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  1. Colonel_Potter

    My counselor said I should post this...

    Took me a minute to figure out how this image shows you're a kill stealer. Then I noticed you had 2 hp damage and had a kill, lol.
  2. You obviously have never seen a Brindisi or Venezia destroy DDs from full health in one or two volleys. I have done it numerous times myself with mine, and it's fun because of the DD tears that usually ensue afterwards, lol. Anyway, guess you only play lower tiers, eh? Or stick to Co-Op where those ships aren't played often because there are better co-op ships than them for co-op?
  3. Colonel_Potter

    To Slava or Ohio that is the question.

    Have both, Ohio is much better. Slava has very weak armor. Can get easily spanked if you make a mistake.
  4. Colonel_Potter

    Transformers are back...

    Yes, because even with duplicates, I will have enough. I am at 24/32 (22/32 from the first release of the Transformers Collaboration, and 2 new ones from the 300,000 credit armory containers). Each item of the collection requires 4 duplicates to unlock. Soooooooo... 60 containers would be 60 items, and 60 items divided by 4 equals 15 items of the collection I can unlock with duplicates. I need 8 collection items... so that means I will have enough for 7 collection items left over. So yes, I am sure I will get it completed. Btw... get 18 days to complete the missions, which is plenty of time for me.
  5. Colonel_Potter

    Transformers are back...

    The Transformers Collaboration is back. Missions and stuff in the Armor/Premium Shop. The missions will allow you to get 60 free "Transformers: The Movie 35th Anniversary" containers if you can complete them all, which drop the Transformer Collection items. There are also 5 you can purchase in the armory's Transformers section for 300,000 credits each (which I bought and already got 2 new pieces of the collection). Can FINALLY complete that collection. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, lol.
  6. Colonel_Potter

    Your monthly super container

    I'd happily take your 100 India Delta signals. I got 14 days of premium time, which I am grateful for.
  7. Colonel_Potter

    PSA: New Prime Loot

    Got the 5 days and another 5 days of premium time for 10 days total, which I am okay with because I am not one of those fortunate souls who gets tons of premium time from supercontainers and so on.
  8. Only way it'll happen is if WG can find a way to monetize the trials, even in the training room, especially for ships bought for in-game resources since they're not making direct income from them. It'd be cool to take a ship for a test run though, including tech tree ships.
  9. Same reason Ranks are time gated. To keep people in Randoms at low population hours so it doesn't mess with the Random's MM too much. They need to keep the population up there in Randoms, and only way to do it is to keep people who want to play other modes from playing them and force them into Randoms if they want PvP. At least that is the excuse that was given in a recent Ranked time gate thread.
  10. So don't accept it then if you're truly concerned about it, lol.
  11. Colonel_Potter

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    Main reason why I avoid low tiers below 5 is because I feel guilty for clubbing the new players trying to learn the game and any amount of rewards probably wouldn't change that.
  12. Colonel_Potter

    I did a thing.. Black.

    Could've waited until July 1st and got it for coal. Guess it's supposed to be the same price as the Neustrashimy, but could be reduced with the bi-yearly 25% off resource ships coupon. Anyway, congrats on getting the ship. Enjoy!
  13. Colonel_Potter

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

    Was said that we'd be able to complete the Transformers collection with the new round of Transformer collaboration. Says nothing about the collection, nor do the containers drop any collection items according to the 11.5 release notes. Ashkance seemed a bit vague in that reply he gave in the attached photo when I brought up the subject at the time of the new Transformers Collaboration announcement now that I have read it again. It does say full details will be released later, but I'm beginning to think we are going to have to pay money in one form or another to complete the collection since the collection items aren't listed in the Cybertronian Container release notes. I assume they would have included them there since the other changes were included in the notes.
  14. You don't HAVE to use that captain in the Black. You can stick any of your well trained USN DD captains in it since it is a special ship. Or you can even take a high point USN captain from another ship that hasn't been trained for DD yet and train it specifically for the Black. Besides, as @Nevermore135 graciously pointed out, the skills are being trained for Cruisers, not the Black itself.
  15. I used to play EVE for years. Haven't since before I started playing Warships though. Anyway, I remember a couple of instances where people literally spent thousands of dollars to acquire some fancy ship and even fancier modules just to shoot NPCs in Missions in high secure space, where Concord would blow up your ship if you fired your guns at other players. Those fancy ships would attract players who were known as pirates, who'd form groups that'd blow up your ship before Concord could respond. It was called ganking. They'd make their money back by collecting the fancy modules that didn't get destroyed and selling them. There was a lot of people who rage quit because they lost everything they had. You don't get stuff replaced when you lose it in EVE like you heard. Have to build/buy new again. It could be quite harsh.