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  1. I got a bunch of notifications. I had 10 containers (but did not really get anything worth noting from them). I also got about 41 million credits added. That is the scary part. I am assuming they took something from me and gave me credits as compensation. I wonder what they took?
  2. Martin31415


    Puerto Rico is a beautiful ship when she is wearing that camo.
  3. Martin31415

    I have enough coal for one ship.

    So, thanks for the replies folks. I got the Thunderer. I wanted both the Thunderer and the Yoshino but I have heard mixed reviews on the Yoshino and I have never heard anything negative about the Thunderer. Also, I have 3 tier X premium cruisers already but this is my first tier X premium BB so that also swayed my decision. There are worse things in life than having 2 good choices. Back to hoarding coal for Yoshino....or....something else.
  4. Martin31415

    I have enough coal for one ship.

    Have both.
  5. I already have Salem and Smolensk. I would be happy with Thunderer or Yoshino but I am concerned that something will be released in the next couple of months that I would have preferred. I do not play enough to get lots of ships, so this is a pretty big decision for me. I saw a ship called Bajie or something on Flambass' channel. An izumo clone with better sigma. Anything else?
  6. Yea I had those special camos turned off in settings. I see it now. I don't play Kii enough to justify that 7k doubloons.
  7. Martin31415

    Smolensk and regret?

    I am a very casual player so it takes me forever to collect enough coal for one of these ships. I had wanted the Yoshino just because I like IJN stuff (not because I am good in IJN stuff, I am not good in anything). Then they introduced the Thunderer and I heard really great things about her and I do like BBs. At some point they put Smolensk in and I had enough coal for ONE ship. I asked for advice and everyone was saying how Smolensk was probably going to be removed and if you did not get it now, you would never get it. So I got Smolensk. My only interest in it was that I collect ships and it might be removed. I rarely play it and I am the greatest hater of HE spam that has ever lived so I do not enjoy it. I have finally collected enough coal for another ship. I wish I could trade the Smolensk for Yoshino and use my coal for Thunderer. Oh well.
  8. Where do you get this "special camo" ?
  9. Martin31415

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    Ships I got from boxes: Marblehead Lima (already had Marblehead) Exeter Irian Abruzzi Nueve De Julio (Already had Boise) T-61 Haida Prinz Eitel Friedrich Viribus Unitis Ark Royal I already had the vast majority of ships on the list. These are the ships on the list that I still do not have: Fujin Friesland Roma Bayard Cossack Le Terrible Hill Aigle Lazo
  10. Martin31415

    Too hard on players with PR?

    Check out some prices on double rifles. Holland & Holland double rifles for example.
  11. Martin31415

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    I seem to recall some community contributors making reasonably nice reviews of PR prior to the horrible event. Now everyone says it sucks. The event sucks. The PR is ok. Not great but it certainly does not suck.
  12. Martin31415

    12 losing streaks... is this even normal?

    Can confirm. Source: I suck at ships.
  13. Martin31415

    Tier 10 Santa Crate rewards... oh dear

    The weirdest part is that a tier 5 gave 400 coal guaranteed, tier 6 gave 500 coal guaranteed and tier 7 gave 750 coal guaranteed. Tier 8 and 9 give 75 steel which converts to 750 coal. And then tier 10 gives crap camos. Tier 7, 8 and 9 were a dead tie and tier ten was worse than tier 5. What the actual fook?
  14. When the event ends and a player still has unused shipbuilding tokens with they be turned into silver? I think that is what happens to other types of temporary currency.