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  1. ComradeTsushima

    Could we have US BB Radar?

    The ultimate problem with deepwater radar was both that it was kinda pointless (with most BBs being nearly constantly detected) and also that it gave an already incredibly strong BB line a genuinely unfair advantage in cyclones. Cyclone is already incredibly unfun, being radared by an invisible Kremlin who chunks off your HP pool from 10km while you're unable to retaliate or even effectively angle against him until he fires his first salvo definitely would not help things.
  2. ComradeTsushima

    DD vs DD combact

    Almost always HE. AP is simply too unreliable with overpens/ricochets. The situations you'll want to use AP are, as mentioned, against Khaba or if you're playing a German DD which has weak HE but excessively strong AP. RN DDs can use AP in a gunfight as well, but I've seen arguments made that even with RN AP angles you're better off just sticking to HE. As for IJN DDs like Shimakaze, you almost never want to fire AP. IJN 127s have super-charged HE that does 2150 damage per shell with the AP only doing 2200. There's almost no DD v DD situation in which you'd want to use AP (outside of again, maybe broadside Khaba which can shatter your HE) since it will do significantly less damage than HE unless the circumstances are PERFECT.
  3. ComradeTsushima

    WoW Latest Update and C-Drive space

    A couple things to keep in mind - you will likely need to buy an SATA data cable. These are like $5 or less a piece, not a big deal, but most SSDs don't come with one and the last thing you want to do is buy an SSD and be unable to actually plug it in. You'll also want to check your motherboard for an open SATA port. If you only have one HDD you almost certainly have one or more free. You'll be able to tell what they look like/where they are by tracing the cable that goes from your hard drive to your motherboard. Your final concern, and one that probably isn't an issue either but pays to check is to make sure your Power Supply Unit (the brick with all the cables coming out of it at the back of your PC) has a free SATA power cable. This will look a lot like a regular flat-headed SATA cable, but larger. If it doesn't (very unlikely, I think most PSUs have at least 2, mine has 6 in a 2x3 config) there are workarounds like Molex to SATA cables. Once you have everything it's simply a matter of turning your PC off, plugging in both cables and then rebooting it. My brand-new build boots from an ADATA SSD and is at desktop in about 8 seconds, give or take.
  4. ComradeTsushima


    If you don't like the non-historical camo, you can simply use this one.
  5. ComradeTsushima

    Shiratsuyu is Unplayable

    You have to keep in mind that Mahan and Akatsuki were the original two DD lines in the game, as you can see from their massive sample size. They have suffered greatly from a period of time when nobody really knew how to play a DD. Mahan also had far worse conceal before they buffed it significantly. Overall they're not really bad DDs, but they suffer from being monoliths that everyone has played (and USN DDs are constantly recommended to new players who are just learning DDs, which further hurts their averages.)
  6. ComradeTsushima

    Mysore should be Indian not commonwealth

    Afraid there's not much for it Bruce. The closest thing that could be done for an Australian tech tree, unless there are some whacky Bob Semple-esque paper drawings hidden away in the outback, is a tree of reskinned British DDs a la Pan-Asia with the creeping smoke gimmick. It'd probably be a mix of Canadian and Australian variants of British DDs (culminating in HMAS Vampire, Vendetta or Voyager) under the banner of Pan- (former) British Empire or in less nonsensical terms "Commonwealth" I guess, theoretically, you could also do a creeping smoke cruiser tree but it'd be a lot less based in actual historical ships and more "What if Australia/Canada/India/Singapore etc bought this ship from Britain?"
  7. ComradeTsushima

    USN T9/10 Tech tree ships need a buff

    All I can think is "Buff Buffalo so Buffalo is Buff." I need to get around to actually playing it.
  8. ComradeTsushima

    Ernst Gaede upgrade modules error

    It's a decently well known bug, the game is copying over exp values from another ship and displaying them instead of updating to the proper values. In this case probably T-22 that you viewed before Gaede (or any other low tier ship) Where in the world did you get this idea? It has never worked like this at any point, modules always display the full exp value necessary to research them, regardless of how much exp you have. If it worked like that then all of my modules would display as 0 exp which would be super awful.
  9. ComradeTsushima

    Shiratsuyu is Unplayable

    T7 can and will get uptiered, but even against T9s 5.8 is about average. By that logic though every T7 DD is pure, unplayable garbage. Imagine trying to play Skane with 6.2 concealment against a 5.5km conceal Lightning or a 5.7km conceal Chung Mu. You stand no chance at all. You don't even get a chance to spot him, he just shadows you the entire match and you die to his team without him ever having to lift a finger. Or Mahan, getting shredded to pieces by a Kitakaze with twice his DPM and over a kilometre better conceal. Shiratsuyu deals with uptiers better than most other T7 DDs because torps are universal. Your weak T7 guns might not win a gunfight against a T9 DD, but your torps can still nuke him out of the water if he misplays and they're still very much good against T9 BBs that aren't Musashi. Here's some overall rough stats for the T7 DDs. Not "recent" like coocan, but with a massive 1.5 million match sample size (only beaten out by Mahan and Akatsuki) it does pretty well for itself. These are overall stats for the entire playerbase, regardless of skill level.
  10. ComradeTsushima

