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  1. As I've stated before, running 4/5 man Narai are not popular anymore and outright discouraging to do. Just gonna facepalm this cause either you can't read, or just lack basic comprehension.
  2. Re-read my second post, especially the bit about the flags. Post nerf, roughly speaking, I earn on average between 5 to 15 times more on a Narai run than I do on a good run in COOP. So I do not know how you think this is not worth doing if farming XP is your thing. As far as popularity goes, when pubbing, I find that Narai has a lot of regular farmers and is one of the busier operations in the cycle.
  3. CC123

    Captain Trainers - T6/7 RU/US

    Florida is pretty good, I do not have it personally, but team mates that do, love it. Also, don't forget you can use the same BB Capt to run a cruiser with his own cruiser skill spec. I do this now as getting Capts from 19 to 21 is stupid. So my Repub secondary Capt, which I also use on my Bourgogne and Jean Bart, I also use on my Degrassi (T6 Cruiser) to farm the T6 missions of the week. So I would also consider a good premium U.S cruiser. If you have the coal, you could get the flint which is an Atlanta with smoke, but one less turret. I personally recommend the Boise which is basically a Helena with a super heal. Others love their Atlanta. I think you asked in another thread what the build was for my Boise, hit me up anytime if you want to know more, happy to answer in game too. Cant really comment on Mother Russia. I restrict my ships for MOTW to mainly French, U.S, Zee Germans, U.K and Commonwealth (cause I'm an Aussie). Cheers CC123
  4. Feel free to post your 5 and 4 man runs in Narai. As for the results, the second one has little to no flags and the first only a few flags. I like to share my damage and an in turn, xp, as it is no fun "hogging" all the damage unnecessarily. Most games, I'll stop at roughly 200k damage so as to ensure my team mates get in on the fun. To me, when playing with friends, a good run in Narai is where everybody on your team gets upwards of 900 base damage. I do not care about the nerf to Narai. If I wanted to play a farming simulator, I would play an actual farming simulator. I only play Narai for the friends that are on at the same time who like to play together. Anything else including XP is a bonus. Of which, most have come a very long way since starting OPs, some despite having played the game for several years, only started playing OPs in the last 12 months after myself and one or two others convinced them it could be a lot of fun. They now agree and enjoy playing them as a group, usually with more banter than strat talk. So for those that missed my point, you do not have to wait for wargaming to introduce a difficulty setting, get a group together that enjoy's each others company and try doing Narai with less than a full team. See how you go working out what ships work/don't work etc and lastly, forget what everybody else thinks and just play the game for what it is, a game. If you are short a man or two and want a ring-in to help, feel free to add me in game. I'll be happy to help in any way I can and I frequently use discord. Cheers CC123
  5. Easy setting = Full team Medium setting = 5 Man team Hard Setting = 4 Man team Looking forward to trying extra hard.
  6. CC123

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    TYVM CDR is only at 19 pts, with 18 allocated. Using Halsey as he is my secondary BB main for my Georgia, which I play a lot and want to get him up to 21 ASAP. Thinking suviv expert for the last 3 points as the Boise has a necro like heal, esp with the HP flag (you roughly get an extra 2.5k base HP with SE). With flags the fire % is 13% and pen is 25mm, which I find is plenty so I dont use IFHE and prefer the max fire %. The only thing I would change as I mostly use this for Naria, would be to swap concealment expert for outnumbered (-10% dispersion and +8% speed, if there are more visible enemy ships than friendly ships in your MB firing range). Here is the build.
  7. CC123

    First +200k damage game

    It is a big deal to you and that is all that matters. So well done : )
  8. Thanks for the write up. I had one look at each ships stats and concluded that Russians really do not like pizza and pasta.
  9. CC123

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Nothing like farming Narai and realising you are the last man standing and there is still 5 ships to go including 3 BBs and you're in a cruiser without torps. Much fun was had.
  10. CC123

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    First game today in the Baguette with the 200% bonus. Good result.
  11. Thanks Happa With respect, I think you should run a poll on OPs for all players, not just PVE regarding whether they want the OPs that were taken out to be made a priority and returned. And by poll, I am suggesting one that prompts you to complete it at the login screen, not on the forums. To date, I have seen OPs only increase in popularity since you did your thing and got them included along with COOP into various phases of campaigns and daily missions. Case in point is Hizen. When I started in WOWs around 4 years ago, it was commonplace for me to enter a COOP battle and be the only human ship on my side (I do live in Australia, so this is off peak times for the U.S), however, now a game like that is lucky to happen once a month in COOP and I'm on almost every day for 1-3 hours after I put the kids to bed. I also no longer have to wait up to 10 minutes and then leave the operations waiting room as there are not enough players in my area or time zone. Again, after you did your thing I am now guaranteed to get into an Operation almost immediately, or within 2 minutes max of waiting, no matter the time of day. I just do not believe that there is such as thing as a PVP only player now, I see far more PVP/PVE hybrid players, largely due to the points I mention earlier. I understand WGs vision etc, but I'm just not seeing anything from WG that tells me they understand or are across the ever increasing popularity of COOP and Operations by PVP players, hence the growing term of PVP/PVErs. Cheers CC123
  12. CC123

    Ships for Coal and FXPs

    How are you off for legendary mods? If you havent invested in Coal ones yet, I highly recommend you check them out, especially as the discount vouchers for them will be updated in 10 or so days (they update monthly). I never bothered with them, but worked out the speed bost ones are amazing on ships with high percentages of speed boost both in time and amount of boost (ie, 30%). I recommend these for HenryIV and Georgia. Georgia's especially as its speed boost is increased to almost 4 minutes in duration with the coal speed boost mod. Cheers CC123
  13. CC123

    Any games over 300k damage?

    At least once a month I break 300k. However, I am including OPS and this can be achieved in Narai with the Scharny or Fiji if you have a passive team and know how to position etc (even without killing all the transports). My highest in COOP is 393k in the Kurfy. Here is that game on Youtube. Before you hit play, the only way to see the stats is the image below, there is nothing at the end. This is pre Gunther Lutchens and pre german secondary buff, hence my range is a bit short as I allocated the extra 4 points for range to IFHE. Also this has no flags and I usually play without premium. F.Y.I Narai, here is a screeny from a game last week in the shinyhorse (no transports were harmed.....by me). As for comparison purposes post re-work. Well, COOP is a Sh*tf*%ht at the moment due to the Heizen mess.....I mean campaign, so when that is finished and rando's cease spamming COOP for a bit Ill be able to workout what is better and what is worse.
  14. CC123

    Operations ...why won't anyone listen ?

    1000% agree with bring back OPs. I give zero f&#ks regarding any other developmental issue, problem or priority associated with future rollouts of this game. Make the up on bricks Ops that are missing the number 1 priority. From here on, this is my warcry. BRING BACK OPS....BRING BACK OPS....BRING BACK OPS!
  15. CC123

    More than 2 DDs in COOP is Too Many

    Disagree OP. There should be ZERO DDs in COOP. Personally speaking though, I love to shoot past them and steel their kill. Then watch chat as they rage type entitled crap like.............BBs shouldnt be able to do that.......... you stole my kill (usually when I one shot a 100% HP Yammy, Georgia or Repub).................it's everbody elses fault for getting torped (right after they torp from behind a group of players)....................then more entitlement entitlement entitlement, rage rage rage. And I'm almost always above them in score and on the ladder which makes it all worth while : )