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  1. CC123

    How do you Co-op players generate enough credits?

    Further to the above, this is how I generally run COOP with no premium or flags, yet break even or make bank. 1. Aim for a minimum of 100k damage per battle, this ensures you break even. However, as others have stated, you need to be agressive in COOP, and also remember to build your BBs for COOP (secondary builds). 2. Be smart with your premiums. I only run ships that have high burst damage potential. That means only BBs with strong secondaries (German, French with IFHE and Georgia/Mass with IFHE) or supercruisers like Alaska that love to citadel other cruisers. 3. Strike the right balance when you do run premium. So break even with non premium T9/10 BBs, do use premium when it is available to farm cash and XP with MOTWs and save your best flags for these. Good MOTW runs can bank 500k plus credits and 40k plus Commander XP in one run. 4. T9/10 if it is a ship you like and want to keep, buy the perma cammo. Notes. As you can obtain 40 steel per day now, I am will be running premium for the next 6 months in order to get the bourgogne around Jan. I am finding that making credits is super easy now. I am averaging 100k credits per Georgia run with no flags. if you keep the non premium and premium balance right and keep being agressive, especially with all the DD YOLO spam in COOP due to the current Dockyard campaign, you will come out on top. Ships that I regularaly do well in are: Georgia (IFHE secondary 19 pt Capt), Alaska (rudershift, hydro) Freddy and kurfie (19 point secondary builds) Republic and Alsace (19 point secondary, Repub IFHE, Alsace, non IFHE) Tirpitz (Torpitz) and Odin (Alsace with torps). I really want T9/10 premiums of these cause I aint afraid of any BB in these ships, including T10s. Any smoke cruisers with torps (Edinburgh) For MOTW, Narai, I use Scharnhorst and Fiji (use any U.S CL premium too), for the T6 MOTWs, PEF, Normandi, De Grassi and Leander are my go to ships. Ensure you stack max credit and xp flags on premiums with 19 point captains. Main thing is, be agressive, use COOP builds and not Random, so Secondary BB builds. Dont waste points on concielment expert or superintendent. Oh, and last tip, I exit out of the lobby if there is more than 1 DD waiting. If you end up with too many human DDs, the DDs hog the damage due to their speed and burst YOLO tactics. Hence the underperformance and credit loss, especially with this dockyard event which drives more Random yolo DD players into COOP. So remember, aim for 100k damage per game. This may mean getting used to a ram toward the end to ensure you get that xp and $ up. Cheers CC123
  2. https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/06/munchen-tier-vii-german-cruiser.html
  3. CC123

    Agir in co-op.

    You will be pleased to know that it has been confirmed as coal ship. It was also renamed the Pommern. Source: https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/05/ludendorff-tier-ix-german-battleship.html Link to confirmation that it's coal is contained in the above link. I looove the Odin and will wait a year or two for the announcement that Sigfried has been downgraded to a coal ship. I think it is way overpriced at 2.5mil free xp (roughly the cheapest way to freexp the points needed in the RB) ...so I'll just wait for a downgrade or not get it at all. The nerf to the Agirs secondaries killed that ship for me. I have an Alaska, and dont need a simliar clone that can't tank while I get in close to torp. But yeah, Odin, that is a fun ship. My only problem is that it's not a T9, something similar at T9 would have been terrific. Not getting my hopes up for the Pommern after seeing what they did to the Agir (secondary nerf) and Sigfried (RB). They also announced the first nerf to its main battery. 32 seconds to 33. Keeping it above 30 seconds kills the chance of using AAM2, like I do on the Freddy which is a secondary beast. I wish they had of just introduced a premium freddy exactly the same but with torps, as the real life unfinished Freddy had in its design and partial build. Cheers CC123
  4. CC123

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Some good runs in Naria tonight in order to get the 10 achievements required for a current combat mission. This one in the Fiji is the pick of the night.
  5. CC123

    Campaigns in World of Warships

    Question for WG. Steel Monsters Campaign. When that campaign was released, I think it was Christmas 2018, you stated roughly "it will be around for a while and you can buy it and play it at your leasure." So I bought the PEF and roughly two or three months later, went to purchase Steel Monsters only to find it withdrawn. No notice, nothing on the forums etc. Soooo, are you going to bring it back for those of use who missed out first time so we can finally purchase and play it? I am COOP only and wont be playing any of the Random campaigns which are all that are left now I have Halsey. Regards CC123
  6. CC123

