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  1. Banyon

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Me: Hi, My name is Banyon... Rest of thread: Hi Banyon! Me ... and I have a problem. My current count of ships in port is..." Me, mumbling: ...527... Sits back down in his chair quickly, looking about nervously.
  2. Banyon

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    For some reason, I'm betting that WG doesn't realize the troubles and issues that are/were getting sparked by this... I know of a few "Whales" who are now closing their wallets over this and it sounds like other long-standing members/players are ready to quit as well. I see the CCs and EX CCs (Flamu / iChase / Zoup / etc...) have a FIELD day roasting WG over this... I see WG probably doubling down on what they've done until they realize it's impacting the $$ negatively.. Once that kicks in hard enough, they will try to release some new stuff (which will backfire) and $$ will continue to hemorrhage. Only after they have experienced fiscal pain, and it hits the directors / CEO / mistresses pockets will they come down on staff like a ton of slavic bricks trying to fix the situation. Dont know if that will be enough to fix or save the situation... Personally, I love this game. I've thought about doing whatever I could to contribute to the community (I have a face made for radio, and a voice for silent films though) Right now, After collecting 450 ships, I'm closing my wallet for the foreseeable future. To @LittleWhiteMouse & @Chobittsu We, the community, have your back. You've had ours with the awesome reviews and its time for us to pay it back. I know a number of my other clan members will also close their wallets and hit WG where it matters... In the wallets as the senior staff there don't seem to want to listen to anything else.
  3. Banyon

    Fair Winds and Following seas.

    Bravo Zulu Hapa. Be proud of what you've accomplished and enjoy the family. You've actually earned one of the few accolades I can give a fellow veteran... I won't tell any derogatory, inappropriate, and wildly humorous interservice jokes I usually tell about the others services (Retired Army here) ;-) Fair winds and following seas :salute:
  4. Banyon

    In Game Voice Overs/ Call Outs

    Not a guru when it comes to this stuff, so I might be 100% off base…. Sounds like a file might have been deleted or gotten corrupted. have you tried (I forget what it’s called in WOWS) but a system check of the files? Believe you can do that from the launcher. (On the phone atm, not the PC, so I can’t say how as I don’t remember off the top of my head.) if that doesn’t work, you can always try uninstalling/reinstalling. hope you get it figured out.
  5. Banyon

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    <3 @LittleWhiteMouse & @chobbittsu Not sure if they can go back on the Yukon and add your hard work back in at this point, or even if you would want it done that way... Perhaps they could make it right by you, and the community, by taking your advice and adding in a Commonwealth tech tree line and a couple of RCN prem ships that you DO take part of the development process (from the beginning & with full knowledge of all aspects of WG so this doesn't happen again).
  6. Banyon

    Legendary Module for Moskva?

    All Legendary Modules (LM) are now available through the Research Bureau (Just a bit over 20k points). As such, there is no advantage between Pre-coal and Post-coal Moskva as you can still acquire the LM for it. The sole exception that post-coal Moskva comes with a prem camo that you needed to purchase before with dubs. ;) (and yes, the LM is worth it IMHO)
  7. Banyon

    Mouse Chills with Two Tribal Proposals

    Sounds like a wonderful idea to me as well @LittleWhiteMouse. With a little bit of google-fu and a dive into Wikipedia, they do have an entry on the Athabasken and how it was sunk on 29 APR 1944 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMCS_Athabaskan_(G07) ) Also, a look at ships available to the RCN as well as the Soviet navy at the same time, (ships active during WWII) there are a lot more ships available to the RCN line than the Soviet Navy. (Click each type of ship in the info box to the right and sort by nation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_of_World_War_II ) By my rough count, which is probably off as I probably pulled a stupid and forgot one or overcounted another. I have the RCN at: 2 CVs, 3 Cruisers, 44 Destroyers, 69 Destroyer Escorts, 111 Corvettes, 2 subs, 3 Armed merchant cruisers = 234 RCN ships active during WWII vs 4 BBs, 13 CAs, 9 monitors, 11 Destroyers, 1 minelayer = 38 Soviet Navy ships active during WWII The soviets have multiple lines of ships currently (BB, CA, CL, gunboat DD, hybrid DD) with CVs coming soon. 33 total ships in the Tech tree which ALMOST equals the total number of ships they had active in WWII. This doesn't include the 29 premium ships in the RU line as well. The RCN line currently doesn't have a tech tree line and is only represented by 2 premium ships, Haida (real) and Yukon (paper) The WWII ships in service for the RCN seem to have a preponderance of DDs, DDEs, and Corvettes which could all be parlayed into a reasonable tech tree line for the Commonwealth ships tree, more so than more paper ships boosting other lines (RU, GE, etc..) I would have no issues helping to advocate for an RCN commonwealth line of DDs with a premium cruiser or two and a CV to round out the tech tree and give some much-needed love where it's needed rather than throw ships at already overloaded lines.
  8. Found that in announcements. Looks like they are aware and are working it. :D
  9. 4 games. same results as above. 0 XP, 0 commander XP, 0 credits yet resources (flags / camo) expended. Understood that things happen... Will there be some form of compensation though? (XP, Dubloons, Credits, etc..) Just curious.