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  1. Happy668 .. It looks exactly one of my game at the exact same time with my 2 divs friends. What was ours ?
  2. Flags and camo have nothing to do with your game performance. The person that sits between the chair and the keyboard is the main factor. I suggest to you strongly to try the new training room. Its really helpful .. The mo need a perfect aim to the waterline to be effective at close/mid range or you will get overpens.
  3. You play it wrong if you do so .. They re plenty of tutorials and videos on youtube of good players .. This is not an excuse to say anything bad about the mighty mo !
  4. No caps, no defence, no kills, no spot or planes killed .. Im sorry but dont expect much with this kind of performance.
  5. Need Help With Iowa and Missouri

    All skyman100 says is really the main basics of the missouri/iowa thing. Start with that, however, remember that being killed at the beggining of the match in these ships means that your positiong is bad at the start, its all about the good first desisions in the beggining of the match that gonna make you live longer or killed quicker. Learn the maps, use your covers, don't stay in open unless you have most of the team with you. Remember, you don't need to use all of your 3 turrets to be effective. Aim the waterline and enjoy the credits printer.