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  1. Looking at getting a new computer case to replace the one I have now which is basically a server tower. Its nice but needs better airflow, and on that note I think I have found a candidate that fits the bill.

    1. Lennon82


      oh what are you looking at ?


    2. OOM911


      I am planing to get a AZZA Solano 1000 Black. Its a little pricey but it can handle everything I can throw at it, fans include 2 230mm 2 140mm and 1 120mm and what I love about this is there blue LED and I love blue. With that much airflow, and room it should really fix and heating problems I could have. Depending on my next few paychecks, I may also get a digital fan and heat monitor for it, this also comes with the benefit of since my brother wanted a PC i can build him one with the leftove...

    3. Lennon82


      nice good luck then