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  1. Maybe WG made it wider so it takes more damage from BB and CA AP shells. Either that, or they just used bad data.
  2. The fact that that division only swung the team win percentage up to 53% suggests that they had a WORSE supporting team than their opponents. I do not know what you can complain about - better players win more games, and any accurate "MM Monitor/XVM" system would need to reflect that.
  3. I know of at least 2 of the top 10 clans on NA who decided to all join the Sharks in order to ensure they won, and I assume all (or most) of the others did the same. They can tip the balance on their own, especially considering they all have win rates in the 60-80% range when divisioned (which they usually are).
  4. OWSF was the single worst mechanic which has ever existed in WOWS. There is no situation where a ship should be able to both spot AND fire at an enemy without being subject to retaliation. ALL forms of smoke firing block your spotting of the target, with the exception of a few ships (Belfast, Black) which are obviously broken (and in the former case so badly broken that it was removed from the store). Any kind of island cover also blocks your spotting. Basically, if you are stealth firing, you need a teammate to spot the target for you. Giving ANY ships OWSF would break them. Tier 8+ IJN DDs have plenty of gun DPS, and being able to just drive around at 9.5km farming any BB or CA/CL except for ones with 11.7km radar would basically be giving them an "I Win" button in any situation where the enemy does not have a surviving ship with concealment shorter than the stealth firing range. OWSF was removed for a reason.
  5. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    The top clans on NA all decided to go on one team to stack the deck, and apparently that was the sharks.
  6. In my case that's true lol.
  7. There are a LOT of situations where you can smoke fire as a T8+ DD. There are also a lot of situations where you can fire outside of smoke. There are other situations where you shouldn't be firing. The HE pen buff will open up more of the former and increase your threat while doing so. Also, if a radar cruiser tries to chase you, the HE pen will let you deal as much damage back to him as he does to you. A Cleveland will hesitate to get in radar range of an Akizuki when it takes full HE pens from return fire, while having less effective DPS due to the target size and shell arcs.
  8. If IFHE lets you pen the following armor thresholds, it is mandatory regardless of what you are driving: 1. 32mm 2. 32mm 3. 32mm 4. 32mm 5. 32mm ... ... 73. 25mm (If under tier 7)
  9. If you know how to aim it won't be an issue - especially versus Battleships and slower CAs. The point is that you now deal significant HE damage to ships which before would shrug most of it off, with very little loss in close-range capability.
  10. 20mm would be more balanced - 25/33mm makes every other DD except the RU railguns obsolete with respect to damaging CAs and BBs.
  11. Yeah this is broken. Akizuki with Ifhe and 1/4 pen can basically win a DPs fight with half the cruisers it runs into, and just smoke and wreck any Bb. Screw concealment, aft, Ifhe, death to anything inside 14 km.
  12. The bravo squads should probably be in a separate MM pool if there are enough of them.
  13. With thousands of players playing thousands of games, it is inevitable that somebody somewhere will at some point lose more than 12 games in a row. You are just unlucky.
  14. That is not what happens - there is a significant range of energy values where various forms of partial armor penetration occur, including the shell being stopped but the armor perforated, shell splinters making it through, various fractions of the shell's mass penetrating, and then to complete penetration. Generally, a penetration occurs when the shell makes it through intact enough to detonate properly, but not so lightly resisted that it fails to arm (overpenetration).
  15. My ideal setup would be simply changing the ricochet angles based on the caliber/armor ratio. At 14.3 the angle would be zero, at ~10 perhaps 10 degrees, ~5 20 degrees, ~2 30 degrees and at or under 1 the normal 45 degrees. The HP of bow and stern sections might need to be reduced a bit, but it would probably help with the static BB meta at least.