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  1. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    yea your comment was pretty constructive. I should take video recording to get proper feedback honestly.
  2. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    What does the USN line stand out for? Like what are its strengths? Seems like I'd prefer the german ships but they weren't out back when I played.
  3. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    Yea thats why I wish we had secondaries to combat the ships fleeing and spamming low caliber HE at you, but 5km range is worthless. Yea yea play german ships...I already went down the US line I can't just change lines every time one gets buffed/nerfed.
  4. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    clever clever, another one with awful stats trying to be funny. Soshi_Sone made an analysis and that person seems to know what they're doing so I guess it is a lack of skill issue. Still, I do wish they tried to increase individual player impact rather than gutting it further like what they're doing with the CVs Chipping away with overpens, HE, normal pens and waiting for 30 sec reloads isn't as fun as aiming well and hitting cits
  5. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    I was pretty clear. Hitting cruisers my tier that's broadsiding with AP where the citadel should be (waterline in the center area underneath turrets etc) and not getting citadels
  6. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    Of course not, but he was trying to be funny with memes trying to make fun of me when he's not even good either.
  7. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    I may be doing it wrong, but your win rate despite all your battles played is 47%...with BBs my winrate is 51%
  8. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    Yea of course. I liked CVs but theyre getting gutted too so it's down to DD and cruisers. Power fantasy is a common idea in all games. It basically means players get to feel powerful in their own way without destroying balance. For example, the power fantasy of a warrior would be being really strong in close combat, but it might be balanced by being easy to kite. In world of warships, the power fantasy of BBs is completely destroying cruisers if you land good hits, but balanced around long reload times and cruisers being good at dodging salvos with their greater speed, at least avoiding the citadel hits. DD's power fantasy is being able to severely damage large ships with good torpedo hits but be really weak versus ships that can dodge their torps, which I think is still the case. Right now, I see cruisers just standing there not even trying to dodge, I hit their citadel spots correctly, but just overpen, get normal pens, and only occasionally get a citadel hit.
  9. Exodium

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    I did say BBs are supposed to be weak vs DDs and CVs... Anyways, you're all mostly replying how I expected. Valid points, but like I said, I am complaining about HITTING cruisers my tier WHERE THE CITADEL is and not scoring citadels for no legitimate reason. Not complaining about DDs, getting blasted by carriers, other BBs.
  10. Other ships dodge your salvos easily and continue pelting you with HE while you spend time reloading. When you do hit, you get a bunch of crap excuses on why you did no damage. Overpen, nopen, pen but no citadel, etc. I literally hit just above the waterline on a cruiser my tier and I don't get citadels? I remember back in the day if you actually hit a good salvo you could easily get devastating strike and wipe out a cruiser. Now, I never see BBs get it, only DDs with torpedoes. Secondary guns are a JOKE too and you get demolished by torps if you get that close to anything. They should have up to ~12km base range with reduced accuracy depending on caliber, not 5 km for all guns. Either that or let us manually shoot secondaries at normal cruiser range the same way cruisers/DDs can switch to torpedoes. So basically: 1. Never get cidatel hits anymore. (exaggeration, but I hit a full salvo where the citadel is and only SOMETIMES I get a citadel, and mostly its crapdamage when I should be getting 2-3 citadels with those hits) 2. Secondaries useless. If you don't want primary guns doing a lot of damage at least give us secondaries. Right now BBs are damage sponges. This isn't an RPG where you have tanks, dps, and support. BBs are meant to be powerful but slow and are meant to be super strong versus cruisers but weak versus dds or extremely weak vs carries depending on secondaries/AA. Now with the CV rework, I heard you guys saying you don't like when players have high impact. wth? You should want EVERYONE to have more impact on the game, not nerf the only class that has the correct level of impact! I know a lot of people are going to instantly defend WG and tell me how great BBs can be in the right hands. Yes, I get it I'm sure it's not as bad as I made it out to be here, but the power fantasy is gone and thus the game isn't worth playing for me. Anyways, you're all mostly replying how I expected. Valid points, but like I said, I am complaining about HITTING cruisers my tier WHERE THE CITADEL is and not scoring citadels for no legitimate reason. I had a game recently with a cruiser at half hp around 5 km away showing his broadside. I thought "this guy is toast", I shoot a full salvo aimed at his citadel and visibly hit the ship correctly, but zero citadels and he keeps pelting the HE and starting fires. Back in 2012 he would have been destroyed right there. Too much RNG against citadels now.