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    Not sure if srs or not. You don't always have a full flight deck? They get shot down? you get ONE plane back at most, at t8, 90 seconds or so. thats a minute and a half to get back one plane. Not a squad, a single plane. If F Recall ( Which is what is used to also control your stupid carrier. ) gets a CD on it, then your AA needs to be nerfed. Because all I see from this ignorant comment is, " I want CVs to be completely out of planes 5 minutes into the game, because I live in my own little unrealistic world. Fine. If you want a cooldown on plane launching, then literally give me unlimited planes exactly like a DD gets unlimited torpedos, not this " pretend " unlimited thats actually a dozen of planes maybe for one entire match. :>
  2. Warhorses

    Pretty obvious CV nerf is in order

    Honestly. T4 and r10 CV seems immensely strong compared to their tier category ( T4 due to the extreme lack of AA. T10 due to the pinnacle of planes.), on the opposite end of the spectrum, t8 seems to have planes made of tissue paper that die before they even get one drop off ( alot of the reasons might be because getting downtiered into T10 matches 80% of the time. ). I haven't played t6 yet, but I'm sure its in the 50% range depending if it gets uptiered or downtiered. tl;dr T4 and T10 is in an extremely strong place for CV. T8 Is in an abysmal place for CV. T6 I don't know but guess its a 50/50. P.S.A. For the love of god help the poor destroyers out some. I feel for them, I really do.
  3. Warhorses

    CV Rework Matchmaking

    Its mostly because at this time, with the CV Rework, I'll be on t8 IJN CV. My friend has been playing through the German BB line quite heavily, and is halfway through the T9 Fredrick ( spelling.). That would be the only tier I'd really do a -1/+1 queing on. I'd just feel like a complete **** making them play a t8 premium or something while I grinded the equivilant of both tier 8 and tier 9 to get the t10 CV.
  4. Warhorses

    CV Rework Matchmaking

    With the CV Rework making CVs only go on even tiers ( t4, t6, t8, t10. ) How will divisioning handle this? Will it be viable to division with a +1/-1 Discrepency with the tier skips. Example, t8 CV queing with a t9 BB. Of course you won' t see the t6 games because of the t9, but since most games will downtier your poor rear end into t8 to t10 matches anyhow....