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  1. Nato101

    Can't play anymore

    Don't buy macs. It's just overpriced and restricted PC hardware
  2. Nato101

    Rare ships

    Here's my two babies. The Iwaki Alpha used to own noobs back when the game went live. Good times! shot-19.03.24_09.19.21-0112.bmp shot-19.03.24_09.19.30-0505.bmp
  3. Nato101

    1.14 million free XP

    Thanks people. I might go ahead and swap the XP for it.
  4. Nato101

    1.14 million free XP

    You misunderstood. I have all that XP and don't know whether or not to spend it on the Alaska since it costs a mil XP. I want to know if it will stay like that or change to gold.
  5. Should I get the Alaska or save for researching modules on stock ships? I don't play BBs at the moment... Do ships stay free XP or do they transfer to a doubloon price in the future?
  6. Nato101

    Terrain Collision Damage

    00.0000001% Here. I play DDs mainly. Haven't touched BBs for years.
  7. Put it in. Too much camping. There is zero consequence for ramming an island at full speed. Rubbing against an island or ramming it should cause some damage. It should be implemented, perhaps with a chance of flooding if the speed is high, in order to avoid ships ramming islands as a form of cover. I can't seem to add a poll for some reason?
  8. Nato101

    Video Card Upgrade

    You probably have v-sync on. No point having it off, but in case you're interested, you can edit the 'engine_config.xml' file in the 'res' folder and manually set a FPS limit. Also handy is setting <cacheEffects>true</cacheEffects> and <streamCacheSizeKB>16384</streamCacheSizeKB> (these are reset after every patch and must be re-applied manually)
  9. Please add a magnetic shield to my Z-52 while you're at it!
  10. Probably not, but give it a shot.
  11. Another patch, another bump
  12. Nato101

    unsupported systems

  13. Nato101

    This patch and FPS

    Guys, try this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/180190-fix-fps-stuttering-loading-times/
  14. Nato101

    unsupported systems

    Just update to 64 bit. Find your license key and write it down before you do anything. You can create a win10 x64 installation media with this tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10