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  1. She had a nice wavy Measure 12 pattern of dark blue at Casablanca in 1942, which is the major naval engagement she is famous for. Its not what she wore in 1946, but it would be a good visual distinction between the two.
  2. I hope they do a double release with Massachusetts and the actual planned form of Jean Bart, not the post war version covered in AA (this should be reserved for Richelieus upgrade when the line comes out). It would be a cool thing to see, especially with the 75th anniversary of Casablanca coming up in about two months.
  3. The supertesters still got the ST Alabama. Something tells me they won't risk another blowup like that. Only very slightly worse, but she gets longer range (of questionable utility), better mid range AA and 3,000 more HP. The two are honestly still the same ship in terms of playstyle from what we know so far.
  4. Doubt she needs a real gimmick. The maneuverability and torpedo defense they have given the South Dakota's is enough. The small variations in HP or AA loadout between sister ships should be fine. They just need to give her a nice camouflage and that's it.
  5. Hopefully they do a partnership with the museum association. Lionfish could use some work, and Mamie is going to need a new deck soon.
  6. The answer is yes.
  7. Honestly I'm happy about this. I wish that literally every museum ship of that era would be added somehow. Mamie has a storied history as well, she doesn't need some dumb gimmick, just a nice camo like the one she wore at Casablanca. Then you can play her with Bama and trigger Kiyoshimo by having two sister ships at the same tier in a division.
  8. Gib Mamie gib Mamie gib Mamie. Gib all museum ships.
  9. Tier 9 super-cruiser may honestly be the answer. Still going to suck balls when you have to fight any of the actual tier 10's though.
  10. He's too caught up on overmatch to realize that you can still put a lot of hurt on angled targets with AP shells into the superstructure. If I can reliably plant 6-7k damage salvos into an angled Gneisenau with Scharnhorsts 11's, there's no reason Alaska wouldn't be able to. Or you just play any other cruiser at tier 10, and just get a better ship. One that's more maneuverable, fires faster, has better concealment/better AA/torpedoes/goes faster/has flatter shooting guns. I could never see picking Alaska over something like Des Moines or Zao. If you want bow on HE spam with ridiculous laser canons and radar, just use Moskva. Alaska accomplishes nothing here. At tier 7 its fighting ships that can be hurt rather easily with AP to the superstructure or HE spam on the 25 mm thick hull sections. Tier 7 cruisers can still be overmatched and citpenned straight to hell, and they can't outrun you either. Running a full AA build on it does give it great AA power, there's no questioning that fact. And no, tier 5 BB hull plating can still be overmatched by 12" guns. Even with 25 mm hull plating it would still be immune to return fire from 14" guns when angled. WG could do something as simple as bump the hull plating to 27 mm, and now it can angle against 15" guns of the other fast tier 7 BB's, while still being vulnerable to the slower 16" armed ships. Nice comparison as well. How about imagining a Nagato fighting an Iowa. Or a Hood. Or a Colorado. Or a KGV. Iowa does literally everything better than all of them and can trash Gneisenau and Scharnhorst easily if the captain isn't an idiot and doesn't just sit there bow on waiting to be torpedoed. Just angle away slightly in Iowa and you can kite literally any tier 7 to death with ease while remaining relatively immune to massive damage hits. What a useless comparison. This is silly, I'm going to bed.
  11. Okay, here's the real question. What kind of ROLE does an Alaska play at tier 10? Its huge. Its not particularly fast. It can be overmatched by any battleship. It's armor isn't sufficient to even wiggle with. Its AA is mediocre. Its maneuverability is mediocre. It secondaries are nonexistent. It most likely will never have the chance to push up and use its radar because its a giant target that will just get deleted by a Yamato 18 km way. It can't HE spam. It's guns fire slow as hell for a tier 10 cruiser and can't overmatch anything that a normal cruiser gun can't at that tier. What role does it play here exactly? I can think of several roles at tier 7. It's faster that average. It can run as an effective AA escort (carriers are still common at tier 7). It can move with tier 7 cruisers to kill enemy light units early in the game. It's HE will still be somewhat potent against angled targets, and its AP can still overmatch most of the cruisers it sees. It can kite other fast ships like Scharnhorst, or slower ones like Colorado/Nagato. It's muzzle velocity is less of a problem because of the generally shorter ranges present at tier 7. Its AP shell can brutally punish tier 5-6-7 battleships if they get flanked. It has sufficient armor to autobounce 14" and smaller guns when it gets downtiered. When it gets uptiered it still has the agility to FLEX (important!) with the cruisers and fight running battles. It still has glaring weaknesses at tier 7, but at least it can do THINGS.
