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  1. Careful, that sounds an awful lot like something a stalker would say.
  2. Oh goody, this is definitely exactly what people wanted. Classic WG sledgehammer move. Can't wait to eat crapin my cruisers and battleships because I have a torpedo bulge that isn't even a part of the ships structure.
  3. Barring a major economics hit or a special tier X exclusive game mode, I doubt we will see people willingly stop playing their hard earned top tier ships which they have already purchased special camo/earned supermods for. The alternative would be simply limiting tier X to fighting tier X in randoms, but that will never happen.
  4. The issue being that we have seen so much powercreep in that tier bracket because otherwise people would not be buying or researching/playing ships that cannot perform well given the environment in which they will be operating. I will agree that it is a viscous cycle, but its one that would be best served by an interruption now rather than even later. Nikolai was also a standout example, off the top of my head I cannot name a tier VIII that is quite as powerful tier-for-tier as the Nikolai in its heyday. Maybe Massachusetts or Graf Zeppelin?
  5. Tier VIII in general is broken, and they are aware of the issues caused by +2 MM yet refuse to do anything about it. The most we've seen so far is that it looks like console will be getting +1, so it looks like we get left in the dust again...
  6. Secondary Focused IJN BB

    Nagato with HE instead of the crap common shells masquerading as AP would make a great secondary brawler.
  7. Proof that WG is secretly staffed by Francophiles.
  8. Never mind the fact that the 5"/38 was an early 1930's weapon that had been in service for over fifteen years by the time it was "replaced" by the 5"/54 (the weapon was still considered satisfactory enough to last in active service until the 1970's). The 5"/54 was simply the next step in design, just as the 5"/38 replaced the earlier 5"/25, which in turn had replaced the 3"/50. The USN was in no more of a hurry to replace it than any other weapons system. "Quickly ventured" my foot.
  9. You find me an instance where 5" guns were being used to effectively engage targets beyond the effective range of the 5"/38 in a surface role. Find me a weapon of its caliber that can put as many shells down range in a shorter period of time with better fire control. Armor penetration capacity is not a deciding factor for rating destroyer caliber weapons, as their literal entire purpose is to be engaging lightly armored targets and aircraft. Do you know what a destroyer is mostly likely to be fighting in a gun battle? Other destroyers, and if you're unlucky some light cruisers which can still be effectively engaged and damaged. Do you know what a dual purpose secondary battery is designed to do? Protect against destroyers (an unarmored or very lightly armored target) and aircraft.
  10. West Virginia update

    Because functionally its basically the only real important difference between the two. I don't think its necessary to nerf it either, but seeing as it is the major point of contention, I would be willing to compromise somewhat.
  11. West Virginia update

    LWM, I can't help but disagree with you. Colorado and West Virginia both displaced a little over 40,000 tons post-refit (Colorado actually being slightly heavier at some points). Nagato and KGV displace roughly 1500 tons more, Scharnhorst about 3,000 tons less. If Colorado has nearly 10,000 more HP than it should according to the formula, then so do the others. As for turning performance, this is somewhat explained by the Tennessee and Colorados unique turbo-electric machinery which gives her improved responsiveness to acceleration and deceleration (not quite how its represented ingame, but hey). West Virginia kept her turbo electrics after her refit. Colorado could use an upward tweak, West Virginia can lose the special heal and take a small hit to her long range AA. That would be the simplest solution.
  12. West Virginia update

    A regular tier VII BB still in need of a slight buff that shouldn't be used as a baseline for determining how premiums should be treated?
  13. West Virginia update

    Mid to late '42 perhaps, but in '43 they were pretty decisively on the back-foot. The hard fought battles in the Solomons had seen to that.
  14. West Virginia update

    Both of them fit tier VII perfectly fine.
  15. West Virginia update

    The above could be aptly described as the pot finally meeting the kettle.