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  1. Colonel_Potter

    All Ships in the game stop Moving

    Having the same issue. And it didn't start until patch 9.0. Before that, the game ran smoothly. It doesn't happen on anything else I play, just World of Warships. I also have Windows 10. EDIT: I also ran Ping Plotter to login1.worldofwarships.com and it's all in the green, so doubt it's my internet with zero packet loss.
  2. Colonel_Potter

    Lunar New Year content?

    Dunno where it is. Seen the directive mission, tried to find out more about when the Lunar New Year stuff was coming, but couldn't find any info either.
  3. Unethical? So it's a moral issue now when WG nerfs things? That's funny.
  4. Colonel_Potter

    Atago Buyers Remorse

    I don't have an Atago, but I do have the ARP Takao. They are basically the same ship now that WG has made the ARP Takao full premium. Anyway, give the Atago a chance. Don't just rely on the torpedoes. Use your range, concealment and agility. The HE on the ARP Takao are great, and the ship even stands up well in tier 10 battles. I LOVE taking mine into Tier 10 battles. Usually in the top three, and lots of times the top one in those battles. And I am below average to average player. So yeah, don't give up on the Atago. They are great ships.
  5. Colonel_Potter

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    I have the Graf Zeppelin B. I used it for quite a few games in the 1vs1 Ranked Sprints. Was able to even sink BBs with my secondaries, lol. Of course had to soften them up with planes, but still, was able to sink BBs, Cruisers and DDs. I have it set up as a secondary build though, with my 19pt G. Kurfurst captain who has IFHE. Can't do it in Randoms though. Too many ships to sink you, but yes, the Secondaries kill DDs pretty easily. Anyway, back on topic, love my Indomitable. Have found the bombers can even withstand tier 10 AA. I think it's a fun ship to play.
  6. Colonel_Potter

    A new camouflage for ARP Takao

    Not everyone reads every single comment in a forum thread.
  7. Colonel_Potter

    A new camouflage for ARP Takao

    I was looking for it, but evidently the camo is so well made that I cannot see it. On a side note... love the credits I am getting with the ARP Takao now. Getting around 400k with losses. Have only played a couple of games so far, and of course they have been losses, lol. Can't wait to see what I get with a win.
  8. Colonel_Potter

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    As far as I know, it's just for people who have them already. WG hasn't said if they will be selling them in the future from what I have seen. But, it wouldn't surprise me if they are made available sometime in the future since now they're premiums.
  9. Colonel_Potter

    To be clear about ARP ship changes

    They will become full premiums and they will also be adding economy bonuses to the permanent camos. I had sold most of mine, all except for one of the tier 5 BBs and Tier 7 cruisers. I was told I could submit a ticket to get them returned as long as I had the amount of credits in my wallet that I got when I sold them and the port slots available, which I did. They returned them to me with no hassles within a few hours.
  10. Colonel_Potter


    I have a feeling the Yashima will be added to the Research Bureau. Feels like that kind of ship.
  11. Colonel_Potter

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    Collaboration with Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ships dedicated to the collaboration with Arpeggio of Blue Steel (V ARP Kongō, V ARP Kirishima, V ARP Haruna, V ARP Hiei, VII ARP Myōkō, VII ARP Nachi, VII ARP Ashigara, VII ARP Haguro, and VIII ARP Takao), as well, as the VII Southern Dragon and VII Eastern Dragon custom ships, are becoming Premium ships. They will now earn more credits and their permanent camouflages will provide economic bonuses. A new camouflage for VIII ARP Takao has also been added. This part has made me very happy. More credits will always be appreciated. Also curious about the new ARP Takao camo.
  12. Colonel_Potter

    How far I got on PR...

    Was able to get to phase 31/36 without any doubloon boosters. Then I spent the doubloons to get the Puerto Rico. I say $60 for a tier X special ship is worth it, especially when the tier 9 free XP ships are going for close to $80 in the premium shop. Plus there was the goodies like the 10k coal and 2k steel that sweetened the deal when I bought it. Definitely wouldn't have had spent $100 for it though when I was at 25k Doubloons still. Definitely not worth $177, and definitely not a mediocre cruiser. Takes a beating and can give one too.
  13. Colonel_Potter

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    I started out in World of Tanks, hence my name. Played it for a few years, but got tired of getting blapped by premium ammo. People complain about the MM here in Warships. I invite them to play Tanks for an afternoon and try to play tier 8 against tier 10. Almost no chance at all. I still keep tanks updated, and go in like once every few months to see if anything has gotten better, but I always leave after a game or two with a bad taste in my mouth. Tanks just isn't fun any more.
  14. Colonel_Potter

    Tactics-->No Support for DDs

    You don't even know how to play a Des Moines. Highest cruiser you have is the Baltimore, and it plays differently than the Des Moines. Looks like you just started to thread so you could argue with people, lol.
  15. Colonel_Potter

    Coal Ship question + 1more

    The Aigle is decent, but the Smolensk is worth the coal grind. It's a great ship in both Randoms and Co-Op. You can reduce the coal grind by 25% if you haven't spent the ship for resources coupon we get every 6 months. The ships for resources coupons don't accumulate, have to use it within the time period available, or it will expire.