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  1. OOM911

    CV Rework Feedback

    A big problem I have noticed so far is since the 2 tier jump has been implemented tier 6 carriers get into matches with tier 8's. Now while this is fine t6 vs t7's the power jump makes it basically so if it comes down to it the tier 8 will almost always win simply due to higher plane HP and greater AA. Gradual change was fine. honestly I don't know why we need "DRAMATIC!" change tier to tier. Also as I have brought up before the lack of direct control over the carrier really hurts CV players as they have to abandon there strikes progress, in order to take direct control, and use things like, heal,catapult fighter, and repair. Not to mention maneuver. The AI has a bad habit of driving the CV into rocks when you try to set a complex path to follow through cover. you also can't use AA sector while flying, and on that note, CAN WE PLEEESE! make the default button for AA sector something other then O... It's just Really Really bad key placement! If you have 1 hand on the mouse, and one hand on the maneuver keys, I can't hit the O button at all...
  2. I'm gonna remain skeptical... Hopeful, but skeptical. If a Kancolle collab happens It would hit all servers, So maybe a launching off point? All I know is that's how AL used it. But hey! It's all good ether way.
  3. OOM911

    Which nations would get Subs first?

    I'm gonna say ether Germany (They basically made them what they are.) or Japan (cause of the I-400)
  4. OOM911

    The Ocean Poll!

    I have played this map ever since it came out in alpha (we nicknamed it new map 1: editor joke) Primary problem is what this map devolved into every single game. Teams riding the boarders. There is no cover so you must run, and there is nowhere to run. I could go on but REALISM doesn't always works for this game.
  5. OOM911

    Dasha being added as commander

    Why not just automaticly have all the skills at the same time?
  6. I keep forgetting you still exist unlike a majority of the people on my friends list.

  7. Looks like new testers are asking for advice... Kinda nice in a way...

  8. Just put in a new application for the closed alpha today, hope we all get a good chance of getting in.

  9. Seems I have caught a cold, only thing I seem to ever get. Runny nose, throught feels like its on fire, and a headache so bad I can hardly stand up. I just hope this doesn't last to long.

  10. Computer rebuilt into the AzzA 1000 case. My room is suddenly much colder.....

    1. Lennon82


      lol a side affect of not letting your computer over heat lol i had the same problem :P

  11. Just placed the order for a AZZA Solano 1000 Black Case, should arive before the end of the month, looking forward to the cooling upgrade and cool look. Just gonna take a while to reasemble the computer in the new case, but not like I haven't done it before.

  12. Looking at getting a new computer case to replace the one I have now which is basically a server tower. Its nice but needs better airflow, and on that note I think I have found a candidate that fits the bill.

    1. Lennon82


      oh what are you looking at ?


    2. OOM911


      I am planing to get a AZZA Solano 1000 Black. Its a little pricey but it can handle everything I can throw at it, fans include 2 230mm 2 140mm and 1 120mm and what I love about this is there blue LED and I love blue. With that much airflow, and room it should really fix and heating problems I could have. Depending on my next few paychecks, I may also get a digital fan and heat monitor for it, this also comes with the benefit of since my brother wanted a PC i can build him one with the leftove...

    3. Lennon82


      nice good luck then

  13. Decided to reinstall battlestations pacific while we wait for world of warships... Now that games for windows live is kinda gone its really hard to get running right. Oh well I'll get the DLC by way of mods now I guess...

  14. New AMD R9 290 video card installed and running like a charm, so nice when things work out!

    1. Lennon82


      haha i know the feeling recently built my own comp for the first time it was so much easier that i thought it would be and oh was i relieved the first time it turned on and there were no problems :P

  15. New AMD R9 290 should be arriving on September 5th, and with 1000 watt power supply you better believe I can run it!

    1. Ephemeric


      A tad bit overkill.. a 750W would run it without problem.. but a 500W wouldn't... just depends on the computer setup.. either way, it should serve you well :)