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  1. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    This is not meant to take anything away from VG's post, but once you've seen the "stats are meaningless becuz reasons" line of horse manure a few hundred times, the response is pretty familiar. You get used to it. Responding doesn't require much thought because the "idea" you are responding to is so astonishingly stupid.
  2. No, they can't. Stop spreading misinformation.
  3. Bring Back Open Water Stealth Fire...

    No. Bad idea is bad.
  4. Who are you going to fight for?

    I'm fighting for:
  5. Trade Secrets -TOP SECRET

    Other than clan battles, I'll share anything with anyone. A competitive community is essential to my continued enjoyment of the game, which is why I have always been active on the forums.
  6. As a BB Capt when do you open fire?

    I shoot as soon as something is in my range. I continue shooting as long as I have shots. I only stop shooting when I need to turn around and in order to do so safely, I need to go dark. Otherwise, as long as something is in my range, my guns are rolling. My BB's don't care about angles. I'll shoot your bow in BB just as readily as I shoot a broadside cruiser. I love shooting battleships. The damage numbers are bigger. :drool: That said, if you're in a turn, I'll hold my shot a couple seconds to make sure you're fully committed before you get deleted.
  7. How is this fair ?

    1. There is nothing wrong with seal clubbing. To some players, everyone is a seal. To others, everyone has a club. But in WOWS, everyone has a boat and they all shoot. 2. If you're going to club seals, don't whine when the seals take off their disguise and club you back. 3. If you are trying to raise captains by playing them in tier 1 and 2 ships, and believe this is an effective way to do so, please send me a PM. I am secretly a Nigerian Prince and I'd love to share a business opportunity with you! 4. Go France!!!
  8. Seattle: Why Bother?

    If you don't like the range on the Seattle, you're not going to like the range on the Worcester. Perhaps you've realized that the USN CL line isn't for you.
  9. Zao: AFT any good?

    You generally don't need manual AA to be an effective AA ship. Zao can be effective. You need the slot 1 module that gives 100% extra hit points to AA and secondary mounts. You need the module that extends your AA range by 20%. You need AFT and BFT. Combined with judicious use of DFAA, Zao can be effective at shooting down planes. You're not going to do as well as a Mino or a DM or even a Hindy, but you'll knock a few down. Especially the tier 8 and 9 CV's. It's tough to play AA versus tier 10 CV's because they have massive reserves and their planes have a lot more HP and are a lot faster. Which means they are more resilient to your AA and are exposed to it for a shorter time. If you happen to be the target of a tier 10 CV and you are kind of alone (no other ships can assist you with their AA aura), you're going to lose in a Zao. Even if you spec AA. Your only hope is that you can make it painful enough on the enemy CV driver that he leaves you alone. At tier 10, AA is really an all or nothing approach. You either spec completely for it, or don't bother. Also consider that at tier 10, a 100 AA rating on one ship may not be equal to a 100 on another ship. On a Montana, the 100 rating may mean 99.5 while on a Worcester, it means 129. When you have ships that are capping out, it's tough to compare them.
  10. Zao: AFT any good?

    The rating itself doesn't mean much. It is a general abstraction of how effective your AA is. The actual effectiveness of your AA is seen in the AA panel. You have to get under the hood to really understand your ship's capabilities.
  11. 1. Black Swan 2. nothing 3. St. Louis 4. Dougay-Trouin 5. Emile Bertin 6. Fuso 7. Lyon 8. Charles Martel 9. Alsace 10. Republique
  12. There is absolutely zero comparison between the power gap in WOT versus the power gap in WOWS. I have never felt useless in WOWS, even as the lone bottom tier in a game where everyone is +2. I always feel useful. WOT is another story altogether. Is constantly facing +2 frustrating? Yes. We all want to be top of the food chain. But WOWS is competitive at +2 whereas WOT is often, not. Let's not be overly dramatic and exaggerate past the point of people taking a legitimate argument (that its not fun to be constantly uptiered) seriously by arguing that being top dog in ships is to brainlessly punk everything below it. Don't go and throw your credibility away by saying stupid stuff.
  13. Torpedo evasion tactics

    Unless you are already sailing away from a drop, turn into the torpedos and cut your throttle to 1/2. Ships turn tightest at 1/2 to 3/4 power. Also remember that it takes time to straighten out, so don't over turn or you'll swing your butt right into a torpedo that you have already evaded.
  14. my first time breaking 300k barrier!

    Gratz OP!!! Welcome to the 300k club!!!
  15. Why do you have to ditch your friends in order to play clan battles? Even if you have to join a more active dedicated clan for the clan war portion of the game, what is preventing you from hanging out with your old buddies in Teamspeak or Discord. Why would you be unable to division up with them and stomp pubbies? I don't get it. Why can't you do that?