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  1. Colonel_Potter

    Why even have game chat?

    Never been banned in chat and I have said some very questionable things in the past to people who got salty with me first, lol.
  2. Colonel_Potter

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    Had it happen to me once. It hasn't happened since because I look for the 9-9-8 when I play CV and react accordingly if I see it. Just don't make yourself an easy target and you should be fine if you pay attention.
  3. Colonel_Potter

    This is [edited] War Gaming

    Read the responses to the thread. You can exchange the duplicates for one you don't have at a 1 to 1 ratio. It's pretty self-explanatory if you calm down instead of rage posting.
  4. Colonel_Potter

    So it seems like Kidd has strong AA

    Wait until you face a Halland, even with tier 10 CVs, lol.
  5. Colonel_Potter

    First impressions of Marco polo?

    Only played a couple of Co-op games in mine to get a feel for it, and I got in secondary range of the bots. They were broadside, and the SAP was wrecking them for hits of up to 16k. Even from range I was getting hits of 8 or 9k, and hit more often than I thought it would at range. In 2 games, I averaged over 97k damage. All SAP, haven't tried the AP yet. This is against bots of course. Aslo, the AA seemed pretty decent against the bot planes. Anyway, I think the Marco Polo is okay so far. Will have to see once I take it into other battle modes to get a real idea. Edit: I have my 21 point Venezia captain Luigi in it, specced for survivability.
  6. Only one I don't have is the Saipan, and out of the GZ, Indomitable or Kaga that I do have, I'd say the Kaga B I got out of a container this past year is the best all around. It has never ending planes and it's easier to get more dependable hits on targets than the other two. The GZs bombers can be tricky, and it's a bit difficult to accumulate damage with the Indomitable unless you start fires because you don't have torps. That's my take on them anyway.
  7. Colonel_Potter

    Best BB's for Brawl mode?

    Hydro definitely helps. Wouldn't have beat those two DDs I mentioned in my post here in this thread without it. It let me see where they were behind islands. Then probably wouldn't have beat the Bismarcks without the torps. Odin is a great all around ship for 1vs1in my opinion. Haven't come across a CV or cruiser in it yet.
  8. Colonel_Potter

    Best BB's for Brawl mode?

    Odin. Played 4 games in it last night. 4 wins. 2 wins against Bismarcks, 2 wins against DDs... a Le Terrible and a z-23 or z-35, don't remember which one, just remember it was German.
  9. Colonel_Potter

    Not really game related, but wanted to share

    Thanks for making me realize what he meant with his original post. I edited my original post with an apology.
  10. Colonel_Potter

    Not really game related, but wanted to share

    That 'but' kinda makes it sound like you're actually disappointed for some reason, but trying to hide it. Just seems like a weird way of saying you're excited in my opinion. Edit: Sorry if I came across as being rude or anything. It was how I read the post originally, and people who quoted me made me see the err in ,my ways. My reading comprehension failed me. I understand now you meant it you're happy even though the baby is her second child, that you're as happy as if the baby was her first, not that you were disappointed because she is having a second child. Again, I'm sorry. Anyway Congrats!
  11. Ranked has been pretty decent this go around. Have only been in like one, maybe two blowout losses. Rest have been close, wins and losses. Some very exciting battles too. Come back from the edge of defeat wins and so on. It's been fun.
  12. Colonel_Potter

    Advent Calendar and Mission for NA Server

    Lol... it ended. Was just a Christmas event.
  13. Hmm... I think I got a 1600 token mission chain and it was no way near that many credits required. Was only 800k each for the first 3 stages, then 1 million for the 4th, then 2 million for the 5th and final. Was simple to do.
  14. Looks more of a balanced battle than OP thinks it was. They sank four of the other team after all.
  15. Colonel_Potter

    Bots in ranked.

    Was thinking you meant bots like in low tier Randoms to fill the teams at first. Then reading comprehension kicked in, lol. Anyway, I haven't noticed any bot-like/AFK behavior in the handful of games I have played this time around.