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  1. In this thread: a man destroys what credibility he still retained, and launches into a deranged rant full of nationalistic fervor. Incredible.
  2. Big_Spud

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    Did you already forget what you wrote?
  3. Big_Spud

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    If you’re going to refuse all help short of someone uploading over three replays with full commentary every day for a month, then no. Nobody wants you to improve if that’s how you’re going to act.
  4. Big_Spud

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    No, it’s not simple lol. What you’re asking for is actually pretty unreasonable for the average person to do (100 gameplay/commentary videos in a month, really?), yet you refuse to accept streams of similar content. You’re deliberately setting obtuse requirements to avoid being proven wrong.
  5. Ryūjō is better if you know how to use carriers, be it for ranked, randoms, or coop. Even a baddie like me can exploit her better concealment, AP bombs, fast planes and punchy/speedy torpedoes to better effect than Ark Royals triple Swordfish drops and toothless level bombers,
  6. Because a hell of a lot of people got Musashi before it was removed, it's still the second most played tier IX premium BB.
  7. Persecution complex much? -Katori is a straight overpowered tier III that can murder same tier battleships with little regard on account of its ASM0 and fire spamming, long ranged 14 cm guns. Her only real downside is speed. -Ishizuchi is an extremely strong starter ship for tier IV, very easy for new players to get the hang of and do well in (unless they get memed by CV's, but all tier IV do so its no exception). -Yubari is a very strong tier IV cruiser with excellent speed and gunnery, plus some resistance to carriers. -Kamikaze/Fujins were overpowered as all hell, and removed like other incredibly broken ships have been. They could probably use something in their stead. -Yahagi is terribad. -Mutsu is an extremely fun and strong tier VI battleship which takes a little bit more of a skilled hand to use properly, but isn't what I would describe as being terrible. Personally, I enjoy her the most of all tier VI battleships. -Ashitaka is straight up amazing for her tier with the AP shells. She's thin skinned and easy food for carriers, but nothing can challenge her combination of speed and firepower. -Yuudachi is terribad. -Atago is still viewed as one of the strongest tier VIII cruisers available, and she holds up very well regardless of the tier she's thrown in -Harekaze is a mixed bag that I don't fully understand, but have never heard described as "bad". -Kaga is one of the stronger tier VIII CV's. Not as strong as Enterprise (nothing is), but still powerful. -Asashio is overly specialized, but she performs her role well. The issue is when any other role needs to be performed. Very hard for new players to use, but I won't give it a terribad. -Kii is mediocre. Not incredible, not terrible, and infinitely infuriating because her fake refit makes no sense. She's not bad though. -Musashi was viewed for the longest time as the most overpowered tier IX battleship available. Now Georgia is creeping in, but Musashi is strong because she is so braindead to play and hard to kill when being used by someone with any level of skilled play. -Azuma is weak beyond reason, but not terrible. She still ruins normal cruisers and HE spams battleships with incredible efficiency, she just has marked downsides. Average ship. -Yoshino is basically a fixed Azuma, and is considered to be one of the better supercruisers available in terms of flexibility and playstyle. So yeah, seems about okay to me. You've got the whole range from dumpster fire to braindead broken.
  8. Big_Spud

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Go ahead and make Atlanta a destroyer as well, she was designed as a Destroyer Leader first. Really though, no. Yahagi needs help, but a class change is not that help.
  9. At least I have something to read and make me laugh on a Thursday morning.
  10. Big_Spud

    why is auto pilot so bad?

    It literally just will randomly refuse to move at all, forcing you to take manual control. Going near Islands is still a virtual death sentence as it *will* just run directly into them without warning.
  11. Big_Spud

    FEEDBACK for Wargaming on Yahagi and VU.

    They do it on purpose so that they can say low tier premiums don’t sell, and then release a bunch of overpowered tier IX and X ships instead. Debate me.
  12. Big_Spud

    Does Stock Fubuki need a buff?

    Shirats gun layout doesn’t exactly resemble anything but the old Hatsuharu anyways. Akatsuki is actually an extremely deadly gun platform relative to her tier thanks to the large barrel count, good ballistics, and favorable firing angles. I’d still argue she belongs in the “gun” line more than the torpedo one, even if said line does not come entirely into its own until tier VIII. This is also ignoring that Akatsuki just as a ship is vastly superior to Shirat ingame in all ways but concealment.
  13. Big_Spud

    Does Stock Fubuki need a buff?

    Hatsuharu honestly feels just as bad. Also, Shirat and Akatsuki need to flip-flop lines. I don’t know why the faster ship with a more powerful main battery is in the torpedo line, while the one entirely reliant on torpedoes and TRB is in the gunboat line.
  14. Big_Spud

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    Even without a citadel it would still be [edited]as a tier X destroyer.