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  1. It's obvious Wargaming hate their DD players. Probably because Battleship players spend the most money, and your average Battleship player throws a tantrum every time the unfair DD torps him because he sailed in a straight line.
  2. 13elite37

    Summer Sale Day 11: KII

    I still wouldn't buy Kii if she was 50% off. Just incredibly unimpressed that there's been 1 Destroyer on sale (Loyang), 3 Cruisers (Atlanta, Atago, Prinz Eugen) and 7 Battleships (Warspite, Ashitaka, Scharnhorst, Hood, Alabama, Tirpitz, Kii) I understand they're not selling the premium CVs for a good reason, but would it kill them to throw another Destroyer into the sale? If we get another Battleship for sale tomorrow then I can say they've sold literally twice as many Battleships as any other type of ship.
  3. 13elite37

    Summer Sale Day 11: KII

    Might as well rename the game to World of Battleships since that's obviously all that Wargaming thinks anyone plays. Kii, what an amazing summer sale this has been.