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  1. The great submarine debate

    Its entertaining watching this train wreck of a thread
  2. For prem BB are you willing to have Caracciolo included, she was the Italian equivalent of the Royal Navy QE class BB https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_Caracciolo-class_battleship#/media/File%3ACaracciolo_class.jpg
  3. Premium Ship Review #100

    Is Thunderer going to be sold in prem shop or its FXP requirement?
  4. I am thinking of providing a more detailed analysis into Graf Zeppelin's 2x Fighter and 3x AP Dive Bomber configuration on whats really wrong
  5. Just to illustrate how game breaking Graf Zeppelin’s 2X Fighters and 3X AP Dive Bombers really is: That amount of citadel hits is insane
  6. Consider this, have you thought that GZ’s AP dive bombers are seen as game breaking?
  7. Most GZ players I know in the NA server prefer the 2-0-3 configuration for Graf Zeppelin CV
  8. This has now started to become a possibility that in my opinion, AP dive bombers are a seriously bad inclusion to the game. I own a Graf Zeppelin CV, the following ships do not fare well once Graf Zeppelin’s AP Dive Bomber’s get a perfect hit: USN North Carolina Colorado New Mexico Cleveland Pensacola New Orleans IJN Fuso Ashitaka Nagato Mutsu Aoba Mogami Atago Myoko French Navy lyon Normandie algerie richelieu gascogne charles martel henri iv German Navy Scharnhorst Gneisenau Nurnberg Yorck bismarck tirpitz G. Kurfurst F. Der Grobe my question is should AP dive bombers be seriously removed from the game, this is a list of ships I have either managed to wipe out or severely damage with Graf Zeppelin’s AP dive bombers
  9. Time to ramp up that salt, by the way GZ is not OP
  10. Me with my Graf Zeppelin
  11. so done playing with CV

    But in that match it heavily fell in my favour as the enemy team was hiding in fear when I was already reducing the health on their BB’s
  12. so done playing with CV

    But but CV is not OP
  13. so done playing with CV

    I drive a Graf Zeppelin around with Stuka Dive Bombers armed with AP bombs and just take out the BB’s straight away as that is about prioritising your enemy targets and GZ is just completely fun