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  1. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.10

    I believe there's a mission for base xp at give you the ships. Watch for the mode though, I forget what it is.
  2. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.10

    On to this adventure.... First, I must say the graphics look stunning. No question you art/design teams are first rate! I love the active volcanoes and the waterfalls especially. So let's break it down into sections a little here. Super ships - It's hard to say what's so " super " about them. The battleships are as before and give big damage numbers with that unique accuracy mechanic. But they can be taken down fairly easy. The Conde has a neat burst fire capability but it is very niche because the cooldown is so very harsh on it. Don't get me wrong, there should be a cooldown but as it stands it's a bit much. Conde is " super " though; super easy to kill. The Russian DD is a gunboat, no question. With the same burst fire ability that Conde has but again, it's very niche/situational. 8km torps at tier 11? Bad idea there. Bad concealment, bad torps, good guns... that's the Russian DD. The UI element for switching firing type needs to be a bit bigger. For me it's kind of shoehorned in there and needs to be a bit larger. Credits earned by these ships are significantly reduced and hardly makes these worth playing or buying in game. In short, the gimmicks do not outweigh the cost. I might suggest you make a little mouse over tooltip as to what that little star next to the PT Reward mission means. Did not take long to figure out what it did, but would have been initially helpful to know. Arms Race - This is just all around good clean family fun to play. I have no complaints. I did not notice any ship preferences, but perhaps some of the readers here have. Division/Clan Missions & Achievements - I do not nor will I ever participate in a mission that requires me to division up. Period. I do Clan Wars on live when we have the people. I do not like the very concept of this whole idea as I have found people are people and I won't saddle someone with my potato expertise. That said, if you like it go for it but for me, no thanks. The Clan mission was bugged/glitched whatever. I formed a clan for our members to join in and the requirement was 10 ribbons to qualify. I did that in one game and then the update went in and we were not qualified. Don't know what happened and on my end the mission/reward for the live server was removed. Mystery - WG never does anything without some reason. Why the spotting mission? Did you change something? Did you want people to play CVs? Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. Zilla

    Naval Battles

    Well, I see that NB are 250 base xp this week. Base XP..... Spin the wheel and take your chances. Now 250 isn't hard to get in Co - op. It's very easy to get in randoms. Next step is 950. That's a must play randoms and must win right there. But lately, as stated above, WG has gone a little crazy with numbers. If they get too high, many players just say " whatever " and don't even bother. Our clan has pretty much a full port, so we're not pressed for the oil. But what if your clan is? I hate base xp though. I hate it so much the base xp So 250 is ok ( still hate base xp though ) anything higher though is terrible. Not only do you have to do well, but your team has to win. That's the elephant in the room isn't it? No matter how well you do, it comes down to the entire team. So you're not being judged on your performance alone, but on the team's. I hate that. That and whatever karma you had is gone the moment you even log into a CV, but that's normal. I believe also that CVs still have that XP nerf too, what was it? 15% or so? So pretty much what I am saying is that NB as they are, do not represent the skill or engagement of the player, but rather the team. If you get a sack of potatoes like me, you're done. Did I mention I hate Base Xp? Yeah... I don't have the right answers but I do ask some of the right questions. The question is, what alternatives are there? Have at it!
  4. Zilla

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    Whew done. 100k Base XP over two parts. Well in excess of 100 games. Levelled Haarlem to De Witt, NC Cpt. went from 3 - 10. All for a paltry 1100 CT. Never again. No more Convoy Battles for me; ever. Not even if they offered a gold plated Yamato with 12 x 20" guns and 400% credit earnings and 100 doubloons per game with 1 Captain Skill up per game. Nope, never again. I might suggest to Wargaming that you have an issue that needs to be addressed. After all, the first step in solving a problem is to identify it right? So I have a helpful suggestion for those who come up with these metrics. Seek help! You obsession with Base XP and obscene numbers is not only hurting your game but also ruining what morale your player base has. You need an intervention, a counselor, therapy, an exorcist, something. Get help! We'll support you all the way! Long have I been against the abuse of base xp in this and any other game. But you have taken it to a new level. Players who work or can only spend a few hours on the game per day/week have no chance of obtaining that number. I play the PTS and so have no problem getting the CT though I can see I'm going to run out of things to get that I want. But seriously, use any other metric; damage, hits, caps, floods, fires, whatever but stop the use of base xp. And for the sake of all your players' sanity keep the numbers reasonable in the future. This one was almost PR dockyard bad. Call a hotline, whatever you need to do. I am sure players will support you.
  5. Zilla

