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  1. The problem is that captain skills are far to powerful in specific ships. A secondary boat can not perform its function without the 20% increased range and the increase in accuracy. So you cant even play to your strengths without a 14 pt captain, and then still without ifhe your not going to pen much. For a DD to properly contest caps you require a 10 point captain minimum. This game does punish new players. You already lack knowledge, must fight higher ranked ships, and have a capt skill deficit as well. I like the idea of captain skills but they should have much less impact...
  2. The Des Moines. It's a heavy cruiser that can easily be penned when it's bow on. Its short range artillery. I just don't see a point in playing a Des Moines vs a harugumo. Gumo does what the Des moines does but better and with nice torps and concealment. Des Moines simply doesn't feel like a heavy cruiser to me. It feels like a light cruiser.
  3. Sepia

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Completely reworked Capt skills. I'd like more options with less effect. I would rather have no tiers. Pick what skill you want aslong as you have a point to spend. Some ships are simply to Capt skills reliant, 2ndaries for example. I would like to see a more interactive 2ndary mechanic. 2ndaries need a rework. Using them is clumsy as hell, especially with manual. I hate alt clicking. I also dislike that even when you alt click it sometimes takes a year for the 2ndaries to fire . Each 2ndary gun should be it's own entity and it should fire based upon it's own line of sight. I would like to some some drawbacks occur as you get damaged. Maybe a partially damaged turret is less accurate or a rudder doesn't quite turn to Port as well. Like a middle between works and doesn't work. I would like to see damage control change. I'd rather it reduce all durations while active and last longer. I'd rather it not be an instant remove of all negative effects. Maybe all dots and broken modules repair twice as fast while DC is active.
  4. Sepia

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    The only issue I have with BB vs DD fights is how low high explosive damage can be. Even after the AP Nerf vs DD, I find AP as effective or more effective than high explosive. High explosive can knockout modules including torps, but I find that loading AP is still more effective in a majority of situations. I do mainly drive usn BB which could have something to do with it. I've had all nine high explosive shells hit for just over 9k and I've had all nine armor piercing rounds hit for just over 9k. So why load HE. Isn't the point of high explosive that it does more damage to lightly armored targets? Doesn't seem to, so I rarely load it even when engaging DD...
  5. Sepia

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    The scenario will be: DD: do I cap or not. I should try a quick nap at A. CV: I have rockets in the air, I'm going to wait and watch the caps. DD: teammate is capping B so I will go A. CV: someone started capping B and A. We have a DD at A so I will aid him. CV: send rocket planes to A and easily spot DD. Make a rocket strike. DD smokes. Fly plants to nearest ship and strike til out. Recall planes and send out next squad. Time the smoke, make a strike on someone it you have time, send planes over smoke after strikes. DD: used smoke in cap. Enemy DD here. I can either leave smoke to try to dodge the torps I know are coming but get plane spotted or risk being torped so the planes can't spot me. I shouldn't have capped...
  6. Sepia


    I run a 19 point cpt in it as well. It never leaves the Mass simply because I enjoy the ship so much and she suffers without it.
  7. Sepia


