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  1. MS supplies a WIndows XP virtual machine for free: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=8002 That's for windows 7, there are other methods if you use 8 or 10.
  2. We can still set rivers on fire in Australia
  3. You don't need access to a balance sheet to determine that a particular action is an act of revenue raising.
  4. Yeah, backwards thinking by businessmen. Modelling the game around revenue rather than enjoyment. People are more than willing to put in money when they're having fun. When it's evident that you're funding their next Ferrari, not so much.
  5. Nato101

    I think this is farewell

    Put your WG money into stocks. Much better returns!
  6. It's evident that management are instructing devs to do whatever they can to generate more revenue. This will end badly for them!
  7. Nato101

    Random Ping Spikes

    Try the thing in my sig. It's a little outdated right now, and lacking features, but I believe that the available setting/s can fix your issue.
  8. It's just another option for wallet warriors to get ahead of the rest of the pack. WG know that people with funds will free XP their way back up the tiers. They also know that some will reset and fill the lower tiers with numbers. Clearly, they want to increase tier spread numbers, and revenue. This isn't about enjoyment, balance, nor fun.
  9. Nato101

    Hardcap on DDs?

    OK, this is extremely rare then. I'm in Aus so your morning is my night. The 5v5 started ok after I torped and finished an enemy DD with my guns, but it quickly went downhill from there after my cruiser ate torps and, and I stupidly opened myself up to danger and died not long after. It did feel a lot safer though overall. It was interesting but I prefer the chaos of a full lineup.
  10. Nato101

    Hardcap on DDs?

    It's around 2800 players, and I've never encountered 2 dumps in a row in all my time. Very odd, if that's the case.
  11. Nato101

    Hardcap on DDs?

    I don't see how a queue dump is possible in non-cv tier 6-8 ships. I asked and everyone who responded said that it was a very short wait. It was just before, actually the 2nd one was at the time of posting whilst I was ingame sailing to the cap point.
  12. Nato101

    Canada Day patch

    Russian research STRONK!
  13. Had one on my team today. He was behind BBs and cruisers. Disgusting!
  14. Nato101

    Hardcap on DDs?

    Next game... Is MM OK?q
  15. Nato101

    Hardcap on DDs?

    I was under the impression that it was 4 DDs per team?