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  1. I don't use it anymore, but when I did, it was a nice way to determine who on the enemy team was the largest threat to me and who I could ignore. It's also nice to know which CV is the potato so you can plan accordingly.
  2. Or. What about this. Take the 419 HE roujnds away. 419 only shoots AP. 457 can shoot either.
  3. Fletcher build help

    While the Fletcher can be a good gunboat, with the proper captain skills and modules, you can get the torpedo reload down to 81 seconds. With 5.9km detection, this makes you a torpedo boat that can also use its guns if the right conditions present themselves.
  4. Fletcher build help

    This is an excellent overall build to use:
  5. Tried... and failed.

    The Minotaur. I can't make it work. I did just fine with the Fiji, Edinburgh and Neptune. But I can't figure the Mino out. I'm a full 10% lower win rate and 20,000 damage less than my other 10's.
  6. 457 will never be viable as long as there are only 8 of them. Penetration between ships of the same or a similar tier is mostly irrelevant except to the extent you can overmatch someone else’s armor. In fact I would argue that at tier 10 you should prefer lower penetration guns as they are less likely to overpen cruiser citadels.
  7. I generally keep around 300k free xp in my reserve to use on new lines. I generally don't skip ships, but I refuse to play them stock. I rarely have much elite commander xp. I am always using it to create new 19 point captains. I currently have 22 19 point captains in my fleet. And I still need MORE!!!
  8. Am I reading you right that you think auto drops are BETTER than manual ones?
  9. Removing manual drop and strafe from ALL CV’s at ALL tiers would help mitigate some of the skill gap that causes carriers to be such an unfun game mechanic.
  10. You can use elite commander experience in lieu of gold. That said I’d love the ability to change skills and pay based solely on what I changed.
  11. Do nothing. Just let him sit until you decide you want/need him.
  12. Hopefully, WG determines that it can't fix carriers and just deletes them.
  13. The correct answer, OP, is both.
  14. Would you play a space game? (Poll)

    WG has done a space game. Master of Orion is currently owned and operated by Wargaming. The best capital ship wargame I've played is Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock. What a fantastic game that is.