  12. It's going to need a hell of a lot more adjustment for it to be at tier 10 than it will for tier 7. Making it a cruiser doesn't magically solve the fact that its still the size of a battleship, has slow firing guns, mediocre armor (practically nonexistent at tier 10 against battleships and even some cruisers), mediocre AA (by American tier 10 standards), and poor turning characteristics. On top of that, the downright trash TDS is going to hurt even MORE at tier 10, where a single torpedo can hit you for upwards of 20,000 damage, and there are more of them on average. And good luck trying to fight a tier 10 enemy cruiser with those shell velocities and rate of fire. A Zao is going to laugh at you as your shells plink off harmlessly from his hull plating, or he just turns slightly and they miss entirely because >762 ms velocity. A DM will just [edited] down your throat with HE while sitting bow on to you, as will a Moskva or a cheeky Hindenburg from 17 km. I see literally no instance where it functions well at tier 10. At least at tier 7 its AA remains potent, its speed it still relatively special, its guns can wreck same tier cruisers and the occasional tier 5 battleship, and its HE can still do decent damage. WG handwaves the HP formula sometimes anyways, something like 56,000 would not be unreasonable to work with at tier 7 IMHO. If they give it AADF, or some combination of radar or other skills, I can see it being useful as an intermediate range support ship. Give it some decent concealment so it can hang back just behind/with the cruisers. And if overmatch is really the main killer here, just bump up the extremity armor to 27mm so that it's a harder nut to crack when being shot at by 15" guns, while still being vulnerable to 16's. Its much easier to stick it at tier 7 than it is to shoehorn it into tier 10.
  13. I don't know, I've gotten better performance out of Dunkerque than I have Arizona. It has much more tactical utility in matches, especially when it gets uptiered. Being able to flex back and forth across the map with cruisers is incredibly important. You can make decisive early game hits on the enemy light forces and exploit gaps better than Arizona. Arizona is a better tank, that's about it. Again, I honestly don't care what the reviewers said about it. My experience with the ship has been entirely different than theirs, and I'm going to take that over someone elses. Hows this for some counter-reasoning: Dunk doesn't get annihilated by other tier 6's. Even ships that can overmatch its bow don't get a free ride. Alaska is notably faster than Dunk. It will most likely have better range than Dunk, it will most likely fire much faster than Dunk, and with an extra gun for added DPM. It will probably have a nice quick rudder shift for baiting shots into the belt after wiggling out to fire the rear gun (literally only baddies just park bow on for the entire match), you have tier 9 AA, you might get radar, or hydro, or defensive fire, and lastly you'll probably have good accuracy to boot in order to make up for the smaller guns. Alaska is going to be able to flex across the map with the cruisers and other fast battleships like Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Hood. It's going to be great for removing cruisers and creating a powerful no-fly zone at a tier where carriers are still fairly common. You would need to be on your toes when fighting the likes of a Nagato, but I see nothing that an attentive player could not handle. I absolutely want to put it at tier 7. You complain about everything being able to crapon it at tier 7, thinking that making it a tier 10 cruiser is going to somehow make it less vulnerable is hilarious.
  14. Dunkerque is a great ship. Not perfect, but every bit as deadly as any other tier 6 when handled well. Reviewers are entitled to their own opinions, but that doesn't make their opinions fact. Alaska would work perfectly fine as a tier 7 battleship, I see no concrete reasoning as to why it shouldn't.
  15. The armor doesn't matter, but the layout does. Worcesters citadel isn't literally the entire side of the ship, but more closely resembles Des Moines. Its much smaller in size, and slightly harder to penetrate at certain angles. Mino has a higher RoF (which is funny, because for all the crap Worcester gets for its mounts being unreliable, the 6"/50 QF gun was apparently even worse in terms of maintenance, especially at high RPM) but two fewer guns. The two fire effectively the same AP shell in terms of weight, and at nearly the exact same velocity, naturally with Mino keeping her special RN AP. The difference is that Worcester would have its HE shell. If WG wants to equal the two out DPM wise, they can just bump the reload on Worcester to 14-15 RPM base instead of 12, which gives you 168 RPM or 180 RPM respectively, and that's with an HE shell which is better against angled targets. Before you cry about that not being the historical RPM, WG modified RPM almost seemingly at will for balance purposes, and that's pretty much the end of it. If that proves too extreme with an HE shell, then perhaps 13-14 RPM is the max it should go to. In terms of other abilities, it would have the American radar for dealing with smoke, perhaps unlimited AA DF and maybe even a modified heal coefficient. Give it a good base concealment of 11 km and a certain degree of resistance to 16" guns via autobounce, and now you have a sneaky radar cruiser which is meant to chase ships out of smoke and punish them with walls of shells. Yes you still lack the utility of Mino smoke, but there are other ways to balance a ship outside of just smoke.