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  1. Panzer20000

    Proposal: Tier XI Ships

    There is no information on it online, the info we have comes from Demon93IT, who lives in Italy (at least I believe he does, could be he gets info from friends in Italy). As for it's place in the tree, if Venezia is anything to go off of, the 4-16/16-40 design is a likely candidate for tier X, and not tier XI like for the ships suggested in this thread. As for technical data, this is all we've gotten: Standard displacement: 61200 tons Full load displacement: 66336 tons Lenght: 256 m between perpendiculars Beam: 40 m Draught: //(currently missing the data) Installed power: 195000 hp Maximum speed: 29 knots Protection: 50+(406 - 203) mm(belt), currently missing the data on the rest Armament: 4x4 406/56, currently missing the data on the rest And this is the only image posted that is reportedly from the design
  2. No, they were not replaced by skyraiders, they were the regular fighter for Midway back during the RTS era and were only capable of attacking other aircraft, if anything the skyraider replaced what I believe were turboprops who's name escapes me. Also, it's been a while, but jets from back in the RTS era are actually slower and had less HP then current aircraft if I remember right, so not really OP. In fact, I don't think there really was a reason given as to why they removed jets, they just kinda....did. While I'd want them to put Jets on the tier X carrier, emphasizing speed, I doubt they'll do it. Still, if they did I would hope that rocket planes would be the Me 262 and dive/torpedo bombers the Hs 132.
  3. Panzer20000

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Basically the way I split the line in my own tech tree some time before the DEDD originally release. This would be my greatest hopes for a split, but I'm doubtful it'll happen
  4. Panzer20000

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    He was a German Airship designer who created observation balloons for the military, airships, etc. As for why this name, it is likely because August is Flugzeugträger C or D. The reason being that some time after GZ began construction plans were made to change the 150mm secondaries to 105mm on sponsons, as well as some other changes. However it was decided that it couldn't be done on the ships in construction due to changes on it being too expensive, difficult, and long to change. In a what-if timeline where Germany was able to build all 4 ships that I am guessing the devs are going off of, C or D likely could of incorporated these changes since they hadn't began construction and could of had those changes incorporated with little issue.
  5. Panzer20000

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Rhein: Likely Kleiner Flugzeugträger, a small CV design study from around the same time as Graf Zeppelin was being built Weser: The planned Seydlitz conversion August: One of the Graf Zeppelin sister ships most likely, specifically Flugzeugträger C or D since construction hadn't started on them and wasn't going to be finished until 42/43, thus could of incorporated changes to the ship's design. Likely a what-if late war modernization Manfred: The only true fake ship in the line, as it wasn't built nor does it exist in paper. Most likely a what-if conversion of an H-39 or 41 battleship
  6. Panzer20000

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Alexander Nevsky looked familiar, and after a bit of searching turns out I was right, it was an actual design, Project 84: Info provided by one of Xerosnake's threads
  7. Panzer20000

    Santa Crates

    Christmas crate questions in October? Is someone hoping a certain skeletal Pumpkin King will hijack WoWS and bring us a combination of Christmas and Halloween?
  8. Panzer20000

    What if - Tier 9 & 10 Italian BB thought

    As discussed in This thread, there is arguably an existing BB design that could fulfill the idea of a large broadside with major alpha potential, assuming they do that with the ITABB. Said design is simply called 4-16/16-40, a battleship designed after the Littorio class and was intended to carry 4x4 406mm guns. Could that broadside prove to be too powerful? Perhaps, if they wanted to they could possibly do 4x4 381mm guns instead.
  9. Panzer20000

    Devblog: Semi AP shells

    Based on the description of the shell, if the Italians got SAP I'm betting their ammo options would be SAP and AP. After all, SAP right now is looking to be an alternative to HE, trade-offs being they can't create fires and do less module damage, but have higher pen (probably pen levels comparable or slightly higher then HE when using IFHE skill) and damage.
  10. Not 5x2, just 4x2 improve 138.6mm mounts, it is literally just Mogador bis
  11. Panzer20000

    French Destroyers announced

    Also, thinking the tier III might be based on the cancelled Lion-class contre-torpilleur destroyers, thought altered to fit 4x1 130mm. I see a few things on a 1920 destroyer project but can't find a single thing about it.
  12. Panzer20000

    French Destroyers announced

    Doing the math, since they said it's speed is 55 knots with sierra mike and boost, speed should be around 44 knots
  13. Panzer20000

    French Destroyers announced

    depends, you looking for boost speed + sierra mike? if so: tier II: 38.8 knots tier III: ? Maybe around 40 knots tier IV: 41.3 knots tier V: 44.3 knots tier VI: 44.3 knots tier VII: 45 knots tier VIII: 53.8 knots (using Le terrible's 43 knot speed) tier IX: 48.8, 52.1, or 54.3 knots (depends on if they use the 39 knots, 41.7 knots, or 43.5 knots figures Mogador recorded) Tier X: 55 knots these are based on the recorded average speeds
  14. Panzer20000

    French Destroyers announced

    If they revealed them now, they are likely coming in a few months time, they aren't gonna take 7 or 8 months to test and launch.