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  1. Martin_NC

    Is This Game Going Down The WOT Path

    I played WoT for years and loved it but that love dwindled pretty quickly when they started adding post world war 2 vehicles. Auto loaders. Auto Loading Artillery. Light tanks that were essentially go-carts with recoilless rifles on them. It all started to get stupid. WoWs is scaring me a little lately.
  2. Martin_NC

    The Age of SZ premium bundles

    If we get close to the end of the event and I am still missing collection items I may spend a few dollars. I am OCD about unfinished collections but I am definitely going to keep this to a bare minimum. Just nowhere near enough value.
  3. Kitakaze Yugumo Rupprecht
  4. Aren't the new containers supposed to drop an item from the new collection? I only spent 3 bucks, so it is not a big deal or anything. Does the collection start later?
  5. I am absolutely willing to learn. I have on occasion dodge a homing torpedo. On those occasions I happened to be the right distance away and in a ship with suitable maneuverability etc. However, in my opinion, if a number of variables all have to align in order to dodge a torpedo then it is not easy to dodge a torpedo. Clearly I am doing something wrong. I really want to know how to EASILY dodge Homing Torpedoes.
  6. I got Shikishima first and then Mecklenberg. I like them both. I am currently considering Stalingrad, Bourgogne and Incomparable. Stalingrad seemed to be the default choice a few years ago but it also seems to have suffered some from powercreep. So many 18 and 20 inch guns in the game make it much less tanky. The guns are still great. On the other hand I am not a particularly good cruiser player. Incomparable. I am a naval history nerd and I find something about the British BCs weird design to be appealing. That is a really poor reason to spend 31k steel though. I am not sure how the Incomparable's playstyle would work for me. Tanks like a cruiser. I don't know. Bourgogne might be my best bet. I like BBs. I hate slow BBs. I actually think I'd play her more than the other two if I had all three. I am not looking at Ragnar because I already have 15 tier 10 DDs including Smaland, F. Sherman, Vampire II, Marceau, Tromp, Alvaro De Bazan, Hayate, Khabarovosk and 7 tech tree DDs Any thoughts, discussion etc is welcome. Are any of them going to be removed soon?
  7. Martin_NC

    What would improve the game?

    More battle modes. I have enjoyed Convoy, Grand Battles, Arms Race (when it was a separate mode) etc more than anything else. I would also like Co-op to be 9 players v 12 bots. More time spent on balancing and game modes rather than adding a new premium to see.
  8. Martin_NC

    My ship haul from crates

    So I bought another 20 Megas for a toal of 89 Megas. I got Hizen and Kamikaze R (I now have Kamikaze, Fujin and Kamikaze R ) I also got 3750 steel which I think means I would have pulled 3 more ships if I did not already have all of them. That would have been a total of 5 ships from that last 20 Megas and 17 ships out of the 89 total Megas. That is a 19.1% ship drop rate. Nothing to complain about here.
  9. Martin_NC

    My ship haul from crates

    Yes I am.
  10. Martin_NC

    My ship haul from crates

    OK, I already have V Kamikaze. I browsed the stats of both and they seemed nearly identical. Did I miss something?
  11. I have 47 tier 10s and used all the tickets to buy Mega Crates. I think that was 9 crates plus a few extra tickets. I also bought 60 mega crates. So 69 Mega Crates total. These are the ships that I got: 1. VIII Anhalt 2. VII Collingwood 3. IX Dalian 4. VIII Anchorage 5. VII Toulon 6. VIII San Diego 7. V Fujin 8. VII Huron 9. IX Black 10. VII FR25 11. VIII I-56 12. VIII S-189 I dis not keep track of the other stuff I got but I see that I am at 383 days of premium now and I was at around 150. I also got a fair bit of coal. Just thought I'd share. EDIT: Bought another 20 Mega Crates and Scored the IX Hizen and V Kamikaze R plus 3750 Steel.
  12. I get to the logging in part and it just keeps spinning. I had to got to task manager and end task to get out of it. I've done this 3 times after waiting a few minutes and now I am on my fourth try and just letting it spin. Is it just me? I have no other internet issues this morning.
  13. Martin_NC

    PRIME Santa Gifts SUPER DROP!

    I got nothing worth mentioning. Whatever, it was free.
  14. I think you are missing my intent. The CV can offer protection to 3 targets and is able to renew that protection. This means the enemy CV will be losing a prohibitive number of planes by attacking these targets. I also said this This makes CV sniping a bit less dangerous. My whole point is to make CVs more capable of defending friendlies from air attack and somewhat less capable of defending themselves.
  15. Martin_NC

    Summer Days

    Yes! I saw how bad this "event" was and remembered there had just recently been another still-born low effort event but couldn't remember what it was. Ruckus in the depot. Absolutely piss poor. This is also very very bad. If the cost were one-third it would still be bad. This is bizaare. Disclaimer: I don't hate WG. I don't mind them making money and I spend a lot. I just think these past two events were weirdly bad.