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  1. Zilla

    PTS 0.11.1 pt2

    I debated long on whether to post anything here. I debated whether or not it would do any good or if , in the end, it would even matter. Yet here I am, so my two cents worth follows. Dirigible Derby - There are so many problems with this concept that it's hard to begin. As a mode in itself, it's ok, but it's just another variation on convoy really. Escort a BLIMP!? REALLY!? So the great navies of the world would sink all those assets into escorting a blimp? You are telling me that the hard working and talented professionals at WG could not come up with better ideas? The list of potential scenarios is long! The Slot, Tokyo Express, Solomon Islands, Barents Sea, River Platte, ONS 5, PQ 17, Guadalcanal etc. etc... the list goes on and on. You've done Dunkirk ( which disappeared into the forgotten and endless space of time ). I am certain that WG could have done any of these on this long list and still has the potential to do so and, IMHO has the opportunity to both save this game from extinction and make profit as well. But no, you had blimps instead. CV drivers on both sides have to ask themselves why they can't just send a flight of rocket armed fighters up and end the opposing blimp ala Hindenburg style. As for me, I jumped in, got my 30k ( battleships are best for this ) and did not care after that. 5 battles later I was done and did not touch it again. My guess is that on live server if missions are attached, players will do the same. Why cannot WG make more like Dunkirk whereby players WANT to do it? One has to wonder. AA Testing - why? Did you do something to Dutch cruisers? If so, what? I did not even bother to try finishing those three steps myself. Too much time/hassle for paltry reward. Co - op Testing - If you did something here at tier 10 I cannot tell. The bots still get stuck on islands and ram each other while throwing torps at their team. Operations Testing - I noted nothing different here. " Super " Carriers - This brings cluster **** and screw up to whole new level. The are SO many things wrong here it HAD to be a deliberate effort to do so. In short, it's a massive nerf to carriers, a joke on the word " super " I've made two videos on this, here is the last one breaking down some numbers. https://rumble.com/vu5ah0-wows-replay-pts-11.1-synopsis.html So there it is. Many players I know who have been whales before are about ready to uninstall and many have at least for now, quit playing. They've certainly shut their wallets. I see the direction you're going and it's not good. You can turn this around WG! After the pathetic Christmas event, the money grab called dockyard, time gating and impossibly high number requirements for casual players you need to!
  2. Zilla

    Asymmetric Battles

    Time gated and all about base exp. My care meter went from 5 to 0 on a 10 point scale.
  3. They've been tested ENOUGH. You want to see if subs are " popular" ? Put them in the game already! I, for one, am not going to spend any time, credits or consumables on a rental ship. If, however, I own it that's a different matter even if it does become a port decoration. I've tested them since TST, answer surveys, played in all modes and played all the available ones. " Popularity " and " Enjoyable game play " are subjective. We've all made suggestions. We all know they are coming into the game. Be done with the rental thing. Same thing with the T11 ships. My prediction for subs' experience will be the same as mine with CV experience. You'll be reported to death the moment you queue for battle. Whatever karma ( not that it means a thing ) you had will be gone in short order.
  4. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.11

  5. What is that white box on the new German Battleships? I know some of you know everything there is to know. Please share.
  6. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.10

    On to part 3.... https://rumble.com/vofmhn-wows-test-server-10.10-part-3.html
  7. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.10

