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  1. t. man whose mad he doesn't have another member of the "Royal Maid Corps" to collect.
  2. Azur Lane Collaboration: Details Announced

    Honestly the fact that certain users haven't been banned yet despite intentionally stirring things up in every thread about a certain subject AND openly antagonizing the moderators is beyond me. I don't even care about the collaboration, but I've seen users get removed for a whole hell of a lot less than what some of the people here are doing.
  3. Azur Lane Collaboration: Details Announced

    Obligatory whining about diversity.
  4. CV players have been complaining about CV mechanics since beta. There aren't exactly many of them left anyways.
  5. manual control over CV squadrons and an AA rework has been one of the most requested changes to CV's since the game launched. RTS mode was just not working for most people.
  6. What? You mean modernized? If so, then yeah.
  7. Pretty much just the Yamato’s and Izumo in-game. The rest fall on the side of “uh-oh” when targeted by AP bombs.
  8. That Cleveland skin though, hah.
  9. Dont forget that these are the potato canons, so hitting a maneuvering target past about 13 kilometers is already nearly an exercise in futility. Thats the whole reason they have such high sigma in the first place, it’s supposed to reward people that can compensate for the velocity and get shells on target.
  10. It’s not even a brawler for [edited] sake, all they did was give the terrible secondaries a range buff in exchange for making your main guns worse. It doesn’t solve the fact that the secondaries are still utter trash, or the fact that the ships armor scheme is tied with the Japanese for being the least well suited for close range brawling. There are ways you COULD make this a brawler, but in the current state it is not. Telling people to just shut up and trust WG is not a viable solution here.
  11. Yeah, we’ve known about the [edited] that is WGs stance toward the 5”/38 in general for a long time. Incorrect muzzle velocities for certain weapons, entire lines being limited to a single ammunition type that was hardly ever issued in real life, strange fire chance calculations. All in the name of balance....except it isn’t balanced either.
  12. “Hey guys, I have an idea.” ”What?” ”Lets make a brawling premium that focuses on secondaries, in a line with the worst secondaries and least suited to brawling armor scheme in the game that nobody will be specced for or used to playing.” ”Okay, how should we make the secondaries work?” ”[edited] it, just buff the range by 2.5 kilometers without touching any other stat.” ”Also, chop off .2 sigma.” -actual design logic behind Massachusetts
  13. Absolutely excellent changes. Baltimore might even be overpowered now...
  14. There is no historical precedent for this if you’re trying to use Casablanca. None of the damage she dealt that day was with her secondary battery, quite literally all of it was from her main guns at quite long range. The gimmick makes no sense from a gameplay OR historical precedent.
  15. The vibe for an absolutely contradictory premium with gimmicks that make even less sense than normal, that ends up just being a worse version of the current premium which sacrifices the entire established high tier playstyle of the line in exchange for ACTUALLY USELESS secondaries. Yeah, nah. The vibe was already ruined.