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  1. brpas

    German AP Rockets - discuss

    Yeah. Also, keep in mind that we are talking about german CVs. German ships can't go above average, haha! Let's wait for the russian CVs...
  2. brpas

    German AP Rockets - discuss

    I would take HE rockets, similar to GZ ones, over the current AP rockets any day. They are much more versatile.
  3. I believe that this lack of interest in spending time reading/learning reveals how we are failing to educate our children (at home and school). I was a kid from the 80s, played outside most of my childhood and adolescence, was encouraged to read a lot, also. So, reading those huge game manuals was - and still are - a true joy. Falcon, Jane's simulators, and many other games had incredible manuals. Nowadays, as a society, we are much more immediatists. People just want to get the good stuff, and fast. Good food, good jobs, good entertainment, all that without effort. Games designers now face this challenge as well. The problem is that WOWs, although not being as complicated as other games, requires considerable investment of time - something that many people isn't whiling to spend. I showed the game to a couple of friends and they got immediately interested. But, as soon as I started to show the mechanics and shared some tutorial videos from YT, they said that it would take too long to get "good" and decided that spending 10, 15 minutes on a video was "a lot". So, they decided to keep spending hours per day on social media and other stuff.
  4. Good old times. Still have it on my bookcase.
  5. brpas

    Hakuryu in Clan Battles

    Alpha damage is the meta, and the AP bombs from Hakuryu truly shines on this regard. The faster, hard hitting torpedos, too. Midway is a mix of alpha and DoT, while Audacious tends more to DoT. It is worth to mention that the Tiny Tim rockets from Midway have good alpha (and destroy AA mounts), much similar to the alpha from its bombers.
  6. I faced a team with BB, while I was playing with a Hakuryu. So, there are not such rule.
  7. Got one match against a team with a BB. Classic lineup: BB, 4 cruisers, 2 DDs. They didn't fare well. CVs are too dominant.
  8. Why not? Wouldn't a escorted BB be kind of safe from the CV?
  9. brpas

    My Karma Point......

    I'm getting there. Currently with 2 points. Ranked is a good way to farm negative karma, I recommend it.
  10. Yeah, I also enjoy the ship. But, the "powerful armor" is lackluster. I agree that BBs are its main prey, and the other way around is also true: it's a damage pinata to them.
  11. I certainly agree that evidence is a much more valid point to start from. But, having Stalingrad with WR of 58.2% in the NA server (highest value, closely followed by Bourgogne) already tell us that the ship has a great impact on the right hands.
  12. Nice post! Would you recommend the range module or reload on Goliath? I found the extra range tempting, but her shells are too floaty past 17km. I also need to mention that I tested Goliath's armor, kitting away from a friend's Stalingrad. I managed to keep all 4 guns on target and burned him down. He managed to hit my citadel once, though. Had to use one change of superheal - certainly a strong point of this ship.
  13. Stalingrad, according to the super unicum players, is as balanced as possible.
  14. brpas

    Horrible ping?

    Two friends DC'ed tonight while playing with me. I saw jitter, too. Looks like the issue continues. The server was handling over 16k players at the time.