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Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×
Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×


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  1. oldblackdog

    End of the Forum

    Farewell everyone. I've enjoyed my time here, and I will miss you.
  2. oldblackdog

    Paradats last jump. Farewell friends.

    See you in port. it's been fun.
  3. oldblackdog

    This is the end

    Wow...that takes me back. That was one of the first online games I ever played. Thanks for posting the links.
  4. oldblackdog

    Soshi's Last Post

    Farewell, Soshi. I will think of you whenever I sail in Tiger '59.
  5. oldblackdog

    End of the Forum

    It won't help. I suggest one of suits used by demolition squad guys when they de-fuse bombs. You're going to need it.
  6. oldblackdog

    End of the Forum

    You haven't produced a shred of hard evidence to support this statement, and I have no obligation to believe you.
  7. oldblackdog

    End of the Forum

    To clarify further: 1) I don't believe you have stated any valid reasons for closing the forum. 2) Discord cannot serve as an adequate replacement for the content that is available on the forum. 3) This decision has permanently reduced my enjoyment of the game. 4) I will not follow you to Discord.
  8. oldblackdog

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Miss Mouse, With the forum shutting down, I just wanted to stop by to tell you how much I've enjoyed your reviews over the years. Your hard work, insight, and sense of humor have done much to enhance my enjoyment of the game. If you find another venue for your work, I will try to follow you there. Until then, thanks for the memories.
  9. It's been fun to hang with you guys over the past few years.
  10. oldblackdog

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    From the WG article: Dear Captains, For a long time now we’ve been following different behavioral trends in our game community and the games industry in general. One of the most notable is in the ways players interface with various platforms, communicate with each other and with game publishers or studios. This was exemplified particularly by a general migration from the forums to Discord and similar community channels. In addition to the above, our forum infrastructure has also aged quite significantly over the years, so we have decided to lay this particular platform to rest. Starting on July 28, 2023, we will begin the process of closing the regional forums by removing the ability to post. Your posts and the posts of others will remain accessible until October 31st, 2023, at which time the forums will be fully shut down. We understand that it can be hard to adapt to new community platforms; however, this end only signals a new beginning, as we’re now transitioning our communication and activities to our dedicated Discord servers. Discord may seem daunting if you prefer a more structured environment, however rest assured we feel that the Forums features in discord can be utilized to accommodate that form of discussion and our Community Managers will strive to deliver that experience to the best of our abilities. We believe this move will enhance your experience and bring our community closer together. Now, we're here to guide you through this transition. In case anyone at WG cares, Discord is a terrible platform for the kind of things we talk about here. Ship reviews, discussion of tactics, new game features...I could go on, but you get the idea. For all of its faults, the WoWS forum is infinitely better than anything Discord will provide.
  11. oldblackdog

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    This is a terrible idea. Discord is awful (tried it once...won't try again). I hope that WG will reconsider.
  12. oldblackdog

    FPS/Ping Monitor

  13. oldblackdog

    FPS/Ping Monitor

    The same thing has happened to me. I've checked the new settings menu, but I can't find anything there.
  14. oldblackdog

    I've found my new home!

    I seem to recall Wagner's association with another dictator, but never mind. Besides, I have much better music to choose from.
  15. oldblackdog

    I've found my new home!

    Bonus points for your choice in music...