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  1. To Much Radar

    You managed to put too many o's in "soo", but not enough o's in "to."
  2. I read the analogy. It's just a really bad one. Born of the same tin foil hat conspiracy nonsense as the rest of the "MM is rigged against ME" crowd. Even if there truly is some WG employee who is so bored with his job that he has singled YOU out to mess with, then it's still YOUR fault for making yourself such a juicy target.
  3. You have to blacklist them from your port UI. In game muting only prevents their messages in that specific battle.
  4. Rock, Paper, Rock

    There is no such thing as rock, paper scissors. As soon as you realize this and accept this, your gaming experience will improve. Continue to try and fit giant square pegs through tiny small holes and you will continue to be frustrated.
  5. Kombat really IS God Level

    What a load. Kombat is the ultimate DD stat padder. I mean just look at how he pads his win rate , damage, kills , everything. He just pads all his numbers. Everyone knows DD are underpowered and always nerfed. The only way you can get good is padding. Typical purple exploiter taking advantage of bad pubbies. #NotImpressed
  6. Neither Iowa nor Missouri are difficult to citadel if broadside. No buffs or nerds are needed.
  7. Edinburgh without smoke is a dev strike waiting to happen. You can't hunt DD's when the 3 BB's on the bad guy team are all shooting at you because you can't hide.
  8. Sad to see tier 8. It really is a "pay for advantage" tier. The best ship in each class is a premium ship. Enterprise, Alabama, Kutuzov, Lo Yang. The only tech tree ship that can make a case is the Chapayev, and only because it has that long range Russian radar.
  9. Dear OP, I will consent to being judged and punished based on the actions of the people in my clan if all the people not in a clan consent to be judged and punished by the rest of the GDI's. Until that happens, take your megalomaniacal control issues and shove them up the hole my Montana just blew in your terrible [edited]. Very Truly Yours, Pope Freaking Shizzle
  10. You know who you are. Shame on you. Every single last one of you. Clan hopping between the main and a sub clan because you're afraid of losing points in the main group and essentially playing with house money by causing larger point losses for your opponents is cowardly and beneath you. You have the ability to finish first on your own without the manipulation and shenanigans. Trying to be dodgy with the rules is just such a childish and pathetic move. For however much it's worth (if at all), respect has been lost. You guys have played into every single stereotype people had of you since the group was formed. Afraid of winning or losing on your own merits. Please stop. Have a little dignity and self-respect. You know who you are. No names need be said. That is all.
  11. Forum changes

    Indeed. Notorious SANTA baby!!!
  12. Forum changes

    I like them. Gives the forum a little bit more personality.
  13. The Roon and Hindy make all the suffering worth it.