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  1. Panzer20000

    John Wick Chapter 3: parabellum

    Enjoyed the first two john wick movies, and looking forward to this one since it looks like it'll be the second movie cranked up to 11
  2. Panzer20000

    Any Total War fans here?

    Of the modern total war, Warhammer 2. Medieval II for the mods (hyrule total war anyone?)
  3. Panzer20000

    My Assement of the Russian BBs from the WGfest Pics

    AA I'm thinking is gonna be more on the average side. Really, I have a feeling the main threats to RUBB will be CV and DD, due to average AA and what I am expecting to be the worst maneuverability out of BB in the game. Izmail was designed for 4x3 14 inch guns, not 12 inch guns. I think your thinking of imperatritsa mariya Sinop (black sea fleet dreadnought 1917) was 3x3 16 inch guns Vladivostok is one of the KB-4 Type A 1936 designs, armed with 3x3 16 inch guns As for armor, tier III-VI will be less well armored on the belt, depends on what they do with plating though. From Sinop up you'll see 375-420mm belts (sinop is 275mm + 100mm) and very high health pools from tier V or VI up. The real question is if they'll be brawlers or snipers
  4. Panzer20000

    Oh lawd they comin

    Sounds like a discussion I would have enjoyed, as for the two unknown Kaiju, I could discuss them, but I won't for sake of spoilers. (read the leaked plot, pretty sure it's legit since it was copyright noticed and taken down, and matches with stuff in the trailers)
  5. Panzer20000

    Oh lawd they comin

    Good posters, but what I'm surprised about is you haven't commented on the second trailer that came out a few days ago, I thought you were a Godzilla fan Lert!
  6. All I can say is this: Holy. S(redacted). I am even more hyped now. The last shot of that trailer got me really excited. One thing that's got me curious though, who is that fifth monster coming out of the ground?
  7. Yeah, looking forward to hearing his score, specially for the themes of the other monsters he is also remaking for the film.
  8. Bonus, they also revealed the godzilla march theme at tokyo comic-con, and it sounds amazing: (Person overlayed the original trailer's footage)
  9. So Toyko comic-con started and at the convention they revealed toys for the three new monsters. Rodan: Mothra: King Ghidorah: I have to Say, King Ghidorah looks amazing. And while Mothra's new design is kinda strange at first, it does make sense since it now allows her to actually fight rather then "flap my wings and pray."
  10. Panzer20000

    Introduce Battle Cruiser lines before subs.

    Or, the battlecruiser is no more, and was replaced by the Fast battleship. Quite frankly, the definition I gave is the general view on battlecruisers, and is it really wrong? And yes, WWI, an era where no one had any idea what they were doing when it came to ship designation. Honestly, I'd say we're better off looking to designations post-war.
  11. Panzer20000

    Introduce Battle Cruiser lines before subs.

    The Battlecruisers were born from the idea of having a large ship that could attack and destroy ships and then flee from those it couldn't fight. Course, that was the original idea, but it changed depending on the nation. When it came to battlecruisers, there were three main aspects, firepower, armor, and speed. At the time it was only really realistic to combine two of the three aspects. For the UK, they focused on speed and firepower, believing the lack of armor would be compensated by the battlecruiser's high speed (Jutland proved that idea wrong). German, on the other hand, focused on armor, speed, and smaller main batteries for their battlecruisers, due to the intention of having their battlecruisers capable of serving in the battleline as back up battleships. However, the idea of the battlecruiser began to fall apart once ships like Hood, Ersatz Yorck, and Mackensen were designed, Which I would argue were all more fast battleships then battlecruisers. Over time the idea of battlecruisers went away, with Fast battleships doing everything they could do better. As for Graf Spee, it is definitely a heavy cruiser, the only difference being the 283mm guns.
  12. Panzer20000

    All aboard the hype train: Godzilla 2 trailer

    Soon as I heard they were gonna have Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah in the movie with Godzilla a year or so back, was expecting a modernized remake of "ghidorah, the three-headed monster". As for the movie, I am hyped. Especially for King Ghidorah, who they have 4 different people mo-capping for (1 person for each head, 1 for his body). He's huge too, 521 ft/159 m tall, vs Godzilla's 355 ft/108 m, so it should be a hell of a battle between him and the others. Also, these were given out as mini-posters it sounds like
  13. Panzer20000

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Long as there is a scene where Kong tries to shove a tree down Zilla's throat
  14. Panzer20000

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    I'm wondering who Kong and Zilla will have to team up to fight, cause we know that'll happen I'm thinking Mecha Ghidorah, Destroyah, or maybe even Biollante could work or, maybe we could see Godzilla and King Kong vs Gigan and Megalon.
  15. Panzer20000

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Get hyped, we got a new version of "Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster" comin.