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  1. RobertViktor68

    are you kidding me?

    I have the $$ for this! But, I just can't do it....... it's not German enough.
  2. RobertViktor68

    As a DD I now feel sorry for CV's

    It is cute when people say "no more no less" because they think they are being profound. it is also cute when they end a sentence with a period "." and then say "PERIOD!".
  3. RobertViktor68


    13 pages! Impressive.
  4. RobertViktor68


    I'm so glad I've skipped playing WoWS the last three weeks so, you guys can iron this thing out.
  5. RobertViktor68

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    What is it?
  6. RobertViktor68

    Azuma WIP

  7. RobertViktor68

    Azuma WIP

    HORAY! got 2.3 million free xp sitting around! Will get BOTH Alaska and Azuma!
  8. RobertViktor68

    Spending intentions poll

    I AM spending another cent.....and another and another and another......etc.
  9. RobertViktor68

    Can We Talking About The Ranked Dumpster Fire?

    based on comments so far...... NOT a dumpster fire.
  10. Been playing French wheeled tanks in WoT. I'll play WoWS in a couple of weeks while you guys and WG sort out this chaotic patch.
  11. RobertViktor68

    Can We Talking About The Ranked Dumpster Fire?

    Ranked is fun now. What's wrong with you?
  12. RobertViktor68

    "HOT-Fix They say...... " Not HOT enough.

    F-key not a cheat..... just an exploit. WG needed to see the numbers generated in live server in order to see unintended consequences of the change. I'm encouraged that this was identified so quickly and the first steps are being made to "hot fix" this. Probably more "fixes" will come as more data is gathered from the live server. I'm currently hiding in RANKED battles to avoid the "CV-changed-and-we-are-all-crazy" time.
  13. RobertViktor68

    Why do you still play this game?

    because Ranked.