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  1. MaxL_1023

    ST 0.10.9, NEW SHIPS

    Or just use a lion hull with quad 356mm turrets instead of triple 406/419mm at tier 8. Make up some excuse about the escalator clause of the second London naval treaty not allowing 16 inch guns but yes to 45000 tons.
  2. MaxL_1023

    Question about the Dutch ships

    That isn't a problem - you are whaling to get the ship early. It is completely clear that these are tech tree ships but if you really want Mr. Johan that badly WG will happily take your dubloons.
  3. That makes no sense - you have all the rewards from silver once you hit rank 1 so you just don't play the qualifier. Nobody throws games to avoid getting to gold. You also get more doubloons and camos in gold league so there is an incentive to move up. Also there is nothing wrong with the merc system - why would a hurricane clan want to play with a merc that is inexperienced at that level? Most good clans would rather not play at all than play effectively one player down. Just merc for a clan matching your skill level, then you can learn and grow with them and play Hurricane once you are good enough to hold a spot.
  4. Just get your 26 wins in gold league for all the rewards then gtfo.
  5. MaxL_1023

    Missouri is just a normal T9 for new owners

    Why would anyone play Missouri when they could play Georgia?
  6. MaxL_1023

    ST 0.10.7, New Test Ships

    The KM CB Line is going to be completely useless - short range ships with 27mm plating means that everything will just overmatch them to death even if they have icebreakers. Not to mention the low DPM and horrific sigma. The Incomparable makes no sense whatsoever - 13.5km base concealment basically means the thing will out-spot most cruisers.
  7. MaxL_1023

    There 100% are cheaters, and more of them than you think

    My Alaska on EU averages 15% more damage per game than your "cheater" manages and I guarantee I am not using any cheat mods.
  8. It would help a lot if we had reliable information on what WG does to shells that hit the water.
  9. MaxL_1023

    ZF-6, AP vs HE

    For ZF-6 I would almost always use HE in a DD brawl, as any DD skilled enough to threaten you will angle against your AP anyways. For the 150mm guns it depends on which DD you are up against and if they are angling - since a lot of DD players will give you about 30 degrees to use all their guns you can get full pens with the 150mm guns, especially against Gearing, the other Higher-Tier Germans and the Khab. Remember as well that even though the shell can arm it might still overpen - the shells on F. Schultz and Elbing are more than fast enough to overpen each other at close range when flat broadside, but give a slight angle and you get easy full pens.
  10. MaxL_1023

    A dedicated Battle Cruiser line

    The biggest issue is that most of them would be lower tier, as by the late 1930s the battlecruiser tended to evolve into fast battleships.
  11. FFS WG - give it 26mm plating like literally everything else and the same shells as Hood. It is literally a Hood with one less turret and less HP in exchange for being a tier lower. Either that, or make it a tier 9 large cruiser with an AA rebuild and CB dispersion, as it is basically a Siegfried.
  12. 1. No more than one of each ship. 2. No CVs Problem solved.
  13. MaxL_1023

    Community Tokens, new currency for 0.10.5

    The only thing I want to see re-added is the ability to buy containers for you and a shipmate - they preserved everything else.
  14. The issue with the FDR isn't really how good it is at winning games - its difficulty in engaging destroyers is the kind of weakness which heavily handicaps it in this area. The issue is the 360 noscope torpedo drops and the dive bombers being a tactical nuke - it is by far the strongest CV against an isolated battleship or heavy cruiser and can handle much more AA cover than the Hakuryu can, which is its nearest rival in terms of single-ship striking power since WG neutered the MVR's bomb accuracy.
  15. MaxL_1023

    This has to stop

    The only solution to this "problem" is to get good enough that everyone on the other team is angry that you aren't on theirs.