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  1. MaxL_1023

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    Or any competent Gearing or Yueyang player running a full-gunboat spec. Gearing gets down to 2.4 seconds using BFT and MBM3.
  2. So a 7% dispersion buff turned out to be... a 7% dispersion buff. Why is this news again?
  3. MaxL_1023

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    If what I am hearing is correct the HoF rewards are using the items from this patch - seems like they forgot to grandfather in the HoF for this one cycle.
  4. MaxL_1023

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    Khab and Groz can range-kite it, Z-52 can beat it in close if you know how to use hyrdo properly. Anything which can't put up a good fight in a gun battle can outspot it and get away. It is strongest in a support role but is not as broken as you think when it has to straight-up fight.
  5. This would basically remove the viability of half the battleships in the game unless they do nothing but sit still and bow tank. The Yamato/Musashi will be completely broken, as they will overmatch torpedo bulges for free 33% pens no matter what angle they are at instead of being stopped by the belt underneath or overpenning the upper portion of the ship. This is way too big of a change for WOWS at this stage of development.
  6. It is a complex combination of factors. In general, there is a positive correlation between games played and win rate. People do get better over time, even though outliers on both sides exist. In addition, it is nearly impossible to have a negative team contribution (without eventually getting banned). This puts a floor on the win rate you can get over a significant sample - in WoT it was near 40%. I suspect the value is similar for WoWs overall, although for CVs it can be much lower due to their unique impact and matchmaking. There is also a nonlinear relationship between team contribution and win percentage. What ends up happening is that the distribution of win rates takes on a different shape due to these factors than the distribution of player skill. The overall rule of (person-wins = person-losses with no draws) holds, and we get the skewed distribution which happens to be a good match to the Gamma family. I honestly have no idea why that particular shape is prevalent, but it is probably related to running a Gaussian through a non-linear transform taking everything else into account.
  7. Win rate follows a gamma distribution - we did a lot of investigation into this back at WoTLabs for tanks and it holds here as well Gamma distribution are skewed left with a long right tail, leading to a lot of players between 45-50%, very few under 40% and proportionately more then you would expect above 60%.
  8. MaxL_1023

    Add STS as a USN line module?

    I am top 5 on NA in the Mass and I can tell you it can stop anything if you know what you are doing. Not all Battleships need to be idiot proof with underwater citadels and HE-proof deck plating.
  9. MaxL_1023

    Add STS as a USN line module?

    12mm of extra thickness would make every USN BB broken overpowered. Heck - 2mm more on the T8-T10 would significantly increase their resistance to CA HE, enough to disrupt balance. USN ships already have better DCP uptime - if the tier 3-7 USN BBs need some help (I think they do need a small buff) perhaps just give them a slightly better heal (~20% instead of 14% per charge perhaps). The NC and Montana are pretty much fine as they are. Iowa should get Missouri's armor scheme - it isn't right that the premium is a straight upgrade.
  10. MaxL_1023

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    Lootboxes were designed to manipulate human psychology - one reason why a lot of states/countries are trying to regulate their sale, especially to minors.
  11. MaxL_1023

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    Your odds of getting the Lightning mission in the second set of 20 crates were EXACTLY the same as in the first 20 crates. Getting the first three missions (which are probably more likely) has no effect - the odds don't "stack" once you get one or the other.
  12. MaxL_1023

    What would constitute as "damage farming"?

    That isn't damage farming - that is just being bad. The only cruisers that can resist battleship guns bow-on are the Moskva and Hindenburg, and both will still take more damage than a bow-on BB will as a function of their HP pool most of the time. Damage farming would be more like staying 15km behind your DD when you should be 10km behind, then kiting away even when you have a numerical advantage.
  13. MaxL_1023

    What would constitute as "damage farming"?

    It is actually quite hard to really damage farm as a BB in ranked due to the smaller team size and nature of tier X ships - you will almost always be drawing aggression from the enemy team whenever you shoot. A CA like a Zao, Hindy or Henri IV (or a DD with long range torps) can somewhat do it by staying at maximum range the whole game - in this case they are using their battleship and other cruisers as a meatshield while their duties in terms of DD suppression and map control are being neglected. Think if a Shimakaze sitting at 16km spamming 20km torps all match and hoping to hit something - that is damage farming. A Montana can't really do it - if they are far enough back to avoid return fire they are likely not dealing much damage anyways. Honestly the tactic was worse back in WoT as opposed to WOWS - firepower drops off a bit faster with range and it is harder to attack without drawing aggression in general.
  14. MaxL_1023

    Harugumo in a nutshell

    You are more vulnerable to full penetrations at longer range - the shells are travelling slower, drop at a more oblique angle and remember that the Harugumo is quite a large/thick destroyer in general. It is susceptible to penetration damage from anything when broadside, more so than a smaller DD like the Shimakaze. The Bismarck got lucky with dispersion, but consider that most Cruisers facing that kind of volley would have been outright deleted with citadel hits.
  15. MaxL_1023

    Shimakaze and the Legendary NERF

    It is not intended for CQB - it seems to be a fair trade-off in every other situation considering how easy it is to pre-aim your torpedo launchers.