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  1. Well, all the people saying they got the email have "beta Tester" on their profile so.... no sir, you are not good enough. Seriously, that makes it kind of obvious how the error occurred.
  2. Ah ok. There was a time when I would have been disappointed but I don't mind at all. I was a tiny bit interested in 2 of the ships on the list but not enough to start playing again.
  3. I am not sure why I got this email. It said the following ships with commanders had been credited to my account for testing and explained some rules that go along with the test. But none of the ships were in my port. Maybe they'll be there tomorrow. Maybe the email was an error. Strange things are afoot.
  4. AltWeiss

    Looking for clan.

    I like long walks on the beach, quiet dinners and spending quality time murdering my enemies. I like clan battles and divisions. Have not done a lot of ranked but I am going to remedy that. I am a fairly mediocre player I guess but my stats are rising so....there may yet be hope. I am Eastern US time zone and on weeknights I need to pack it in pretty early but I will be online a lot. Weekends are usually good. I prefer TS over discord but can make either work.
  5. AltWeiss

    Is there a limit to frame rate in this game?

    Ok, it says the game is set to 75 FPS. This is all I really wanted to know. I have no problems with 75 FPS, I just wanted to know why it wasn't higher because I have seen much higher frame rates with other games. Thank you very much.
  6. AltWeiss

    Is there a limit to frame rate in this game?

    "By default the game is locked at 75 FPS" Ok, this is really all I wanted to know. I do not mind it being 75 FPS I just wanted to know if it was because of some game setting or because of some setting with my PC or problem with my PC. Sorted. Thanks.
  7. AltWeiss

    Is there a limit to frame rate in this game?

    The computer is using the nVidia GPU for the game and I have optimized the settings. I did this (though I have a 1070ti and this vid is a 1060). I find it very difficult to believe that this game is challenging an 8 GB 1070ti. I mean, weirder stuff has happened but that almost certainly is not the problem. I am still getting FPS in the high 70s. I do not really mind that. The game runs smooth as glass. I just find it odd and wanted to know what causes this.
  8. I just got a brand new PC and my frame rate went from 65 or so on average to I guess about 75 or a little more. I went from a 5 year old alienware 17 laptop to a brand new Alienware Aurora with an i7 and 1070ti. I see youtube videos of this machine running various games at 140 FPS etc. I am not saying I need 140 FPS but it seems odd that the FPS is this low.
  9. AltWeiss

    DD-214 Now accepting new members

    Do you use Teamspeak?
  10. AltWeiss

    PSA Salem

    All I am saying is that the Des Moines can run radar and hydro. Having radar with your hydro is better than having the ability to shoot down a spotter with your hydro. If you think differently then, cheers.
  11. And they did some low level "duos" in the premium shop and what else? Was the Sharks and Eagles thing a part of it? I thought Sharks and Eagles was for some other reason. Maybe I should pay more attention. Did I miss something?
  12. AltWeiss

    PSA Salem

    DFAA is useful in Clan Wars with no CVs? An occasional spotter plane is not enough to justify losing the slot IMO. I see the consumable set up as a small drawback. I still like the ship.
  13. AltWeiss

    PSA Salem

    I am not a good player but I have both DM and Salem now. I only read the first page and a half of this thread so I may be repeating stuff but here it is: 900 fewer hitpoints than Des Moines. 127mm AA for 91 DPS @ 5k range same as Des Moines 76mm AA for 335 DPS @ 5k range same as Des Moines No 20mm which were only 43 DPS @ 2k range Radar is 8.5k for 25 sec as opposed to 9.9k for 40 sec with Des Moines DM heal does 253 per sec for 28 secs = 7,084 Salem heal does 994 per sec for 20 sec = 19,880 The consumables are different. With Des Moines Defensive AA and Hydro shared a slot. This means you can run Radar + Hydro for Clan Wars (since there are no CV) and for randoms you can choose Radar + Defensive AA (or Radar + Hydro again if that is what you prefer). With Salem, the radar shares a slot with Hydro and DFAA is in its own slot. So for clan wars you have DF AA + Radar or DF AA + Hydro. DF AA is useless in Clan Wars and I am not sure that even in Randoms anyone would choose DFAA + Hydro over DFAA + Radar. So essentially you have only one set-up. Maybe I am not a great player but I do not understand why that heal is not as good as 1.4k radar range for 15 additional seconds. I know it is different but it is not a downgrade.
  14. AltWeiss

    Dumbing down of super containers

    I got 500 doubloons a few days ago. Today I got 7 days premium. Neither of these are particularly exciting to me but I am not going to complain about free shht.
  15. Maybe I am just on a bad streak but when I play my Shima I go entire games with zero torp hits. I use the 12k torps and I do not launch from max range but it seems like they are just way too easy to dodge. I used to do pretty well in my Shima but lately just nothing.