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  1. DEV Blog: New Clan base Building

    TL:DR version after dealing with British colleagues post war the Italians objected to how material was used and/or ignored to promote the British view point and no longer participated in reindeer games. The archival system is supposedly something that would make the Byzantines proud. There are still very political views held in how material should be shared and interpreted. Not to mention some of what WG would want are more likely to be in corporate or private archives. Which after so many mergers...hahah...yeah good luck. Things may have changed however there are models of several battlcruiser projects and a carrier in museums without anyone having found detailed studies of the projects to this point. I'd be happy to be proved wrong.
  2. DEV Blog: New Clan base Building

    WG warned that there standard approach to "research" was not going to work a hundred times over yet WG was disappointed that they where not able to get the results desired. News at 11.
  3. Khab...

    Esploratori Oceanici was the term used. Basically really large destroyer for going outside the Med. Post war they where just destroyers. Well suuuuuper destroyers. But yeah for game purposes without the blessings of stalinium probably won't be a good destroyer and probably better lost in the tier V premium cruiser bin I fear.
  4. After trying Martel and Saint-Louis one game each my initial reaction is
  5. Is the Roma worth it?

    Heh my main commander is the brother of yours, Ettore. I wish someone had sent WG a memo that not all Italian last names end in a vowel. Your English is fine.
  6. Is the Roma worth it?

    With Demolition Expert as well as India X-Ray and Victor Lima flags the 90/50 gets 8% fire chance. With Mike Yankee Soxisix and secondary module you are at a whopping 6.3km range. I'm not sure if AFT will take you out to ~7 or 7.5km as I'm not sure how the multiplier is added. I don't have an Italian captain with AFT for obvious reasons. Always up to be corrected if I got anything wrong.
  7. Is the Roma worth it?

    The Roma's secondaries have the potential to be decent. However between the traverse and fire rate the 152/55 can only really hurt a broadside cruiser and if a cruiser is broadside at 5km they are only doing one thing. Which means trading a couple k of damage for a yolokill is a pretty good trade off. The 90/50 are only a danger to destroyers and even then that is more a theoretical than practical statement. Just derping around with a manual secondary/bft captain and equipped with the secondary module in the training room. I forgot to screenshot the training session with just destroyers. It didn't last as long as I thought because I had set the destroyers to move and while they may not shoot they will still run into you if you put too many in the scenario. Against three TVIII cruisers over 200 90/50 rounds resulted in 858 points of damage and six fires. If the 152/55 had an extended range it might be a danger. However between low rate of fire, limited arcs, sigma and short range I don't understand why anyone would worry about it. The 90/50 is basically dependent on some strong rosary action to have the intercession of fires activate.
  8. Roma Needs Some Love

    Don't forget about games played. Big Mamie should blow past Roma in little time at all on NA and seems on pace on EU as well, however that may peter out after the bonus missions are used up. Kii/Gascone/Roma form the triad of unloved derpy main rifles and the games played showcases this. Tirpitz didn't want to make it a quartet for some reason. I'm fine with derpy rifles, it is getting close in and still having them act derpy that irritates me. At least let me have my overpens. Any buffs, per se, would definitely have to be balanced out with other concessions. Losing some visibility for Japanese dispersion would be nice. That still means massive vertical dispersion, just a tighter group and Japanese dispersion suffers at close range so still that little bit of fun and engaging to be had. TDS defense for rudder shift as well is something I would trade. Let's not forget the ship has an absolutely massive citadel in compensation for the ability to angle tank. Although you are going to lose turret II eventually if you sit nose in long enough. All in good humor, cheers.
  9. I just wanted coal and the torpedo waxing guy used PPT for today, I thought I was safe? At least I can get some monies from the camos.
  10. Roma Needs Some Love

    It's still a premium ship and given the odds that most games you are going to at least do 50+% damage on at least one ship still does well economically. Example this is running pi day/dragon 333% and the 5 economic flags. ~25k commander XP instead of a crazy xp total. https://imgur.com/a/thMFLaJ However when you run into those ugly, ugly losing streaks. I run the fire prevention build and if I'm just facing HE spam it can all be healed back and I can print dreadnought/fire proof medals. Unfortunately people have gotten smart and just yolo to your flanks as long as they are smart enough to avoid getting close enough for your rounds to stay true: As far as getting citadels. First of all thanks to the generous citadel placement for most nations to get a reliable citadel you actually have to be at a distance. Once you get danger close you are actually at a detriment to yourself. The only thing that might help is leaving binocular view and aiming as low as possible. I've been lead to believe that the rifles will actually depress a little further once no longer in an enhanced FoV. This may only be subjective however I was rather giddy after getting cits on a Cleveland that was close enough to read their Sunday comics.
  11. Roma Needs Some Love

    I thought Roma was in the tech tree for doubloons so you don't have to cash out that much if you already have doubloons stockpiled.
  12. Roma Needs Some Love

    Isn't available for doubloons in the tech tree now? Just imagine every time a salvo manages to entirely miss a target you can say
  13. Italian DD

    Oh sweet summer child we are talking about Italy. It will be Navigatori class hopelessly uptiered. Since it was essentially the Italian version of a destroyer leader, classed as esploratore for a time, it will get concealment of 8km after captain skils and camo are applied if we are lucky. It will also have 3 x 2 120/50 batteries with terrible arcs and floaty boys for shells. And to be historically accurate it will be the first ship to have torpedo launchers with mixed caliber with 2 533mm and 1 450mm torpedoes. And you thought the 533mm was anemic. I'm fairly sure the 120/50 will make your USN 127mm floaty boyz look sniperish no doubt. Becoming superfloaty past 5km despite the initial speed velocity because Italian tax. Gun Model Source caliber(mm) AP shell mass(kg) AP muzzle velocity(m/s) Penetration at 0 m(mm) Damage(AP) Rounded HE shell mass(kg) Bursting charge(HE) Damage(HE) Rounded fire chance 120/50 1926 NavWeaps info 120 23,15 920 253,7479914 2193,857719 2200 23,15 1,63 1599,966778 1600 6,383722001 And instead of choosing another ship such as Da Recco which survived the war and shot down several British bombers in one engagement We will get Tarigo to celebrate the British success because reasons. Although Tarigo did get an "It's only a flesh wound" award for sinking Mohawk who's hulk would prove a boon for Italian forces in at least two engagements. A reason ships sunk next to islands should only partially submerge in game. edit: To answer @Atanix Not for at least 6 months. No ship has been announced in dev as of yet. I would make the uneducated guess of not expecting an Italian destroyer before fall of 2019 if you wish to avoid disappointment and possibly be pleasantly surprised if one is announced sooner.