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  1. Sparviero


    It doesn't look like a sushi recipe.
  2. Sparviero

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Gavdos, the real engagement would be good as the Italian strategy was rather sound and the British didn’t recognize when they fell for the same thing a second time. Matapan would just be a British fanboy circlejerk you will be able to repeat in the training room to your hearts desire. My unpopular opinion on the matter.
  3. Sparviero

    Pugliese Revisited

    The machinery was determined by politics more than anything else. I don't think ammunition storage would be extended much further out. The original desired concave aa layout may have been feasible or another battery or two. Otherwise that pretty much leaves armor and at this point that might mean the sacrifice of a battleship as there wasn't exactly a lot armor to go around. Having said that Bagnascos book does state some weight was reduced from the armor to offset the Pugliese system during construction.
  4. Sparviero

    The Roma Problem

    Which is why it would be nice if the dispersion wasn’t applied straight out of the barrel. Or the inner dispersion layer kicked in below 7km since the secondaries are ineffectual most of the time and a mechanic change to dispersion is a huge ask. However WG shows no inclination to do anything with Roma except keep putting it back on sale.
  5. Sparviero

    Pugliese Revisited

    Taranto night pretty much turned into a tactical success yet a strategic failure for the British. The British where fortunate fuel issues had caused the raid to be delayed. Although a much more inexperienced strike force was sent ironically due to one of the few successes of the RA to cause a soft kill on the originally scheduled carrier. The fleet still sortied and performed its duty. As Sadkovich stated the moral ascendancy bit was utter hogwash. The more important part is that important problems in damage control where discovered while in port. Prince of Wales is sort of a case in point for the damage control lessons. The decision was made to restart the shaft mainly due to the desperate situation the ship was in. This lead to the shaft being thrown and causing considerable damage. I also think some inspection ports where left open which only compounded the recovery. Due to the way the Pugliese system counterflooded, often criticized for taking on too much water ironically, Vittorio Veneto didn't have to worry about this dilemma. What would be interesting to see about the follow on designs for the UP.41 project are the hull protection options. As even when the Littorio was being designed the threat of under hull torpedo hits was a great concern. The triple hull was seen as the least that could be done. Hopefully we can one day get more information from the OTO and CRDA counterparts to go with the recent Ansaldo find. We do know there was a fascination for trying to put the Pugliese system on slimmer ships as it is in the Bonfiglietti carrier projects. Although an earlier version not the system as seen for Littorio of course. https://www.marinaiditalia.com/public/uploads/2016_7_18.pdf
  6. Sparviero

    The Roma Problem

    Outdated response. Bagnasco book on Littorio and stefsap s book on Impero have more update information. I believe Phoenix has posted the details here as well as historynerd in the EU thread.
  7. Sparviero

    The Roma Problem

    I’d have to ask for a bit better rudder if TDS is reduced. Honestly I’d be happy for that trade off regardless. And then I’d slip down the slippery slope of my dreams such as turret traverse on Roma, Cesare and Abruzzi. If dispersion was addressed the spotter plane would be fine for additional range. Given the way the ship generally handles well against HE it would be a fine trade off. Although not being able to go dark would be a rough change. Maybe this will all be addressed in 2020 with the main line.
  8. Sparviero

    When will the Giulio Cesare be available?

    Cesare is only as OP as other ships let it be. It has the great fortune of being at a tier alive with suicide torping, sailing broadside and British cruisers/Omaha. However I honestly don’t enjoy playing it in randoms because the rare time I go up against an opfor sailing blind and stupid the professional seal clubbers have finished them off before I get a chance to join the fun.
  9. Sparviero

    When will the Giulio Cesare be available?

    No internal armored bow plus proliferation of 16” armed battleships at lower tiers pretty much solves that.
  10. Sparviero

    The Roma Problem

    There have been several sales cycles already. While one of the smaller player bases the stats are extremely good. WG has already stated modeling errors will be kept as Balanstm points. WG has shown no inclination to make changes. Due to the excellent stats there has to be a give and take not just a straight buff. My personal choice would be concealment for reduced horizontal spread. HE spam just lets you farm flags.
  11. Sparviero

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Might as well delete Abruzzi from the shop.
  12. What does that have to do with what I said? Playing aggressive is fine, that is my play style. I have no idea how that associates with people who check out of games WoT style though. Cool story bro.