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  1. RobertViktor68

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    Oh, that would be great if this fixes it!
  2. RobertViktor68

    Should Arpeggio ships get special quirks?

    At least the camo does something now as to just being pretty.
  3. RobertViktor68

    Game freeze after victory

    I see in the 8.10 bug report thread this was common.
  4. RobertViktor68

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    also having that problem last night. We'll see about this evening if it is still there.
  5. RobertViktor68

    Game freeze after victory

    Last night I downloaded the patch and started the Italian Cruisers. Two games both ended the same way. Victory and game freezes. Was this common yesterday? I'll try again this afternoon.
  6. RobertViktor68

    remember when....

    The "filth" was called the "taint"? Taint-worth-it
  7. RobertViktor68

    What is more forgiving?

    all good suggestions guys...... I think I'll go with neither and save the tokens. Thanks!
  8. RobertViktor68

    What is more forgiving?

    After re-grinding the German lines a few times I have enough research points (tokens? whatever) to get either the OHIO or the Colbert. Not both. My question to the populace is which ship is more forgiving? I'm above average in this game so, I don't want something that is going demand a high skill level and turn a fun game into a pain in the [edited].
  9. RobertViktor68

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    Sooooooo I guessing you will not be testing them.
  10. RobertViktor68


    Ok thanks
  11. RobertViktor68


    I've been seeing this ship a lot today. I'm assuming it's in a test phase now because it's not available in the Armory or premium shop.
  12. RobertViktor68

    ST, Submarines

    some will stay, some will quit, some will rage, some will cheer........ total balance already. I'm actually encouraged to see this. The Devs in WoWS are way better at listening to the community than WoT. Fingers crossed.
  13. RobertViktor68

    better prepare because one of this day 8.4 will come

    I'm guessing English is not your first language.
  14. RobertViktor68

    Battlecruisers main part/part 1

    good post
  15. RobertViktor68

    is it safe to come back?

    Well, It's not like I have anything to grind. I have all the non-carrier tier tens.