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  1. MaxL_1023

    Cost of Ohio!

    My main account (NA) has something like 15 or 20 tier 10s (everything except for the Kremlin and the Kleber) so why wouldn't I reset a couple lines that I enjoyed moving up? It isn't like you need to do anything fast. Just pick the line where you liked the 9 and didn't feel too keen on the T10.
  2. MaxL_1023

    French DD bait and switch

    Yeah they were always supposed to expire today - it is possible there is a UI bug where they still show up specifically for today.
  3. Manual Secondaries is good for hitting DDs and CLs who are trying to pull shenanigans - against BBs it has a smaller effect (although still noticeable). Your secondaries are most useful for setting fires against BBs - besides the damage, you strain their DCP and make them more likely to be perma-fired or flooded by your teammates. It is more of a support tool than direct damage.
  4. QE has a citadel which is underwater and internal - you usually need to be at an angle or at long range to hit it. It isn't like the KGV or Yamato where the citadel is the external armor belt.
  5. MaxL_1023

    ST, Poltava & Puerto Rico

    Supercruisers don't eclipse high-tier cruisers. To be honest they don't eclipse much of anything. They just offer a different playstyle and a somewhat different set of strengths and weaknesses. The PR will crush broadside cruisers and be somewhat better against Destroyers than a Battleship, however it will lose (and lose BADLY) to a DM (let alone a Salem) in a DPS fight and is considerably less effective than a DM or Wooster against Destroyers. It is somewhat tankier against BB fire, but it is still nowhere near enough to go toe to toe with a Montana.
  6. It would be interesting to see just how often "upsets" occur in CW - probably more often than in NCAA Basketball (lol).
  7. Technically, that would shift everyone to a higher clan ranking. The question is whether or not the true statistical relationship between clan skill and relative win rates matches the reward ratios. I don't think anyone has actually done the analysis, or if the data required is even obtainable.
  8. MaxL_1023

    Georgia Build Feedback

    Use superintendant - the extra heal means more than the fire duration defuff, especially if you are taking any direct HE or AP damage (which you are). If you are going to hybrid between secondaries and survivability, drop CE for fire prevention. FP has a significantly bigger impact on survivability than BoS does, as it is effectively a -25% to your amount of fires taken (assuming random shell hits), not including the flat -10% fire resistance. I would run either the following hybrid build: 1 Point: Priority Target and Preventative Maintenance 2 Points: Expert Marksman (If you use MBM3) or Adrenaline Rush (if you use the dispersion mod) 3 Points: Superintendent 4 Points: Fire Prevention AFT Manual Secondaries The other option is a standard tank build - just pretend you are a Yamato. PT AR EM SI BoS CE FP
  9. I guess the issue is that there are a lot of clans which have too few games for their ranking to reach their "true" skill level. Clans which would eventually make Hurricane are still in Storm or Typhoon III (for example), meaning that the game algorithm thinks that O7 should stomp them (and get few points) while in reality they are only (for example) 2:3 underdogs (as they would eventually also reach Hurricane, they just haven't played enough). Maybe for the first few weeks of clan battles the algorithm should have some weight towards the previous season's results - perhaps a 50-battle moving average which carries across seasons.
  10. MaxL_1023

    ST, Poltava & Puerto Rico

    The PR should have 30mm center-section plating like the Yoshino and the Alaska's 36mm deck armor - it would basically play like the love-child of a Buffalo and Montana.
  11. A Tier 7 California would need 2.0 sigma to be competitive - it is basically a Colorado (their hull is almost identical) but without overmatch, which is critical at tier 7 due to the large number of 25mm plated BBs and CA's which that tier sees. Why would anyone play a Tier 7 BB with 14-inch guns that goes 20.5 knots, has a range shorter then some CA's it runs into and poor gunnery to boot. At least the KGV has significantly stronger HE shells and the Lyon is faster/tankier due to the armor scheme. California as presented will be the worst tier 7 BB by a mile.
  12. The biggest issue with MM monitor data is sample size. When some players have under 10 games in the ship and most have under 100 their win rate has big error bars on it. It is good at identifying elite players or bots but the rest is a coin flip.
  13. MaxL_1023

    50k Base XP in 3 days...

    To be fair, these ARE the epic camos. Each one is worth 2 or 3 of the normal "special" camos if you are grinding something specific. 45 games in 3 days isn't THAT crazy considering it is a weekend, and I suspect the best players can get it a bit faster.
  14. MaxL_1023

    50k Base XP in 3 days...

    It's all ado about nothing - just play normally and if you get it, you get it. It is perfectly fair to reward high volume players.
  15. MaxL_1023

    ST, changes to Siegfried & Colbert

    They need to give the Siegfried a 20 second reload - then it would be fine. It would then have only slightly less DPM than Alaska et al., but with the superior penetration and overmatch to compensate. It SHOULD be ineffective against destroyers in exchange for being stronger against BBs and angled CA/CL. Instead, they try and make a secondary-spec cruiser which will lose a DPM war to a Destroyer shooting AP (Full pens on the upper belt all day every day).