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  1. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    The prices for camos from the shop have sky rocketed as well.
  2. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    There are problems with the Abruzzi as much as I want to love the ship. And generally I enjoy bot games. PvP I'm left too concerned about range and angles which reduces efficiency at destroyer hunting due to extreme drag of the shells. The decapping plate arrangement with outer plate and angled inner plate seems to actually enhance damage to the ship. Other insta-delete ships seem to lose HP glacially compared to Abruzzi. Abruzzi feels more comparable to a tier II or III UK CL at taking damage at a glance. The armored strakes that seem to only be in Russian sources allow rounds to fuse that would otherwise overpen. The soft stats for the shells... Boat blocking firing angles of turret III... The solution? Enhanced turret traverse. Something that is required because otherwise good turret traverse is offset by everyone else having turret traverse boosted and now tons of enhanced captains with boost to this. RoF. Another universally pumped stat. Heal system that encourages passive play, at least during recovery phase, for what is supposed to be front line ship. Because when all else fails slap a heal on it? If I was a paranoid sort I would say this ship was rolled out to justify changes in WG's product cycle that will delay the cruiser line for Italy past 2018. Although the Japanese gun destroyer line completion pretty much made that obvious Italian cruisers where at long odds to make it. Russian battleships or Japanese destroyers for Gamescon? Japanese destroyers for Christmas seems the more likely choice.
  3. german H series battleships

    Same country that struggled to build a Tribal copy?
  4. Abruzzi AP is nasty!

    I'd have to disagree on fire starting. Messing around a few games with 9% rate and the fire starting is decent just due to density of shells. The problem is most people are used to hitting R as soon as an Italian ship starts a fire. If you have anyone on your team with half a brain they then fire HE and get the damage. It's a no win situation. Start 6+ fires and get 3k damage. Do that with a Zao and you have 30k+. At this point I can only imagine in a game where you aren't focused this could allow for some decent fire damage. I'm unfamiliar with PT showing less than 3 people aiming at me even with broadside everything in front of me. Having said that it is truly a ship where you are not allowed a single mistake, which is weird for one of these best armored light cruisers in the war. Honestly I'd trade the heal for less drag on the shells. I've given up on proper AP performance. Or a solid belt instead of the current arrangement that allows overpens for any other cruiser to fuse properly. My only guess is the drag is kept as is much like HE radius was toned down, destroyer survival. Ex: This game the Iron duke repped the fire immediately and ate a torpedo. Win/Win for me. I also lucked into the only Kamikaze that stays in its smoke. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  5. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    @Phoenix_jz Russian source > All others. I'm at a loss for the insistence at the sub 10km combat range. Even tossing on a spotting plane seems only useful if finding a target that is camping or unclear on WASD instructions. Since the fancy new Russian ships will leave their boats in port for improved firing angles maybe this can be extended to Abruzzi and Roma? @Radar_X or @Pigeon_of_War would either of you be able to get some answers why the same shells in a more efficient rifle perform worse? Besides the original answer of "Per Russian book this is so!" At this point a little improvement in drag coefficient and not having a boat negate the angle on III turret would be nice QoL improvements.
  6. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    The air drag is what shackles Abruzzi, imoo. However I kind of understand. I mean imagine what would happen if this was a ship with HE rail guns that didn't float at range? Abruzzi vs Myoko with IFHE/DE and second with only DE. Abruzzi IFHE/DE vs North Carolina. HE DE no IFHE
  7. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    I'm fine with Fiji having the backing plate. To your point I did a couple of further videos. One of the complaints I found on the Italian navy was that the 50kg AP round was never modernized for the Abruzzi class. So I'm really at a loss for WG's insistence at the lack of efficiency for AP a tier higher. Does this happen with the repeated Japanese 8" rifles over several tiers? HE in the video is IFHE + DE. As far as the A+ goebels dehumanizing effort by another poster. If I where to be crying over spilled milk this is what I would say. The reality is despite the launch date the Abruzzi class is pretty much fresh off the drawing boards after the 4th series, it is a radical departure as it follows more international trends in machinery at the time. If WG wanted a tier VII Italian light cruiser a more honest approach would have been modernizing the Abruzzi with planned changes in the Ciano class, follow on version of the Abruzzi class where authorized in the naval budgets. Finding drafts for such might be a miracle. Keeping the Abruzzi's modified Pugliese tower instead of the more UK bridge structure as I'm sure the fire director that tall would make pre-nerf Pensacola feel tiny. If that seems wrong let's just remember De Grasse says hello. Or WG could have just gone crazy and done an Abruzzi with 4 x 3 135/45 DP turrets as proposed post war and let Abruzzi join the USN CL's in hill hugging. An Alpino's ship all the way. Once again that time has passed so who cares. This is all about TTK or WG's most famous buzzword. EfficiencyBalansMarked. We already know the source material was a Russian book for the in game model of Abruzzi. I'm not here to fight any battles. WG buffs French and Japanese HE. German AP. British HE. Etc. Italians seem to be about making Russians look good. Budyonny which is an Abruzzi with better 152mm rifles and AA which was a design study from after Abruzzi sits a tier lower. Maybe just maybe since HE properties of Italian shells seem to be this games version of .50BMG vs 20mm Minengeschoss good old WG might call a time out and think about things? Abruzzi needs efficiency at the 10km range not 8km as a person on Reddit suggested.
  8. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    @TheGreatBlasto So out of curiosity my horrible aim made it three salvos. I'm sure the people who actually test this stuff have tons of footage if you want it.
  9. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    That would just be depressing. Roma's dispersion was set at special. I am just waiting for the song and dance that allows similar soviet rifles to have excellent grouping. I mean we already have Italian cruisers tiered over their much younger design counterparts.
  10. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    Another that shows d'Aosta significantly better thanks to a citadel. Abruzzi vs Myoko AP w/Spotter d'Aosta vs Myoko
  11. Abruzzi vs Tanky McTankyFace.

    Not sure why but sure, I guess I hate my life now.
  12. Apologies having some issue with After Effects so gifs will have to wait. d'Aosta AP vs Fiji Abruzzi AP vs Tanky McTankyFace First video attempt had other audio so only screen shot to show this wasn't a freak accident. Not that Abruzzi AP is always this deficient vs d'Aosta. d'Aosta vs New Orleans Abruzzi vs New Orleans Another that shows d'Aosta significantly better thanks to a citadel. Also note ease at which extremities are hit for damage. Abruzzi vs Myoko AP w/Spotter d'Aosta vs Myoko Abruzzi Abruzzi w'spotter d'Aosta