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Yeah, Im pretty sure that it is base xp with premium, which others have point out. I rarely look at my base XP so I have no idea what my best is without premium. I tend to focus on damage aiming at 100k per coop game as my minimum as I rarely run premium. I then tend to look at post battles stats to evaluate the efficiency of builds and strategies in game. A good Secondary build for me does a minimum of 30k secondary damage in a 100k game, any higher ratio for me means it is a great secondary build and so on. XP with bonsues for me are a real interest. Especially for MOTW, which is when I tend to go all out and use all xp/free flags etc, premium, the top Cammos (400% Xp, or 777% free etc) and when there is a 200% daily bonus. That way I get anything from 40k commander xp to 60k and 15k to 20 plus of free xp per game.
  7. CC123

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    According to my profile its 1,860 in the Kurfy. Pretty sure it was my highest score game where I did roughly 393k damage (highest ever for me in COOP). Here is a screeny with both stats.
  8. CC123

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    312k first game of the day in the Kurfy. Kurfy is stock, no flags, no premium, stock camo and 19point Captain (not GL). Was a blast going side on with Kurfy and Yammy. Was only three humies in the game and no DDs to ruin the fun.
  9. 100% get the Georgia now. The Ludendorf has yet to go through testing, including Nerfs/Buffs. Out of all my coal and free XP ships including the Smolensk and Jean Bart, by far my favourite ship is the Georgia. Also, look into IFHE secondary buids, this ships secondaries are MAF (Mean As F*&k) since I moved to a secondary IFHE build. The increase in damage to Cruisers is very noticeable. Gameplay style is different, speed bood is used to exit quickly, no enter quickly or you beat everbody to the front and get minced.
  10. Think you missed my point. You have just suggested everything which I alluded to you should not have to do as it is a German BB. Having to add the MBR booster, which you do not need to do on the Freddy if running its 406s, undermines its secondary potential as you cannot add the AAM2 (20% secondary and 15% AA mod). This ship is not french, so does not need to be compared to the Alsace, but rather the Freddy, Tirp etc as those are the ships your Captain can be transfered to. Consequently as it stands, its 6km torps do not make up for slower main batteries requiring MBR and in turn, worse secondaries than the Freddy. The different composition of main guns (12 x 380 vs 8 x 406) is an outlier I'll have to evaluate on their own. But on the surface, I do not see 12x380 with torps out performing 8x406s with better secondaries.
  11. 32 second main gun reload. Yet the non premium Freddy has a 26 second base reload, which means, I'm happy to put on the secondary derp module for the extra 20% increase in seconardy firepower. You know, what the German BBs are famous for....Secondary builds. If this stays at 32 seconds (which it will cause not Russian), this will be the third stillborn German BB/BC to enter the game, right along with Agir and Odin. And no, 6km torps are not a trade off for secondaries. So out of four to be introduced German BB/BCs coming soon, the only one that holds any promise is the Sigfried. GG WG.
  12. CC123

    WG please explain

    * Secondary battery firing range reduced from 7.6 to 5.3 km https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/01/agir-tier-ix-german-premium-cruiser.html ^ Recent nerf announcement to AGIR on test server. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question for WG. Why do you not want German BB secondary build fans to have a premium T9 or T10 Cruiser or BB option? I just don’t understand why German BB secondary build players can only put their T9 or T10 BB Captains in T6-T8 Premium BBs. And if they want to play a secondary BB premium at T9 or T10, they have to play U.S or French Premium BBs. If the recent AGIR nerf remains when the ship goes live, this means German Secondary BB build fans will still not have a premium secondary ship build option above T8. In the words of Pauline Hanson………please explain?
  13. CC123


    * Secondary battery firing range reduced from 7.6 to 5.3 km https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/01/agir-tier-ix-german-premium-cruiser.html Ty WG, but I already have an ALASKA.
  14. CC123

    PVE hole in patch 0.9.1

    Just a quick couple of points as I have seen you refer to PVE as having a dedicated crowd, or limited player base a few times now. PVE is used and important to the entire player base. Case in point, Naval battles, when the objective is "damage delt" per battle COOP is inundated with PVP players, and Events, many of which require you to complete directives and during these events COOP and the MOTW are inundated with Random players as both these modes are more efficient at completing certain directives. I have seen you and your team refer to data, so I encourage you to look closely at the COOP/MOTW surge during the RN event and recent "damage delt" Naval Battle (for COOP) which ended roughly 48 hours ago. Regards CC123
  15. CC123

    PVE hole in patch 0.9.1

    Could we please have the Halloween event switched back on until Narai is ready? Narai is the only T7 MOTW left in the game and personally speaking, I would prefer the rest were fixed as a priority for the PVE team before any new works, 2020 Halloween events or anything else was started. The MOTWs and other PVE modes are why many of us left WOT and sorry, but all I am seeing is a lot of good PVE work slowely being un-done, not returned and made "not a priority." I like WOWs and sincerly hope it isnt becoming another WOT.