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  1. MaxL_1023

    Fun Sucked out of clan wars

    I saw a Goliath once. (lol)
  2. MaxL_1023

    Fun Sucked out of clan wars

    Over on EU it seems like there might be 3 total strategies being used. The meta is degenerate.
  3. MaxL_1023

    Fun Sucked out of clan wars

    Yeah pretty sure a random team would beat that 5D comp. Moskvas, terrible CV support and the worst kite-side Venezia play I have seen in awhile.
  4. MaxL_1023

    Clan War Balance

    The main issue is that the team composition in CB is nothing like randoms, so ship balance can't hold for both. Venezia dominates because there are no BBs, DDs get wrecked because there is always a CV and tons of Venezias, Stalingrad is the only CA that can do cross-map crossfire (even though it is easily farmed) - there is a reason the meta has settled on 3 ships. They just happen to be the ships whose natural counters aren't allowed to play.
  5. MaxL_1023

    Please fix 3 man divisions.

    It would do nothing about the skill imbalance though.
  6. MaxL_1023

    Please fix 3 man divisions.

    How does that make sense? Divisions are assigned to teams randomly, so over a few hundred games each "side" will get them equally often. Even if one "side" (Like north spawn) got more divisions consistently, everybody playing solo would be equally likely to encounter them, so the worst that you could see would be a very slight shift in the average solo win rate, which would require a ridiculous degree of WG queue manipulation which makes no sense.
  7. MaxL_1023

    Please fix 3 man divisions.

    Other player's divisions have no effect on your personal win rate. You are slightly more likely to be facing them (due to your presence forcing at least one solo slot on your team), but as the average skill level of divisions are not any different from solo players it makes no difference anyways. You will face very bad divisions much more often than those elite divisions which you seem to be afraid of. Just play your best game - it is only your own ability which will (over enough games) dictate your performance.
  8. MaxL_1023

    CV's aren't OP in CB's

    Midway does superstructure and fire damage. Hak does citadel damage. Right there that is a massive difference in terms of healing potential. CVs in CB are completely broken. The game basically boils down to which CV is better at nuking enemy CAs with AP bombs. Pushing is almost impossible because you are spotted immediately and the enemy team can rotate, so teams end up camping behind the caps and maybe kiting with some CLs. You can play around a BB (and it opens counterplay from your own) but the CVs are basically playing their own match with NPC allies - it is just not good for the game.
  9. MaxL_1023

    Pensacola due for a minor buff?

    The problem with the Pensacola is the same problem that all tier 6 cruisers have - the ability to be randomly deleted from any angle or range. Yes, elite players can mitigate this, but average players struggle badly in mid-tier cruisers in general.
  10. MaxL_1023

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Guys - 12 randomly selected players will tend to be very closely matched on aggregate with 12 other random players, especially when using account stats, which have much lower variance compared to ship stats. There is nothing unusual going on here - if WG was trying to do skill based MM using win rate as a metric they would be sabotaging their own game.
  11. MaxL_1023

    why does nobody talk about how op the thunderer and georgia are

    It's because average players can't leverage their strengths. The Kremlin lets you get away with a lot of crap where the Thunderer or Georgia would be deleted.
  12. MaxL_1023

    yashima is going to be broken

    Yashima will be less threatening against cruisers than Yamato - the only real edge Yashima might have in general is against battleships at ranges outside of 15km, where the extra penetration of the 510mm shells might get citadel hits as opposed to main belt shatters. If it has CB dispersion as opposed to IJN BB dispersion then it will also have a slight edge at close range in some edge cases.
  13. MaxL_1023

    Players that won't push

    Were the DDs dead on that side? Usually trying to push in a Battleship is suicide unless you have anti-destroyer screening.
  14. MaxL_1023

    USS OHIO is complete [edited]

    If you don't want the Ohio you can use the research points to buy free exp and get something else, or buy flags, or the Colbert. I am sure there will be more ships in the NTC fairly soon as well. Just reset a line where you enjoy the ships (like my EU account and Russian or USN BBs) so all you are really doing is playing like you would anyways.