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  1. BigWaveSurfer

    Results: Anzac Day

    You know ozzzzzzz Churchill once said "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it". Maybe you should put his books down and read some others. Then you might get an idea of where things went wrong. (hint; look at the first Dardanelles campaign, rushed and with no chance of a win). And yes, he sure did nothing to help stop turkey from changing sides. Funny thing is Churchill did accidently help win WWII, by delaying operation 'Barbarossa' by 5 weeks when he sent in commonwealth troops to support Greece in her fight against the Italy. Weird how things can even them self out
  2. BigWaveSurfer

    Results: Anzac Day

    You left out what happened almost 12 months early which was the main problem. But as you know it so well I don't have to tell you. plus Turkey should have stayed our ally but for a certain person screwing them over. Again you should know his name.
  3. BigWaveSurfer

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Not happy, that if a commander is assigned to tech tree ship but was on a premium of a different class at the time of update it has both ship types pre-skilled to WG pick of skills
  4. BigWaveSurfer

    Single Game Client

    I guess the question I have is, as someone who plays ASIA and NA servers under the same account details (everything but ships the same) is this going to be a problem for me?
  5. BigWaveSurfer

    Clan treasury feedback

    I would like to see clans get some coal each time a member collects a container. Not much just something. End of the month you could reward those players who collect a lot of containers and earns oil for your clan.
  6. Turkey took over the contract of 2 BB's order by Sth American countries. They payed up in full (would have been about 4 million pounds, a lot back then) Churchill (lord of the Admiralty at that time) had the progress slowed and once WWI started the RN took them over without paying back the Turkeys. Wonder why the Turkeys (England's long time ally) changed side after the Kaiser gave them 2 heavy units.
  7. BigWaveSurfer

    Admiral Graf Spee's eagle to be sold off

    If they put it in a museum they would have to blur the bottom part. You know must not show that part of history. The people of the 2nd holocaust of last century would not stand for it.
  8. BigWaveSurfer

    Ranked Sprint: still no news?

    think I saw 3rd July till 10th
  9. BigWaveSurfer

    So how has the Georgia been in actual gameplay?

    Have you seen Mad Max 1,2 and 3. ok, they might be from 79 to the early 80's and number 2 is most likely the pick of them. while you wait for a sequel.
  10. BigWaveSurfer

    Issues installing new WoWS update

    good to know I am not the only one having this problem
  11. BigWaveSurfer

    Player's Profile - XP Stats

    I use premium time off and on, it can be easy to see the ships that I have not used premium time. Having said that, it is a pain trying to workout how good players are based on the stats xp.
  12. So he really is getting emails from the future (note he put March 22nd).
  13. BigWaveSurfer

    I'd rather amputate a limb than start this new job tomorrow

    I work with new people everyday, I was shy as a young fellow. Best thing I found is smile at everyone you come across and even if you are not happy, look happy. Then go home to a relaxing drink (not too many, you got work again tomorrow).
  14. BigWaveSurfer

    Why don't we have a global map like WoT?

    If I had to take a guess it would be because of the lockouts by allied (top) clans
  15. BigWaveSurfer

    When will submarines come to World of Warships?

    Once the CV's planes are fitted with death charges