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  1. Bye kako
  2. Hmm where did you go kako? Trying to do a sneak attack on me? *looks around*
  3. hehehe ^_^ *smiles and does a big splash at kako*
  4. Yeah that's true *smiles and splashes kako with water*
  5. Mhmm kako ^_^ you think Nagato might join us?
  6. Sure kako *starts walking to the water*
  7. *i put my towel next to kako's towel and I walk next to kako* same here kako ^_^
  8. Yea sure kako how about right there? *points*
  9. Hehehe okay kako ^_^
  10. Really? but isn't battleship 60 Taihou though?
  11. *follows kako* say kako which kantai collection kanmusu could you see me as anyway?
  12. Hehehe ok I guess we could do that kako ^_^
  13. *blushes a bit* hehe thanks pilot and kako.. ^_^ so what's the plan?
  14. Heheh thanks kako ^_^
  15. *come back wearing a 2 piece dark green swimsuit and a towel around my neck* alright I'm back kako and pilot....