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  1. Those 2 players earned their Midways after the langley, Bogue, and Lexington, they probably had to lay air superiority just to get xp enough to get by. They are not great players by any measure, but low win rates are not signs of very bad players but a tough grind to the Midway..
  2. I hope to one day. While there, you have to visit her neighbor, the mighty Saratoga.
  3. Best or Most fun gun boats?

    I love the Scharnhorst. Its fast enough to put you in harms way, and armored enough so you can flee back to your team mates and annouce. "Ok gents, lets not go that way."
  4. Best or Most fun gun boats?

    In your opinion, what is the most fun ship just to sail for the lols and pure enjoyment? When I'm tired of grinding or the mind games of mid/high tiers, I try to play something fun. Currently my favorite toy is the Dresden. I dont think I've actually damaged anything yet, but with 200 hits per game it is one helluva fireworks show. What's your favorite?
  5. To whoever I upset last night I'm truly sorry. I just received my first chat ban since the world of tanks first beta. I like making people smile, and I share (ok maybe inflict) jokes via the chat in game. I figure if I'm supporting the team, making people "lol" and acting as a semi-competetant target for the baddies, I'm doing ok. Now the quality of the humor may drop, when im trying to sling smirks between AP salvos, and it fell low enough to hurt last night apparently and I'm truly sorry. Just know it wasn't intentional. Due to mistakes I've made and tragedies I've found (not all of them of my own making, mind you) world of warships is my last great bastion of light hearted happiness. I was hoping to pass this quiet Saint Valentine night sharing bad humor amongst the torpedo spreads, but I guess I'll run silent. The ban tonight, is a hard lesson, but I'll keep quieter from here on out. Respectfully One Lost engineer.
  6. Co op. Mains?

    1. Bringing a non upgraded shipnto PvP seems to be a drag on the team, so I use PvE to slowly grind upgrades on a new ship. 2. I use PvE to learn how newish ships handle. 3. Some nights, you just need to shoot things, and not be the one getting chewed on.
  7. To Mo, or not to MO...

    * Suddenly realizes his only gunslinger tier 8 premium is actually a movie star, and squees really manly like* Well yeah, of course I knew that, carry on.
  8. To Mo, or not to MO...

    How many other ships make millions, look cool doing it, have 16 in main guns, surrendered an entire country, fought in 3 wars, hosted a 1990's action flick AND fought aliens? If you don't lose sleep over missing her, than you'll at least get mild indigestion.
  9. If i had only good ideas, i wouldnt be lost. Star shells sound like fun.
  10. Originally that same lead system existed for guns as well, but they took it away for good reason. I was thinking you could get 3 20 seconds consumables for it, but the community here thinks american cruisers are fine. So im glad i came here instead of petittioning it.
  11. Oooh night fights. Would you suggest the japs get autotargeting Arc search lights? That would be a terrifying feeling to get lanced by those moments before you get smacked.
  12. Yes, im still on my Hornfischer binge, and im trying to figure out a way to suggest a way to buff American cruisers. High tier cruisers are in a windy corner right now. There are a bunch of cruiser killing battleships coming online, and not enough carriers to fight. Every nation has its flavor, and the American all gun anti AA one may not be as spicy as it once was. Also, in pre-alpha there was a auto lead feature for guns, but it proved to be too problematic since it made guns far too accurate. What are the problems with suggesting adding this back as a US cruiser timed feature? It would reflect the advanced radar the US brought to the pacific, reduce the inaccuracy of the high trajectory shells, and give the cruiser some scary bite for the few seconds its active. Thoughts?
  13. Radar and Destroyer concept

    So I'm on a Hornfischer binge right now, and im trying to figure out a way to suggest reworking radar to make it kinder to destroyers and more realistic. 1940's era search radar was pretty crude, it didn't just magically illuminate a target (gun director radar is a different manner) Instead of a 1 key stealth destroying feature, maybe the key gives range and bearing to a target? (Displayed similar to the torpedo auto target) This would better reflect the tech at the time, allow the player to blind fire into the right neighborhood and give destroyers better odds. What do you suggest?
  14. New Player, Bunch of Questions

    Welcome to world of warships and the forums! 1. I have no idea, but the Omaha is a fun ship so just play. 2. There are a bunch of XP flags, set your daily containers to get them. 3. Good luck, and your Omaha (I think you need tier 5 min to work them) 4. Jap carriers are pretty strong right now, but they are not arty. They play more like a poor man's starcraft.
  15. Good luck dusting that horrible pink stuff off . With lite skills like yours, those poor co-ops bots are going to get horribly squished.