    On to part 2. Super Ships - Stop calling them that! They are ok, but not " super ". Just call them Tier 11 and be done with it. This time I focused on Annapolis and Yamagiri. I really like Annapolis. Unlike Conde' she's not nearly as squishy. She is accurate and the burst is handy but again, one has to pick the moment. Of all of these ships, Annapolis is the one I'll be most likely to acquire. Yamagiri is well, a hyper Shimi? It has 22k health which in the main isn't a lot. She's definitely a torpedo boat entering world of radar, hydro and the occasional CV. Therefore her concealment works kind of? Three torp launchers and it's schtick is selective torpedo types? I just stuck with the 12km ones. I had all the buffs/upgrades on it but the torp selection did not bring any real benefit as the 20km ones are hot garbage and can be seen from low earth orbit. With the buffs/upgrades she has 74 knot/12km torps or 69 knot/20km torps ( basically painted neon orange and blaring a siren as they approach ). None of the ships produced or deducted any credits so their earning potential and cost remains shrouded in some mystery. As it stands right now, none of them appear to be worth the effort, time or cost to get them ( even the Annapolis which I like ). To be fair all of them have good points and bad points but nothing about them wants me to say " I've got to have THAT " Submarine changes - Wow you really put the nerf hammer down huh? I played 9 games in submarines; three at T6 and six at T10. The USS Salmon gets torpedo selection while the U69 does not. I am curious as to why. Only the Type 21 was available at T10. Again, I am asking why. I had 50/50 good and bad games with the low end being 0 damage and the high being 160k. The homing torps are unreliable at best and are somewhat easily evaded. The damage for individual torpedoes is insignificant again. This combined with submarines still being ( justifiably ) squishy as all get out and more easily detectable with all ships having ASW weapons makes me question why they even exist now? You've basically emasculated them and have taken away their features in the main. No point in grinding these except to add to a collection as they currently are. New directive - What is this for? Yes it looks familiar and I see it's Russian but what is it for? Looks very much like a dockyard thing. Arms Race - I like it. Suggestion - For DDs and whatnot why not have them have a module called " Jamming " or something that allows them to jam radar for, let's say. 15 seconds for burn through. This would make the DD visible to only the targeting ship for 15 seconds. You could of course have a cooldown and just as with radar you'd have a limited number of uses. Maybe have it switch out giving a choice between this or that module? Just a thought. And stop listening to very loud DD drivers who whine and complain non - stop. They've killed other ships and classes so far because of it. The days of standing off and slinging torps with impunity ended long ago. Get over it. Naval Battles - Noticed that there is a different format/requirement for Naval Battles. I like it! Can we keep this?
  8. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.10

    I believe there's a mission for base xp at give you the ships. Watch for the mode though, I forget what it is.
  9. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.10

    On to this adventure.... First, I must say the graphics look stunning. No question you art/design teams are first rate! I love the active volcanoes and the waterfalls especially. So let's break it down into sections a little here. Super ships - It's hard to say what's so " super " about them. The battleships are as before and give big damage numbers with that unique accuracy mechanic. But they can be taken down fairly easy. The Conde has a neat burst fire capability but it is very niche because the cooldown is so very harsh on it. Don't get me wrong, there should be a cooldown but as it stands it's a bit much. Conde is " super " though; super easy to kill. The Russian DD is a gunboat, no question. With the same burst fire ability that Conde has but again, it's very niche/situational. 8km torps at tier 11? Bad idea there. Bad concealment, bad torps, good guns... that's the Russian DD. The UI element for switching firing type needs to be a bit bigger. For me it's kind of shoehorned in there and needs to be a bit larger. Credits earned by these ships are significantly reduced and hardly makes these worth playing or buying in game. In short, the gimmicks do not outweigh the cost. I might suggest you make a little mouse over tooltip as to what that little star next to the PT Reward mission means. Did not take long to figure out what it did, but would have been initially helpful to know. Arms Race - This is just all around good clean family fun to play. I have no complaints. I did not notice any ship preferences, but perhaps some of the readers here have. Division/Clan Missions & Achievements - I do not nor will I ever participate in a mission that requires me to division up. Period. I do Clan Wars on live when we have the people. I do not like the very concept of this whole idea as I have found people are people and I won't saddle someone with my potato expertise. That said, if you like it go for it but for me, no thanks. The Clan mission was bugged/glitched whatever. I formed a clan for our members to join in and the requirement was 10 ribbons to qualify. I did that in one game and then the update went in and we were not qualified. Don't know what happened and on my end the mission/reward for the live server was removed. Mystery - WG never does anything without some reason. Why the spotting mission? Did you change something? Did you want people to play CVs? Inquiring minds want to know!
  10. Zilla

    Naval Battles

    Well, I see that NB are 250 base xp this week. Base XP..... Spin the wheel and take your chances. Now 250 isn't hard to get in Co - op. It's very easy to get in randoms. Next step is 950. That's a must play randoms and must win right there. But lately, as stated above, WG has gone a little crazy with numbers. If they get too high, many players just say " whatever " and don't even bother. Our clan has pretty much a full port, so we're not pressed for the oil. But what if your clan is? I hate base xp though. I hate it so much the base xp So 250 is ok ( still hate base xp though ) anything higher though is terrible. Not only do you have to do well, but your team has to win. That's the elephant in the room isn't it? No matter how well you do, it comes down to the entire team. So you're not being judged on your performance alone, but on the team's. I hate that. That and whatever karma you had is gone the moment you even log into a CV, but that's normal. I believe also that CVs still have that XP nerf too, what was it? 15% or so? So pretty much what I am saying is that NB as they are, do not represent the skill or engagement of the player, but rather the team. If you get a sack of potatoes like me, you're done. Did I mention I hate Base Xp? Yeah... I don't have the right answers but I do ask some of the right questions. The question is, what alternatives are there? Have at it!
  11. Zilla

