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  1. I'm having a problem and hoping some of you technical type folks can help. Back in the day before the Reshade banhammer fell, I used a progarm called Nvidia Profile Inspector to supplement the in game WOWS antialiasing and other graphical enhancement features to make WOWS look great. I was one of the folks caught up in the mass banning that took place a few months ago due to faulty cheat detection. Since we've been told we can no longer Reshade (specifically) or other programs that inject? into the game, I can't use my Nvidia Profile Inspector. For 2 months I've been watching/playing a disturbingly terrible looking game with awful jagged diagonal lines, a weird shimmering on surfaces as the camera angle changes and all sorts of other graphical impurities. My game settings are maxed (except foliage which is turned off) and I still get 90+ FPS. Does anyone have any suggestions on what more I can do to make warships look great again? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Not sure what everyone is going on about. The hit point increase is going to be really nice. Colorado appears to retain her better heal. And the sigma drop is pretty insignificant. The gun arcs are a red herring because the ship has such a good rudder shift and short turning circle. Not once in my play through of Colorado (before any of the last round of buffs) did I ever think the gun arcs were a problem.
  3. The issue with the constant uptiering is not the difficulty required to compete, its the constant and consistent ALWAYS having to fight ships superior to your own. It's like the Cleveland Browns having to play the New England Patriots EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Yes, they are in the same league. Yes, they are eligible to see each other on the field. Yes, they might have a good game. But never playing anyone else is just tiresome. Does that make any sense?
  4. Not that I’m famous but I had a guy in a game last week who said hello to me in all chat at the start of the match. I didn’t recognize him but when game started he charged across the map to try and snipe my Montana in his Bismarck. Spent a full 5 minutes shooting at me from 20k while blissfully igniting broadside cruisers at 10km and the yolo DD who derp torped him. It’s weird sometimes.
  5. Yamato has a higher skill floor. Montana has a higher skill ceiling. In other words, its easier to do well with a Yamato, but Montana has higher potential.
  6. Wish they would just get rid of fighters altogether and have a slider where you can devote between 25 and 50 percent of your planes to a CAP which increases the AA of your fleet by 10-25% depending how many you select. Then they can balance around the strike packages. The fighters disparity will will always render one line OP and it IMO the biggest factor in the skill gap between good and average players.
  7. I have to admit that I've changed my mind on this one. I downloaded and used it for a while to see what the fuss was about and it really does make a difference. Knowing that a ship is in a turn (and how sharp) before you can tell by looking at the ship matters a lot to shot placement. Using the mod showed me how bad my Mk I eyeball was at figuring out angles, especially on large ships. I was 15-20 degrees off and that is the difference between citadels and overpens. I don't think the mod should be banned, but when I initially commented that it's an insignificant mod, I was wrong.
  8. I remember those day s as well. They were before the internet, before patching, before easy to access game reviews. In short, the time you refer to was the wild frigging west in terms of what you got when you bought a game. Most were buggy and awful. I am often nostalgic about those days and then I look at my CD library and find title after title that was a let down due to game breaking bugs.
  9. 1. Relax. 2. Grow a funny bone. 3. Relax some more. fin
  10. I hear a rumor that the one time at warship camp, someone stuck a 203mm gun up their...umm...nevermind, rumors suck.
  11. If we get longer barrels, can we get flatter trajectories?
  12. For a long time the Tirpitz was my bread and butter credit grinder. Then I met the Atago and Kutuzov. Then I met the Trumpwagon. Tirpitz sits in my port collecting dust. I never really liked the Scharnhorst. Hard to describe why. I do well in her, just wasn't a fan of the smaller caliber guns. On paper, Tirpitz is the better credit/xp farmer. However, Tirpitz gets significantly worse matchmaking treatment than Scharnhorst. Scharn is a better tier 7 ship than Tirpitz is a tier 8 ship. Ultimately the deciding issue is how good are you at the game? Your skill at the game determines how well you perform. It especially determines how well you perform when being uptiered and how well you can take advantage of being top dog. If you are above average or better, the Tirpitz should be a better pick due how consistently well you can do in her facing tier 9 and 10 ships and can take advantage of the increased baseline rewards. If you're an average player or worse, Scharnhorst will be your best choice because it has a much higher skill floor due to matchmaking and the innate capabilities of the ship. Also consider that you don't need a German BB captain trainer anymore. With elite commander experience, any 19 point captain contributes 100% of the xp he earns into a commander xp pool that can be used to increase the skill level of any captain of any nation. Pick a premium of the class you are best at and in the highest tier your skill level allows you to compete at and just farm the hell out of it.
  13. Clan wars has been fun so far. Especially now that Typhoon is starting to get populated by a good number of clans. I wish there were more maps. Playing the same 4 maps over and over again is getting kind of stale.
  14. Dude thinks he can actually win the internet.
  15. If you have avoided the WG game center, you can avoid the launcher as well. Just find your WOWS install directory and shortcut the .exe for the actual game. You'll still need to get the launcher out every so often to patch.