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  1. tjvarmint

    Directive 1 - The Wager: Fires and Citadels

    Nevermind....I used my special reading power to realize the fires/citadels need to happen in one battle.
  2. Directive 1 - The Wager: Fires and Citadels - Get 20 Set on fire or hits to citadels in a random battle in a tier 5 or higher. Any reason why I wouldn't be receiving credit for fires and citadels??? Over the course of several battles, I have 15 fires and 3 citadels. I should have this directive nearly complete but have not received credit for any.
  3. tjvarmint

    ARP I-401 port bug

    Yes. The mod shows several ships that aren't on the regular menu. The mod is in the ModStation pack.
  4. Anybody else see some funkiness when they select the ARP I-401 in the tech tree? I obviously haven't earned the ship yet. It seems a bit bouncy. I may not want it anyway. :) 20200205_225657.mp4
  5. tjvarmint

    Gun sound bug??

    Anybody else having issues with gun sounds? Since 9.0 I've had issues with gun sounds. I've cranked up the volume in the settings. Larger caliber guns can be heard but they are subdued. Destroyer gun sounds are non-existent. Thanks!
  6. tjvarmint

    Anniversary Stream! It's today!

    I was unable to watch the stream today. Were there any codes??? I redeemed the codes from previous days' videos with no problems. Edit...I found the stream replay and the codes. They all worked fine.
  7. tjvarmint

    Update 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Greetings all, I apologize if this has been posted before. I recently ran into an issue with the tech tree. I was browsing through and clicked on a premium ship that I did not have in my port. After drooling for a while and planning how I would get the ship, I selected another ship that I already had in port. I was able to view that ship and any other ship in port but the icon and ship information in the upper right-hand part of the port remained on the premium ship that I didn't own. It was the end of the evening. So, I didn't check to see if the problem remained after playing a battle or switching to another tab in the port.
  8. tjvarmint

    event No 3

    I understand the grind to the 3M per line/nation is not based on the net return from each battle. My point of the post was that you are spending much more through premium consumables, improved camo, and specialized flags than what you potentially will receive from this particular stage. I suppose all of these events have been the similar in cost vs. return but I've never run the numbers. In the end it doesn't really matter. I'm still having loads of fun. I pay my monthly premium and ship on.
  9. tjvarmint

    event No 3

    I knew I wasn't the only one peeved about stage 3 of this event. Let's do the math with some assumptions. To achieve the event, you need to earn 3 million credits each for 6 different nationalities or in certain destroyers/cruisers. That's 18 million credits. Assuming you're an average to better player and earn at least 200K per battle, that's no less than 15 successful battles per line. Multiplied by 6 and you get 90 battles. Let that sink in...90. If you're an even better player and get a minimum of 300K per battle, you'll still be playing at least 60 battles. Obviously, to improve your odds, you'll want to mount special flags and/or camo. Additionally, you'll want to mount premium consumables. Because it's hard to assume how many flags will be mounted and what camo is used, we'll exclude that cost from the equation. On the other hand, we can assume players will load at least two premium consumables at 25K each. That's 50K credits spent per battle. After 90 battles, you'll spend 4.5 million credits. If you are successful in achieving the 6 lines, you will receive a total of 1.8 million credits or French containers, and a special French camo. Reward: 1.8 million credits or French containers plus a special French camo. This is just the raw value of what is known. There could be some substantial rewards in the French containers. Cost: 4.5 million credits (200K earned/game) Net: -2.7 million credits (without taking into account what is received in the container) One could say that the 18 million earned to achieve this goal could be considered a reward. But it's not. It's what you would potentially earn when you normally play the game. The goal of the event from the players' perspective is to be rewarded extra for their efforts. The amount of time needed to achieve this stage is over the top. Let's assume an average of 15 minutes per game. If you are earning 200K per battle and need to play 90 games, that's 1350 minutes or 22.5 hours. If you're the better player averaging 300K, you'll ONLY play 60 games=900 minutes=15 hours. Yes, it's doable with the averages assumed above. But it's not practical for most players. It doesn't seem like it's worth the effort. In my case it's especially true. I've received absolutely no French ship missions. I've opened between 15 and 20 French containers with no luck. All I seem to be doing is burning up flags, camo, and credits. I truly had fun with previous events but this one is not for me. I'll keep playing without worrying about grinding towards French rewards. Off my soapbox now, TJVarmint PS....What the heck happened to the RNGesus with receiving Super containers???? I've received only one this year. By this time last year, I had received at least 5. __________________________ I realize now that you could achieve multiple stages with the right ships in your port...I don't think I have such luck. Anyway, it's off my chest.
  10. tjvarmint

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    Thanks for the intel. But, I did receive the combat missions even though I had both Zipper and Gerfalcon subs in port. I received notices for completing both missions.
  11. tjvarmint

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    @Gneisenau013 Sorry to keep pestering...another question. When this sub scenario began, I apparently had done enough work in the previous scenarios to have 3 subs waiting for me in the port. Now, with this scenario there are combat missions to earn those subs. I've since received the notifications saying I've completed the missions. Because I already had the subs, would I have received any other compensation? I couldn't easily tell whether or not I was gifted something else in lieu of receiving the ship.
  12. tjvarmint

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    With over 25 battles in, I have yet to spawn on the NW side of the island. It doesn't matter if I'm solo or divisioned with four others. I'm always on the SE side of the island. Nevertheless, I've had plenty of fun playing. Besides, you need somebody to make sure those towers are spotted on the east side. It appears as though, only after a day into this scenario, players have got it figured out. Achieving 5 stars is common. Getting only 4 stars is now occasional. Getting less than 4 stars is rare. I look forward to the hard level. The shot in the arm to my Elite Commander skill points is much appreciated. I have no 19 point captains on the rest of my ships. I just don't have the time (or maybe the interest) to really develop one.
  13. tjvarmint

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    Thanks! @Gneisenau013
  14. tjvarmint

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    @Gneisenau013 1. I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere. If you hit a teammate with a torp, you get the warning that you caused damage. In the heat of the battle, I've been unable to determine whether or not I have actually done damage and I've forgotten to check the results screen. Can we damage teammates which would be contrary to all other scenarios? 2. Comment: It seems as though some of the captain skills are useless for some of the subs and should also be blocked. For those that do not have deck guns, we shouldn't have skills that improve them. The deck guns are mostly useless anyway. Although, I did do some fire damage to a DD once. 3. Comment: Some have commented on the uselessness of rear tubes...especially on the sub that has two sets of tubes in the rear and only one up front. I agree with you. Although, the one tactic I learned was to attack the enemy with your front tube, submerge, reappear on the other side of the target, and fire the rear. This works really well with the Zipper because it can dive and surface so quickly. 4. Comment: It seems as though there should be a play-through training for a completely new boat. I've seen too many players just floating around, not submerging, not turning off secondaries, staying detected, and sinking within the first few minutes. With so few teammates losing one or more so quickly really lessens the chance of even getting one star. 5. Advice: Make sure you turn on your Air Detectability indicator on your mini-map to see how close you can get to the ballistas. 6. Question: Is anybody else getting perma-spawned in one location or the other? I've played the scenario about 10 times or more. Everytime, I'm spawned in the SW...even when divisioned with one or two other players. My division mates are often spawned in the middle location, leaving me on my own.
  15. tjvarmint

    How to use Guineas

    Thanks Kizarvexis!! I'll check out the RN arsenal a little closer and see where I stand.