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  1. Sparviero

    The British Burn, UK DD nerf

    Today’s necro and I was out and about.
  2. Sparviero

    Lessons from Coops

    Is it just me or are some posts missing from this thread?
  3. Sparviero

    Lessons from Coops

    You have to be careful with this approach. It is starting to become common for some of the team to just hang back in the hopes others get focus fired.
  4. Sparviero

    Haida Shows a Unhealthy Trend in Game Design

    And today's necro of the day.
  5. I'm just waiting to the 15th to see if the glorious VMF Slightly Larger Cruisers presented by Lesta Balans Corporation™ will finally be announced.
  6. Sparviero

    My impressions of Tier 6 Italian DD Leone

    Yes one of the KM ships was dropped so there is hope. We will have to wait and see how the CC videos create drama. WG is probably banking on all the RM fans doing their obligation? Roma has two big issues. Engagement range really needs to be 10-14km to get the shells to detonate properly. The stealth build encourages getting up close where the vertical dispersion becomes extremely exaggerated. I believe everyone has the 5km broadside battleship that is completely missed story?
  7. Sparviero

    My impressions of Tier 6 Italian DD Leone

    WG could fix half the issues with Cesare simply by admitting the HE shell stats are, if not from Dunkerque, just a bit generous. I'm half expecting part of the balancing to be the higher velocity 850mps of later mounts and some wierd TRB gimmick. Or maybe return the triple 450mm torpedoes with a 0.2km visibility.
  8. Sparviero

    My impressions of Tier 6 Italian DD Leone

    As Phoenix pointed out the batteries are not on raised pedestals. So the firing angles are limited. Low RoF/traverse. Only 2 x 2torpedo tubes with slow speed, low alpha and low detectability. 60 second reload. Low smoke duration so you can’t just camp in a smoke bank and try poor man’s dakka dakka. Nominal speed. Unless the ship gets an insane rudder shift, which doesn’t make sense, with RN frictionless turn technology it will be a problematic ship. The rifles are going to have some insane rainbow arcs. Sadly the best attack profile is to entice someone to chase you while you drop fish and try to keep three batteries unmasked.
  9. Sparviero

    This banner at the top of the main forum page amuses me

    Honestly this. I’ve been slightly better this year on the premium front however I did pick up every premium I wanted.
  10. Sparviero

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Aren't 10 point captains a dime a dozen at this point? I have a hard time giving them such a high valuation.
  11. Yeah I did the 12 containers and got a Tirpitz B. Which I love my secondary lulz in co-op so all good for me. Then just testing out karma koin I was bad and got another six containers with no ships. It was all good for me as I got a nice haul of premium time. Which is more beneficial just not as shiny.
  12. I hope I can stay strong and just hand out gifts from now on. I will probably do another mega crate batch at the end though I will mark it against my overtime requirements. Nothing makes me not want to spend money like staying late at work.