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  1. dwightlooi

    Thoughts on Somers (Upcoming USN Tier X DD)

    Nonsense. The Gearing is a MUCH BETTER torpedo boat than the Shima. The Gearing has 16.5km torps that are 66 knots, low detect and very usable. You can turn these into VERY deadly 13.2km 71 knots torps if you use the torp acceleration skill. The Shima has totally crap torpedoes that were nerfed to the ground. The 20km torps are totally useless with a very slow 55 knots speed and 2.5km detection. You won't hit anything with them The 12km torps are siply inferior tot he gearing's 16.5km torps, losing 4.5km in range for a bit more damage and increase in detection. If you accelerate them these are very high detect 16km torps (inferior to the gearing's) or 9.8km torps (still inferior to the gearings') The Gearing tubes also reload in 104 secs -- much faster than Shima tubes This is not to mention that the Gearing is a good enough gun boat at close range whereas the Shima is NOT. The Gearing also turns well enough to avoid torps most of the time whereas the Shima eats torps for breakfast.
  2. Happened to be in Ranked... CV had his planes out, found my DD, first pass, BOOM 22.4K dead Gearing.
  3. dwightlooi

    55 Knot destroyers

    Wargaming should at least make these Russian, and now French, SUPER FAST ships hydrofoils. Or, at the minimum panning monohulls with the front half of the ship out of the water and the wake starting at the waist. If they are actually going that fast that will be how they are going. They are imaginary ships anyway, so imagine them right!
  4. dwightlooi

    Alaska Feedback: Underwhelming

    Alaska and Azuma are the most survivable cruisers in the game. Why? Because cruisers die whenever they get focused and citadeled. With CLs and CAs that have gun ranges of 16~18km, most of your fighting is going to be done at 12~17 km. So you get caught and die a lot. With the ability to take shots at 18~22km shots, Alaska and Azumas don't die as much. Why not the Russian rail gun battlecruisers? Because they shoot so flat that most of the time you will be pointing your nose at and firing LOS against everything. This means you are exposed to counter fire all the time. The Alaska and Azuma lets you shoot over islands at their preferred range of 18~22km (24 when you use the spotting aircraft). Landing a HE salvo on a BB is worth ~6K dmg on the average with a fire half the time. That's not bad at all. At 18~22km you are not going to be shot at a lot by the BBs and when you do you are not going to take citadels a lot. Azuma is better than the Alaska because at 18~22km I'll take that 125mm citadel deck any day over an underwater citadel and thicker belt.
  5. dwightlooi

    Alaska Feedback: Underwhelming

    It's called "If it's Russian, it's good. If it's not Russian, it sucks"... Very Simple, very easy to understand, no?
  6. dwightlooi

    How to play IJN torp boats

    Let me add the following... Following the BB shell nerf against the Harugumo, the best Japanese DD is actually the Tier IX Kitakaze (which wasn't nerfed). 8x 100mms is more than good enough to take on anything but a Harugumo. Plays the same otherwise. My favourite DD is still the Tier VIII HSF Harekaze. 5.4km detect, 2x4 torpedoes with good reload speed and 6x100mm guns to shred even American DDs. Kicks [edited]in Tier X games regularly. Here's what I really want in a Tier X Japanese DD. IJN Yamasame Class -- Improved Yugumo with high pressure boilers, 100mm/65 guns and reduced torpedo armament. Concealment: 6.84 km (base), 5.4km (min) Maneuverability: 38.5 knots, 2.7 sec rudder shift, 640 m turn radius Guns: 3 x Twin 100mm/65 DP -- One forward, Two Aft (Forward and rear upper turrets have 360 degree traverse). Torpedoes: 2 x Triple 610mm (Type 93 mod 4; 16km, 67 knots, 20,999 dmg, 1.5km detect, 80 sec reload) Survivability: 14,000 HP (base) Smoke, Speed Boost, Repair No radar, no hydro, no def AA
  7. dwightlooi

    Premium Ship Review #122 - Azuma

    Yet, in spite of all the bad things I do better in the Azuma than in ANY OTHER CRUISER. This includes the Wooster, the DM, the Alaska, the Zao or the Hind. Why? Because I actually hit stuff at 15~22km with the Azuma's guns -- something I find rather hard to do with any of the Americans because of the wonderously slow shells from their 305 or 203mm "mortars". The Zao and the Hind hit fine, but they don;t hit hard and don't fire fast enough for 8-inchers. Game play with the Azuma is simple. Stay 15~22 km away from the enemy. Fire HE all the time except when you know you will have a good broadside shot against a cruiser coming up. Don't get focused and make sure you play safe enough to use up all 5 heals. Expect 100~150K a game.
  8. dwightlooi

    Kitakaze Module - Long range or rapid fire?

