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  1. stegocent

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    Nice job with the camos, shame you only bundled them with ships....and a CV of all ships gah! I really don't see why WG won't sell any camos any more, have enough money now I guess.
  2. stegocent

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Nice job there pink nugget :)
  3. stegocent

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    You should just stop with your disdain mate.
  4. stegocent

    Clan Battles?

    WG stuffed it up again and didn't bother to tell anyone
  5. I'm sure anyone from the eagles team can answer that.......
  6. stegocent

    American Trio bundle in Premium Shop

    Hmmmm now this makes the deal tempting....