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  1. This is a good question and my take on it is this: I've played since beta and never had an interest in playing Carriers. However, since the rework, I have found myself playing them a lot more often. Does this mean the rework was a success or is succeeding? I think not. Battleships are just big soft targets to farm and there is simply nothing they can do about it. Playing Cruisers is equally frustrating because of AA infectiveness for protecting teammates. Even in the case where I'm getting planes shot down, it doesn't matter because I have an endless supply. When I play Cruisers and I see my plane damage go up and not getting a kill is like shooting at a Conquer with unlimited heals. The damage Cruisers do to my planes is meaningless. Playing my pay to win Enterprise I can simply remove AA Cruisers from the game at my discretion. Destroyers get the worst of it all where objectives highlight their position when they try and take them just so I can perma spot them until they die. If they smoke too soon, my teams radar Cruisers usually finish them off. Aside from the normal gameplay we all experience, it's saddening to watch my favorite CCs stream and seeing and listening to their frustrations about carriers. It makes me want to play my surface ships even less. So to answer your question, I think by the time carriers are 'completed' the game's player base would have just shifted people will adapt and no one will notice. I've been playing now for far too long and am too invested. So instead of quitting, I'll simply jump on the bandwagon and help deliver a fun experience for all players. Especially those sneaky DDs that still try and get the flank. I feel for them the most since those were once good plays, spotting the team and stopping a push. I hope they make the move to CVs soon too.
  2. Yeah, plane spotting shouldn't work like surface ship spotting. Plane spotting should be mini map only. In the future, you can release CVs that can drop hydro or use radar or w/e as support.
  3. What I don't get is how like all other classes of ships in the game the CVs ability to deal DMG is skills based yet unlike all the other ships the counter to getting struck relies heavily on AA which is RNG based on your ship class. While it feels good being in my AA cruiser fending myself from most strikes, that form of counterplay is not satisfying and when I'm in my Battleship or DD the counter play is huddling up to teammates or there is no counterplay at all. I do enjoy the new perspective on CVs but I think it could be better. To bring CVs in line with the gameplay of the rest of the ships provide CVs with a targeting reticle that's further out. CVs will still need to line up their drop but have to commit to the strike sooner, predicting and leading the target. It's still skills based. This gives a scaling counter for mitigating DMG depending on the ships Agility. A DD paying attention might almost be impossible to hit but if a hit happens it should be devastating. BBs are slower but a good BB might be able to turn in and dodge most or all torps but dive bombers and rockets would have a higher success chance of hitting. I see AA as more of a deterrent like secondaries on a battleship rather than the main source of protection. Finally, give CVs their DMG back. Sure, players won't be able to harass and farm dmg at will, but they also get to deal dmg from anywhere on the map with almost no risk to their ship.
  4. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-deals/december-missions-2018/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/take-me-hoommmmeeeee/Placeholder Broken Links that take me to 404 page.
  5. I'm trying to figure out why detonation is still a thing. It's not a skills-based mechanic that awards any player on their gameplay. On the other hand, it's punishing for players that might be playing well (or not) but some random number generator ends their game early. We have a flag we can farm to help prevent it. Then that flag is practically necessary for ranked and clan wars. It's nice now that we have the arsenal we can dump coal into to ensure we have enough. Still, I wonder what the purpose of detonation is. It's my experience that detonation isn't particularly rewarding when I detonate another player and is disappointing at best when I am the detonated player. This an arcade style game so the realism argument doesn't really stand because in that case, we would get flooding from main battery hits, German main battery accuracy, and tea breaks on my Royal Navy ships. Does anyone out there really enjoy this mechanic?
  6. Xanture

    IX Carrier queue stacking

    So the advantage is when you queue up in a T9 CV with a div of T10 AA ships you then are guaranteed to have an AA advantage. Between the difference in HP of planes and the raw AA dps of T10 ships like the Worchester, you can pretty much create a controllable no-fly zone. Though this can be offset by RNG of course as the opposite team might have a good amount of strong AA ships, but in my experience randoms lack the coordination to properly take advantage of it. There are videos about it online calling it division anchoring.
  7. Xanture

    IX Carrier queue stacking

    I didn't know T9 carriers could div up with T10s. Certainly, this should be considered an exploit. I know there are carrier changes upcoming but this should seem like an easy thing to fix in the meantime.
  8. Xanture

    Back To School Elite XP not discounting

    Derp thanks for reminding me!
  9. I might be reading this wrong but it looks like I'm not getting the: As shown in my screenshot: The commander XP discount seems to be working: Any insight here would be great! Don't want to spend a bunch of doubloons if this isn't working correctly.
  10. Xanture

    Holy UI Lag batman

    Wow, this last patch really increased the lag in the UI. I think restarting the client after every couple of games helped, but it also could be a placebo effect. Wargaming, all the cool stuff you do for this game is diminished when it takes forever to do things like show different stats screens after a battle, exiting a battle, switching ships or adding flags. It is not acceptable for an application running on modern hardware to behave this way.