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  1. when the game first released, the first person i invited was my brother, yes yes i know you said friend but i also consider him that too. not much to story about we both enjoy WW2 ships, the game is great when you have someone to battle with and coordinate attacks with makes cross torping easier and fun, also help knock out target much better when focused and using the right match up of ships for the best support. winning or losing the game is great with a friend. the play styles of each ship or different which is great. the ships are sexy.best expiriance was ridding in with my buddies torps slowing down and turning and firing more torps at the enemy good times.Thanks for all the great battles @terral as for a number to pick 32
  2. SakeBreath

    Do Premium ships in game come with Port Slots?

    if you buy your premium ship from the online store it comes with port slot. if you buy a ship with coal or steel it comes with a port slot. ships earned during special events or bought with event credits come with port slots. the only ships that dont come with port slots state no slot during a purchase
  3. SakeBreath

    My Lego Trains

    that is because thats the challenger
  4. SakeBreath

    Terror in the Deep - Always start on same side?

    it is completly random but there are time were you will spawn on the same location. and if you division you might spawn on opposite sides.
  5. SakeBreath


    they all can't be winners. i am happy with my 25k free exps, 2k doubloons, and cammos
  6. SakeBreath

    New operation suggestion: Perl Harbour

    the operation would be more fun if you only used the exact ships that were there.
  7. SakeBreath

    The Username Awards

    I feel Honored to be on the list and thank you for the Compliment
  8. SakeBreath

    103 Years Ago, USS Arizona Was Launched

    happy birthday you sexy beast of a ship.... don't have one myself. she is fun to team with and fight against, nothing like the smell of coal in the morning
  9. SakeBreath

    USS Missouri

    . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Missouri_(BB-11) we should have this one too