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  1. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    This is why I am so happy to have mister IAMVERYSMART on ignore. I just know to take a quick glance. See "was sinking most of the Italian Fleet at Taranto" and know he is still not on planet reality. Anyways I'm out. WG makes their choices on money and we don't spend enough. Hell the whales that live outside of Italy get counted as fans of other countries. So I vote with my wallet and stopped funding WG for now.
  2. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Why are you so [edited]desperate to parrot a point that has been knocked to the ground over and over again in recent years. Using youtube content designed to get hits from people like yourself who try to claim Italy wasn't industrialized doesn't help. You espouse the views of unrepetent nazis, ffs. Then try to hide behind "I didn't mean it like that." https://scholar.uwindsor.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1054&context=gljuh The Germans sucked as allies. They left the Hungarian, Italian and Romanian armies to die. When they took over Poland they cut off Italian coal. When they took over Romania they cut off Italian oil. The invasion of the USSR? Cut off Italy from the last place it could get natural resources. Go for the Caucus or "cut off the head" creating a front that could not be sustained and refusing to shorten lines? As Sadkovich states in one of this books or essays the Italian economy was about 20% of the German. When you cut off your ally from what little resources you were getting and offered such gracious deals as receiving raw material to make tanks if the Germans get 6 out of 10 tanks produced. However you must find raw material for the weaponry and equipment that goes inside these tanks. Well that is just so wonderful of an ally to offer. However you refuse to share much other critical technology that could have made the war easier for you? That's f'ing winning right there. Now compare this to Britain which was shopping at USA mart. First of all A+ on Britain for getting the USA to cutoff two countries that where full up happy USAMart customers. And let's once again state that this war was over before it even began. However the same British maneuvering that ensured the war was a victory was too little too late as it was British appeasement policy and unwillingness to commit to the fight while still on the continent that let it get so crazy. Especially considering one of the reasons the British maneuvered so hard against the Italians and basically drove them into the German camp was because Italy had basically left the British economic sphere and tried to align itself with the American industry instead. Which all goes back to world war 1. Yay. A Britain that left France and Italy in the lurch by appeasing and allowing Germany to come to the point of starting another war. But we don't fault the British for that. Or failing to properly support their stalwart ally on the continent. Or backstabbing their ally and attacking them. Or barely crediting the French for any of the technology they shared. Pfft, evil French. Vichy. VICHY! VIIIIIIIICCCCHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Or any of the numerous things done as revenge. Because heroes don't get petty or bring on unneeded suffering on those that are helping them. Nope. Never. The fact that the Axis stayed in Africa for so long is the question that begs answering. With the US supplying the British with so much equipment and no other real active theater the inability of the British to secure the central Med and systematically advance on Tripoli is the real question that bears answering. And speaking of Allies let's go over another subject. The side switching myth. World War 1: There was only ever a very complicated defensive alliance basically between Germany and Italy which triggered Italy to participate in very limited ways when it came to Austria. The language was written such that Austria would not get any help from Italy. Indeed Austria had already violated the spirit of the Agreement by unilaterally causing issues in the Balkans without informing the Italians. Then the Austrians kick off a war of aggression. Why did Italy enter the war when it did? Popular Anglo telling is that this is when Italy was finally bribed enough. Nope, it was because the populace of Italy was demanding war against Austria. There was never any side switching or betrayal. This is willing ignorance. And then we have the fun talk of the 12 battles of Isonzo while ignoring the meat grinders of Verdun, Somme, etc. Refusing to build deep trench systems because that encourages a defensive attitude. Etc. Nope these problems only apply to Italy. Yet when Italy stood alone at the Piave, when an entire draft class sacrificed to save a nation? Nothing. When Italy turned it around and smashed the Austrians? Oh they where already broken or it was only through the effort of the Allied divisions there. All the negatives are credited yet none of the positives. This should ring out as a warning bell when repeating these tropes. World War 2: Sideswitching in world war 2? Yeah let's talk about Finland, Bulgaria, etc. Guerra civile in Italia (1943-1945) We get it you find this stuff funny because being ignorant is bliss. Soldiers, Marines and Sailors must be respected but these are Italians not actual humans. Really it gets old fast. God forbid people try to learn and expand their knowledge base. Back to our uber war guys the Germans who are best at everything. Germans absolutely refused to believe the Italians on Enigma being broken. Even to the point where they could not fathom of Italians being competent at cryptanalysis. Phoenix has gone over elsewhere how German intelligence was the lead up to many a disaster or failed ability to follow up an advantage. If one is truly incompetent they don't fight a war for three years. Culminating in two huge embarrassments for the Royal navy in the mid-June and Mid-August convoy battles when you compare the time and effort used to get so little supplies to the islands. With one major portion of the operation called off because Harwood and Vian basically couldn't get along. Let's not even go int the farce that was El Alamein. The British delayed the close of the North African campaign by months to have a proper "British victory." This is the sort of thing that happened when the British planned for Italian incompetence. Operation Agreement. Or let's not forget how good old Monty was going through the southern sector at El Alamein and then make a run to Tripoli. Hmmm...oh wait he didn't go through the Italians like a knife through butter. Nor do we see much mocking of Force K neutralizing itself by running into a minefield. Force K shut down the convoy routes! All the time. Not that it managed to sink half its ships doing something stupid. That's an Italian thing. And for ffs pick up a book. There are plenty of Italian victories and the Germans didn't advance in a vacuum in North Africa. If Rommel had ever understood a supply line Tripoli actually stored enough oil for the entire campaign. However even when he was supplied beyond what he requested in regards to equipment it was always "I never got enough." While ever other general, including Germans, where screaming at him that he was over extended. Tobruch was such a great place. Ever ask yourself why the Australian defenders had so many self inflicted injuries? It's funny how Australian patrols where going all over the desert while Italian memoirs have them sitting in the trenches after a couple of forays where they wound up on the wrong end of flame throwers. Italians can't fight. Even after walking hundreds of kilometers in the snow with frostbite and no food for days. They just gave in and surrendered. There is a difference between being in a desert completely cut off and facing annihilation and having a chance of reaching yours lines. Pictures of Italian PoW columns proliferate, the same pictures with unarmed British are only found ever so often. Yes Italian equipment became quickly inadequate and there was never enough. However despite all their hardships the men did their duty as best they could and in many cases still found victory. Overcame incredible odds to keep the convoy routes open. Gave the British bloody noses on many an occasion however these are often overlooked or explained away with excuses that aren't allowed for the Italians. You can see this here in this thread with Mr. MATAAAAPPAAAAHHHHNN. I'm sure I have some of it wrong however I contend that the spirit is true. Pleasure yourself with Italians are side switcher/cowards/etc jokes. However be intellectually honest and realize where the origin of these jokes come from. Far from reality. If you wish to keep dehumanizing your fellow man and feel he is incapable because of the location of his birth. That's on you.
  3. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    The funny part is Canada couldn't build a destroyer to save themselves. https://www.cnrs-scrn.org/northern_mariner/pdf/nm_5_1_1-17.pdf
  4. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Please note I'm going off old, probably outdated memory so bear with me. Libian Oil was known about with Ardito Desio finding several wells and major exploration planned to expand on this. The technology was not readily available to make it viable on the markets until the 50s when Zelten field was found making it worth the effort. At this time the middle east was dwarfed by the US measuring in the 10s of millions, at best for individual countries, versus nearly 200 million tons pre-war for the US. The Caucus oil was a much more viable option producing more than any given middle east country with a direct land connection and producing over 20 million I think? Romania was less than 10 million tons prewar. Once again showing the war was lost before it even began for a myriad of reasons. Instead of the Hungarian, Italian and Romanian armies fighting in the Caucus where the terrain would have been better suited to the lack of mobilization. The Germans set them out to cover a frontline that per km per soldier was insane to imagine ever holding. The Italian expeditionary force was expanded at German request. Indeed the number of troops supporting, and sadly most of the modern field artillery, supporting the Germans dwarfed the German participation in North Africa at this point. In other news I see the dishonesty continues. Just wow.
  5. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    British have some funky interpretation of common shells and other rounds that are just...interesting. Just pictures of nice ships.
  6. The light gauge rail road ended well short of the frontier and the road network was umm yeah. So most of the MFP became dragooned in the resupply. Which exceeded the supplies Rommel actually requested. The MFP where invaluable for coastal work considering a handful of these available. http://www.navypedia.org/ships/italy/it_am_sesia.htm iirc Christopher Shores Malta books cover the shift back and forth of German assets fairly well. It's been some years since I've ready them. However basically any time the weather was bad for a long period in Russia...hello LooseWaffles.
  7. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Such an underrated movie.
  8. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Night training was not nonexistent. Heavy units were not to engage in night fighting. Indeed Italian light units had flashless powder which the British lacked. As for the rest once again it ignores the fact the RM succeeded in the mission of keeping outposts supplied. You can keep screaming incompetence all you want however the facts show the truth. Rub one out to British war propaganda and German commanders post war still spewing their ever so thinly veiled Italians/Hungarians/Romanians/Bulgarians are untermensch that’s why we lost rhetoric. However just keep it to yourself ffs.
  9. Sparviero