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    In my opinion, this is about played out for me. I'm so burned out on Convoy battle I'm crispy critters. 50k base experience... REALLY!? TWICE!? for only 550 CT!? I'll do it, but unless the reward in the future is exceptional, I doubt I'll play this again after I get my second 50k.
  6. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.8

    Public Test part 1 Feedback Good The convoy battles were fun. I really enjoyed them The aircraft bureau mechanic change was good in that I rely on ME and not a TEAM. Not so Good The dockyard being present and inviting players to spend doubloons to start it is misleading in that there are no missions whatsoever for it to progress into it. The aircraft bureau thing is confusing because it is so very incomplete. Players cannot track the tokens they get ( except on paper ) and cannot see what to spend them on or how it benefits them at all. Also, most are familiar with Poly but I personally have no clue what the other two are. What about Mikoyan, Yakovlev, Tupolev and Suhkoi? Festive tokens for what? Again, no way to track them, no idea what they are spent on, no idea what benefit from them, etc.. There are questions about the " chevrons ". Are they replacing snowflakes? ( if so it's sad ) or in addition to snowflakes around Christmas? Is it a separate event? How long is the event? Will there be a Christmas/New Years event? ( many look forward to that all year ) The prizes look similar to the snowflake event ( except the festive tokens ) This is poorly explained. I have always believed that if you don't know or have a vague plan you should share it. I find your lack of submarines in convoy battles disturbing. It's great that we have a new operation, but what about the others we lost? Dunkirk? The night battle? Anything? Finally, BASE EXP. Why? Players hate base exp! For God's sake anything but base exp! Summary A few nice changes and a very nice operation were added. However there are far to many questions. Speculation abounds and is not necessary really if you'd simply tell us what the goal is here. I am a content creator and the viewers I have want answers that I cannot truthfully give. Questions, questions and questions are what I get and I have no answers.
  7. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.8

    I have seen them. I am not crazy this time! I know they exist! On the PTS, there are Soviet Carriers. Aside from the fact that a nation that could not launch a helium balloon from a sailing ship with a following wind has carriers, I have some questions. Where do we get them? We're supposed to be testing them? We're getting Sov Tokens, where do we spend them? The armory is very limited. Just to be clear, I have played WITH them and AGAINST them, so I know they exist! Are we getting them in the PTS or not? Is this another " test these ships without these ships " thing again or am I truly insane? Have at it!
  8. Zilla

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    This from 85Fury " WOW why am I not surprised. If I didn't know they were Russian, I would think I was reading something from the democrats and bidens play book. "
  9. In my opinion, the way that subs are being put in is kind of bad. I like subs, but it seems like the time frame and ability for everyone to play them is very limiting. Mind you, I understand the logic and planning behind it, but in practice I do not think it's working out well and from my perspective talking with folks it is certainly not perceived as fair and definitely not popular. I have some questions however. ~ Seems like subs are " there " in terms of game play. Why are they temporary? Why the rental thing? ~ Will modules bought for the subs go into inventory? Will they be lost? Will they ever be used again? ~ Do we keep the captains after the rental period is gone or are they and the skills we worked up gone? ~ Since players are resetting captains and investing in anti sub skills once the subs are gone will there be another free reset? After all, they're gone right? ~ As the subs are temporary, when are they coming back? Are they coming back at all? Will it be special events? Will it be a cash shop thing? We we see subs again ever? ~ If subs DO come back, when? A week? Month? Year ( s ) ? Will they be permanent and have access to randoms then? Are they forever consigned to co - op and ranked? What is the plan? These are the random things that cross my scattered mind. Any official reply would be most appreciated.
  10. Could not help myself. It HAD to be done https://rumble.com/vl0lse-submarines-go-live.html
  11. I applied, got his e - mail : " Dear webmaster! This email was sent to you as a notification that Your account was switched to Banned status. To get more details, reach your affiliate manager. " then, right on it's heels, I got this e - mail: " Hello! After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that your source does not match our offers. Possible reasons why we have declined your request: You did not state your site or it was unavailable at the moment of check. Your source doesn’t meet the requirements of our Terms and Сonditions. Sincerely, Wargaming Affiliate Program Team " Banned? What!? lol after HUNDREDS of videos about this game and the ships... sheesh. I do not use YouTube anymore, I use Rumble instead. Guess small fry like me don't matter huh? * Oh, and I'd like to know HOW I contact an affiliate manager when it's a noreply@ email and no contact info whatsoever is given.
  12. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.7

