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  1. panther5001

    [IX] Legio-IX is recruiting! (NA)

    Absox is a filthy stat padder don't listen to him
  2. panther5001

    Karma points in profile...what is it for?

    This was from more than 2 years ago, but thanks for the response.
  3. panther5001

    Legio-IX is recruiting!

    Hello. After some discussion we have changed our requirements, and keep in mind that we value the person behind the stats far more than raw data. We are always open to division and invite new people, even if they slightly miss our requirements. Also thanks for noticing the typo!
  4. panther5001

    Legio-IX is recruiting!

    IX is a new and very small clan, originating as a group of friends who enjoyed playing in divisions together. We are currently looking for players interested in playing clan battles, as well as good player to have some fun divisions with. We are a very new clan that was originally made as a meme, but we have recently decided to try to expand and gain enough members to play clan battles. If you want to join a small and welcoming clan consisting of competitive players, then IX is the clan for you! Here is what we are looking for: Requirements At least one viable T10 ship for clan battles. Viable ships include Gearing, Yueyang, Z-52, Montana, Yamato, Republique, Des Moines, Moskva, Hindenberg, Zao, and Minotaur. At least 1000 battles with 53% recent solo win rate and 1100 WTR. Exceptions can be made for those with a significant upward trend in their personal stats. Level headed, mature, and a good sport. Actions such as raging in chat, teamkilling, and excessive immaturity will not be tolerated. A bit of salt is fine, but making the game worse for others is not. Willing to work as a team and take criticism/banter. We are a group of players who want to grow and improve. Be willing to accept feedback and constructive criticism. A sense of humor is also appreciated. Why join IX? Although our clan is very small and new, all members are active and division regularly. We are very close and work well together, and would love to have others join to play clan battles. Earning coal and oil. Joining a clan such as ours will give you coal that can be used for rewards in the arsenal. We have already spent oil on benefits such as reduced researched cost for tech tree ships. Clan war rewards. We area group of experienced players, and as such are capable of earning rewards such as signal flags, premium time, and more. Contact Information and Application Process Feel free to send me a private message and I will send you and invite to our discord server. Alternatively, you can contact me on discord at Panther5001#1842. We will likely give new recruits an informal division test just to see how well you work with the rest of our team. Thank you for reading this post and considering IX as your clan of choice!