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  1. The gun range is most important for ships with low-trajectory shells like the Russian and German CA/CLs - they can't really shoot over islands as easily. The Cleveland will not be badly affected by the shorter gun range as it is intended to be more of a utility cruiser - it is not supposed to kite-engage battleships, instead to support destroyers, provide AA cover and area denial from hard cover.
  2. I would take a look at anything outside the 49-51% bracket assuming the games played is >100K. Statistically something is going on, even though it could be selection bias or some other factor apart from the ship itself. The key is to use all the data to figure out what it is. Ideally all ships would be balanced across all skill levels, but this may not be possible given the core game design. However, ships like the Belfast are definately broken, and while not OP in the traditional sense ships like the Conqueror and Asashio are not good for overall gameplay. There is a lot under the surface which is hard to find given the data available.
  3. Sync drop in ranked

    How? Things like feeding, etc would be pretty easily picked up in a replay so I consider them unlikely to be widely performed.
  4. Sync drop in ranked

    There is really not much of an advantage to doing this, as statistically you will end up on opposite teams more often than you are together.
  5. EXP is based mainly on damage. With the coefficients in place and the 7v7 meta, HE cruisers are the most reliable way to "save a star", especially if you can get a few big AP or torpedo volleys after the game is lost (think Hipper or Hindenburg YOLO vs a BB). If you are skilled you will win more over time using proper gameplay, but if you are near your skill ceiling you might be tempted to try and farm. It might get you a little further, but not much.
  6. Notser: Tips For Ranked

    HE-Spam Cruisers (Hindenburg, Henri, Zao) are the best at getting inflated exp totals due to fire damage against the 3 or 4 BBs you usually see floating around. They don't contribute as much as it looks like, since most of their damage is healed back, applied over time and rarely focused on a single target. Utility Cruisers (DM, Moskva, Minotaur) are better at winning games due to their ability to radar, drop smoke, etc. and therefore contest capture points and swing the early-mid game DD battles. The DDs have trouble getting a lot of exp since their role is often passive - holding a cap, screening or otherwise exerting map control. They rarely get big torpedo volleys (since BBs are usually screened or too far back) and in knife-fights often act more as spotters for the cruisers to deal damage before they can accumulate any large numbers. BBs are hit or miss (literally) - if one deletes a couple cruisers or gets a big hit on another BB you end up with a lot of exp, but otherwise you are often there more to suppress movement and act as large-scale area denial, preventing cruisers from attacking your DDs and keeping enemy BBs angled and therefore mobility-limited. It is a rather annoying style of gameplay, especially with the lack of comms compared to normal CW play. Also, when a CV is in play the game is basically determined by their relative ability, especially if MM randomly gives only one team the Mino/DM with AA spec and the other gets a Zao and Moskva running hydro.
  7. Going A-B on Hotspot was your first mistake. I can not remember the last time I have seen that work against a non-potato team.
  8. A Discussion About Mods

    If the game is so much easier with the mods, why don't people using them dominate? It seems to me that you are just upset because you have hit a skill wall at a level which most competitive players would not be satisfied with.
  9. Ranked Player Balance

    The solution is to become skilled enough that the other team is afraid to see YOU. Things like clan dropping are random, and will balance out over time. If 4 MIA players queue at the same time they are more likely to be some combination of 3v1 or 2v2 than to get lucky and be on one team.
  10. Asashio torps on tier 10 Cruisers

    Tier X cruisers as a whole do not need any buffs. A couple might need balance tweaks (especially once the new USN CLs come out and they change BB shell arming) but as a class they are easily capable of contributing as much or more as any BB or DD can. This is PEBKAC, plain and simple.
  11. I am not sure exactly how to obtain the data, but I strongly suspect that the Asashio's win rate is a fair bit lower than other recently released premium ships had at this point of their life cycle. Besides that, I can count on one hand how many Asashio players I have seen who have any clue about how to use the thing. When you have 5.4km concealment (or whatever it is, I know it beats almost everything else it sees) you NEED to be up front, contesting caps and screening your team. You trade off the ability to torp smoke clouds (plus the odd random area-denial DD kill) for the ability to completely blunt almost any BB push, or to "snipe" camping BBs in the second line. The inability to hit cruisers makes it objectively worse overall than the Kagero - you NEED this ability to counter smoke-fire and to deny standard set-up locations for radar cruisers. You can still influence games with it, but most of the time you just get worthless damage from random torpedo hits.
  12. You did less than 50% to an Akizuki who averages 32k/game - not exactly a representative sample of gunboat combat.
  13. The concealment range on the ships goes to 2 decimal places, so you might be outspotted very slightly. Also, in a lot of cases it takes a couple seconds to render a ship even when you both spot each other, making it seem like you have a detection disadvantage when in reality it is either server/client communication delay or some other random bug. When I contest a cap I usually slow down and am set up perpendicular to likely DD approach lanes, so as soon as something shows up I can accelerate and kite away. If I have enough time, I set it up so that I am already facing away from the approach direction. You spot each other, they often smoke up, you dump torps into their smoke and then once they lose spotting you can re-position while they are stuck blind and pinned. Even in a Fletcher I very rarely intend to brawl in a cap early game - there are just too many shells flying around. Your role is to prevent them from taking the cap (if possible) but mainly to screen your team behind you. Bait them into overextending, don't trap yourself.
  14. MM & New premiums Ships

    WG can't even get the random MatchMaker working properly - if they tried something like this you would probably get a general server crash.