    BB Shells don't slow down as much. At 13km the 100mm/65 is at a flight time of 14.3 secs. They are also falling almost vertically, so get you range 1 pixel off and you fall ahead or behind the target. Good luck hitting Cruisers much less DDs.
  9. dwightlooi

    Suggested Torpedo Fix for high tier IJN DDs

    Torpedo hit rates will of course depend on YOU and how YOU USE THEM. However, that doesn't change the fact that Wargaming has given the Torpedo Specialist IJN DD line worse torpedoes than their counterparts in other lines. I believe that this should be rectified and I have made suggestions which does so without making the IJN DDs Overpowered. I am doing so by:- Giving IJN DD players a choice between fast, long ranged or stealthy (Deep water) torpedoes -- the choice itself being unique to the IJN DD line. The Long Range Torpedo itself being basically Gearing Torpedoes with a bit for damage and a bit worse detection. From there, you can trade range for speed or you can trade the ability to hit DDs for stealth. These changes do not affect the game balance much and restores the attractiveness of the IJN line and it's Torpedo Specialty.
  10. dwightlooi

    Kitakaze Module - Long range or rapid fire?

    Long range = Suicide Your gun bloom goes further and more enemies can see and shoot at you You can't hit anything at >12.5 km anyway I don't even take the Fire Control upgrade (so I can have a 11.3km gun bloom)!
  11. dwightlooi

    Whats the difference between Aki and Kita?

    Kitakaze is the BEST IJN gunboat. The recent BB AP nerf against DDs specifically excluded the Harugumo, but not the Kitakaze. The Kitakaze (36 knots) has the crucial speed increase over the Akizuki (33 knots) -- you can actually disengage with the Kitakaze. The Kitakaze picks up one torpedo tube and 12 km torps. The Kitakaze picks up the 6th Upgrade slot (with the critical gun or torpedo reload buffs) If 4 turrets is not enough, 5 is not enough.
  12. dwightlooi

    Harekaze Skills

    I only run 19 point captains Arpeggio Captains on IJN ships (with the exception of Yamamoto) so I can move them around at will -- I have six Arpeggio 19 pointers. I only run the B Hull which gives the HSF a unique blend of stealth, speed and effective guns at Tier VIII. With the penetration buffs to the 100mm/65 guns I no longer take IFHE Here are my skills pick as a Destroyer Hunter:- 1 Point: Priority Target, 2 Point: Last Stand, Adrenaline Rush 3 Point: Survivability Expert, Basic Firing training 4 Point: Concealment, Radio Location Here are my skills pick as a Multi-role Destroyer :- 1 Point: Priority Target, 2 Point: Last Stand 3 Point: Survivability Expert, Basic Firing training, Torpedo Armament Expert, Demolition Expert 4 Point: Concealment I don't go looking for a gun fight in Tier X games unless I know the enemy DD is hurt. I do go looking for a gunfight in Tier VIII games (yes, even against the Akizuki, albiet I'll try to spot him from outside my detection range and make him take a few friendly salvos first).
  13. dwightlooi

    Ibuki — Japanese Tier IX cruiser.

    The Ibuki is a turd. Coming from the Mogami it is basically a downgrade at a higher Tier. You lose 5 guns and you pick up heal. The loss of 5 barrels is tremendous. The Ibuki is no better than the Mogami with the 203s (which is pretty bad). You get heal for being up tiered. The problem of course is that with cruisers if you are well positioned and not focused you do fine heal or no heal. When you are caught in the open or focus, two salvos and you are deleted before heals can be used to any practical effect. The Ibuki really needs to be modified to make her more enjoyable rather than serve merely as a penance for the Zao. I suggest two changes (none of which really upsets game balance):- Give Ibuki the 5 x 3 155mm turrets back as a choice. Give the Ibuki forward biased rather than rear biased torpedo arcs.
  14. dwightlooi

    Suggested Torpedo Fix for high tier IJN DDs

    Asashio is a Premium (paid) Tier VIII DD. It is basically a Kagero with special Very-Deep-Water Torpedoes which can only hit BBs and CVs Type 93 mod 2 DW -- 20 km range / 67 knots / 20,966 dmg (0.9 km detect / 112 sec reload) The Asashio also has Torpedo Reload Booster which, combined with her relatively fast and very stealthy 20km torpedoes makes her the ultimate long range Torpedo Spammer against BBs. Her utility is limited when there are Cruisers and DDs screening the BBs because her torpedoes are usually spotted enroute by things which they cannot hit.
  15. dwightlooi

    Suggested Torpedo Fix for high tier IJN DDs

    It is exactly the same as the Asahio's DW torps and 0.1 km worse than the Pan Asian DW Torps. How is it out of line?