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  1. Tirpitz. Your wish is granted.
  2. RobertViktor68

    Convert steel to coal for Jean Bart?

    LOL yeah sure! Convert all your steel to coal!
  3. Tier 10 premium ships
  4. RobertViktor68

    What is your Role in Clan Battles and do you enjoy it?

    My clan has me on Moskva more often than not. Playing the "anchor" is not the most exciting but, I'm usually used, as the fill in x ship, because I have all the 10's (except Daring). Our Alpha team is toying with 4 Harugomos strat. I can do that too. In past seasons Ive been used in Hindenburg (fun) and Gearing (more fun).
  5. RobertViktor68

    Come Sail in SYN

    Bumping this thread because I was really entertained by your clan battles posted on youtube.
  6. RobertViktor68

    Stalingrad breaking Clan Wars

    Last night we ran into a team... Yamato, Des Moines, 2 Moskva, THREE Stalingrads. We won (cap points) because they did not properly cycle their radars.
  7. I'm just putting this out there. The huge health pool, trollish armor, and speed of the Stalingrad is breaking clan wars. This game is no stranger to power creep ships but, this is just stupid. We will keep playing Clan Wars (made it to typhoon last season) but, this first week has been brutal running into these teams with 2 or more of these monsters in Gale League. Most likely, the "breaking" will be fixed as more players get the steel for this thing. I'm not advocating the removal or nurfing of the Stalingrad but, damn boy.
  8. RobertViktor68

    Looking for helper monkeys for Public Test

    downloading the test server after work tonight
  9. RobertViktor68

    Sprint is all the garbage of this rolled into one

    19 pt captain in Konig secondary build works well.
  10. RobertViktor68

    Sprint is all the garbage of this rolled into one

    If it is so objectionable.....DO NOT PLAY IT! I find it enjoyable.
  11. RobertViktor68

    question about jack dunkirk captain skills

    Same problem here too.
  12. RobertViktor68

    CV rework legendary mod?

    With the on-going re-work in progress for CV, they would have to change the Legendary Mods right? IJN tier 10 CV is a fighter mod...... soooooo?
  13. RobertViktor68

    Dev blog announced CE change

    I do have both and play them. I don't have a problem with running them non-stealth. Price you pay for RU OP.