering 1860-1905, and 1906-1921 will provide the information you need to get started. They're somewhat expensive, so you might want to check a good library first. https://www.goodreads.com/search?utf8=✓&query=conways+all+the+world's+fighting+ships
  12. No missions for the tech-tree ships, but, by the time this is finished, I'll have a nice haul. The Genova, three perma-camos ( tier 5,6, and 7), tons of coal & a bunch of good signal flags ( from the Genova bundles ), and 400 doubloons ( from the containers ). Overall, this was a pretty profitable event.