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  1. If you like tier 10 gameplay I highly recommend some tier 10 camos. As I was grinding up various lines I was never short on XP. I was always short on money. I’m a good enough player to make money running tier 10’s, but when I unlocked a new ship I was short on cash so I went back and played my premium ships. As soon as I started adding the tier 10 camos. I stopped having to grind premium ships for cash. 350-450k profit from tier 10 games means very rapid credit growth and you can avoid the dreaded tier 8 matchmaking. I rarely play my premium ships anymore. Save some ranked battles and tier 7 in the coop missions.
  2. How do I turn off the taunt screen?

    I love the screen. I only wish that people would see my forum avatar plastered over their screen when I sink them. What would be even cooler is if you could enter your own killing phrase that pops up along with your emblem. I Like It when You Call Me Big Poppa with my Biggy Santa face would warm my heart so much.
  3. Des Moines vs Worcester

    You should wait for Worcester to be released before you decide. Basing your decisions on information from people who have never played the ship, never seen the ship or whose only experience is a Youtube video strikes me as bad judgment.
  4. Franz -- DD or CL/A

    Looks like a quality Hindy/GK captain. I tend to play both of those ships close to the front line and with the levels of DD spam, a little extra torpedo detection is nice. I use VIG instead of SI on both those ships anyway.
  5. Yeah, Seems a Little OP

    HE damage and fires are different things. Fires are set based on the fire chance of the shell being shot modified by the fire chance reduction of the ship. An HE shell hitting 1mm of armor has as good a chance of setting a fire as one that hits 1,000,000,000 mm of armor. The damage I'm talking about is the penetration damage of the HE shells themselves.
  6. Yeah, Seems a Little OP

    What makes it OP is its virtual immunity to cruisers. The belt, deck and superstructure armor make it almost impossible to damage with HE. Sure, you can light fires, but even an IFHE cruiser doesn't have the penetration capacity to hurt the GC over much of its surface.
  7. 53% with the caveat that it has to be available to enough of the playerbase to get a representative skill sample. Stats on premium ships and ships that have recent release dates don't matter to me much. I think that a lot of folks can tell by looking at a ships actual performance stats (i.e guns, armor, hit points, tier, etc.) whether the ship is over or underperforming. Once you hit 53%, a deeper look needs to be taken.
  8. Roon - i need help.

    Concealment build with a spotter plane. If you have the spotter plane module that increases duration, equip that as well. Reload module too. 9.1 second rudder shift is more than manageable. And get used to a longer rudder shift, because the Hindenberg, the entire reason you play the German line, has a long rudder shift as well. Roon is a kiting ship. Not necessarily a long range one, but from 14km+ she has no equal in terms of her ability to hit her target and kite away. When you need to change directions and don't want to get blapped, use the concealment and range to go dark and reemerge only when you are in good position. Roon is an excellent ship. And don't forget the AP. Especially against battleships who are broadside to you. Aim high and watch the 5k-6k salvos flood in. Roon is not a torpedo boat. Torps should be your LAST resort. With only one launcher per side, you don't have the alpha to make torpedo runs worthwhile. EDIT: The guy above me speaks truth as well.
  9. A better place to play

    I've got accounts on the NA, EU and RU servers. EU is a passive server. Very very passive. They make NA camping look like Russian server yoloing.
  10. As good as the Alsace is, the Republique is better. It may not look that way on paper, but in game, Republique is fantastique!
  11. Stats Analysis and Averages

    Just remember that sample size is important. The site only tracks people in the top X % who have played 20+ battles. So all the people with 5, 10, 15 battles whose stats are factored into "averages" aren't tracked. Also, at 20 battles, a few really good or really bad games can have a disproportionately large impact on overall numbers. That you are using the metrics to better yourself is to be commended. Too many people use stats as a way to demean others.
  12. Stats Analysis and Averages

    na.wowsnumbers.com is the best place for you to compare yourself. If you look at your individual ships, on the right hand side is a button called "details." Click it. It opens a window where you can compare yourself to the best 50%, 25%, 10% and 5% of players in that ship. It's a great place for you to measure and plan your progress. For example, your Scharnhorst is your most played ship. Here are some screens of how you compare to the top 50% of performers in the Scharn: What this means is you are better then the potatos, but not quite as good as the top 50%. The criteria are 20 PVP battles in the ship for the stats to be considered.
  13. How to tank.

    Tanking does NOT mean derping into bad guys. It means putting your ship in a position whee you are the most attractive target for the bad guys. Those are NOT the same things. And avoidance tanking is just as effective as sponge tanking.
  14. Fun and engaging!!!!!

    First, your battle to post count is not 350:1. It's 35:1. Second, if you wanted a conversation about the AP DB mechanic, you should have started one. Instead, you posted a "I'm gonna take my ball and go home" rant. These kinds of threads get old and stale. You're not the first person to take their ball and leave. Third, "fun and engaging" is a reference to detonations, not AP bombs. Get your phrasing correct!! Fourth, see ya later!!!
  15. I agree in part and disagree in part. OP is right that good clans don't have the monopoly on good players. You can find good players everywhere. The converse is not necessarily true. You won't find many bad players in good clans. You just won't. You're not going to find a lot of potatoes in Kraken, ZR, 07, CONQR, Impact, etc... You just won't. If I see those clans and a number of others on my team, I am confident that they will perform well. Just as I hope that when people see the -K- next to me, they know I'll usually carry my weight.