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  1. Pope_Shizzle

    Your very first Premium was?

    My first was the Ichizuchi. I spammed it for a little while trying to make some $$$. Had no clue how to play it at the time. Ahh, the good old days...
  2. Pope_Shizzle

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    My advice is that unless you know how to interpret the numbers you are looking at, avoid MM monitor at all costs. The ONLY metric on that monitor I have ever found useful is comparing CV players. Knowing, generally, how that matchup was going to develop, was important. Other than that, all MM Monitor does is create a psychological block. If your team is worse, you play down to their level. If your team is better, you don't try as hard. And so on and so forth. The key is understanding what WR is and what it isn't. WR is less a predictor of future results than it is a reflection of past performance. God help you if you got someone like me on your team. I hadn't played much since May and when I first started playing again back in December, I was terrible. But you would have absolutely no way of knowing that. You can't rely on your random teammates for anything. You HAVE to figure out how to carry a team YOURSELF. Every. Single. Game. If you really care about winning, you have to have that mindset. Otherwise, you'll never be more than a 45-55% player.
  3. Pope_Shizzle

    Can we talk about AP please?

    I am seeing a crapton of zero damage pens in BB on BB action when the other BB has yet to take a point of damage. I also haven't really played since May. I concede that I may be suffering from small sample size and a bad memory about how things used to be.
  4. Perhaps not this year, but Gaijin managed to integrate PC and console players into WarThunder. PC and console players have been playing together for around 2 years now.
  5. Pope_Shizzle

    Friday Night Fights - Ranked Sprint Battles

    I liked the sprint. I’ve never had the patience to grind out a rank 1 before. The ability to division up with a friend was AWESOME. It relieved some of the tension and RNG of whonyou happened to get as teammates. Overall, the 13 or 14 games it took me to rank out were MUCH more enjoyable than any regular ranked experience I’ve ever had. 10/10 would play sprint again.
  6. Pope_Shizzle

    Is "average" PR and WTR really average?

    Like I said, I think OVERALL PR and WTR are pretty good reflections of player skill. When you start to break it down by individual ship, the flaws in the rating become more visible because of the massively smaller sample size. Outliers in performance start to have a more significant impact. But I stand 100% behind what I said, that a 2600 PR player is probably going to be better than someone at the 1900 level. It's not a measure of potential, but one of consistency.
  7. Pope_Shizzle

    New Mexico AP

    You have always been able to get overpens in BB on BB action. It has always been fairly frequent. While you may have discovered an armor bug, I'm not sure why you think the "fix" was applied to all ships. I've been getting full pens and citadels all weekend long.
  8. Pope_Shizzle

    Is "average" PR and WTR really average?

    I think its hard to talk about average performance. I think median is a more meaningful description of what we perceive as average. I.e., there are an equal number of players that play better and worse than this particular metric. Which is why I like the WOWS Stats and Numbers site. It has ship performance broken down into averages of the top 50%, top 25%, top 10% and top 5% of players. I think if you want to compare your performance and find out if you're average or how much above or below average you are, this is the way to do it. I think the overall PR or WTR numbers are pretty good reflections of player skill. There are flaws, but a player with a PR of 2600 is generally going to be better than one with a PR of 1900. A 1750 WTR player is generally better than a 1500 WTR player.
  9. Don't think it was necessary. Poor Alaska and Azuma. :(
  10. Pope_Shizzle

    Proposed buff for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Having played some ranked games and fought PEF's, I would much much much rather face them than play against any other tier 6 battleship. Those things are damage pinata's. No angle was safe for it. Citadels from teh front, while angled, from the side and then from the back. I was doing a reliable 10k-15k per salvo from my Warspite and Fuso.
  11. Pope_Shizzle

    Why would anyone play a khab over groz?

    I'm not a ninja torpedo kind of guy. I prefer the Khab. I'm kind of a shoot you in the face, let you see me do it and dare you to hit me back kind of guy. Khab is a wonderful ship. I'm a pretty good shot, and they are so hard to hit at range, I don't even bother shooting at them most of the time. Also, you NEVER run the rudder shift mod on a Khab. If you're doing it right and staying 12km away from your target, even a subtle rudder shift has an enormous impact when you're at 40+ knots. If you're zig zagging like a mad man and bleeding your speed and being predictable while doing it, you're not gonna live long. But if your turns are erratic, you're incredibly hard to reliably hit if you're playing at range. I got the Groz about a year ago and it sat in port collecting dust. Played my first Groz game yesterday. It was fun, but Khab was better.
  12. Pope_Shizzle

    XP for Tier 10 Ships

    Commander XP = regular XP (modified by regular xp camos and signals) which is further modified by commander XP signals and camo. If you have a 1000 xp game and have a 50% commander xp signal, your commander xp is 1500. If you take that same game and have a 50% regular xp flag on it as well, your commander xp is 2250.
  13. Pope_Shizzle

    Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property is complicated. You need to consult with an IP lawyer. Nothing we say on this forum can substitute for actual legal advice. Or go back to your own copyrighted work, which it seems you are going to do. I think that's a good idea.
  14. Pope_Shizzle

    Super Unicum needs help

    I thought my solo Des Moines numbers were good, but your Henri numbers are freaky scary.
  15. Pope_Shizzle

    Super Unicum needs help

    True, but you have to admit, 3 man divs with other supercums makes winning a lot easier and significantly more frequent.