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  1. Panzer20000

    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    On yesterday's stream, they confirmed the secondaries have improved accuracy. What that means is anyone's guess right now. As for the number of secondaries, lower tiers are somewhat lacking in secondaries, Von Der Tann being 5x1 150mm and 2x1 88mm per side, but as you go up in the tiers the number consistently increases. Tier X, for example, has 12x2 105mm and 8x2 150mm, while the 150mm are in casemates, you will usually have at least half of the 150mm on a side and the majority of the 105mm going off. That, along with them saying the secondaries have improved accuracy on top of the captain skills, could result in they being about to trust the secondaries to dish out damage to an extent. As for how I know the number of secondaries, they did 360 looks of the models on the stream, so it was easier to see the number of secondaries, especially when I basically spent like 10-15 minutes rewinding and pausing to count the secondaries on each ship...I was curious, and wanted to confirm since stats won't be available until early next week, can you blame me?
  2. Panzer20000

    Command Center Opening Event & New Ships

    Not just tier VI. The whole line is WWI era ships, later tiers are Ersatz Yorck, GK 4531, 4541/4941, and 5041, all designed in the 1916-1918 time frame.
  3. While the modernization is pretty horrid, the devs aren't completely at fault for the ships look One of the Ships it is possibly based on (could be based on the other variant, but the only difference is the layout of the rear turret): http://www.dreadnoughtproject.org/plans/SM_Studienentwurf/Schnelle_GrosseKampfschiffe_4532_100dpi.jpg GK 4532's front turret is pretty far forward compared to the other designs
  4. Panzer20000

    Command Center Opening Event & New Ships

    they could still do a faster reload playstyle, considering most of the ships either have a lower caliber for the tier or fewer guns then their contemporaries. If they have a lower reload I can't see it being less then 24, MAYBE 23, seconds, but that's still pretty fast, especially if you take MBM3. Of course, this also assumes the devs don't do a "you have triple 38cm or double 42cm option, decide" for tier VIII-X, but I doubt that will be the case. There is also the torpedoes, which I see on tier VIII-X, and maybe on the VII in a little cut out toward the aft, which could also play a role when they brawl. Either way, gotta wait for the stats (watch it turn out that schlieffen ends up booking it around the map at like 35 knots base line or something)
  5. Panzer20000

    Command Center Opening Event & New Ships

    For those curious on the designs for tier VII-X, mostly likely designs and their main armament (If the devs didn't change that from the original designs): Tier VII: Ersatz Yorck (4x2 38cm) Tier VIII: GK 4532 (3x2 42cm) (Not completely certain on this, could be 4531, but due to the angle of the model I can't see how far apart the aft turrets are) Tier IX: GK 4541 (4x2 42cm) Tier X: GK 5041 (4x2 42cm) If someone is curious what the numbers mean, first 2 numbers is tonnage, 45 = 45,000 tons. third number is the number of turrets, 3 meaning 3x2, 4 is 4x2, etc. Then the last number, if memory serves right, basically means variant/version/option/whatever is a better way to explain that I can't think of (ex. 4531 being the first design proposed, 4532 being the second proposed design, etc.)
  6. Tier VII is definitely a modernized Ersatz Yorck Tier VIII is most likely GK 4532, can't be the 31 due to the rear turret placement being further apart on that design. Tier IX is most likely GK 4541. There is also 42, but due to the amount of space between the rear turrets it'd have to be 4541. Tier X is GK 5041, the largest of the German battlecruiser projects from the period Tier VIII-X are also all armed with 42cm guns and meant to go 30-31 knots, unless they do something like allowing players to choose between triple 38cm or the twin 42cm, but I doubt it.
  7. I'd say for the D-line the tier X should be a further modified neuentwerf II (which is the 3x3 D-class modified designs based on the image) with the 3x4 28cm, time IX should remain 3x3 at.
  8. Panzer20000

    Proposal: Tier XI Ships

    There is no information on it online, the info we have comes from Demon93IT, who lives in Italy (at least I believe he does, could be he gets info from friends in Italy). As for it's place in the tree, if Venezia is anything to go off of, the 4-16/16-40 design is a likely candidate for tier X, and not tier XI like for the ships suggested in this thread. As for technical data, this is all we've gotten: Standard displacement: 61200 tons Full load displacement: 66336 tons Lenght: 256 m between perpendiculars Beam: 40 m Draught: //(currently missing the data) Installed power: 195000 hp Maximum speed: 29 knots Protection: 50+(406 - 203) mm(belt), currently missing the data on the rest Armament: 4x4 406/56, currently missing the data on the rest And this is the only image posted that is reportedly from the design
  9. No, they were not replaced by skyraiders, they were the regular fighter for Midway back during the RTS era and were only capable of attacking other aircraft, if anything the skyraider replaced what I believe were turboprops who's name escapes me. Also, it's been a while, but jets from back in the RTS era are actually slower and had less HP then current aircraft if I remember right, so not really OP. In fact, I don't think there really was a reason given as to why they removed jets, they just kinda....did. While I'd want them to put Jets on the tier X carrier, emphasizing speed, I doubt they'll do it. Still, if they did I would hope that rocket planes would be the Me 262 and dive/torpedo bombers the Hs 132.
  10. Panzer20000

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Basically the way I split the line in my own tech tree some time before the DEDD originally release. This would be my greatest hopes for a split, but I'm doubtful it'll happen
  11. Panzer20000

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    He was a German Airship designer who created observation balloons for the military, airships, etc. As for why this name, it is likely because August is Flugzeugträger C or D. The reason being that some time after GZ began construction plans were made to change the 150mm secondaries to 105mm on sponsons, as well as some other changes. However it was decided that it couldn't be done on the ships in construction due to changes on it being too expensive, difficult, and long to change. In a what-if timeline where Germany was able to build all 4 ships that I am guessing the devs are going off of, C or D likely could of incorporated these changes since they hadn't began construction and could of had those changes incorporated with little issue.
  12. Panzer20000

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Rhein: Likely Kleiner Flugzeugträger, a small CV design study from around the same time as Graf Zeppelin was being built Weser: The planned Seydlitz conversion August: One of the Graf Zeppelin sister ships most likely, specifically Flugzeugträger C or D since construction hadn't started on them and wasn't going to be finished until 42/43, thus could of incorporated changes to the ship's design. Likely a what-if late war modernization Manfred: The only true fake ship in the line, as it wasn't built nor does it exist in paper. Most likely a what-if conversion of an H-39 or 41 battleship
  13. Panzer20000

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Alexander Nevsky looked familiar, and after a bit of searching turns out I was right, it was an actual design, Project 84: Info provided by one of Xerosnake's threads
  14. Panzer20000

    Santa Crates

    Christmas crate questions in October? Is someone hoping a certain skeletal Pumpkin King will hijack WoWS and bring us a combination of Christmas and Halloween?