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  1. planes vs submarine?

    how about we add submarines like this: Submarines can have unlimited oxygen when submerged Submarines can attack while submerged undetected Submarines can fire 4-6 torpedo in a single volley Submarines can do 15 to 20 knots submerged and can chase down a BB, CL, CA, CV or DD This is a blend of Silent Hunter and Navy Field but it wouldn't be OP
  2. Would you support submarines have unlimited oxygen when submerged and also the ability to do 15 to 20 knts when submerged as well?
  3. This ability gives submarines the chance to attack BB, CL, CA, CV and DD at close range without being detected by the enemy, that’s why i am advocating submarines be given unlimited oxygen when submerged which makes detecting them more difficult
  4. I believe in Silent hunter, submarines were given an option to use unlimited oxygen when submerged, would anyone here like to see this option given to submarines in world of Warships which mean they can stay hidden when submerged until they feel it is safe to go on the surface
  5. CV Rework Feedback

    More than that if you ultilize Graf Zeppelin's capablities correctly, I.E. deploy her fighters in capture the area mode at cap zones like B or C, its a guaranteed win if you can keep the enemy perma spotted and if you can wipe out the enemy BB, CL ,CA with her AP dive bombers, the collapse comes quicker
  6. CV Rework Feedback

    All I will say is that Graf Zeppelin's AP Dive Bombers is more severe than Enterprise's AP Dive Bombers, line all 3 of Graf Zeppelin's AP Dive Bombers above a BB or CA or CL, you get insta death, also if I get lucky, I managed to kill Yamato in a single hit with all 3 of Graf Zeppelin's AP Dive Bombers
  7. CV Rework Feedback

    I belief Graf Zeppelin with her 2x Fighter and 3x AP Dive Bombers worsened the situation, every time I play with Graf Zeppelin's 2-0-3 I can get 11 to 20 citadel hits and if you pit 3 of her Dive Bombers above a BB or CL, it is a guaranteed kill
  8. CV Rework Feedback

    So I have been playing the Graf Zeppelin CV the whole weekend, not only did it cause the whole enemy team to report me, in most of the capture the area game modes, all I had to do was put my own fighters at B or C and then the enemy was just perma spotted, if the perma spot last more than 1 min, I send my AP Dive Bombers in and start systematically taking out the BB’s and CL’s and this kind of strategy resulted in heaps of wins
  9. If you see me playing with Graf Zeppelin, of course I will prioritize my enemy first, I wait for enemy BB's to committ a tactical mistake which would be hanging around by themselves which means I get all my 3X Ap Dive Bombers above you and get ready to be damaged or sunk
  10. Yes, I played at least 4 GZ rounds today, the amount of salt was hilarious
  11. I have a GZ in my shipyard and have been playing a lot with it during the weekend, you can bet the enemy team will report you when you bring out her 2x Fighter and 3x AP Dive Bomber setup
  12. No, not until after the CV rework
  13. Here is the question I am going to ask, with the cv rework coming, should AP Dive Bombers stay in game?
  14. CV Rework Feedback

    Anyone here familiar with Farazelleth: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1000523063,farazelleth/ His WR on CV is like 75% on the North America server with 601 battles https://wows-numbers.com/player/500494658,Farazelleth/ His WR on CV is like 70% on Europe Server with 5379 battles