    Shiratsuyu is Unplayable

    Akatsuki has an absolutely atrocious conceal of 6.4km and is not exactly winning gunfights with a single extra gun. You are comparing Shiratsuyu to T8 DDs with conceal mod. If you compare it to non-premium peers, it beats out: Skane at 6.2, Vauquelin at 6.6, Leberecht Maass at 6.8, Akatsuki at 6.4, Gadjah Madah at 6.1, Mahan at 6.7, Jervis at 6.3, and Minsk at 6.8 You have to look for premium T7 DDs to beat it - Haida has 5.7, Blyskawica has 6.8, Z-39 has 6.1, Yudachi has 6.1, Sims has 6.6, Leningrad has 6.6. Overall you have a SINGLE premium DD at your tier that has conceal that beats you, and everyone else doesn't even come close. Against most of the T8 DDs (i.e., Benson) you still have good enough conceal that you'll spot him at the same time he spots you and you can take evasive action on an equal footing. I'd say that's pretty good. I would say your problem is that you are expecting to be far too aggressive in this ship and Japanese DDs, even the Akizuki line, are likely not for you. You would have a much better time playing USN DD or UK DDs that are more reliant on their guns and less reliant on landing torpedoes while also having the maneuverability to play in closer quarters.
  11. ComradeTsushima

    CVs- Smoke Bombs?

    I think a Light-Diffusion Smoke concept would work, primarily as a vision control tool to allow cruisers to be bailed out of bad situations and to provide ACTUAL cover for DDs (I.e. French) since fighters don't do anything of value. It'd last a short duration, probably around 30s like a RN smoke. When a player physically enters the smoke, it resets all of their conceal values and allows them to drop off detection. However, it provides no smoke firing benefit. If you sail your cruiser into the smoke it'll conceal you even if you just fired, but you can't sit in the smoke and farm from it because the second you fire again it blooms your conceal to your full gun range. Obviously that lets you get one cheeky salvo in, but I think that's relatively fair. Alternatively it could simply be a light smoke screen that resets your conceal to your base conceal and hides you from aerial spotting if your guns are silent and AA is turned off. If you fire your guns, it doesn't bloom your conceal at all. i.e. Worcester sails into a light diffusion smoke screen and is able to fire at a BB 10km away without being spotted, but will be lit if said BB turns in and gets within the 9.8km conceal Worcester has. The first type feels like it could be good for breaking conceal. You're playing Zao and an enemy DD at 8km is keeping you lit. You want to turn and slide behind an island, but doing so would expose your flat broadside to an Alsace and that's a massive gamble that he doesn't instantly delete you. Your CV notices that you need support, flies over and drops a smoke screen that allows you to turn undetected and you get behind the island safely. You aren't able to sit in the smoke for the short duration and get 2-3 salvos off on the Alsace for free so it isn't an Ez "I drop smoke for my teammate and he farms you to death" but it isn't useless either (although given the average level of play in randoms I can understand why you would think it is) The second feels like it'd be far more encouraging of farming from smoke. It'd be a lot less useful for bailing people out of bad situations since the DD would still be able to spot them through the smoke (unless it's even more complicated and it does something like halve their base conceal, blooming to their full conceal when they fire) but it'd also allow something like Worcester to farm from open water for the duration of the smoke and would probably be too strong of a get out of jail free card (not only can that BB at 11km no longer see him, he can still farm him for massive damage and then drop into conceal as the smoke is ending) Regardless of CVs I'd really like to see WG experiment with a "Light-Diffusion" smoke concept, I think it would be neat on a style of "smokeless" DD like Europeans. Doesn't let you farm with your guns from smoke, but gives you a tool to disengage with and hide from CV planes. It'd have to offer no AA concealment if it were put on a branch like European DDs (as much as I dislike CVs, being able to smoke in Halland and farm their planes for free would not be fair) but it would be an interesting concept I feel. There's so many values that have to be tweaked though, the more I think about it the more I consider things that may be too strong (does it grant your DD 2km conceal like regular smoke, or does it halve your DD conceal to something like 3-3.5km so you're at a disadvantage if another DD rushes your smoke? You can't fire your guns at him anyways because it'll bloom your conceal and then he can shoot you in your smoke for 20s)
  12. ComradeTsushima

    WG: Clan Battle Mercenaries is not a good idea

    Get me into KSD and I'll idle in the Discord server and act faux-outraged every time I get @Everyone'd
  13. ComradeTsushima

    AA is meaningless vs tier X carriers

    Nothing is set entirely in stone, but the AA changes outlined in https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/63 would seriously hamper the ability of Halland to do monster AA damage. You either leave your AA on the entire match and paint yourself as a massive target, or you toggle AA on and off and cut your AA damage roughly in half. There are ways you'll be able to play around it (i.e. CV moves to strike your BB and you turn your AA back on before his planes reach you/your BB so they're at full strength once he enters your AA range and you can help your teammate) but I would expect Halland's AA to be no more than 70% as efficient as it is now, overall. Hard to say how good/bad it will be until the changes go live somewhere like PTS where players can actually test how it interacts and share that info (I'm sure Supertesters have opinions, but they're not allowed to share them.)
  14. 150 Resets achievement makes me laugh. The fact people will get it within a year makes me cry.
  15. ComradeTsushima

    WG: Clan Battle Mercenaries is not a good idea

    I appreciate the struggle to keep RMT out of the CB environment, mostly I just want a reliable way to earn a significant amount of Steel in between ranked seasons (which are a nightmare to grind because your teammates are random and unreliable) because at this rate I'm never going to get any of the nice steel ships like Stalingrad or Somers. Obviously the answer is to "just join a clan" but if you can find me an active clan in my stat range that isn't going to expect me to be on Discord outside of Clan Battle matches and isn't going to care if I stop playing for a week or two at a time I'll join it. WOLF clans and CBs aren't exactly synonymous and I'm not sitting at the 1800+ PR necessary to dictate terms and make demands of recruiters.