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  1. Hangout by the Sea

  2. Warships gets its own anime?!

    I'm actually curious to see what it's like when it's finished
  3. Hangout by the Sea

  4. Battlefleet Gothic Armada II

    Holy emperor of mankind and was that a hive ship at the end?
  5. Hangout by the Sea

  6. Hangout by the Sea

  7. Meteor Over Michigan

    Yeah happened around 9 or 10 PM EST....
  8. Meteor Over Michigan

    Whoa! was wondering what that boom sound was... Literally shaked my whole house... No damage has been reported though my guess is it must went over the Great Lakes It must have been a big one too people are saying it could be heard all across the state....
  9. Favorite warships/Dream fleet

    Hmm are modern ships allowed by any chance?
  10. Forum Members Represented as Cartoons

    Me? Well it's gonna be Azur Lane enterprise...
  11. Hangout by the Sea

    A total war set in Ancient China? That looks sweet
  12. Hangout by the Sea

    Huh? Dynasty warriors 9 is coming to Xbox one? Good lord I'm losing track of all the new games that are coming to Xbox one
  13. Hangout by the Sea

  14. Hangout by the Sea

    It's been really quiet here.... Also just got home from Orlando Florida and already it's freezing cold here
  15. Hangout by the Sea