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  1. Out of 20 of the Christmas mega crates, I received: Musashi Boise Ashitaka Massachusetts Le Terrible 6k doubloons 12.5k coal various camos and flags I got very lucky obviously.
  2. WhirIwind

    This Day In History

    You came in to stir up drama. Now somehow, according to you, everyone else is heartless for ignoring all of those killed around the world in other attacks. This is about 9/11, no matter how much that upsets or offends you.
  3. WhirIwind

    This Day In History

    This is a post about the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. You have stated you don't care, it doesn't affect you and you aren't American. It's obvious you are here to inject your opinions and nothing more. Make a new post about whatever cause you are heartbroken about and move on.
  4. WhirIwind

    This Day In History

    You obviously don't care, yet at the same time seemed to care enough to post your opinion on the matter. There are those of us that do care, will always remember, and choose to show our respects for the victims.