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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    To be honest, I believe that:- Radar should be A LOT LONGER RANGED than 8.5~11.7 km. Radar should be 20+km or basically cover the whole map! However, radar should not see through mountains and islands Also, radar should not automatically detect anything within radar range and line of sight Instead, radar should simply DOUBLE the detection radius of whatever ship it hits. Also, there should be no such thing as stealth radar; anyone your radar hits should also sees you! This is more realistic and more logical. But, this is a game not a simulation so those are not paramount. More importantly, this is more fun. You can always duck behind terrain to hide from radar. Also, radar may make a DD's detection range 12km instead of 6km to the radaring ship, but it'll also make a CL's detection range 19km instead of 9.5 km. BBs, well, they are basically going to see you unless you are behind an island. I know it'll take considerable coding to effect this mechanic, but it'll make WoW a better game. I truly believe that.
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    Let me put it SIMPLY. You do not deal with radar as a DD. Radar is there to deal with you. All you can do is play the game in such a way as to give your teammates the opportunity to deal with the radar for you. If the can't or if they won't then you are going to lose. All you can do is facilitate it.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    The GEARING has ONE ace in the hole. 16.5km torps with low detect and decent speed. It allows you to torp radar hiding spots from a comfortable distance unlike the Shima with 12km torps. In fact, if you sacrifice a skill you can get those to become 13.2km torps at a brisk 71 knots speed which is very deadly. I recently switch the shima from 12km torps to 20km Torps + Torp Acceleration, giving me 16km/67knots torps for this very reason. Fewer hits rendered at long range is better than dying at the hands of a Worcester 10 games in a row. At least this way I can torp the wooster or the DM hiding behind an island from a distance they don't expect. Failing that I can spam from a distance doing area harrassment.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    I am playing a Shimakaze in Season 10 (100% in the Shima). I am at Rank 4 now, 198 battles into the season. My win rate is slightly above average at 55.5%. Let me say this... Your FIRST PRIORITY as a DD is actually NOT to spot or contest a cap. Your FIRST PRIORITY is to survive the early game so you can be much more effective in the late game. Hence, be very careful when you probe a probable location for a radar cruiser. Do not probe if your teammates don't have line of sight to where you think it is. When approaching a typical hiding place of a radar ship or where you think a radar ship might be in open waters, make sure that yyou are not bow in when you cross the 10km threshold. Also, make you that you are pointing in a direction where your egress won;t take you towards the enemy. The 48 sec American Radars are the ones that will shred you. The short duration (30s) Russian ones you will survive quite easily. The American radars have a 9.9km range, and smart Worcester players will trigger their radar the moment they are detected before you even see them. When that happens, if you are bow in you are in for a lot of hurt since it'll take you a long time to turn and get out of range. If you are roughly broadside you should be able to pull away without losing more than about 1/3 to 1/2 of your HP. It is then up to your teammates to kill or hurt the radar ships You can torp their locations from 10~12 km away (16 if you are in the gearing). You can cap once you know the radar is on cooldown. There are a lot of things you can do. Just remember, CAUTION and PATIENCE is a necessity in Ranked. Especially above Rank 5.
  5. The Ranked Report

    BTW, I am at 198 battles in Season 10. Got to Rank 4. My win rate is so-so @ 55.54%.
  6. Keep a star is not a problem. SCORING is the problem. Right now, you get the highest score if you have the highest damage and kills. This totally marginalizes DDs whose primary role is capping and spotting.
  7. Why do you call Yamato "Yammy"?

    Because it sounds better than "Yummy"?
  8. The Ranked Report

    I am sorry to say this BUT you have to GAME THE SYSTEM to advance in ranked. Let me give you an example... Say you are paying a Shimakaze. You are a torpedo heavy, low concealment, DD with essentially no AA. Whe you get on the MM screen, look at the queue! Exit and come back in a few minutes if you see:- No (or few) BBs and tons of Cruisers (they will be most likely be tons of radar cruisers) A CV in the queue. Too many DDs Conversely, you definitely want to stay in the queue if you see:- Tons of BBs. No Cruisers or very few cruisers.
  9. The other option which is historically accurate will be to use the 127mm/40 DP Type 89. You'll find a shitload of these on IJN Cruisers and BBs as secondaries. It is a relatively fast firing mount with a 4.3 sec reload. It also has an abyssal 725 m/s muzzle velocity so it'll be a rapid fire mortar like the USN 127/38 DP. Still an Akizuki or Shimakaze hull with 4 or 5 of these turrets is an interesting proposition because the lack of a need for IFHE allows you the proper Torpedo buffs so it wouldn;t be a one trick pony.
  10. Why base it on the slow poke Akitsuki? Just use the Shimakaze hull with approximately the same rudder shift, speed and concealment. Remove TWO of the three Torpedo Launchers. Add two turrets for a total of five. Also, unlike the Akitzuki which has 100mm/65 guns that require IFHE to use, these are 127mm/50 Type 5 DP guns with a 4.6 sec reload. Torpedo armament is 5x1 Type 93 F3 76 knots 8 km fare and you have no say in the matter.
  11. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    0.7.4 is the CURRENT version. No US Split for sure.
  12. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    SOmehow I think it is safe to say that no split is going to happen until AFTER the current ranked Season (9).
  13. Shimi changes in coming

    I believe the 20km Type 93 is 2.5km. The other Type 93s are 2.1km. The Type 90 is 1.6 km. Nonetheless, Ranked is all over for me as far as the HSF is concerned. Took a day to make it from Rank 13 to Rank 10. The HSF is disqualified; it's up to the Yueyang now. Still trying to get use to the USN rapid fire mortars.
  14. Shimi changes in coming

    The HSF has the base Kagero torps which -- while 5 knots slower -- has lower detection range than the Kagero's upgrade torps. Getting 5 knots for 0.5km additional detection is NOT an upgrade. The 100mm is great because it is fast shooting and it shoots 1000 m/s shells. Very little lead, fast cycling enough to walk the shells to the target if you miss. It beats a Benson or a Fletcher in a 1-on-1 fight all the time -- especially if you have 16100 hp with survivability. I'll take on a Shima or Gearing too if it is on 2/3rds health or below. A Kagero in a 1-on-1 with an HSF will die with the HSF having about 1/3 health left (worse if the kagero player can't shoot well or if he is caught with the guns pointing the wrong way). HSF turns worse than a CA though so if you see torps, and you are broadsides to the incoming spread, you are dead. So you just have to think ahead and not let that happen. The HSF is the only Tier VIII DD I don't mind playing in Tier X games. It is also the DD I took to Rank 1 last season -- the 0.4 km detection advantage over the Loyang being a real life saver.
  15. Shimi changes in coming

    Yeah... OK. But I'll take the HSF Harekaze over the Shima any day in Tier X game. The HSF has a 5.4km detect and actually has torps that actually have a reasonable detection range. It also has better guns.