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  1. I wanted to ask you about something I read in one of your posts, where you speak favorably about running fire prevention as a tier 4 upgrade.

    Like 20,000+ other players, I won a Bismark in the recent mission; unlike 20,000+ other players, I don't know diddly about BB's (total DD main here). The VERY little I know about these ships is what I have learned from playing Ark Beta (yes, beta tester) and Arizona (yes, living, breathing American vet), but both of these BB's play much differently than a Biz does.

    So far, I have taken:

    PM for Level 1,

    Expert Marksman for Level 2

    BFT and Superintendent for Level 3

    AFT for Level 4

    Would you recommend Fire Prevention as another Level 4 skill, or go with Manual Secondaries? An extra 60 percent less dispersion is always desirable, but not burning up is also VERY attractive.

    I wouls also like to hear your recommendations for another Level 2 skill, as well as your overall opinion of this Captain's Build.

    Thx, Umikami