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  1. For me, it was probably the 50,000 free xp I pulled about a month ago. Thanks to that, I should have a Nelson in a day or two.
  2. Taylor...I just checked, and that particular module isn't available for my Mikasa. Kind of a bummer...it would be pretty useful. Anyway, look at it this way. If you can figure out how to get consistent hits on moving targets with Mikasa's guns, you can probably hit with any other ship in the game...which is a pretty good skill to have...
  3. 1) Practice in co-op. The 11" guns will penetrate many, if not most of the BB's you will encounter ( Honest! ), and they will devastate almost any cruiser. But, you only have six of them, so good marksmanship is really important. If your AP shots aren't scoring, switch to HE. You can't spam like a Cleveland, but your guns have pretty good HE punch, and a decent chance to start fires. 2) Don't be afraid to close the range. Graf Spee's secondaries are pretty effective for a Tier 6 cruiser. 3) Don't forget the torpedoes! Great firing arcs and a 90 second reload time make them very potent.
  4. I wouldn't say that Dark Matter is "Firefly recast", but I agree that there are some common elements ( A kind of misfit, anti-hero crew, sailing around and getting into trouble on the wrong side of the law, and, frequently, swimming in water that's a little over the head). Pity that Dark Matter was cancelled...with all the drek on television, this was one of the few shows that could hold my attention for an hour.
  5. Another bit Mikasa of co-op fun is ramming. Most of the ships you encounter aren't very fast, and the bots will bunch up and sail very close, especially if you sail straight to their flag. It can be pretty entertaining to go steaming in to a crowd of bots bots with your secondaries spraying shells all over the place while you run over anything that gets in your way.
  6. +1. Mikasa is a fun co-op ship.
  7. Personally, I would choose Slava for a Russian pre-dreadnought. Same class as Borodino, the Slava served throughout WW1, including her distinguished action at the battle of Moon Sound in 1917. Battle of Moon Sound
  8. On a related idea, if WoWS ever decides to separate the cruiser lines in to heavy & light, it would open things up for quite a variety of tier 2 & 3 armored cruisers, protected cruisers, and scout cruisers. Throw in the occasional special mission or campaign for these ships, and it would spice up lower-tier battles, and might even help new players move along a little more quickly to higher-tier ships.
  9. For all he faults, I still enjoy taking my Mikasa in to coop games to make a little extra cash and free xp. Watching her sink two or three bots with close-range secondary fire is a hoot! I understand it's not something everyone wants to see, but I would welcome more pre-dreadnoughts in the game.
  10. Same here. A Domination battle with both of us in destroyers. I had the advantage in speed an concealment, so I just ran around and out-capped the other guy. Never even caught sight of my opponent.
  11. Welcome to WoWS! One suggestion: If you get sunk early in a battle, use the mouse command to switch to different (surviving) ships of your team. You can learn quite a bit by watching other players.
  12. Yeah...between the British battleship missions and the Yamamoto campaign, I have my hands full. I can wait.
  13. And confirmed again. Thanks Nordeit and Sweetsie. Curiously though, once you have used this method to select a task, the "Cancel Task" button will appear. I'm guessing this must be a glitch, and we can expect a patch soon.