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  1. Cyberjock

    Using karma in clan recruitment

    I agree, Karma is a [edited] stat. It should go away. To many trolls out there spamming the button of the one who killed them to fast or any other lame reason.
  2. Cyberjock


    so here it is 2019....have you filled out your roster yet? I am, NA very near Canada....have quite a few Canadian friends that come visit from time to time. I play for fun mostly....but I never mind occasionally kicking [edited]in a match. So team play is always fun too.
  3. you guys still looking for salty dogs?
  4. You guys still around?
  5. Cyberjock

    North Atlantic Squadron is accepting new members

    You guys still have room?
  6. Cyberjock

    SXB is recruiting!

    still have openings?
  7. Cyberjock

    CFG is now recruiting

    Wow...very interesting. I'd like to know more. I am very interested in this concept. I would like the link to discord to talk with you more whenever you get around to it. thanks. and God bless back atcha:)
  8. Cyberjock

    Check out the Mothership

    Curious if you guys are still around.
  9. how about crappy captains? lol...nah i'm not terrible. But i enjoy the game enough to have 2 accounts. I'm in my 40s, central time zone....and usually play later in the evenings. Anyway if you guys are still looking, i may have some interest.
  10. Cyberjock

    The Old Guys (TOG) Is Looking For New Older Members

    You guys still looking? I'm 43..not quite 45...USAF vet....on most evenings late. I'm mostly looking for good people to hang out with that are active to a decent extent. Tired of random solo play with all the trolls and haters out there. Damn kids lol. Take care.
  11. Cyberjock

    Low Stress Gaming of North America (LSGNA)

    Love the tag....looks like lasagna :) Who doesnt like that?