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  1. RobertViktor68

    Logging in on support page not working.

    Yes, it would be easier. I only wanted the F.Sherman. If this is too hard, just getting the Carnot taken away would be enough.
  2. RobertViktor68

    Logging in on support page not working.

    Thanks. Hope you can help with my goof.
  3. Well, it is obvious I can log into the forums and the web page. I can even get in the game no problem. BUT, the player support page just recycles me back to the page before the log in. I accidently bought the Carnot in the Armory when I was trying to get the F. SHerman. Neither ship has been played. Someone in my clan said I should submit a ticket to get my coal back for the Carnot and the F. Sherman (because like a dummy I paid steel for it). Please help, I do not want the Carnot!
  4. RobertViktor68

    Balloon game mode makes everyone stupid

    ^flanking Yes but only if they move with the battle. Too many just sit in the spots they do in pub matches. It is no help.
  5. Sadly, most of the players in this mode think killing ships is the primary focus of the game. Learned behaviors of "island humping" and "long range shooting" don't help in this mode. The team that is willing to brawl, lose ships, and stay near to the balloon circles will win. Teams that have even 2 or 3 ships hang back to damage farm will lose. It is that simple and yet, no one has seemed to have learned a thing after this mode has been here 4 days. SMH at the idiots.
  6. RobertViktor68

    0.11.1 question

    OK, just re-watched the vid. I have to keep them if I want them as "special" ships.
  7. RobertViktor68

    0.11.1 question

    for the extra credits
  8. RobertViktor68

    0.11.1 question

    I have the GK and the Khaba. I understand the replacement but, if I sell both tonight.... will they be in my dockyard after the patch?
  9. RobertViktor68

    Economic flag gone?

    yeah it was automatic. so I might have run out and not noticed it.
  10. RobertViktor68

    Economic flag gone?

    Yeah, I don't remember it was less than 20 the last time I checked.
  11. RobertViktor68

    Economic flag gone?

    Hey, did WG sneek away my flags that reduced post battle repair cost?
  12. RobertViktor68

    Legendary upgrade Moskva

    whoops..... it seems I already have it. Just forgot.
  13. RobertViktor68

    Legendary upgrade Moskva

    What happened to that mission? I was almost done with it!
  14. RobertViktor68

    Puerto Rico

    not a troll post. I play on the weekends and was wondering if I really needed to throw actual cash at this. I don't. The ship is not that important so, I'll just collect what I can.