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  1. ThomasFranz67

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    You can always tell a Yankee,..... you just can't tell 'em much. ( Commonly used phrase Down here)
  2. ThomasFranz67

    PEF Missions FTW...or wth???

    I bought mine the day it first was released. I wanted the ship ( because it's German) and knew I wouldn't have the will nor the time to grind out the missions, so I just bought the bare bones ship and started enjoying her from day one. That being said, I feel for you, missing the ship by a mouses tail.
  3. Yep, I noticed that yesterday. Need a Division to try the Subs, which sucks..... Wargaming ! Edit: Never mind. The Operation of the week changes every half hour to an hour. Just got to wait for it. Would have been nice to put that little detail in the patch notes, though.
  4. Sign me up for one of those. Nice work LWM.
  5. ThomasFranz67

    Whats going on with Coops?

    Not liking the "new" bots at all. Change it back, Wargaming, not next patch, not next weekend, do it NOW !!!!
  6. ThomasFranz67

    Premium Ship Review #110 - Cossack

    Thanks for the ( as always) exellent review, Mouse. This settles it for me. I'm gonna save my money and see if I can get Cossack via the event. And if that don't work out, no big loss, since I can always get a Gallant with Sovereigns.
  7. ThomasFranz67

    need a DD for Dynamo, suggestions

    C-Hull Mahan for me, too. I'm grinding her right now, so that should work out just nicely.
  8. ThomasFranz67

    Server overloaded? 13k players?

    Nope, but some people play for the fun of it, not the containers.
  9. ThomasFranz67

    Server overloaded? 13k players?

    Yep, same here. Got the message three times so far. Gonna call it quits for tonight. Maybe play some Subnautica.
  10. Hi Notser,

    I just got the message you left on Youtube about your mom.

    Dont worry about the wows community and the maybe drama that might be going on atm. After all it's about a video game, nothing more, nothing less.

    Focus on your family, that's the most important thing in your life. Spend as much time with your mom as you can and dont worry about the rest.

    I  lost my mom last year and wish I could have spend more time with her, so I can kind of understand what you are going thru emotionally right now, not fun.

    I hope your mom can beat this horrible sickness

    hang in there


    1. Notser


      Thank you Thomas, I definitely will do my best to see her as much as I can and enjoy the moments.  Sorry about your mom

  11. ThomasFranz67

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Hi LittleWhiteMouse, love your reviews, they helped me in deciding whether to get a ship countless times. I'm really curious about your review of the Prinz Eitel Friedrich. When do you think can we expect your take on her ? Keep up the exellent work.
  12. I voted for Scharnhorst, although I think it's a toss up between Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Actually, now that I think about it, I might give the edge to Gneisenau because of the higher Top speed and better AA. I got both and enjoy them equally. I just wished there was an option to put the 283mm guns on the A hull of the Gneisenau to be able to play her in her historical configuration.
  13. ThomasFranz67

    WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Ermagerd. ........... mmmmy ....joice is clear. I'll go for Team Shark since .........blue is my favorite color .
  14. And that is completely fine with me. The longer the testing phase lasts, the more likely it is that we will get a well balanced ship which we all can enjoy.
  15. All stats aside, what a beautiful ship ! A German tier VI premium BB/BC ? Nice. Only one question remains. When, WG, when ?