    Arizona or WV?

  10. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Since we are on the second page and it will happen again let me just restate. The issue isn't the Italian archives. The issue is Lesta's piss poor planning. It screwed them over with the MoD. They got lucky with the French and even then were not prepared to fully utilize the boon as they had not enough time. Japan, afaik, they used a superfan who's tank research was being seriously questioned at one point. Many errors have been found in various USN and other ships that trace back to books. We've seen many ships that have only a loose relation to reality. The Italian archives are not the problem. Namely because what they want will not all be located in the archives and some of what they probably want will never be released due to political reasons. Littorio class modernization plans when they weren't supposed to keep the ships in the first place? I'd be happy to see such plans however I doubt we ever will. USMM publications have brought many interesting things to light recently however much of the new information on carrier development, either between the wars or the Impero conversion, have come from non-state archives. More importantly don't expect anything before Gamescom.
  11. Sparviero

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Hey look it's the parrot game.
  12. Greece was never meant to be an invasion and Metaxas never really seems to get the fault that he deserves for what he did to the Greek people. Instead we have Oxi day which in reality was a farce. All it was meant to be was the annexation of southern Epirus. Ciano's agents had all been given the assurances meanwhile the Greeks had been building up their defenses. Cervi covers this pretty well in his book, iirc. Between the recent draft class being released to return to the harvest. No infrastructure what so ever to run a campaign, etc. It was only ever meant to be a simple land grab. Whatever Metaxas actually expected we will never really know however it was obvious he wanted a fight. Churchill was doing everything possible to stay in the war, in this case fighting the ally he had abandoned France. So I'm not sure what you mean about restarting a war that hadn't stopped.
  13. If anyone is really bored. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/1003811.pdf