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    Whew done. 100k Base XP over two parts. Well in excess of 100 games. Levelled Haarlem to De Witt, NC Cpt. went from 3 - 10. All for a paltry 1100 CT. Never again. No more Convoy Battles for me; ever. Not even if they offered a gold plated Yamato with 12 x 20" guns and 400% credit earnings and 100 doubloons per game with 1 Captain Skill up per game. Nope, never again. I might suggest to Wargaming that you have an issue that needs to be addressed. After all, the first step in solving a problem is to identify it right? So I have a helpful suggestion for those who come up with these metrics. Seek help! You obsession with Base XP and obscene numbers is not only hurting your game but also ruining what morale your player base has. You need an intervention, a counselor, therapy, an exorcist, something. Get help! We'll support you all the way! Long have I been against the abuse of base xp in this and any other game. But you have taken it to a new level. Players who work or can only spend a few hours on the game per day/week have no chance of obtaining that number. I play the PTS and so have no problem getting the CT though I can see I'm going to run out of things to get that I want. But seriously, use any other metric; damage, hits, caps, floods, fires, whatever but stop the use of base xp. And for the sake of all your players' sanity keep the numbers reasonable in the future. This one was almost PR dockyard bad. Call a hotline, whatever you need to do. I am sure players will support you.
  12. Zilla

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    In my opinion, this is about played out for me. I'm so burned out on Convoy battle I'm crispy critters. 50k base experience... REALLY!? TWICE!? for only 550 CT!? I'll do it, but unless the reward in the future is exceptional, I doubt I'll play this again after I get my second 50k.
  13. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.8

    Public Test part 1 Feedback Good The convoy battles were fun. I really enjoyed them The aircraft bureau mechanic change was good in that I rely on ME and not a TEAM. Not so Good The dockyard being present and inviting players to spend doubloons to start it is misleading in that there are no missions whatsoever for it to progress into it. The aircraft bureau thing is confusing because it is so very incomplete. Players cannot track the tokens they get ( except on paper ) and cannot see what to spend them on or how it benefits them at all. Also, most are familiar with Poly but I personally have no clue what the other two are. What about Mikoyan, Yakovlev, Tupolev and Suhkoi? Festive tokens for what? Again, no way to track them, no idea what they are spent on, no idea what benefit from them, etc.. There are questions about the " chevrons ". Are they replacing snowflakes? ( if so it's sad ) or in addition to snowflakes around Christmas? Is it a separate event? How long is the event? Will there be a Christmas/New Years event? ( many look forward to that all year ) The prizes look similar to the snowflake event ( except the festive tokens ) This is poorly explained. I have always believed that if you don't know or have a vague plan you should share it. I find your lack of submarines in convoy battles disturbing. It's great that we have a new operation, but what about the others we lost? Dunkirk? The night battle? Anything? Finally, BASE EXP. Why? Players hate base exp! For God's sake anything but base exp! Summary A few nice changes and a very nice operation were added. However there are far to many questions. Speculation abounds and is not necessary really if you'd simply tell us what the goal is here. I am a content creator and the viewers I have want answers that I cannot truthfully give. Questions, questions and questions are what I get and I have no answers.
  14. Zilla

    PTS 0.10.8

    I have seen them. I am not crazy this time! I know they exist! On the PTS, there are Soviet Carriers. Aside from the fact that a nation that could not launch a helium balloon from a sailing ship with a following wind has carriers, I have some questions. Where do we get them? We're supposed to be testing them? We're getting Sov Tokens, where do we spend them? The armory is very limited. Just to be clear, I have played WITH them and AGAINST them, so I know they exist! Are we getting them in the PTS or not? Is this another " test these ships without these ships " thing again or am I truly insane? Have at it!