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  1. Convinced MM is rigged

    You do realize that the monitor your using extracts ship specific stats, right? Half of the players both teams have so few games in their particular ships that you can't really make any inferences as to their ability. Your team is actually ahead in terms of average damage, and would be ahead in exp if win rates were normalized. It is not even a good example of the bias you claim exists! Repeat your stat mining another 100 times and see what you end up with. I bet you a year's premium time that nothing as extreme as a 45/53 split will persist.
  2. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    I edited the post to clarify. I meant that the averages on each side should converge to the same value, equal to the average of the server population (besides yourself). You would likely need at least 100 games to get a 95% confidence interval of +- 1%.
  3. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    The easiest way to check for shenanigans would be to compare the stats of the enemy team compared to your team (with your own stats omitted) over a large sample size. If MM is random, the difference between the two averages should converge towards zero as the sample size increases. If WG is trying to "compensate for you" there would be evidence. Your teammates would be worse than the enemy team, or better if your stats are below average. Streak breaking would be harder to identify since you need a much larger sample of games to get enough of them. On game 5 of any streak, does the randomness assumption hold? You need a lot of 5 game or more streak samples.
  4. Vive la France Event

    I really don't get the rage here. You get 75 French camouflages and 125 economic flags for playing the game normally. If you are lucky, you get the French commander on top of all that. Basically, everyone gets a free lunch, but then complains that they can't all win the door prize raffle!
  5. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    Isn't that what playing the Conqueror is now?
  6. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    The whole basis behind using win rate as a metric assumes random matchmaking. The level of algorithmic complexity it would take to try and "balance" teams by intentionally mixing player skill is such that it simply wouldn't work. The WG patent just tries to uptier you if you are on a winning streak, and downtiers you on a losing streak. That won't make much of a difference to anyone besides Kamikaze or Guilio Cesare stat padders, and would be rarely used anyways. It would also be extremely easy to pick this out by checking team compositions over time - the fact that nobody has presented this evidence yet is a strong indication that there is nothing there. If there was, SOMEONE would have found it, considering how much data mining is going on. Just play your best every game, and the streaks will even out over time.
  7. That change will hurt cruiser AP almost as much as battleship AP. If these fuse values are still in place: 410mm - 68mm 356mm - 59mm 203mm - 34mm 155mm - 26mm Heavy cruisers will no longer deal pen damage to the upper belt, bow and stern sections of high tier battleships OR other cruisers - only belt penetrations or shells which hit an internal bulkhead will arm. Light cruisers will be less effective against destroyers (Minotaur will get nothing but overpens against a Gearing or even another Minotaur unless it hits the main belt) and will have even more trouble damaging battleships through their superstructure. Basically, cruisers will be forced to spam HE at all but point blank range, AP-Only cruisers will be heavily nerfed unless WG gives them an insanely low fuse value (<15mm) and a hundred balancing changes will be needed all up and down the lines. A better fix would be to remove automatic fusing when a section division is reached - that will fix most DD penetration issues. Most DDs do not have the effective armor to fuse BB AP anyways - it takes a VERY steep angle to get 19mm or 21mm plating up to 68mm, and at that angle you get less hits due to horizontal dispersion anyways. Please WG - rethink your strategy here.
  8. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    Solution: get good enough to carry from bottom tier.
  9. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    It's funny how nobody who believes in rigged MM ever seems to be good at the game.
  10. I would like to know what they actually said to him to be honest - Atlanta does not have the range to be overly passive and the OP surviving the battle is an argument against being too aggressive. Maybe he took a cap instead of supporting the ZR guys directly? I am curious, as it is hard to screw up in the Atlanta and not end up deleted.
  11. Sometimes you play poorly but get lucky - you can rack up huge numbers due to tactical situations which on average would be detrimental to the strategic objective. I have no idea what happened in that game, but be careful not to focus purely on one result. They may have a point, or could just be mad that they got killed. Be careful that you don't discard useful advice, even during an otherwise excellent game stats wise.
  12. Vive la France Event

    I suspect there is at least one more set of containers - they seem to release one every 2 weeks as the previous one expires. It is still early yet.
  13. British pen tricks?

    Superstructure hits are always your best bet - you will still get a lot of shatters when shells drop low and hit various armor belts. In general, you are best off focusing on cruisers and destroyers. Support your friendly destroyers in cap contests, abuse cover and concealment to disengage when battleships have firing solutions on you, use smoke when you get it (I think tier 5, not sure tbh). You won't do much damage to battleships until tier 6 or so when you start seeing the "all or nothing" armor scheme - then the bow, stern and upper belt are usually thin enough to penetrate whenever you have an angle near broadside. The older dreadnought types you see at tiers 3-5 usually have more armor on the extremities (one of the reasons why they are so slow) so you will have trouble penetrating them. For now, just keep shooting Omahas. You can't go wrong there!
  14. Some Maps are Too Small

    I think the perceived map size has as much to do with firing angles as anything. If islands block fire between A and C caps (or spawn to spawn) the map will seem much larger than it may actually be, as ships will need to move more to encounter combat or to respond to strategic situations. It is not good map design when a battleship can set up 2 feet from its spawn and shoot at everything, even if the range makes its performance poor. You get more dynamic games when capture point coverage requires initial movement. It is good map design when certain locations placed quite distant from the spawns allow for firing angles on everything, especially when movement over a few kilometers allows for protection against specific sectors (but vulnerability to others). Then, you get skilled players contesting these areas by various means and an overall more mobile game. The map in the OP is a dynamic map for ships with limited firing range, but I can see how passive play would be encouraged in a Richelieu. I am NOT saying that slowly driving ENE would be optimal, but when it lets you get RNG shots at <20km on all three caps and ~20km shots on the enemy spawn it becomes very tempting, and often ideal for the very early game while team deployment is being determined. The 16-18km range most mid-tier ships have (with a few reaching over 20km) forces them to pick one side or the other, or to push close enough to B to be vulnerable to cruiser and torpedo fire. With that extra range, it is no longer the case. That map probably is a bit too "small" design wise for long-range tier 8s, but it is fine for the tiers which mostly see it. Tier 8 on that map is an edge case anyways - it is not surprising cracks are showing up there.
  15. when can we expect Kronshtadt?

    I think it will be on the longer end of previous cycles simply due to how hard this type of ship will be to balance. A "large cruiser" like the Kron or Alaska doesn't fit into the game that easily - small tweaks to parameters can significantly affect their performance. There is also nothing out there to base it on - Scharnhorst seems to be the closest, but it is two tiers lower, has much heavier effective armor and in a different class altogether. Either way, I hope WG does enough testing to get it right.