    I really enjoy the Massachusetts. Its just a fun all around ship. I decided to grind up the german bb line simply because im enjoying the Mass so damn much. This started getting me thinking about 2ndaries and a lot of annoying things that get in the way of enjoying them. I am going to list them: 1. Captain skills To get decent 2ndaries oh man does it require a huge investment in captain skills. This feels very similar to how the 100mm DD IJN line played before the changes to penetration. It felt pretty bad sitting in smoke and landed 200 hits on a single BB to set 1 or maybe 2 fires and deal very little direct damage. You are forced to go with a high level captain or suffer. Even with a level 10 capt, there is no real way to make 2ndaries viable. Imagine if main guns worked this way. Imagine being in a Mass with a level 10 captain and sacrificing main gun range, main gun dispersion, and AA range, to get a faster use heal and 2ndaries that have no range, no penetration, and cant start fires? Captain skills have always felt like a detriment to me. When I look at a lot of ships I can think, with a 10 point captain I can make this work with just a little sacrifice and change of play style. DD for example. As long as you have concealment, most DD are playable. With most battleships you can play with little hindrance with even lower skilled captains. Does it hurt to not have concealment in a BB, yes. Is it easily playable to most BB strengths, yes. When secondaries are your strength you simply cant play t o your strengths without a high skilled captain. Even with a 10 ponter, what do you choose for your tier 4 skill that plays to your strength? As a Mass do you go manual 2ndaries, ifhe, or aft 1st? 20% extra range on 2ndaries is huge. Do you want to use your 2ndaries from 11.3km or 9 km? Even if you choose IFHE so that your 2ndaries will actually deal direct damage, you wont have the range to use them much. If you choose manual 1st, you are accurate enough to hit DD withing 7 or so KM but is that really a benefit or does it set you up to take dangerous risks? If you do go IFHE 1st and deal with the short 9km range of 2ndaries, when you get close your guns will actually begin to lose dps due to firing at BB belt armor. Even with a 19pt capt if you want to max 2ndaries you will have to sacrifice concealment to do it... 2. 2ndary Accuracy The AI aim is pretty abysmal most of the time. There is definitely a sweet spot. I notice that the closer I get the worse the dps is VS BB and the better it is vs DD. In my Mass I have shredded DD that have came within 4km. If a BB is full broadside to me within 8 km, mostly nothing but shatters do to the AI aiming at belt armor. I have the same issue with line riders. If someone rides t he map border at an angle, every single 2ndary shell will miss due to the AI predicting the enemy going in a direction that they cant. The player cant actually move forward but the 2ndary AI doesnt realize this so it shoots way deep past the map border. As a possible fix how about we set 2ndary AI to shoot higher the closer we are to BB and low the closer we are to DD? I have no clue how to solve line riding. 3. Concealment Concealment in this game almost always seems backwards to me. It seems that the longer the range on your guns and the more accurate they are, the better concealment that you have. So a Bismarck suffers poor accuracy at range to gain close quarter brawling power. Why does it suffer from being harder to conceal? This seems backwards. If you need to get close, than wouldnt you design your ship to get close? If you can shoot accurately from 20km, why would you waste effort on being concealed? 4. Anti-Aircraft With the Mass specifically this seems a bit bonkers. So you sacrifice AA range to increase 2ndary range. Arent these the same [edited]guns? I bought this rifle, man its great at hitting dear, but when I shoot at birds strangely the projectile doesnt go as far. I would understand if you gave dual purpose guns some sort of drawback, but a reduction in range depending on the target is strange. 5. Manual 2ndaries I dislike this skill. So the guys on one side of my ship fall asleep when I dont specifically tell them to shoot. This mechanic needs to go. I would suggest that when a player alt clicks a target, 2ndaries, dual purpose guns, and AA focus that target if capable. So if you manually target a squad of planes, your dual purpose guns will continue to shoot those planes but not fire at any ships. This would encourage active control of guns and a chance for outplays. Maybe a CV sees your 2ndaries focused on a BB and decides to strike you know that your dual purpose guns are busy. If you want more accurate fire on manually targeted ships and planes then do that. We dont need a skill for that. Make it a basic mechanic that by alt clicking you get 50% more accuracy with 2ndary and AA. 6. Sacrifice I am all for sacrificing for a benefit. I enjoy the Mass and I am perfectly happy sacrificing main gun dispersion and range for 2ndary performance and a faster cooldown heal. What I dont like is having these same 2ndaries on other ships that under perform massively in comparison. I believe that the variation on some ships is simply to diverse and that leads to issues. I do enjoy ships that are more specialized and I do enjoy the idea of having multiple builds but what I would like to see is more varied builds per ship type. I would like to see someone take a North Carolina and build it sort of like a Mass. The 2ndaries of the NC will not outperform the Mass 2ndaries of course. The problem is that the NC 2ndaries with the same build will not perform at all. There is no way to take an NC and sacrifice to gain something like 2ndary strength. I would enjoy seeing more sacrifice built into our choices on captain and module spec. I would like to see varying degrees of 2ndary performance other than, GOOD or BAD. I would like to see a random ship and not know exactly how its fit and what it will do. On a Mass 18 km main gun range is a pretty decent sacrifice, but with a low level captain, you sacrifice main gun range for almost nothing in return... Just some thoughts...
  8. I hate CV. I mostly play t8 mass. When I see a Midway i think, if he wants to delete me, I can't do crap. I have decent AA on my Mass. I can hug a Worcester. It won't matter. If he wants to kill me, I'm dead. This doesn't sound fun and engaging...
  9. Sepia

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying. An AA built DD cannot shoot down planes. In the current meta I can take a Kidd and shoot down planes. This is how it's different. So they can permanently spot a DD without fear of losing planes. Even a DD built to kill planes...
  10. Sepia

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    But perma spotting. If an AA speced gearing can't kill a single plane, this leads to perma spotting. This also leads to the DD not being able to Torp. It doesn't take long for the rest of your team to kill a DD while you spot it with planes. You can force that DD to sail away and once it's out of range to be effective, send your planes to assault another ship. Call that squad back while sending out a new squad to spot the DD again. Rinse repeat. It's effective at killing all the enemy DD, which is what is most important and not artificially inflated damage numbers...
  11. Sepia

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    I disagree. Simply flying over and spotting add allowing your team to focus fire is enough. The DD has no counter besides smoke. This largely limit DD mobility. All the while the has no counter. The CV will sit in safety. The CV isn't sacrificing in this scenario. With unlimited planes, the CV will become more important as time passes.
  12. Sepia

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    It looks like trying to play a DD with CV will be near impossible. A DD will need to spend the entire game trying to hide. Just watched a nother video where with and AA spect gearing oh, he didn't kill a single plane after 20 minutes of play. What happens to DD like the kid which is AA focused.
  13. With the CV rework, I would personally like to see manual AA/2ndaries removed and added as a ship function. I havnt been following the CV rework closely so maybe im rehashing crap that is already in progress, if so, just ignore. I would like to see Manual AA/2ndaries become a part of all ships. You select the AA/2ndaries as if it were torps/shell type and aim them. For AA you aim and hold the button down for spam fire. For 2ndaries you fire as normal guns. I would fire as normal guns. With AA and 2ndaries on auto fire they have reduced dmg/accuracy. I think this would be more engaging and allow CV to play their strikes off of allied ships who are engaging enemies, knowing that the target must make the choice to defend air or attack the sea. This would also help with 2ndaries odd mechanics. At close range, im tired of seeing my 2ndaries shoot at the belt, doing zero damage. I am also tired of having a full spec 2ndary ship miss every shot because someone is border riding screwing up 2ndary aiming. In a ship with 30 second reload, being able to aim and fire 2ndaries would be engaging.
  14. The worst is when you're like in a harugumo with like 6.8 concealment and you are trying to follow another DD into the cap, and that DD yells at you for not capping. Like your entire purpose is to support him and his 5.6 km concealment but he's mad that he has to go in first. Sorry dude, I'm a cruiser in DD clothing.
  15. Sepia

    Massachusetts 3rd skill BFT v. SI

    umm, yes manual 2ndaries and ifhe. Full 2ndary build all the way. Hell I have had entire krakens from 2ndaries alone...