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  1. RobertViktor68

    better prepare because one of this day 8.4 will come

    I'm guessing English is not your first language.
  2. RobertViktor68

    Battlecruisers main part/part 1

    good post
  3. RobertViktor68

    is it safe to come back?

    Well, It's not like I have anything to grind. I have all the non-carrier tier tens.
  4. RobertViktor68

    is it safe to come back?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm just looking for the semi-balance that existed before the re-work. I'll give it another couple of weeks.
  5. RobertViktor68

    is it safe to come back?

    I've been avoiding WoWS since the CV re-work. Is it safe to come back? I only play non-cvs.
  6. RobertViktor68

    Flags for credits! - finally!

    how is this a thing? I'm just happy I don't have to use coal for this anymore.
  7. RobertViktor68

    are you kidding me?

    I have the $$ for this! But, I just can't do it....... it's not German enough.
  8. RobertViktor68

    As a DD I now feel sorry for CV's

    It is cute when people say "no more no less" because they think they are being profound. it is also cute when they end a sentence with a period "." and then say "PERIOD!".
  9. RobertViktor68


    13 pages! Impressive.
  10. RobertViktor68


    I'm so glad I've skipped playing WoWS the last three weeks so, you guys can iron this thing out.
  11. RobertViktor68

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    What is it?
  12. RobertViktor68

    Azuma WIP

  13. RobertViktor68

    Azuma WIP

    HORAY! got 2.3 million free xp sitting around! Will get BOTH Alaska and Azuma!