    Ok, my two cents. ( I'll probably get change ) First, I made a video, such as it is. https://rumble.com/vkb5vf-ptr-submarines-a-look-at-10.7.html Let me qualify my comments and video here for a moment. I played every aspect of the PTS. I ranked out, finished the dockyard, played every mode and play all subs available at T 6 through T10. 1. American subs are FAR superior to German subs in almost every aspect. Why? I make this point in my vid. There is a difference between two ships having strengths and weaknesses and one ship being vastly superior to the other. That's not to say one cannot be successful in German subs as they are, but why the disparity? If the US subs are " snipers " does that make the German ones " hit and run "? If so, how does that work? 2. Big praise for the graphics, art and development teams for the look and feel of the game. 3. ASW was very good. Only a few surface ships I played felt vulnerable to subs, which leads to my next point.... 4. Subs are not a threat. They are, at least at the beginning of the game, a nuisance. Why? As I point out, if a DD is on the flank throwing torps at your battle group, THAT is a threat that must be dealt with. If a sub manages to do the same, well, meh it's there. No worries. It can't catch us and the damage is not critical. It's also so squishy that if we detect it, most likely it'll die quick. Toward the middle and end of the game it becomes an issue as ships are damaged, beat up and fewer in number but I've only seen a few games where the sub survives that long. 5. Torpedoes need buffed on subs, badly. Subs are glass cannons right? Give them the punch to really hurt and become that threat. 6. I read in this thread that someone said subs are fast. Please tell me where at T10 27 knots on the Balao is fast? 7. There are far too many conditional captain skills. IF this; Then that. Give us captain skills that are always active and apply a reward/bonus for getting our captains to that point. 8. Torps home in on targets, sometimes. The horizontal movement is mildly acceptable, but I found vertical movement non - existent. That has been my experience so far. 9. Shout out to DDs. Now they are expected to chase down subs in addition to everything else. DD drivers who plug away and do this well are to be highly commended and should be rewarded well.
  13. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.6

    Honestly I did not notice anything significant. I played and completed all the missions and am waiting on my tokens on the live server! I noticed you had fixed the claim reward thing to be more clear, which is cool. I am disappointed at the lack of any Dutch cruiser/CV though.
  14. Zilla

    New stage of submarine testing

    I've been testing subs and asw for a bit and I have a couple questions. This diving business; yeah I'm still confused about it. There do not appear to be any indicators/meters/UI elements that tell a sub driver about the status. Is there one coming? Personally I think it would be best to can the whole idea or make it recharge when on the surface. The torpedoes? Weak as hell honestly. Weak, weak and weak! With or without a ping, which should be gone too, they are terrible. On the Cacholet I put 6 into the side of an AFK New Mexico and barely scratched it. While I am on torpedoes, riddle me this: Why does the Balao have a rating in the 20s and the Type 21 have a rating of 7 (! ) ? Do you hate the Germans that much? I am trying to understand how you take the most advanced WW2 sub design and make it into a joke? That thing had capabilities off the mark! And yet you've done this to it? Really!? I expect balancing and gameplay changes but c'mon guys. It was very disappointing. As an American I like Balao and look forward to pink camo for it but that Type 21 was years ahead. The torpedo reload is much better in the Balao, why? Why can't you recharge, well, anything on the surface? You should be able to do something. Maybe it's just me being a potato, but I had far greater success hunting and killing subs on my battleships than I did on destroyers and cruisers. Why did you do this? You know that DD drivers have a ton on their plate as it is and now you want them to hunt, chase and sink subs while being shot at, spotted, capping and spotting? Oof, maybe compensate DD drivers for sinking subs a little better than average? Maybe a throw ahead weapons system option like a hedgehog? Spotting a sub from a CV is pure luck with a 1.5 visibility from the air. Hitting one and doing damage is really unrealistic. By the time you wrap around to fire rockets or drop bombs, the sub is gone. Just sayin'! On cruisers, what are the plans for the many premium cruisers? Can you give thoughts/plans/ideas for Salem, Smolensk etc..? There's a captain skill about switching torpedo types. I did not see any different types in the test. Are they planned? coming soon? From what I can see you're right about done. Some tweaks here and there are needed, but the art and general mechanics are there. This will definitely shake things up!
  15. It's an elephant in the room. If I may ask, how does WG plan to make it fair when the following scenario plays out ( and it will ). Team A and Team B have 2 subs, 2 DDs and one light cruiser on their respective teams. No CVs in this match. Team A's DDs go for caps and get blapped after about 5 minutes. Team A's light cruiser gets blapped shortly after. All they have left are BBs, heavy cruisers and a sub. Question is this: How can they now engage and destroy the Team B's sub? Are they at the mercy of the enemy sub? What is the plan? I understand it's a work in progress and much is to be done and tested. You know this situation will happen more often than not. What's the plan/idea you guys have? If that situation happens even a potato like me could dominate in a sub. Thank you for responding WG!