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  1. not me, I push..... damn the consequences and on to the next game.
  2. William Halsey x2 strike perk

    NO WAIT..... even if it was the first one..... there are not enough players to get 10 double strikes!
  3. William Halsey x2 strike perk

    Just wondering. If you get 10 double strikes in the game, will your detectability be reduced to zero? OR is "zero" un-obtainable because it's not -10% from 100 every time but, -10% of the present detectness. 10km -10% = 9km - 10%= 8.1km - 10% = 7.29km -10% = 6.56km - 10% = 5.9km - 10% = 5.31km - 10% = 4.78km - 10% = 4.3km -10% = 3.88km
  4. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    OP is either: stupid troll doesn't get how to play it All of the above
  5. Griefing?????

    Oh good grief!
  6. I remember 2 years ago there was a big discussion about Wargaming releasing German or UK BB lines for the centennial of the Battle of Jutland. Eventually we go both. May 31-June1 is the 102nd anniversary of the Battle of Jutland. We need a UK DD line to complete our wishes (well our wish is Battlecruisers). So far WG has done a good job with this game (excluding carriers). Keep it up WarGamming!
  7. PTS 7.5 starts tomorrow

    I always thought you were a good player and enjoyed divisioning with you. I forgave the "dummy move" because I thought it wasn't that "dummy". Besides, leadership at QP / QP2 went down the tubes within days of the incident. No "blacklist" directive was made to me.
  8. PTS 7.5 starts tomorrow

  9. speculation on 7.5 drop

    I was actually looking forward to "tier-ing down" and playing the lower ones first.
  10. Seeing so many ranked complaints again

    I've been seeing more purple players complain about ranked after rank 10 than anything else. I'm wondering what % of the game population they are. I'm not going past rank ten.... too much headache. I got the flags I wanted anyway.
  11. any new captains I get will get pumped with the avalanche of captain exp I have (1.6 million)
  12. Great avatar! Who is she?
  13. Played three games in Ranked yesterday. Gascan win Roma win Bismarck win Rank 11 achieved..... shut off game.