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  1. This seems to apply to all 4 carriers, and regards the stripe put on the center of the deck. There are a few things I noticed about the stripe that have got me thinking this might be a bug and they go as follows. 1.The stripe always looks to have a wooden texture even though the Rhein, and M. Richthofen have metal decks 2. All details that the stripe runs over are lost, for example, The rails, edges of elevators and such. 3. Not sure if this one is just by choice but is the stripe supposed to only run partway down the deck or go the full distance down the deck, cause the partway thing looks kinda weird...
  2. I would like bastion to come back. Bastions only real problem was the forts laser like accuracy, but if they use the forts from operations as a base model I think it would work fine. I've also always thought arms race should be part of the main rotation.
  3. OOM911

    Cannuck ships?

    As a CV lover, and Canadian myself I support this!
  4. OOM911

    Tier X KMS Cv Having Jet Aircraft!

    I could see this as Germany is also supposed to have the weakest, Fastest planes. And nothings says fast like a me 262
  5. First of all I will say I don't really care about the carrier ability since it was only 3 aircraft. But I think this one should be the IJN top tier sub due to when it came out, and how big it was... Also 8 forward mounted torpedo tubes sounds pretty mean. In all honesty though I don't really think I can list the other stats as WG has shown they don't really matter in the case of speed or secondary weapons. I will admit I kinda want this for a few selfish reasons. Partly cause I like the concept, partly cause I just like IJN stuff in general, and partly cause I want if for a ship to stick Iona on.
  6. OOM911

    Add shinano

    Well, there is one ship in the game now that shows Shinano could work... and that's Ark Royal! That ship's BIGGEST thing is the regeneration rate of its air group vs the amount on the deck.
  7. I have been playing this for a while and thought it was just me... BUT it turns out that if you play the Cleveland with the Azur Lane camo equipped the ship goes silent. Not a sound from the, Main guns, Secondaries, or AA... I'm not sure why this is happening, But I decided I would report this seeing as the Montpelier is coming out soon, and all the other Azur Lane skins work fine..
  8. OOM911

    CV Rework Feedback

    A big problem I have noticed so far is since the 2 tier jump has been implemented tier 6 carriers get into matches with tier 8's. Now while this is fine t6 vs t7's the power jump makes it basically so if it comes down to it the tier 8 will almost always win simply due to higher plane HP and greater AA. Gradual change was fine. honestly I don't know why we need "DRAMATIC!" change tier to tier. Also as I have brought up before the lack of direct control over the carrier really hurts CV players as they have to abandon there strikes progress, in order to take direct control, and use things like, heal,catapult fighter, and repair. Not to mention maneuver. The AI has a bad habit of driving the CV into rocks when you try to set a complex path to follow through cover. you also can't use AA sector while flying, and on that note, CAN WE PLEEESE! make the default button for AA sector something other then O... It's just Really Really bad key placement! If you have 1 hand on the mouse, and one hand on the maneuver keys, I can't hit the O button at all...
  9. While in my opinion the changes coming have been working well... this one creates more problems then it solves...one of two things will happen. A. the carrier line becomes the easiest line to complete and least grindy... B. the Carrier line becomes the MOST grindy line in the game making it the hardest to complete and making less people complete it... In the case of B if it does go that way we already loose players who are RTS only.... Now we would add something that makes it even less appealing to complete the line...Gradual change is not bad.... I don't really see why it has to be DRAMATIC change. Also if your trying to eliminate the tier 6 meeting a tier 7 thing under the current system, you already got rid of the problems AKA hanger space, and dogfingthing... so I'm not sure what your trying to fix since it doesn't seem to exist anymore...
  10. I'm gonna remain skeptical... Hopeful, but skeptical. If a Kancolle collab happens It would hit all servers, So maybe a launching off point? All I know is that's how AL used it. But hey! It's all good ether way.
  11. OOM911

    Which nations would get Subs first?

    I'm gonna say ether Germany (They basically made them what they are.) or Japan (cause of the I-400)
  12. It could work if the new system will give us hull control when all is said and done. Also here's some game play
  13. So recently I got this Idea from a model kit, and book I bought comparing the Fuso and ISE class Battleships. So on that note let's start with ISE! To be clear this is the version before the conversion (Although I still hope we get that one after the rework is done.) Since it is basically the same as Fuso let's put it at tier 6. ISE Diffrences I could find. -SLIGHTLY faster (Only a couple knots though.) - SLIGHTLY longer (so bigger turning circle.) -Different gun layout (More reminiscent of the USA's Wyoming.) -Key noticeable difference is the fact that all of the secondary's are located at the front of the ship with only a few not being able to fire into the forward arc. This is very reminiscent of the Nagato class, And I think if Ise get's a base range of 5km, vs the Fuso's 4.5km this combined with the forward facing arc's and maybe a little accuracy buff to the secondary's and a TINY nerf the the main gun accuracy or range, could promote a very Aggressive play style for a IJN battleship. As for the Tosa I bring it up because if we give it the same treatment, I could stand alongside the Amagi and Kii, very easily. Amagi for main guns. Kii for AA, Tosa for secondary guns. Of cource they would have to be 7km base secondary's but hey, that's kinda par for the course. Anyway just a Idea. Still hopping to see both versions of Ise, and this was just a Idea how to get one in game and also make it play differently!
  14. OOM911

    The Ocean Poll!

    I have played this map ever since it came out in alpha (we nicknamed it new map 1: editor joke) Primary problem is what this map devolved into every single game. Teams riding the boarders. There is no cover so you must run, and there is nowhere to run. I could go on but REALISM doesn't always works for this game.