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  1. Colonel_Potter

    Claim Your Compensation Now! [Symbols of France]

    Working now. Was able to redeem mine. Thanks guys.
  2. Funny thing is, I can tell the difference between the ships that are using Massive AA and those who aren't when I use my Lexington. If my squadron dies quickly before I release a weapon, someone is using it correctly. Even with ships that don't have strong AA. It does make a difference.
  3. Colonel_Potter

    Chat bans and the disgusting system that allows it

    Was gonna brag that I have never been banned in the years I've been playing, that I have said some stuff in the past that might have been ban worthy in reply to people whining about my playing, but I think I will refrain from doing so because someone somewhere might be keeping score. EDIT: And EVE Online was very hard on new players. Well, it was when I used to play it from 2006 to about 2015. I lost everything once because I was moving between stations when I was new, had everything I owned in a hauler and I got ganked by someone who got their kicks out of ganking new players in High Sec. And of course I didn't have insurance on my ship. Luckily I had a very good friend in my corporation that helped me out and showed me the ropes after that, lol. I remember some people didn't have their clones updated, they got podded, and lost millions of skill points, which used to take a long time to get. It could be very harsh on new people. Plenty of new people quit all the time because it was unforgiving. Dunno about any more though.
  4. I use the World of Warships Wiki to set up my ships. Most ships have guides as to how to set them up with upgrades and commander skills. I find it very useful. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships
  5. Whelp, now I have something to look forward to spend my coal on. Just bought the Yoshino, so I am saving again, but wasn't really too anxious to spend the coal on either the Georgia or the Salem and already have the Jean Bart.
  6. Colonel_Potter

    Siroco missions are over??

    Would be nice if they added a pop up in game when logging in warning you have like 1 day left if you're actually doing the missions. I was fortunate enough to finish the missions a few days ago.
  7. Colonel_Potter

    Yoshino after half dozen games... pretty darn good

    I didn't need 6 games to know I loved the Yoshino. Kinda loved her even before I got her. My first game, I did 150k and got 3 sinkings if I remember right. And yes, if you're careful and pick the right situation, you can get close as long as you don't broadside. You don't always have to stay 20km away. I took out a DM with her, just using her HE and no torps at like 10km, lol. Thought I was gonna sink, but didn't.
  8. Colonel_Potter

    the state of MM ruining games.

    Oh, figured this was another tier 8s being in tier 10 battles rage whine. Carry on.
  9. Colonel_Potter

    I'm better than you

    I finally got a French DD mission this morning after opening 34 crates. I'm better than those who haven't got one yet. Pats myself on the back too.
  10. Colonel_Potter

    I am sad

    Sounds like someone needs therapy if they have enough real hate for a game to declare it on the forums.
  11. Colonel_Potter

    Jean Bart

    Not sure I'd spend $80 for it when you can get it for coal in the Armory. Will have to get the coal from the more resources containers in the daily xp containers and some missions, but will take time and patience. That's how I got mine. If you want it bad enough and right now, and have the money to spend, I'd say go for it. Beats spending $80 bucks on going to the movies a couple of times in my opinion, lol.
  12. Colonel_Potter

    Okay..explain this to me

    Not sure about higher IJN tiers, but some of the DDs I've played have terrible turret rotation speed, and it's almost impossible to get a shot off on target if you're juking and jiving to keep from getting shot yourself, especially if the enemy is very close to you. Noticed it mostly in Pan-Asia ships, dunno about high tier IJN DDs. I haven't been able to get shots off before because of this.
  13. Colonel_Potter

    Jean Bart

    Wiki is a great resource for getting an idea how to set up your captains and ship upgrades. I use it for mine. Also, the Jean Bart is a great ship, fun to play and earns good credits. As for playing it, take advantage of the turrets being on the front by keeping your nose pointed at the enemy. It has low HP for a BB at tier 9, and you survive longer by not going broadside like with any ship.
  14. Makes me chuckle to see WG thinks the French DD crates are an incentive to get players to come back. I doubt anyone would take them up on the offer if they knew the actual drop rates for the missions. Btw... no missions from 30 of those crates I've opened, lol. EDIT: I take my previous comments back. I got the Jaguar mission just now. 1/34 are great odds, right? Lol.
  15. Colonel_Potter

    Salem vs Yoshino

    I don't have the Salem, but I do have the DM, so not sure how much different they would be. That said, I got the Yoshino a couple days ago. I absolutely love it. I have played 9 games in it so far. Am averaging 105k damage, 1913xp per game. My best stats in any ship. It's very easy to accumulate damage with it. It is a very fun ship to play in my opinion.