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  1. Sparviero

    Italian battleships

    It's one thing to make a dead pan joke with people who know the subject. Another with people such as this community who follow Lesta's slop willingly. Feel the moral superiority if you must. I don't care.
  2. Sparviero

    Italian battleships

    That description would be the understatement of the millennium. Basically the genesis of the modern Italian language and ember of the notional Italian state. So to say his name was chosen as that of a poet versus his role in the create of the Italian nation-state would be amazingly misleading at best. But why history?
  3. Sparviero

    The new ship announcement is infuriating

    Lesta had limited time to go through the information. Saint Louis was based on a sketch. Kleber doesn’t follow the French plan for an improved 130mm turret and adds torpedoes. While the talk of amazing access gives the air of authenticity it is still Lesta is gonna Lesta.
  4. Sparviero

    ST 0.9.11, changes to Italian Battleships

    WG: We know that the Regia Marina 40k project would have had heavy armor since our high tier battleships share a similar genesis however we are going to subvert expectations and give the ship not only a nonsensical name, despite having a historical list at our disposal, but also give it battle cruiser type armor for reasons. I mean if the goal was to make ships the Regia Marina would have never built Lesta has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.
  5. Sparviero

    Armchair Admirals: Raid on Taranto

    Yeah that would be a big negative. The British fleet disengaged after coming under fire from Veneto and the Italian fleet followed their orders. Not that I expect this event to be any more than a British propaganda regurgitation given other literature Lesta has put forward on the Italians.
  6. Sparviero

    ST 0.9.10, changes to test ships.

    Paolo Emilio was given a 6 km range Type 93 (~24k damage) Japanese torpedo outfit instead of Italian (~14k damage) and no one blinked an eye. So to your point. Who knows...keep the grappa close.
  7. Sparviero

    ST 0.9.10, changes to test ships.

    The biggest issue is the headache Lesta created for themselves. Most balance and line rules are based off high tiers and here we see both Lepanto and Colombo given probably the most ludicrous secondary arrangement possible. The giant red flags. Additional 152/55 batteries. In an era were the dual purpose battery rules Lesta adds more 152/55 batteries. The outfit of the Littorio class was already overkill for anti-destroyer functions. The 90/50 does not mechanically work both due to Lesta's very conservative interpretations of abilities and game mechanics. Once again there was a better option. Even the Littorio class was built to have these eventually replaced. Stolen from Phoenix. And despite Lesta's best efforts to obfuscate it is not like they are completely blind to the direction Italian AA was heading. The incomplete refit of Cavour could at least lead them in a general direction.
  8. Low tiers should be split off and turned more into a bumper cars/demolition derby. Add a couple of negative tiers bring in a raft of armored cruisers , protected cruisers, pre- dreads from 1890 on for point blank melee fun.
  9. Speaking of Iron Duke if Lesta wasn’t full speed ahead at minimum effort there is a basis for a post war refit for Cavour the same way Iron Duke and others were given such https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/rn-leonardo-da-vinci-rebuilding-plans/ A modest speed boost, different secondary, and slightly different masts. As it is Lesta is passing on actual refit hulls for Cavour, Veneto. Also ignoring developing new art assets for new weapon systems to more accurately equip tier IX and X battleships. Sadly I don’t see how a tier III is making it in.
  10. Concealment. Let me keep my 17km citadels. People getting too close is half the problem with overpens.
  11. I’m sure people are tired of hearing me say it. Yet here we go again. I would hope to see some variation on the VMF battleship sliding accuracy table at close ranges given to the Italian battleships.
  12. At least start off at tier V. I ran the IJN gunboat line twice and that was a slog. I still have three reset lines to get back to tier IX if I want steel? There are some basic numbers for the two 406mm projects. @Phoenix_jz might be so kind as to provide them. The 406/50 will be the probable choice for Polo. edit: the 406/56 has the monster 1350kg shell and the 406/50 should be somewhat better than Soyuz’ rifle. Should be.
  13. That’s interesting considering the real RM design was already heading over 45k when the design work was stopped per Phoenix.
  14. Sparviero

    New ships and Holiday plans

    The only reason that would be the case is if Lesta did try 406mm as tier IX/X and were literally planning on Polo and Colombo as the ship names. Which given they have been given a list of names the Regia Marina considered proper is amazing. Here’s hoping for Dandolo or Morosini if one of those names is not chosen. The dirty Genovse can have Colombo.