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  1. Sparviero

    The Italian CA line: its not them, its you.

    Serving borscht in a lasagna pan and calling Italian doesn’t make it such. The tier X plays to the gimmicks well. It doesn’t mean it represents Italian cruisers well. I will simply refer to @Phoenix_jz’s critiques on the subject.
  2. From my recollection Roma only appears in English language areas after history channel shows. Indeed Littorio probably hadn’t been rehabilitated as a name to use for the class for very long either. More due to the namesake, fritz X and readily available high res exterior and interior pictures available of Roma it has caught the heart of many. The battle of Vittorio Veneto is largely unknown and from those who do know about it they have a tendency to downplay the Italian achievement in English language. Littorio of course is linked to fascism so that can’t be. Plus the desire to drill down to the least syllables possible that would make a Sicilian shepherd seem a genuine wordsmith(certain dialects are famous for cutting off words). But WoWs also has a fandom that likes to generate their own thing. The only place I’ve seen APHE called heap. Big Mamie is called massa. Etc. I’d prefer more the reduced AP flavor and not tactical HP nuke version of SAP. We already have one tech tree that ends in an ahistorical monstrosity.
  3. With Roma always stay at least 11km away. Otherwise in many use cases the rounds simply won’t have time to fuse. Please take pot shots at USN ships if they are 15km+. You might not get many hits however a good % will be citadels. Roma has conflicting characteristics. Stealth to get close and rifle performance that requires range.
  4. Sparviero

    Russian Dreamboats

    Has anyone checked the CIS forums reaction to the line split? To be devil’s advocate my understanding is that the CIS reaction allowed the UK battleships to appear first.
  5. An example in regards to Italy is Stefsap’s book on the Impero conversion. It gives a clear indication of what post 43 radar would have looked like. Instead we get a copy/paste of a German setup fixed radar on tier X with a EC3? Nothing on IX and meanwhile the Tier V is modeled with a radar set. The laziness from a company that espouses such exacting research is astonishing. Im not saying it is limited to the Italians. One of the community members had an excellent write up on how Dallas didn’t follow BuShips practices. Or we can go with Monarch and the decision to not differentiate it further from KGV.
  6. Why do y’all keep up with this line? There is literally a website built by one person who garnered information from the Archives and other sources. Business choice? Absolutely. Archival material given all the completely made up ships in this game? Nope.
  7. It is an esploratori design. lesta tried to pigeonhole it as with Friant at tier three. Same with Romulus For those that don’t know. it is actually a 600t torpedo boat with ahistorical armament to fill TIII in the Svezia line. It is common sense vs a braggart who just has to be right because. Ship building knowledge is pointless. This is about history. Simply put Lesta tried a ship and it didn’t work. It was then recycled with minimum effort. KGV to Monarch Zara/Gorizia Soon to be Venezia/Super cruiser so on and so forth. As shown this design has many cruiser elements. A. Armor. B. Torpedo tube emplacement. The red herring is the third(backward facing) launcher. C. Step down deck design. D. Bridge and tower structure as well as fire directors. Also note lack of radar greeble for a high tier. 13.2mm mg as noted. Twin 20/65 replaced by sextuplets. All points towards minimum effort recycling. The real question is why are so many posters doing damage control for Lesta? The ship is a hack job for the price it will cost players. Since it has been put in the Tōne locker maybe it will be fixed up to better resemble a high tier RM destroyer. That would be a nice outcome for everyone.
  8. I’m going to save myself frustration and not read RCs balderdash. For anyone else open minded about the Paolo Emilio I will simply quote Phoenix if you are not inclined to believe me. ___________________ Paolo Emilio' - Even a mother could not love the abomination this thing is in terms of design logic. I'm not even sure where to start. The ship, in appearance, armoring, and general architecture, looks like a design from the early 1930s, basically a mini-Montecuccoli. With this in mind, she has access to dual-purpose versions of the 135/45 twin mounts, more advanced than what the Capitani Romani had access too, and this is mixed with 20mm sextuples and... 13.2mm machine guns? The [edited]? With the exception of the Giussano and Cadorna-classes, too light for the 37mm twin emplacements, that was never a mix given the 20mm replaced the 13.2mm MGs on designs. Either a pure battery of 20mm, or one mixed with 37mm singles (as was done on the Capitani Romani, in place of originally planned 65mm mounts) would make sense, but not 20mm + 13.2mm. Also worth noting, just to further add to the confusion, despite advanced mounts such as the 20mm sextuple and 135mm DP, her fire control architecture is still very old, lacking even a DP main battery director, or even one as advanced as the Capitani - she gets a single-purpose cruiser type instead. Oh, and did I mention her propulsion plant is more powerful than any the RM ever stuck on a 2-shaft design? 135,000 shp out of nowhere. The ship's model is just... godawful. And that's not even mentioning the torpedo battery arrangement. I'm not even going to bother touching on that.
  9. It is. Lesta likes to repeat and this was going to be the Italian Friant. Not sure why people try to deny the obvious but hey whatevs. Remember Italy had a class of ships called Esploratori which kind of blurs between DL an CL. With the first series of Condottieri actually belonged to only being reclassified as a CL later. Look at the torpedo launcher setup on deck: cruiser twin launchers. Look at the bridge setup: cruiser. 13.2mm mg on high tier destroyer? Yeah right. etc.
  10. Sparviero

    ST, British event arc and Lunar New Year

    It was a great relief that they kept it simple and from the general response most felt this way.
  11. Sparviero

    Impressions of RN CA's

    This is concerning. I prefer the old game model where you made your money derping in mid tiers with whatever midtier ship clicked with you. Now it seems like shiplines are made to be freexp sinks. Having a tier X now be a reward for slogging through instead of a culmination of a grind. Venezia is such a stark change with the near all angles functional SAP shells that don't require a trig check to verify they will work.
  12. Sparviero

    WG ignores botters and TKers

    Lesta goes to pains to proclaim their research prowess. Which would find that France and Italy had the same experience as everyone else. First generation treaty ships were too little. This becomes an egregious mistake on Lesta’s part where they inexplicably hit the reset button on the Regia Marina design philosophy after Zara. British battleships at least get compensated with reduced citadels(since balanced) and enhanced heals, except Vanguard, for being penalized by a game dynamic that rewards void areas and turtlebacks. With Abruzzi, Roma and the tech tree cruisers game dynamics causing poor citadel protection becomes a feature. Roma actually having its citadel area increased and weakened for balance. So no the blame lies on Lesta. Look no further than Venezia. A ship solely created to conserve the big cruiser for coal/steel while all other ships in the tech tree were crushed down a tier to justify gimmicks. The Italian line suffers both for the sins of gimmicks and easy re-use as a premium. As seen with Gorizia and the eventual big cruisers.
  13. Continue the dumpster fire. Saved ~$400USD this winter season.
  14. Sparviero

    Italian Premium ships to come?

    A theoretical modernized version could fit at tier VII with a 381/45 rifle that was proposed. Otherwise it is destined for a one off premium. The 1919 Modification program would be interesting. Due to the advanced state of construction the topside armor revision would be more meta friendly. Given the glacial 700m/s initial velocity for the 381/40 it should be highly accurate. A faster OP QE for rainbow gun experts and a port queen for the rest of us. Id save coal/steel for Paolo Emilio. If Leone is made a special resource ship that would be an atrocity.