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  1. Sparviero

    ST, Gamescom announcements

    Because history? The area in question had a more mixed ethnic grouping. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Schleswig_War
  2. Sparviero

    ST, Gamescom announcements

    If WG could roll out several more tier V-VIII operations that would be pretty sweet.
  3. Sparviero

    ST, Poltava & Puerto Rico

    You might want to recharge your Google fu and recalibrate your jump to conclusions.
  4. Sparviero

    ST, Poltava & Puerto Rico

    Stealing from Xero_snake because well he nailed the line except for the V(?). This seems like such a weird ship. One piece I find is that this was a real chonker planned at 48k tons with only IX 356mm rifles?!? I realize WG is justifying this chonker with a diet however it seems...suspect? A UP.41 with Soviet 180mm meme secondaries and Roma-esque can't hit your own face terribad dispersion/sigma 406mm would be better? It just seems like Poltava is going to get some last minute Balans™ change/downtier that burns the forums.
  5. Sparviero

    ST, Gamescom announcements

  6. Sparviero

    ST, Gamescom announcements

    Ask the Germans why they had a coastal defense ship named Odin.
  7. Sparviero

    Is Aslains website down??

    It's a default in WoT I think so kind of odd. Which mod bounces the captain back? And pretty normal for there to be 4+ variations as mods are made compatible.
  8. Sparviero

    Is Aslains website down??

    Not working atm.
  9. Sparviero

    Sabaton live!

    No copyright claim yet?
  10. Sparviero

    Sabaton live!

    He did show off his six pack.
  11. Very classy using dehumanizing war propaganda to denigrate dead sailors.
  12. Sparviero

    Sabaton live!

    Be careful or your threads will get merged into random threads.
  13. Historynerd already got me saddled with Chioggia. I'm not going to challenge WG to do worse. Either way it is royal navy.