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  1. HawkM1

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    Why don't you just Dodge?
  2. HawkM1

    Armada: Boise

    After these changes no thanks you guys ruined Tier 7 CL
  3. Hmm well i did not take any chances with this update and did a fresh install with game center and have no issues I done this because they changed so much removing dx9 and adding two new exe files one for 32 and 64bit It might help you to do the same.
  4. To the people who can not launch game if your pc uses DX9 only the game will not work for you they removed support for it. DX 10.1 or 11 suported cards are needed.
  5. Ya just wanted to report NVIDIA Freestyle is broken saying the game is not supported prolby because of the new exe files for 32 and 64bit. Not a big thing but would be nice to have it again thanks.