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  1. Pope_Shizzle

    What am I doing wrong in the Des Moines?

    You can't judge yourself by 9 games. If you hit 50 games and still have an 11% win rate, then we can talk. The key to the DM is the ability to accurately use your guns at long range early in the game. This allows you to pump out damage while maintaining your HP pool. The DM is the battle changer in the mid-to-late game. If you can keep a decent (35k+) HP pool around the 12-11 minute mark, you're in a position to really influence the game my moving in closer, getting your radar in use and that fantastic DPM you have. Remember, USN 203mm AP is godlike. Don't be afraid to use the AP. And with a sub 5 second reload, you can switch to HE or AP at will. A good way to judge the proper aggression level is to compare your win rate to your survival rate. Generally speaking, an optimum ratio is 1:1. If your win rate is moderately higher than your survival rate, you're probably being too aggressive. Similarly, if your survival is higher than win rate, you're probably being too passive. As I said before, 9 games isn't enough to judge. Check your ratio when you hit 25 games or so.
  2. Nobody wins a battle by derping to their death inside 3 minutes.
  3. Pope_Shizzle

    I shall stop buying

    Some folks live in a post-scarcity world. Where they have jobs, means, and money to spend on their hobbies. Having more doubloons than there are things to buy with them is something that truly exists. There are zero premium ships currently sale for doubloons that I can purchase. I have more doubloons than I know what to do with. I'd love to trade them in for cash to buy some newer premium ships with, but since most new premies are initially sold for cash, not gold, the people who have invested in doubloons are stuck with a sunk cost. All we have left is dismounting modules, converting free xp, or buying premium time. If you have 18 months of premium time, 2 million free xp and 200 million credits, there is literally nothing left to spend doubloons on. I know. First world problems.
  4. Pope_Shizzle

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    Given how prices are presently, a 1070 ti will run you around $400. That is your best bang for the buck if you want to run things in 4k. Also remember, your display, as much as your GPU, will affect your frame rate. 60hz displays will only display a max 60 fps. If you want something above 60 hz, you have to invest in the display as well. 4k displays above 60 hz can get really pricey. EDIT: The dude above me said it better.
  5. Pope_Shizzle

    GPU heat

    Does the same thing to me. Sitting in port, my GPU fans start blowing like crazy.
  6. Pope_Shizzle

    Game hardware - monitor

    I bought an ASUS VG278 (not sure what the last 2 letters of the designation are) 6 years ago. It's a 1920x1080 144hz with a 1ms delay. I got it for $350 back then and similar models are in the $265 range now. BestBuy has an MSI Optix MAG27CQ on sale now for $299.00, which is a great price for a 144hz 2560x1440 1ms response screen. Only potential drawback is that its curved. If you use offset multiple displays, it might be an issue seeing properly.
  7. What Crucis said. Dynamic crosshair is consistent at any range. The way it works is that it assumes a target is moving at 30 knots. Each tick represents one second of shell travel time. All you need to do is adjust for x/y axis deviations and target movement speed. Zoom level is irrelevant to dynamic crosshair.
  8. Pope_Shizzle

    People weren't kidding about North Carolina

    I hate to be that guy, but I feel compelled. The North Carolina is not a Nor Cal. Nor Cal is Northern California. There is no Cal in Carolina. I'm sorry for the grammar nazi'ing, but I can't help it.
  9. I propose that we are allowed to pay a fee equal to 15,000 silver per ship rank per battle in order to guarantee +-1 matchmaking. So if you’re in your tier 8 Kutuzov, you can check a box that means when you hit battle you pay 120,000 silver to guarantee a tier 7/8/9 battle. Credit inflation solved.
  10. Credit and FXP bloat are easily fixable. Just introduce new currencies like coal and steel and the old ones lose their value. Honestly, though, I have every tier 10 except the CV's and the Daring and have almost 100 million credits in my account. Money stopped being a bottleneck for me when I didn't have to grind 3 lines at a time. Most of my commanders are 19 pointers so every battle I go into results in even more commander XP to make even more 19 point captains. All this and I've only played a handful of battles since May. Coal/Steel is the next bottleneck. When that gets inflated, we'll see something like fuel and aluminum.
  11. Pope_Shizzle

    Should good players give advice?

    If someone is good at something and they are taking the time to try and teach you, you should take the time and try to learn. This is a life lesson, not a ships lesson. That someone is snarky or condescending doesn't mean they don't have something of value to teach you or that there isn't something of value you can learn. Tom Brady: You throw like a effing girl. You have to grip the ball by the laces. wth is wrong with you? Is your helmet too tight? If you grip it by the laces, you throw longer and straighter. OMG, is that a horse or your GF? Do like I tell you and you can make millions AND take home the hot blonde supermodel. Do it like you've been doing it and you can continue flipping burgers at the Noob Shack and go home to that heifer taking up a whole side of the booth. Plus, have you seen my hair? It's deep purple. Altwar: Screw you stat padder. Anyone can sit passive behind the offensive line letting his team die around him while he hordes the passing yards sniping from the back. Ur just a TD stealer. Your receivers did all the work but had to die so you could pad your win rate. I play for fun. Do you even lift? Part of life is ignoring the meaningless [edited] and focusing on the stuff that you can use to better yourself. Ignore the bragging and the insults and grip the ball by the frigging laces. The GOAT is teaching you something important and you're mad about the presentation. FFS.
  12. Pope_Shizzle

    Is it worth grinding past the Bismarck?

    I'm pretty sure it's still broke...
  13. Pope_Shizzle

    Is it worth grinding past the Bismarck?

    That, sadly, is true. The real advantage of secondaries in tier 9/10 games comes in the mid to late game when they are a significant damage multiplier in 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 engagements. They are also a nasty deterrent to DD's trying to make that sneaky torpedo run. Most BB's, when faced with a well angled BB, have no chance to really hurt it. It's a crap shoot to try and knock his guns out. With German BB's, however, you're also able to kite away staying out of the bad guys secondary range while yours blast away lighting fire after fire that he can't put out. The greatest strength of the German BB line is the ability to control the type of engagement. Excellent secondaries are integral to this.
  14. Pope_Shizzle

    Is it worth grinding past the Bismarck?

    The entire German BB line was outstanding. I'm not sure who these clowns are that are leading you to think the FDG is anything other than another outstanding German BB.
  15. Pope_Shizzle

    Possible BB AP shell change against DD

    Going very well, thanks! Tell the guys at 07 I said hi!