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  1. Mr_Alex

    So wargaming Russian CVs when o.O

    How about MIG-29 or SU-35 instead?:
  2. Mr_Alex

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    Will this ship be sold in the prem shop?
  3. @Ensign_Cthulhu The Kriegsmarine submarines should also be allowed to use the G7ES homing torpedo in PVP mode as well, confining it to VS bots or operations mode only is not realistic
  4. Since submarines are coming to World of Warships, in regards to the Kriegsmarine submarines, would anyone here be keen that they have the ability to use G7ES homing torpedo. For those who do not know what a homing torpedo is, it is meant to chase down and sink a ship. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/G7es_torpedo
  5. Mr_Alex

    CVs still the scapegoat?

    @Battleship_Elisabeth are you sure?
  6. Mr_Alex

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    I am at least 1 that use RPF on my CV's, it makes detecting lone DD's much easier
  7. Mr_Alex

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    CV's will be a bit harder to play once RPF cannot be used on planes anymore which the Developers have said in their livestream yesterday
  8. Mr_Alex

    Balance Q+A 2

    @jags_domain All my CV's use RPF, if I find you in a destroyer in the first 3 minutes in game, you can bet I will attack the DD first and make sure no zones are captured by the enemy
  9. Mr_Alex

    Balance Q+A 2

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Yre1nK-V_g Not sure if this is good news, they are planning to disable planes from using RPF
  10. Mr_Alex

    Better Hurry with that Hotfix Fix!

  11. Mr_Alex


    I enjoy abusing the F key when I am in my Graf Zeppelin CV
  12. @USS_Taylor_Swift @mavfin87 Hakuryu is not OP because it can stealth torpedo and also torp spam is a good thing, also Hakuryu is fine as it is
  13. @USS_Taylor_Swift That still does not mean Hakuryu is OP