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  1. Colonel_Potter

    Why you will never get Missouri

    Got mine before it was removed from the shop.
  2. Colonel_Potter

    The New WGC Launcher

    You don't think I tried that? The game wouldn't load. And like I said, the WGC stopped updating my games.
  3. Colonel_Potter

    The New WGC Launcher

    I suffered with the WGC when I accidentally installed it with the one beta test game. I had nothing but trouble with it, mainly not being able to surf the internet when WGC was running because it would slow to a crawl. It would be like that, even after stopping all the WGC processes through the task manager. I would have to reboot to use the internet again. That doesn't happen with the old launcher, nor does it happen with any other program on my PC. I spent several months trying to use so called fixes that were never going to work. I couldn't just uninstall the WGC because it would break the games so they wouldn't launch any more. It was really frustrating. The final straw came when the WGC refused to update my games. Would get some stupid error message, telling me there were network errors. My internet was working fine, did the ping to the WG servers and all that good stuff, said it was fine. Nothing helped. Then I found out I could get rid of the WGC by installing from files that were pre-WGC. Luckily I have some old versions saved to my PC, so I uninstalled everything and got the old launchers back when I did fresh installs from the older versions. Took a while, but it was worth it. I will just stop playing WG games when the WGC becomes mandatory I refuse to go through all of that trouble again, not worth it..
  4. Colonel_Potter

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Applied to Wolf4 because it seemed to be the only one with spaces available. Didn't know about you guys until this morning, would have applied sooner. Would like the clan bonuses. Anyway, have had bad experiences with clans, no matter which game, where someone in charge let the "power" go to their heads, lol. I'm here for fun, not being yelled at because they thought I made a mistake or something.