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  1. ThomasFranz67

    Reminded Today of Why I'm Becomming a PVE Main (Small Rant)

    I'm in the same boat. The good news is that WG is working on a PvE mode for WoT, but no dates are known, yet. Can't wait to see what WG is cooking up. Might have to start playing tanks again.
  2. ThomasFranz67

    Halsey grind in Co-op....

    Just scratched the third mission. At this rate it will probably take me until Dezember 2021 to finish the campaign. It really wouldn't kill WG to give more than just the one point for the tasks you have to repeat for what seems a gazillion times with no rewards for all the repetitions. Anyways, congrats on that accomplishment.
  3. ThomasFranz67

    Request for owners of HMAS Vampire and HMAS Perth.

    I shall play them both, more than once.
  4. ThomasFranz67

    Announcing SKIPPER

    Good one. Just a day early for April Fools.
  5. ThomasFranz67

    Scenario Analysis: Narai (Version 3)

    I'm thinking about giving Narai a go, using a BB. I have the Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Nagato and Hood for choices. Does anyone have any recommendations ?
  6. ThomasFranz67

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    My reason for almost exclusively playing Coop are very simple. I just dont feel like beeing berated by whoever for not living up to anyone else's expectations while playing a computer game after having put in anywhere in between 8 and 12 hours of work in a job that requires my full attention.
  7. Actually, that "w" or "v" is almost completely silent in the German language. I know, my Mother language can be very tricky at times.
  8. I'll take one of these to go please. Where do I sign up. Seriously, I've been waiting for this beautiful piece of German Engineering ever since Lert first mentioned it in one of his threads. Just make it happen WG, my wallet is ready.
  9. ThomasFranz67

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You WG

    Wow, a forum section just for PvE, AWESOME !! Thanks WG.
  10. ThomasFranz67

    Co-op achievements suggestion by AdmiralThunder

    I'm all for it. Some of the requirements seem a bit steep, but then again it's supposed to be an Achievement and not a Participation Batch.
  11. ThomasFranz67

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    You can always tell a Yankee,..... you just can't tell 'em much. ( Commonly used phrase Down here)
  12. ThomasFranz67

    PEF Missions FTW...or wth???

    I bought mine the day it first was released. I wanted the ship ( because it's German) and knew I wouldn't have the will nor the time to grind out the missions, so I just bought the bare bones ship and started enjoying her from day one. That being said, I feel for you, missing the ship by a mouses tail.
  13. Yep, I noticed that yesterday. Need a Division to try the Subs, which sucks..... Wargaming ! Edit: Never mind. The Operation of the week changes every half hour to an hour. Just got to wait for it. Would have been nice to put that little detail in the patch notes, though.
  14. Sign me up for one of those. Nice work LWM.
  15. ThomasFranz67

    Whats going on with Coops?

    Not liking the "new" bots at all. Change it back, Wargaming, not next patch, not next weekend, do it NOW !!!!