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    ST, Unique Upgrades

    I've supported WG since 2012 (WoT). These past 2 weeks made me realize that there are far more worthy, honourable, and well-intentioned games and developers out there to support.
  2. Wargaming has effectively destroyed any remaining goodwill and community trust with this scam. Very festive of WG to give us a bait-and-switch as a "gift" to the player-base and then give this half-baked apology. Really shows the contempt that WG and their community "leaders" have towards the playerbase. As someone who has supported WG since 2012 (back in WoT), I feel disgusted and betrayed by this deception, arrogance, and ill-intent that this event is becoming defined by. For the record, you can shave a sheep multiple times, but you can only skin it once. This short-term cash grab may fool a few whales in the short-run, but in the long-run, this game will become primarily populated by these whales as regular players leave. This is how games die (see Mech Warrior Online as an excellent example).
  3. Why don't you focus on improving your win rate before you complain about others.
  4. panther5001

    [IX] Legio-IX is recruiting! (NA)

    Absox is a filthy stat padder don't listen to him
  5. panther5001

    Karma points in profile...what is it for?

    This was from more than 2 years ago, but thanks for the response.
  6. panther5001

    Legio-IX is recruiting!

    Hello. After some discussion we have changed our requirements, and keep in mind that we value the person behind the stats far more than raw data. We are always open to division and invite new people, even if they slightly miss our requirements. Also thanks for noticing the typo!
  7. panther5001

    Legio-IX is recruiting!

    IX is a new and very small clan, originating as a group of friends who enjoyed playing in divisions together. We are currently looking for players interested in playing clan battles, as well as good player to have some fun divisions with. We are a very new clan that was originally made as a meme, but we have recently decided to try to expand and gain enough members to play clan battles. If you want to join a small and welcoming clan consisting of competitive players, then IX is the clan for you! Here is what we are looking for: Requirements At least one viable T10 ship for clan battles. Viable ships include Gearing, Yueyang, Z-52, Montana, Yamato, Republique, Des Moines, Moskva, Hindenberg, Zao, and Minotaur. At least 1000 battles with 53% recent solo win rate and 1100 WTR. Exceptions can be made for those with a significant upward trend in their personal stats. Level headed, mature, and a good sport. Actions such as raging in chat, teamkilling, and excessive immaturity will not be tolerated. A bit of salt is fine, but making the game worse for others is not. Willing to work as a team and take criticism/banter. We are a group of players who want to grow and improve. Be willing to accept feedback and constructive criticism. A sense of humor is also appreciated. Why join IX? Although our clan is very small and new, all members are active and division regularly. We are very close and work well together, and would love to have others join to play clan battles. Earning coal and oil. Joining a clan such as ours will give you coal that can be used for rewards in the arsenal. We have already spent oil on benefits such as reduced researched cost for tech tree ships. Clan war rewards. We area group of experienced players, and as such are capable of earning rewards such as signal flags, premium time, and more. Contact Information and Application Process Feel free to send me a private message and I will send you and invite to our discord server. Alternatively, you can contact me on discord at Panther5001#1842. We will likely give new recruits an informal division test just to see how well you work with the rest of our team. Thank you for reading this post and considering IX as your clan of choice!
  8. panther5001

