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  1. I wonder what the actual increase will be numbers wise. Especially with the review section getting bombed by the Chinese.
  2. Watching the mainland Chinese freak out over Taiwan is consistently the single most hilarious thing in the world.
  3. EA being slightly less trash than Ubishit doesn't make me want to hate them any less...
  4. Kongo isn't a battleship because her armor is insufficient for her to be classified as such. This guy is an idiot though, so I wouldn't really worry too much about whatever strange perversion of history he is trying to sell.
  5. Konig pretty much gets trashed by Iron Duke as well. It's better than New York though, I'll give it that.
  6. Power creep has arguably hurt Kongo the least out of all of the tier 5 battleships. Things like New York and now Konig are the ones that have been power crept.
  7. Having slightly better than average armor for a British designed battlecruiser of the time, does not a fast battleship make, regardless of what they called her post modernization 20 years later. The Kongo's were all still very much battlecruisers from their conception until their ends. I wouldn't call a Kongo a fast battleship any more than I would call a post-refit Renown a fast battleship. You have to wait until Nagato or (more arguable depending on your opinon) Hood before you get a ship that doesn't really sacrifice anything in terms of armament or protection in order to achieve speed, which is usually the fundamental qualification for something to be considered a fast battleship. A 27 knot Nagato in 1920 with a full length 12" belt and eight 16" guns is a much more impressive feat than the Kongo's.
  8. It's been over a year and people are STILL arguing about this? Jesus, I don't even use the mod, but the amount of salt it's causing here is making me want to. Maybe it will let me pull 67% instead of 66%.
  9. The only IJN DD I've played thus far that I would advocate active gunboating in is Akatsuki. Obviously there are one or two others, but Akatsuki has given me good results when fighting USN DDs, KMS DDs and RU DDs. Being able to run away and still fire four barrels is great, and when you have all six guns going, you can do serious damage in just a few salvos.
  10. I did a handy comparison above. Although I've forgotten to add the French 130's, but they also follow the rule.
  11. I'll go ahead and quote myself here: Notice which one happens to be the single exception from of all of these weapons?
  12. That's just my personal experience. I got better results with manual control than I did without it. I'll say again that I've only run into a two side engagement once in the past few days.
  13. Problem I have is that stuff is selected so randomly, that it starts to get infuriating. You get doublespeak about how certain things are balanced only around historical accuracy, yet at the same time they will turn around and say that he exact same thing for another nation is being nerfed/removed/buffed for gameplay reasons. Go one way or the other, don't hop back and forth willy nilly, and expect people to not cry foul.
  14. So I got mad, went ahead and did a quick comparison of some relative examples of DP/AA guns ingame versus their real life attributes. Japan: 12.7 cm/40 Type 89 Actual: 14 RPM burst, 8 RPM sustained Ingame: 12 RPM 12 cm/40 10th Year Type Actual: 10 RPM burst, 6-8 RPM sustained Ingame: 10 RPM 10 cm/60 Type 98 Actual: 20 RPM burst, 15 RPM sustained Ingame: 20 RPM Great Britain: 5.25"/50 QF Mark I Actual: 7-8 RPM Ingame: 9 RPM 4.5"/45 QF Mark III Actual: 12 RPM Ingame: 12 RPM 4.7"/43 QF Mark VIII Actual: 8-12 RPM Iname: 12 RPM Germany: 12.7 cm/61 SK C/42 Actual: 15-18 RPM (using values of 12.7 cm/61 KM 40) Ingame: 15 RPM 10.5 cm/65 SK C/33 Actual: 15-18 RPM Ingame: 18 RPM USSR/Soviet Union: 100 mm/56 B-34-USM Actual: 10-16 RPM (depending on date of mount) Ingame: 16 RPM 100 mm/70 SM-5-1s Actual: 15-18 RPM Ingame: 15 RPM USA: 5"/25 Marks 10, 11, 13, 17 Actual: 12-15 RPM Ingame: 13.3 RPM 5"/38, Various mountings Actual: 12-15 RPM for open mounts, 15-20 RPM for enclosed mounts Ingame: 10 RPM on all mounts used as secondary batteries Notice the literal single exception to the rule in the entire game? Really activates my god damn almonds.