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  1. I just recently unlocked the Kansas in the Tech Tree just after her recent buff. I mostly play Coop when I play solo and there Kansas is actually kind of fun, except for the long reload and the lack of speed. Would I spend money or Doubloons on any of the Kansas bundles in the Armory ? Definitely not. Total waste of money and just another Cash grab from WG in my humble opinion.
  2. ThomasFranz67

    What was the winning Musashi bid?

    Soo glad I got mine for 750000 FreeXP right before she was taken out. What a bargain that was back then.
  3. I would very much like if Ops. would change more often than weekly. I don't play Ops much at all anymore and it seems, every time I click on Ops. the dreaded " Newport defense" is active. I did like Op. Dynamo and Cherry Blossom much more than, you know.... Newport. Just my five cents.
  4. ThomasFranz67

    Monthly SC time again, what did you get?

    7 days of premium.
  5. Thanks Taylor, I will try that. I worked, got the last Twitch Container and the KOTS mission. You rock.
  6. I watched the Stream today, claimed the missing, closed and reopened the game, but no mission. What am I missing ? Edit: Yes, my accounts are linked.
  7. ThomasFranz67

    Premium Ship Review - Rochester

    I'm not particularly interested in Rochester since I got Anchorage already, I'm just genuinely happy to read yet another one of Mouses excellent Reviews. Happy Days.
  8. That's actually an exellent idea. Why the hell didn't I think of that, lol.
  9. ThomasFranz67

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    I just got the Friedrich der Grosse back to farm XP for when the GK/ Preussen swap is going to happen. Tried one game in CooP ( my favorite game mode ) and that just didn't work at all. Games are way too short now and with half the team DD's and Subs there isnt enough HP arround to even break even. Nevermind earn a few credits. So with a heavy heart I'm committing to Randoms to get the 240k plus XP I think I'm gonna need. What a bummer.
  10. ThomasFranz67

    Server ist kaput?

    I have the same issue, too.
  11. Honestly, I think it was about time that people stop giving our NA community team crap about things they have absolutely no say over. Just my opinion.
  12. ThomasFranz67

    What did you get in the monthly super container?

    25 Wyvern flags. And they still call it "Supercontainer". Talking about inflation, hah.
  13. ThomasFranz67

    Shot down

    Nice Thought and Gesture towards Mouse, but...... no, not really. Not going to give WeeGee money to show support for LWM.