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  1. Pope_Shizzle

    "it's just a game"

    Dear OP, it it is just a game. And the average age of players is almost 40. Chances are that the person telling you “it’s just a game” isn’t some child, but someone who could be your father or grandfather.
  2. Pope_Shizzle

    IFHE on Cleveland

    Nah. My thought is simply this. It does no good to stay alive if, while alive, you are incapable or hurting the bad guys. With the way the IFHE cruisers play, they are going to be doing much of their firing from behind hard cover or from friendly smoke. Being able to go dark is important but not as important being able to hurt what you shoot at.
  3. Pope_Shizzle

    IFHE on Cleveland

    For the reasons previously stated, IFHE is absolutely mandatory on any non-British 152mm-155mm cruiser. It should be the first 4 point skill you take, even ahead of concealment expert.
  4. To be perfectly fair, when someone comes and complains that they're not doing well in a particular ship, pointing out that they have a bad win rate in that ship is Captain Obvious levels of asshattery.
  5. Pope_Shizzle

    Alaska shoud be a Tier 7 Battleship

    It just "feels" like it should be a battleship. The 12 inch guns with poor dispersion, wide turning radius, slow rudder shift, all or nothing armor scheme, excessive amounts of 20mm and 40mm AA. It looks like a natural competitor to Scharnhorst. Better guns, worse armor. Similar speed, turning radius, rudder shift, etc. Drop the citadel to the waterline and the ship is tailor made for a unique tier 7 battleship. I understand the other perspective. I understand the arguments. My argument is just a gut feeling. I really don't like the tier 9 and 10 oversized cruisers. I think they are a giant mistake in terms of gameplay.
  6. Pope_Shizzle

    Alaska shoud be a Tier 7 Battleship

    I agree with the OP. Alaska should be a tier 7 premium battleship. EDIT: Although I am a supertester, due to real life work travel commitments and time constraints, I have not played the Alaska. Hell, I've only played a handful of games since May. My opinion is based solely on what I have seen outside the game.
  7. Pope_Shizzle

    Hitting the wall

    One of the biggest mistakes new players make is rushing through ship lines, out progressing their ability to buy new boats. The game literally becomes a grind for enough money to buy a boat that you won't play enough to be able to afford the next ship you want. There is this irrational desire to get to the next best thing. If you could only get that ship that looks so good when other people play it, you can finally dominate the game. Then you get the ship, its not nearly as good as you expected and you're bottom tier 70% of the time, being dominated by this awesome ship that if only you had, you could really dominate. It's a vicious cycle. Please trust me when I say that I've been there and done that. Take a step back and think about what kept you hitting battle 655 times. Find a ship class or a specific ship that you really enjoy and just play it. Not for the purpose of advancing, but for the purpose of having fun. Once you get over the grind hype, the game becomes immensely more fun to play.
  8. Pope_Shizzle

    An Idea for the Camping Problem

    I reject the premise that camping is a problem. It's only a problem for those people who drive out and are dead inside 4 minutes.
  9. Pope_Shizzle

    My 1st Tier 10-Montana

    Dear OP, Congrats on your first tier 10. You picked well with the Monty. She's a load of fun. Enjoy!!
  10. Pope_Shizzle

    Concealment Expert Changes

    There are some skills that I have never once taken. Ever. There are others that I take *almost* 100% of the time. There are some skills that are situationally overpowered, but otherwise useless. Some are just generally overpowered. Some are utterly useless. Some could be useful if they cost less. Others could double in price and still be worth taking. The commander skill balance right now is awful.
  11. Pope_Shizzle

    Concealment Expert Changes

    I am Pope_Shizzle and I approve this message.
  12. Pope_Shizzle

    Concealment Expert Changes

    I've been summoned from my slumber. What was the question?
  13. Pope_Shizzle

    The Use of "Meat Shields"

    This is not meant to take anything away from VG's post, but once you've seen the "stats are meaningless becuz reasons" line of horse manure a few hundred times, the response is pretty familiar. You get used to it. Responding doesn't require much thought because the "idea" you are responding to is so astonishingly stupid.
  14. No, they can't. Stop spreading misinformation.
  15. Pope_Shizzle

    Bring Back Open Water Stealth Fire...

    No. Bad idea is bad.