    Advanced Tactics: Cruisers

    Hello WOWs forums. I'm thinking of contributing to the community given that I've had such a great experience playing and learning this game. In this particular thread, I aim to highlight common mistakes I see cruiser players make, as well as go over some more advanced tactics that every cruiser player should use. I will not go over basics like ammo selection, captain skills, and and upgrades, as those are easy to find through a simple google search. Anyways, let's get into it. Cruisers as a class are by far the most punishing class in terms of positional mistakes. You do not in most cases have the smoke to disengage like a DD, or the sheer survivability of a battleship. Often, getting caught out of position in a cruiser means that you are focused by multiple battleships and deleted very quickly. This is what often loses games, as cruisers are indespensable for escorting DDs and BBs into caps. So with that said, I'll get into some 'dos and don'ts' for basic cruiser positioning. A. Basic positioning: where are you needed in your fleet? DO link up with friendly DDs and BBs. You are a support ship who's potential is maximized when paired up with battleships and destroyers. They also need to to do their job. The reasons for this are very simple. If you go into a cap with friendly DDs, you can easily skew a DD vs DD fight in your favour, and push out enemy DDs from a cap, allowing you to take it. DDs can also assist you by providing smoke for you to disengage easier, as well as provide a deterrence to prevent enemy BBs rushing you. Friendly battleships give you a means to maximize your DPM. Generally, if you stick behind the friendly BB, enemies will more likely focus the BB, meaning that you can take more aggressive positions and make the most out of your DPM. More importantly, however, is that you give friendly BBs a means to push. You will deter enemy DDs from rushing you, provide AA support, and also can give BBs more time to evade torps (due to your plane/hydro) and rush smoke (hydro or radar). DON'T go off and do your own thing. Seriously, you aren't rambo, and this isn't call of duty. If you enjoy getting focused by the entire enemy team, then by all means do this. But if you read this far then you are likely not the type of player to do this so yay. B. When, where, and how to disengage: ALWAYS have a means to disengage -- stop firing to regain stealth, get into cover, or get behind friendly BBs. When and where: You never ever ever ever ever want to be caught with your pants down. Every cruiser needs priority target, so use this to gauge when it's time to go dark. Generally speaking, if 2+ BBs are aiming at you, or 3 enemies of any type, it's time to fall back and go dark. The reason for this is because as a cruiser, you want to have the ability to dodge incoming BB AP. So if you are being engaged by multiple angles, you really can' dodge effectively, meaning that you will be citadelled to crap. How: This is where things can get tricky. In most cases, you have to turn and expose your broadside to disengage. Obviously this brings the problem of instantly being deleted by BBs and other CAs. So how should you time your turn? Angle (I'll get into more detail later about this) towards the biggest AP threat (BB with the highest calibre guns) and bait their shot. After they've fired, you have 20-30 seconds to turn and haul [edited], hopefully regaining stealth. NEVER turn before the battleship(s) has/have fired, you will just get deleted. Now some of you are probably thinking: what if I am caught in a crossfire and cannot angle effectively? Welllll, this brings us back to point A. Do not get caught in this position because you will die very quickly. Stick with your team and do not overextend to a point where you are caught in a potential crossfire. C. Angling, baiting, and dodging: dos and don'ts I briefly touched on baiting enemy BBs to fire at you, but let's get into more detail. If unable to dodge (<10km): Show a slight amount of broadside at an autobounce angle (>60°) and bait enemy BBs to shoot at it.This will mitigate as much damage as possible and allow you to turn to disengage. You will still eat some damage, but doing this prevents you from being citadelled as much as possible. If dodging is possible (generally >10km): Sail at a 20-30° angle and bait them to shoot. Once they fire, cut all speed and shift your rudder as fast as possible to the other direction. In most cases, their salvo will land short and off your port/starboard side. DON'T go bow-in: Most BBs will simply overmatch your bow and hit the citadel behind it. Don't do this. DON'T commit to a turn unless the largest AP threat has fired: I've mentioned this multiple times but it's so important. Bait their shot, tank/dodge, it, THEN turn to disengage and reposition. D. Target Selection: who to prioritize? Keep in mind that the order I am about to present should be used as a reference and nothing more. Battlefield conditions can and will skew this list. However, it is still useful to keep in mind when playing. Any enemy DD <12km. You are most effective at killing them and doing so will give your BBs a means to push and allow DDs to cap more effectively. Also, most DDs have 12km or less or torpedo range, and become significantly more threatening the closer they get. A BB who has recently used damage control. This might seem odd to be placed this high, but HE spamming a vulnerable BB does two things: i) it forces them to disengage and attempt to heal, giving your team more map control, and ii) stacking multiple fires quickly enough can simply kill the vulnerable ship. Broadside cruiser <15km. Generally speaking, AP volleys at this range will consistently score citadel hits. Removing vulnerable cruisers gives friendly DDs more freedom and allows friendly BBs to focus on engaging enemy capital ships. The reason why it is not ranked higher is because it takes time to swap ammo, and most broadside cruisers either die, angle, or disengage by the time you have reloaded AP. DD >12km. Still worth taking shots given that most of them can't heal, and any chip damage is valuable. BBs (especially angled/bow on BBs) with damage control. Helps friendly BBs immensely, as they usually cannot deal significant damage to a well angled battleship. This helps to dislodge them and hopefully gets them to turn for your battleships to punish them. Angled cruisers (or even broadside cruisers at long range). It's not really your job to HE spam angled cruisers to death (just allow your BBs to force them away), and in most cases you do not have the AP pen to punish broadsides at range (aside from the Moskva, Zao, tier 8-10 German cruisers). Anyways those are my more advanced tips for cruisers! I hope this was helpful and let me know if I should make more of these 'guides' in the future! This is the first time I've written this type of thing so feedback and criticism is appreciated!