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  1. Nice post, Dulcet Tone.
  2. I play my low-tier premium ships every day. A few Tier 2-3 coop battles with my morning coffee while the news is on...it's a pleasant way to get my first container of the day. A few more Tier 2-3 premiums would be welcome, especially if they included a couple of more pre-dreadnought battleships, and, perhaps, an armored cruiser or two. Maybe these could be offered as mission rewards, in the same way I got Mikasa and Katori.
  3. 0.6.14 Bug Reporting

    Downloaded without a hitch. I've been playing coop games for about an hour, and I haven't noticed any problems yet. My clan display is very slow to load, but this seems to happen from time to time, so I'm not sure if this is due to anything in the patch.
  4. too many flags

    Yeah...we have a Coast Guard flag. I imagine this would be the same kind of thing.
  5. too many flags

    Not a bad idea...
  6. too many flags

    I'll trade you some of my reserve slots for some of your flags...
  7. 10 citadel hits

    Hmmm...I wonder. I got at least half of mine with British BB's shooting HE at Tier 4-5 cruisers.
  8. Over did it last night..

    I think my night was worse than yours, but at least we were able to commiserate in Wolf1 chat...
  9. Graf Spee - A very confused ship

    Yeah...kind of a jack-of-all trades ship. Fun to play...
  10. Please Buff Mikasa

    I agree. The more I think about it, an additional upgrade slot with the option to use the aiming system modification, and (maybe) damage control might be all that's needed to make Mikasa competitive.
  11. Please Buff Mikasa

    I like this, but I'm curious about something. Mikasa only has one upgrade slot. Would you want to add another one?
  12. WoWS on Steam?

    Any wireless option available in the UK? I'm on a 4G wireless connection here in Florida, and downloads usually go pretty fast. Also, not much trouble with lag or internet crashes.
  13. Radar? Maybe? She used it effectively against Scharnhorst at North Cape in 1943.