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  1. MaxL_1023

    German BBs Diasappearing

    They have 2 issues: 1. You need a lot of captain points to get the most out of their nation gimmick (secondaries) - at minimum 14 for AFT and Manual Secondaries, 18 if you got fire prevention first (which you also need). 2. The Bismarck, FDG and GK are all outclassed as "general" battleships without said secondary build. There is no point in bringing a GK over a Montana unless you plan to abuse secondaries, same with FDG vs Iowa or Alsace, and Bismarck vs NC or Amagi. The Bismarck also suffers from small gun syndrome, being easily tanked by anything with 27mm plating. I think they need to somehow take less damage from AP hits to the superstructure and the FDG and GK need a buff to their firing angles to be the same as the Bismarcks (35 degrees for both turrets in both directions).
  2. The problem isn't so much CVs as a whole, as it is how many random exploitable glitches keep showing up which let a skilled player break a mechanic. Things like the slingshot drop, partial squads and the original F-spam technique were all likely unintended and not balanced around. It would be like a DD player being able to negate damage from an incoming BB salvo by firing off a set of torpedoes.
  3. MaxL_1023

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    I am not sure if the smoke firing detection applies in both directions, but when you are inside of smoke you can be spotted by another ship if they are either within 2 (or 3km), use radar/hydro, or you shoot and they are within your ship-specific smoke firing concealment. When you are inside of smoke you will not spot anything unless you use radar/hydro, they are within 2 (or 3km), or possibly if THEY fire their guns and are within THEIR ship-specific smoke firing distance. Generally, in a DD you will basically never need to worry about smoke firing, in a CL maybe 6-8km, a CA 7-10km AFAIK and BBs are lit from space.
  4. MaxL_1023

    Gauging interest in South Dakota 1920 class

    I would certainly try it if it was released, although I think it would fit best as a tier 8 with 1.5 sigma (same as New Mexico) and the original 23 knot speed limitation (firing the Colorado's shells). Basically, a NC with one extra turret in exchange for 4 knots of speed, worse AA and poorer gun handling. Think a supersized New Mexico as opposed to a slower Montana.
  5. They might be over-tuning the Georgia a bit now - the reload buff gives it more than 90% of the Iowa's DPS and now with the repair party and secondaries you end up with effectively the best of both worlds. A Tier 9 Massachusetts without the poor main battery accuracy on a tier 9 hull seems a little much.
  6. Radar has been nerfed significantly recently and is not that difficult to avoid. Most high tier destroyers can launch torpedo volleys from outside of radar range, ALL cruisers are spotted from outside their radar range, and the 6 second detection window will give you enough time to kite away assuming you didn't make a mistake and directly approach the radar source head on. Without radar destroyers would dominate every non-CV game. It is a mechanic in place to give cruisers a niche besides trying to spam HE from maximum range. Just because you made a few positioning mistakes in your new Fletcher isn't an excuse to cry about mechanics. You have not even gotten to tier 10 yet.
  7. MaxL_1023

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    It is true that the 457mm guns are currently considered a poor choice. Honestly, I would change the overmatch formula to make 457mm guns overmatch 32mm plating.
  8. MaxL_1023

    Battle Density of Players

    I don't see how the CV rework could be that big of a deal for non-CV mains. Looking at damage, kills, spotting, etc since before 8.0, the match influence of a CV has declined significantly. Sure they are more common, but apart from a logjam near tiers 4 and 6 (due to new CV players testing the rework most likely) nothing major has changed. If people are playing less (which is not even obvious given the data) it is probably either just WOWS naturally ageing or seasonal effects.
  9. I know I got at least ~20 once in a Kitakaze (caught a Neptune full broadside) and have broken 10 in a BB a couple times.
  10. MaxL_1023

    Horrid AP overpen in Myoko...

    For all intents and purposes the Furataka through Ibuki have the same AP shells - it is most likely just bad luck/user bias. At extreme close range some cruisers might be citadel-overpenetrated due to the shells passing through the ship within their fuse delay, but at 8-10km this will basically never happen. I suspect your shells just went high and passed through the 13-16mm plating these ships have which is not thick enough to arm 203mm AP. Myoko mostly uses HE, although if you do get stuck in a brawl it can hit surprisingly hard even against a battleship (if broadside).
  11. MaxL_1023

    My Latest Conspiracy Theory

    The problem is that Russian BBs have a non-linear dispersion curve which completely disrupts their performance at close and medium ranges. The curve they use has a very large effect at low/mid tiers (where engagement ranges are shorter) and creates an exploitable mechanic at all tiers which simply does not exist for other battleships. They are not necessarily overpowered all the time, but difficult to balance due to their unusual performance characteristics. The T10 is a great example of this - at 8-10km it can wreck anything with its dispersion and alpha strike, but since it has an exposed citadel it can also be devstruck at this range while a GK or Republique would just get chunked for 20k.
  12. It is exponentially more effective the lower your base fire chance is, so it is usually a good choice on all gunboat DDs and all CLs which fire HE. It is questionable on CAs - it depends on how much HE vs AP you fire and the base fire chance. I would put it on Zao for sure, maybe Henri IV and Hindenburg, but the Moskva and DM probably are better off with either an AA skill (DM/Salem) or Basics of Survivability (Moskva). It is almost useless on a Battleship - you are better off with Basics of Survivability and Superintendent (you really want BOTH). Note that the fire resistance coefficient is applied regardless, so the relative benefit of DE (or loss from IFHE) is unchanged. If you are doing significant fire damage before hand (which most of the above ships do) then DE will help.
  13. MaxL_1023

    Give Georgia 2-3 front arrangement?

    Yeah devstriking a broadside Zao isn't really much of an achievement.
  14. MaxL_1023

    Midway Play Post 8.2

    I never used that bug against BBs or CAs - I find though that the closer DB drop makes AA destroy them on the way in (Continuous not just flak).
  15. MaxL_1023

    Midway Play Post 8.2

    Hey Guys, I have fallen off a cliff in my Midway since the patch - I can't seem to do much with the dive bombers anymore and the torpedo planes are anemic as always. Did anything change with regard to optimal CV play?