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  1. Thats correct the Ashitaka is still the old 1920s stock hull Amagi according to ev1an we may be waiting for a while
  2. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/84118-what-happend-to-ashitaka/?page=3
  3. Ashitaka for the time being is still being made or etc
  4. How about NO?
  5. highly possible as that single torp hit occured near Turret 2 on the Bismarck
  6. Last night, I was testing my Graf Zeppelin Test 1 and her torpedo bombers. Well when I saw a Bismarck with a cruiser supporting it and then a minute later, the cruiser went a bit further and the Bismarck became a easy target. I decided to send a single JU-87C Torpedo Bomber Squad armed with Deep Water Torpedo in and to my surprise, one single Deep Water torpedo went into the middle of the Bismarck BB and literally killed it, one single torpedo took out 69,200 HP from Bismarck BB, is this mean to happen, the Bismarck BB was literally trying to turn. Is this meant to happen?
  7. I managed to take out a Bismarck BB in GZ Test 1 with a single Deep water torpedo, also it took one deep water torpedo to sink it as well
  8. I forgot to add it when I made the poll, just added it in
  9. Simple poll for the community on the need for the Royal Navy BB HE nerf