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  1. If you're running secondary build, why care about concealment? Because secondary build is only situationally useful, you say? You got it!! If you're gonna roll in with secondaries, you gotta be willing to get close enough, often enough, to use them.
  2. Pope_Shizzle

    Defect of Montana, and Grober Kurfurst

    There's nothing wrong withe either the Monty or GK that necessitates changes. Montana's citadels are fine. If you go broadside, you get spanked, which is the way things should be driving a ship that, when angled, it nigh on impossible to reliably damage, except if you're driving a Yamato. The GK doesn't even have an exposed citadel. Making the GK go more broadside to bring her guns on target is a perfectly reasonable tradeoff for not having to risk a double or triple citadel shot from an opposing BB.
  3. Gneisenau. I thought I would hate the 6 smallish guns in tier 7, but it turns out to be the best I ever played.
  4. Pope_Shizzle

    WG MM At Its Best

    There is only one radar ship on the other team and you're in a Lightning. You'll do fine.
  5. Pope_Shizzle

    I never thought this many Main Battery hits were possible.

    Look at that, I learned something new!
  6. Pope_Shizzle

    I never thought this many Main Battery hits were possible.

    I'm fairly certain that Preventative Maintenance doesn't have any impact engine or rudder damage. Those aren't the kind of modules it protects. It certainly helps keep turrets intact, though.
  7. Pope_Shizzle

    I never thought this many Main Battery hits were possible.

    I dropped around 1100 hits with the Colbert about a week ago. Similar damage number as you. Most were no-damage shatters. But the psychological impact of the Skittles effect is mind boggling.
  8. Pope_Shizzle

    Who have you seen in game

    You saw me in the only good game I’ve had in that ship. It’s a shell magnet. People shooting me from 20+ km when they have a 2k hp Dr charging them. I blame the youtubers!!
  9. Pope_Shizzle

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know why a for profit company doesn’t want its direct competitors referenced or discussed.
  10. Pope_Shizzle

    what tech tree tier 7s would people recommend?

    DD:Gadja Mara, Cruiser: Fiji and Myoko BB: Sinop, Nagato, Lyon
  11. Pope_Shizzle

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    I agree. That scenario is really borked.
  12. Pope_Shizzle

    Retiring my Enterprise as of now #bragpost

    It's always nice to see your name at the top of something. Grats to you!
  13. Pope_Shizzle

    The overpen dilemma

    You're not necessarily doing anything "wrong." Ships that appear to be broadside often aren't. Optical illusions. Also, the shells you are landing may not be hitting citadel areas. They are likely hitting superstructure or the fore/aft ends of ships which have minimal armor and nothing important inside them. Keep plugging away. Until you get your lead down consistently, I advise aiming a little higher. Slamming your shells into the upper belt will get you reliable pens but few citadels. Your damage will get more consistent. As you get the lead down and are able to reliably aim for particular sections of a ship, drop the aim back down to the waterline and try and farm those cits. Good luck to you!
  14. Always sad to hear when a member of the community moves on. Condolences.
  15. Pope_Shizzle

    Your very first Premium was?

    My first was the Ichizuchi. I spammed it for a little while trying to make some $$$. Had no clue how to play it at the time. Ahh, the good old days...