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  1. game is starting to not be fun again for me last 3 days been so many torps u can walk across map and not get your feet wet. not fun - not spending money till it gets fun again. iam not talking about 1 win out of 10 games, or getting so many teir 10 games in my t8s i can deal with that but dam at all the torps
  2. Max_T

    very upset

    i really thank everyone for their input. this sure is a lot of trouble to spend for a 9.99 plus the 20 cents o what ever it is but iam very greatful for all the input.
  3. Max_T

    very upset

    i dont have game with steam i have lots of games on steam but not this one never had 1st problem useing card on steam lol not sure it would work useing stem if the decline them when i try to get wg stuff useing paypal i used amazon once to get sub but other guy said amazon pay was no more for this game so thats out i have to wait 24 hours and see if they open it up so i can get a sub all i got left i can do tonire any way
  4. Max_T

    very upset

    i dont even drive after haveing stroke i might could still but i wont risk killing some one else in a car wreck
  5. Max_T

    very upset

    they are to tight with keeping card safe iam going to get a bank account where i use to bank long ago not on issue ever should have done that to start with the goverment bank usdirect express is just to tight on stuff i have to call them every dam month just to get it opened back up on pay pal did not have to do this but had to last 6 or 7 months every month for pay pal i like to use them for online buying i talked to pay pal hour ago about this and just got off phone with dirext express to open my card for WG. it will take 24 hors for it to open then will close back down for WG buys in 3 days and its hell to get some one to even speak to there some time 3 or more try to talk to some one that can do this just to play a dam game but its only thing i enjoy doing now that i cANT HUNT OR FISH
  6. Max_T

    very upset

    iam 60 years old and iam in the us. disabled what do you mean by able?
  7. Max_T

    very upset

    they must have found out i had used it thats ok i will cool off and spend money it on some other game WG not worth me haveing a nother stroke over 1 was to much.
  8. Max_T

    very upset

    i got it once by useing amazon pay once but for the life of me cant find how i did it maybe they took that away from me as well
  9. Max_T

    amazon pay

    i dont see any where to click amazon pay to get a sub. i did this once but can not for the life of me how to use this again
  10. Max_T

    very upset

    just to much trouble to get a sub for a game that i was in closed beta to play, off and on that long
  11. Max_T

    very upset

    WG stoped takeing my debit card from direct express. pay pal wont even load up for WG paypal said its on wg not them and now the stoped takeing green dot card that the have took before. i give up iam not getting no more prepaid cards to much to have to do to get a 30 day sub hell with it
  12. Max_T


    found the missions thank you again!!!!!!
  13. Max_T


    ok i will looks at missions thank you so much
  14. Max_T


    i downloaded test server and watched a vid on how to get a sub but what it shows to do and what shows up on test server is not the same. for the life of me i cant find how to get/start subs i would love to try them guess ian to old and stupid to find out how.
  15. Max_T

    Just returned to World of Tanks

    miss the hacking?