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  1. MaxL_1023

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Guys - 12 randomly selected players will tend to be very closely matched on aggregate with 12 other random players, especially when using account stats, which have much lower variance compared to ship stats. There is nothing unusual going on here - if WG was trying to do skill based MM using win rate as a metric they would be sabotaging their own game.
  2. MaxL_1023

    why does nobody talk about how op the thunderer and georgia are

    It's because average players can't leverage their strengths. The Kremlin lets you get away with a lot of crap where the Thunderer or Georgia would be deleted.
  3. MaxL_1023

    yashima is going to be broken

    Yashima will be less threatening against cruisers than Yamato - the only real edge Yashima might have in general is against battleships at ranges outside of 15km, where the extra penetration of the 510mm shells might get citadel hits as opposed to main belt shatters. If it has CB dispersion as opposed to IJN BB dispersion then it will also have a slight edge at close range in some edge cases.
  4. MaxL_1023

    Players that won't push

    Were the DDs dead on that side? Usually trying to push in a Battleship is suicide unless you have anti-destroyer screening.
  5. MaxL_1023

    ST, changes to test ships and Devonshire

    To be fair it is better to see big balance changes BEFORE the ships are released - I suspect more tweaks will be coming in before these ships hit the live server. The Yashima nerf will make no difference anyways - if you are in secondary range in a Yamato/Yashima hull and angled enough to use them you will just get citadelled by anything from Moskva on up.
  6. MaxL_1023

    USS OHIO is complete [edited]

    If you don't want the Ohio you can use the research points to buy free exp and get something else, or buy flags, or the Colbert. I am sure there will be more ships in the NTC fairly soon as well. Just reset a line where you enjoy the ships (like my EU account and Russian or USN BBs) so all you are really doing is playing like you would anyways.
  7. MaxL_1023

    ST, ships balance changes

    Point 1 is a fair trade for extreme range and damage - a battlecruiser that can stealth-torp is strong enough and good shima players run the 12km or 8km torps. Point 2 isn't an issue either, since Kremlin, Conq and Thunderer also have above-waterline citadels. Yamato is performing fine. Point 3 is anecdotal - the armor is exactly what the in-game viewer says it is. 30mm does not block republique, Kremlim, Yamato or Thunderer shells Point 4 is bunk - Yamato Dispersion is the same as it always was. Point 5 is also bunk - Hak torps hit harder than anyone elses in terms of raw damage and none of the air-dropped torps set floods that often.
  8. A ship can be fun to play but hurt the enjoyment of the other 23 people in the match. People play them because it is better than playing against them.
  9. A ship can be detrimental to the metagame and decrease the overall enjoyment of the playerbase without being statistically overpowered.
  10. MaxL_1023

    Puerto Rico

    AFAIK both Alaska and PR also have the improved ricochet angles, which does offset their lower caliber and penetration somewhat. If pretty much any cruiser turns enough to get all of its guns on the PR it will be taking citadel damage back.
  11. The PR getting a 330mm belt wouldn't really change much - battleship shells would still get through out to basically maximum range. It would only really effect close to mid range shots from cruisers and maybe 15km+ shots from the 12-inch CBs, so basically an edge case.
  12. Honestly everything is a set of trade-offs. I would normally take fire prevention over IFHE, as your secondaries will still penetrate cruisers and destroyers while half of them (the 150s) will penetrate BB plating. IFHE does let you pull off some stunts, but with the amount of small-caliber HE spam around I found that fire prevention gave a larger survivability benefit. You could also drop AFT for IFHE - while the range loss is significant you can have massive DPS inside of 9 KM - it might not be worth it on the GK or FDG but the Bismarck (and especially Tirpitz with the torpedo gameplay) might make it worthwhile.
  13. MaxL_1023

    Poltava vs Sinop - discuss pros and cons

    Sinop even has better Citadel Protection due to the spaced armor scheme, with at minimum 450mm of steel to get through.
  14. MaxL_1023

    When is a Smolensk scary?

    The problem is that the 70mm plating does not arm shells above 420mm in caliber by default, which means you need either an angled hit, an underwater hit, or hitting through the bow or stern bulkhead which arms due to the structural divide. The 406mm and 380mm armed BBs have no trouble getting citadels except at close range where the higher-velocity guns (like the 380s and non-USN 406mms) can often overpen the citadel due to the fuse arming time being long enough for the shell to pass through the ship. I have devstruck Smolensk in almost everything from Alaska up to Yamato - it is just a bit harder under situations where you would EXPECT a devstrike, and be rewarded against more common CA/CLs like DM, Minotaur and Moskva.