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  1. Big_Spud

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Another reason to not come back and play.
  2. Looks like my decision to stop playing and paying is being increasingly rewarded.
  3. Oklahoma still used the older VTE engines as opposed to Nevada which used turbines, it was done to compare both types of propulsion side by side. VTE engines weren't quite up to part in terms of reliability or power output compared to the turbines, so on a bad day in engineering Oklahoma could fall under 20 knots. Now, I don't know why WG decided to make her permanently stuck on a bad engineering day for her top speed when benefit of the doubt is given to literally every other ship in the game. That's the real question right there.
  4. The prices are an absolute joke, and you can pull theoretically infinite duplicate captains from the $10 loot boxes. Do not spend money on this collaboration. You are funding incompetence and greed. Go play AL instead and just get your .jpg images for free.
  5. Fighters do literally nothing unless the enemy CV is just an idiot and flies directly into them, and then just sits there long enough for them to lock on. It's not even worth dropping them unless you happen to be on the way to another target and notice enemy planes coming towards a ship already near your squadron. Even then it just means he steers his planes around and hits another ship. The only other utility they have is spotting destroyers with crapAA, and self defense against late game carrier strikes.
  6. Big_Spud


    He's probably the most jingoistic person on the forums at this point, his statements are honestly incredible.
  7. Big_Spud

    Russian Bias: Truths and Myths.

    It just seemed disingenuous to single that out as an egregious example, given that the ship in question did indeed have a search radar.
  8. Big_Spud

    Russian Bias: Truths and Myths.

    Except Atlanta was also equipped with an SC set in addition to her two Mark 4 director units prior to her sinking, neither of which had any issue with being used at that point. She was the second ship to pick up the Japanese bombardment force at Guadalcanal on 12 November, right after Helena's SG.
  9. Big_Spud

    Hawkins Armor Model

    All it has is armor, the guns are trash and un-angling even slightly results in deletion.
  10. Big_Spud

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    Was the original point of contention here that most of the USN cruisers are handheld because they don’t have a full length above-waterline citadel, while the Soviets do? I guess that means the real designs were also handheld overpowered doomsday weapons, because that is the armor configuration most of them did in fact use, while the Soviets stuck with full length single level belts for their modern gun-cruiser designs.
  11. Big_Spud

    Update on Operations

    Game must only be actively worked on by less than ten actual developers if they can’t even have someone sit down and make a few simple maps and populate them with bots. It’s not like the ones they had already done were pushing the boundaries of graphical or story telling fidelity...
  12. Galaxy brain move: remove one of two completed modern cruisers from a line to replace it with a hodge podge paper design, turning the real ship into a premium.
  13. Big_Spud

    Multiple cv's a side has to go WG.

    How about actually giving carrier fighters a chance to interact under the control of the players, and not making striking another CV so costly that it’s only done as a last resort?
  14. Out of about thirty people who I had regular contact with back in the Beta Weekend days, none are still playing this game. There’s no incentive for older players to keep playing, no reason to stick around. The churn of new player should is visibly massive, but hardly any of them seem to stay very long. The playerbase hasn’t shrunk all that much, but it certainly hasn’t grown very much either. This still remains an incredibly niche market, and I have to wonder if it’s development is being subsidized by other projects. The simple fact of the matter is that there is actually very little to do in this game. There’s is no real base management somto speak, no really innovative or interesting special events, a lack of customization options, very little in the way of PVE content, and game mechanics which have changed very little over time, even though ships and gameplay themselves have. The simple fact is that after a little while, Warships becomes what all games fear: boring. There’s nothing to do here.