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  1. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak (or post) and remove all doubt.
  2. I read a post a few weeks ago where this Stratego guy was lecturing another player on client side / server side mechanics. He went on to insult the other player, basically telling him he was stupid for not understanding. It was funny as hell when a Dev showed up and posted that Stratego was wrong.
  3. You just have to view the op's previous posts to figure out he is a "The sky is falling!" type of whiner.
  4. This thread is 82 posts long so far, but all you had to do was read #2 (above) and it would have solved your problem.
  5. Ok, I can see your ideology and opinion on the matter. We can agree to disagree.
  6. How do you know he's American? Oh ya, you don't.
  7. So the op previously made a post titled "Game economy really needs changed." Now here is another post complaining about the same thing.
  8. If you have 5k games and not a single 12+ point captain, you might want to look in the mirror instead of blaming the game or the economy.
  9. You're really going out on a limb there comparing one of the best ships in the game to one of the worst.
  10. I have always liked using the mods in WoT and WoWs, the only mod I I don't like personally is XVM. It just seemed to make too many players in WoT give up before the battle even started, once they saw their teams chance to win was low.
  11. Thank you for all the replies. I'll try to adjust my play a little to try to avoid some of the damage.
  12. In my last two ranked games, my Budyonny had both of it's front turrets destroyed within the first three minutes of the game. Is this just bad luck or am I doing something wrong to cause this?
  13. The shell arc isn't as bad as other USN Cruisers. As long as you keep your distance and don't charge in you will do well more times than not. I'm very happy with the Indy so far.
  14. Video game safe spaces too now eh?
  15. Flamu has a youtube video of him testing the Indianapolis, definitely worth watching.