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  1. @Cruxdei @LittleWhiteMouse So is the PEF still worth buying at this point?
  2. Mr_Alex

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    No it won’t be overpowered, all it does is putting in a mix of silent hunter and navyfield aspects into submarines, I believe there would be no complaints if submarines were given unlimited oxygen or battery or 20 to 30 knots dived or on periscope depth or the ability to a single volley of torpedo which can mean to 4 or 6 torpedo in a single run
  3. Mr_Alex

    Latest Submarines Q&A

    The submarines were not really OP in Navyfield, what would make them fun would be giving them unlimited oxygen or battery, the ability to travel 20 or 30 knots when on periscope depth and also the ability to do a torpedo run or volley undetected, that kind of mechanic can work in world of warships
  4. Mr_Alex

    West Virginia update

    Still waiting for the Kongo 1914 when it left the Vickers shipyard in England
  5. https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/2195847810741554?__xts__[0]=68.ARCN6NTRdLsJhZpTwwiCd3NzrZe15IdFuC3-oKhLOgG9cPLBBLHw4v0GurRucNs3_EDKQMZ2S0DVAPQnZJazdb7mm3YEoyat_2-41NHCoNUbT7_K6Z49nAKNa22bfFpli2Knvh-Of-DDPGdQpaXWyrJVqrzgXEyVMwc49ZszVEO1YLVR1_QquQ&__tn__=-R
  6. @LittleWhiteMouse Are you willing to do a premium proposal for the HMS Repulse as well since she was with the HMS Prince of Wales on the same day of being sunk?
  7. Mr_Alex

    planes vs submarine?

    how about we add submarines like this: Submarines can have unlimited oxygen when submerged Submarines can attack while submerged undetected Submarines can fire 4-6 torpedo in a single volley Submarines can do 15 to 20 knots submerged and can chase down a BB, CL, CA, CV or DD This is a blend of Silent Hunter and Navy Field but it wouldn't be OP
  8. no trade offs, just those two abilities will suit me
  9. Would you support submarines have unlimited oxygen when submerged and also the ability to do 15 to 20 knts when submerged as well?
  10. This ability gives submarines the chance to attack BB, CL, CA, CV and DD at close range without being detected by the enemy, that’s why i am advocating submarines be given unlimited oxygen when submerged which makes detecting them more difficult
  11. I believe in Silent hunter, submarines were given an option to use unlimited oxygen when submerged, would anyone here like to see this option given to submarines in world of Warships which mean they can stay hidden when submerged until they feel it is safe to go on the surface