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  1. I hope it's only a bug... I really liked that horn... Wish i could have it on all my ships...
  2. IJN Akagi

    I would say Akagi would be tier 7 at most. She carried the same amount of aircraft as kaga, only less of them were active. Kaga 90 Total (18 in storage.) Akagi 91 Total ( 25 in storage.) While Akagi was faster she has less, armor, secondary, and AA protection. Not to mention her length would mean a worse turning circle. Akagi is based on Amagi Tier 8 and I know this is why people think she would be tier 8. But remember Kaga is based on Tosa, and that will probably also be Tier 8.
  3. So is there? I don't really have a problem when its tier 7 vs tier 7 but if you happen to be in a tier 6 it seems kinda ridiculous. Only things I can think of are: 1.Making it so the Saipan can't see tier 6 carriers at all. 2.Making double carrier matches only one tier (no tier with one tier lower.) 3.Buffing every Carrier but the Saipan. 4.Finding a new tier 7 USN Carrier to play the part of storefront CV. Thoughts? I personally think the easiest... Though it wouldn't really fix it a HUGE amount... Would be to find a new candidate. Preferably a fleet carrier this time.
  4. matchmaker CV

    Another problem with CV's is due to the captain skills and the upgrades. Such as damage boosters for planes... Or the adding a extra fighter. While it is in the game... It's not the best for balance. Example I have a Kaga. Kaga's supposed to have crappy fighters. But if I use the dogfight expert ability I can beat most opponents hands down in a fight. This is especially true if you have air superiority and the other does not.
  5. Operations is a great game mode! Only thing I would want is for them to take it from operation of the week to operation of the day. And of course give us more of them to!
  6. I've been playing since alpha and never have gotten a ship once from a crate. So I was incredibly surprised when after I bought myself a $20.00 Pack of 5 huge boxes, and got one on the first try! It was also the Alabama! Other crates had decent camouflage patterns or booster flags with one full of gold! All in all, a good buy! So instead of just buying for myself after that, I just gifted everybody else I knew well in the clan! A very good Christmas indeed!
  7. ... flags... Not really worth it... ... Some Camo... Ok with that. Alabama on my first one! OH YA! Alabama on it's own made it worth my while as I only spent $20 on that huge 5 pack. other's were just gifts from clan mates. But ya Alabama makes it all worth it... She's also my first crate ship I have ever gotten. And I have been playing since alpha.
  8. True! It's not like it really affects anybody else so I don't know why they don't let us do it. For that matter why they don't let us assign custom voices to each commander instead of a overarching voice pack. I think it would be fun if they just let us customize our captain's and made it so the UNIQUE commanders just have special skills or effects that make them stand out. I could really get behind this idea. I could finally get a full Kantai fleet if I so chose!
  9. Victory Mode!

    No idea the only real way is to introduce a alternative way to victory... How it went in alpha was as follows First we just had a basic DM mode. Draws were numerous so it was changed. Two cap points were added but due to some ships speed it still could end in draws quite often so it was changed again. The point counter was added and whichever team had the most points won. values were changed a couple times but that was all. And that's what we have today. All the other random modes are also based on this one. Domination simply has more points that give less points per cap. and epicenter is basically points layered on top of each other. I do wish they come back with the fort mode again but change it up a bit cause it was quite fun.
  10. Victory Mode!

    We have already tested this way back in alpha and over 50% of the time as soon as things looked bad the DD's and other fast ships would scatter and run ending the match in a draw. Sadly this idea has been tested and didn't really work... This used to be the ONLY mode originally.
  11. Gonk.

    Gonk Droid ASMR!
  12. Game crashes constantly now

    In my case it's not so much crashes as big disconnects. None of my other programs have this problem... It doesn't always happen but it is getting annoying.
  13. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I would just like a PC game using the arcade game as a base. I would buy that in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even mind if they made event's players had missed out on into DLC maps. My only problem right now is now that I have SEEN the arcade game... I just can't go back to the browser one... Still love the characters though... Thinking of getting a Prinz Eugen figure to add to my collection!
  14. If anything I am betting Musashi will be released before or during the event... Since she is tier 9 I would say Freemium as many think. Probably get some earn-able stuff for her and maybe other ships during the event. Since we already have the Harikaze, and the Spee, the only other premium I could see happening is a Hiei... And that is unlikely... But hey another ship with a free exp booster camo is always good. Hope that the Yamato camo has a free exp booster on it. And if there is one for Musashi that it gets a free exp boost camo to!
  15. I can see this working out... However the IJN will have to receive the same treatment as the USN if the one load out system is gonna stay... This will also have to go for the premium carriers to. It would make them much easier to balance if it is only one setup for each carrier. If they don't the IJN carriers can still crush the USN ones.