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  1. I'm gonna say ether Germany (They basically made them what they are.) or Japan (cause of the I-400)
  2. The Ocean Poll!

    I have played this map ever since it came out in alpha (we nicknamed it new map 1: editor joke) Primary problem is what this map devolved into every single game. Teams riding the boarders. There is no cover so you must run, and there is nowhere to run. I could go on but REALISM doesn't always works for this game.
  3. Why not just automaticly have all the skills at the same time?
  4. Ok so it's on the asia server next month... but it doesn't say it won't come here. Remember we didn't get arp or hsf stuff for a bit after they got it on the asia server.
  5. I would personally like confirmation from a dev first...
  6. Where did you get this info anyway?
  7. Enough with the radar B.S.

    Here's a few things about radar and sonar I have noticed and think need to be changed. First Both need to stop seeing through islands... It doesn't really help much at all. Second there should be TWO ranges applied to each effect. 1 the range at which the target is seen, and 2 the range at which the target detects a radar or sonar is active. This is mostly due to the signal going out, and then having to bounce of the ship before returning, all the while strength is dying. For radar I don't really think there is a countermeasure (maybe chaff?). for sonar it could if you introduced noise makers.
  8. Does anyone else name their ships?

    If I could I would. All I have right now is nicknames. Cleveland = USS Clever ST. Louis = USS GUNSHIP!
  9. Azure Lane collab?

    Now I've never played Azur lane, I will if it does come here! I played kantai collection before but since i had to constantly use ether a uncomfortable viewer, or have the wiki open at all times it was not fun. Let's think about what we could get during this time (I'll do both sides): WoWs: -Unique captains with special voice packs. -Custom Camo's -Flags -Maybe premium ships... Ships with a color motif on the character they are based. Azur Lane: -Characters based on the prototype and concept ships that WG has made. -Maps based on the WG ones. Another possibility for us here is the fact that Azur Lane will pay volunteers for there Art for new characters, So there is a chance we might get some contests on the forums to draw some stuff.
  10. Azure Lane collab?

    Accidental Double post there! But ya I really think it should come to NA. And hey maybe they will announce a plan to release a version in English at the talk event. That would make coming to NA, EU, and even RU if they go for multiple languages viable. Whatever the case I'm sure we can get some word out of the dev's.... They may not say a ton but I am sure they would tell us if it will come here or not. Just not what the event itself will be! And as for Kancolle: I only see that really happening if they were planning to expand out, and right now they don't seem to want to. Azur on the other hand seems to be quite interested in expanding!
  11. Azure Lane collab?

    I get the feeling it will come to NA. Not really much of a reason not to. Plus if AL is trying to reach out further and grow more might as well cast the biggest net possible!
  12. I hope it's only a bug... I really liked that horn... Wish i could have it on all my ships...
  13. IJN Akagi

    I would say Akagi would be tier 7 at most. She carried the same amount of aircraft as kaga, only less of them were active. Kaga 90 Total (18 in storage.) Akagi 91 Total ( 25 in storage.) While Akagi was faster she has less, armor, secondary, and AA protection. Not to mention her length would mean a worse turning circle. Akagi is based on Amagi Tier 8 and I know this is why people think she would be tier 8. But remember Kaga is based on Tosa, and that will probably also be Tier 8.
  14. So is there? I don't really have a problem when its tier 7 vs tier 7 but if you happen to be in a tier 6 it seems kinda ridiculous. Only things I can think of are: 1.Making it so the Saipan can't see tier 6 carriers at all. 2.Making double carrier matches only one tier (no tier with one tier lower.) 3.Buffing every Carrier but the Saipan. 4.Finding a new tier 7 USN Carrier to play the part of storefront CV. Thoughts? I personally think the easiest... Though it wouldn't really fix it a HUGE amount... Would be to find a new candidate. Preferably a fleet carrier this time.