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  1. No one wants to see your typical "Axis everything is da bestest!" drivel.
  2. Look who crept out of his hole to spread more drivel.
  3. USN DDs between 5-7 are still some of the worst performing ship in the game, regardless of server. BBs like New York and New Mexico have also been powercrept hard.
  4. There are more than a few of them being dragged down by bad players (Montana and Des Moines being chief among them), but there are also plenty of objectively bad USN ships that perform poorly on all servers. Most of the aircraft carriers serve as posterchilds for this, as do the mid tier USN DD and BBs.
  5. umm what?

    Anime was a mistake.
  6. Not for lack of them trying with Cesare.
  7. Oh no, a ship without horrific gimmicks that is still overpowered. Has WG gone mad!?
  8. Stats wise wise she gives every indication of performing well. The problem may be as simple as the fact that the ship doesn’t actually fit your ideal play-style, while Kidd (a premium ship, which are often overpowered in some way or another) does. In terms of designed function in real life, the USN destroyers put just as large of a focus on AA capability as the Akizuki, albeit in different methods. More often than not though, the ship functions well ingame. On another note, most ships require dedicated builds in order to squeeze every bit of performance out of them and make them somewhat competitive. This is true of almost every destroyer and most cruisers.
  9. Because it’s Akizuki and not everything about this game has to revolve around chasing the utmost meta of ships, outside of ranked that is.
  10. The solution is to just not play the game for six months, drop by to collect your reparation premium ship/XP/money, and then uninstall again until they actually make the game enticing to play.
  11. Nerfing Low Citadels

    lmbo. You aimed a bit short with the first salvo, and fired too soon into the turn when he was still heavily angled. Naturally most of the shells fall short, and the two that do hit either bounce or overpen. Bad shot on your part made worse by RNG. Second salvo you have full view of his broadside, see the DD at the last second, panic, and shoot too far forwards, which leads to three of your shells striking the unarmored bow section/over the belt and just overpenetrating. Bad shot on your part. The third salvo you aim and fire at an already questionable angle, getting some normal pens. Bad shot on your part. The fourth salvo is just hilarious. He's clearly angled heavily enough to bounce the shot, yet you take it anyways. Pointless shot on your part. Conclusion, aim better famalam.
  12. Nerfing Low Citadels

    Lowered citadels are literally only an issue because of the British ships, some of which have literally lopped off the top third of the BOILERS. Iowa and Montana needed it because the ships played like complete glass canons (minus actually having incredible canons), where even experienced players could make the smallest mistake in angling and just get deleted. This mostly is just a problem at high tiers, where guns are so powerful that only autobounce and overmatch can really protect you from being citpenned into oblivion. Now, we could do more "stepped" citadels. That is, having higher sections amidships that lower down to the additional armor layer that is usually present over ships magazines. Most of the Brits from tier 7+ could probably stand this treatment.
  13. As near as I can tell, there were no Type 3 style shells used or developed for the 10 cm gun, just a time fused HE shell. An incindiary shrapnel Type 3 shell of that caliber would have been spectacularly innefective, even compared to the Battleship caliber ones. It would be like flying through a sparkler, considering the actual mass of the charge and number of incindiary rods would need to be tiny in order to prevent shells from just exploding in the barrel. The VT fuse for def AA is just a meme. The reality is that Akizuki doesn’t really seem to need defensive fire, at least as of the last time I checked it’s stats.