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  1. partswise

    WoWS please explain

    MM could at least put the low tiers on the same side of the map.
  2. partswise

    WoWS please explain

    T8 stock BB put on the same side of the map with a T9 and 10 BB's. Its definitely a "bug"
  3. partswise

    WoWS please explain

    Why shouldn't we complain, it obviously needs adjusting, if people keep saying "oh it's ok" then they will do nothing about it. Why is it a 2 tier difference instead of 1? Saying its because lack of players, well there you go. This system doesn't encourage players to stay. At lower tier it's not so bad, but at high tier where massive damage is delt, it just becomes ridiculous! Just had a battle as a stock T8 DD and was put on the same side as a Gearing, no guesses to what happened. How are we supposed to influence a battle with those odds?
  4. partswise

    WoWS please explain

    I'm just so dumb sometimes! They don't get any money out of me so i suppose it's only fair i get ransomed up for fodder on a regular basis
  5. Please explain why as a T7 i keep getting put in T9 battles? Just had it 3 out of 4 times with the 4th being mid tier. The first battle just got targeted by the cv straight away and was less than 50% before i got to fire a shell. This keeps happening every day, to everyone. Are there any plans in motion to fix this obvious flaw? This is supposed to be a fun game, not some frustratingly unbalanced MM garbage.
  6. partswise

    Matchmaking w/ different Tiers.

    MM is stuffed. 25 battles for 4 wins, nearly all were 3 tier battles where i copped the lowest tier for over 70% of them. Just got targeted by the CV straight away for the easy kill. Had a break for 6 years when the money grab started. Now this :(